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The 7 Rays - Archetypal Energies of Life

The 7 Rays - Archetypal Energies of Life

Part 1 - Primary Energies of Earthly Existence and Human Relations

We are part of the unified field of energy pervading all we know. We are each unique in the larger Light/Life we dance within, and each of us fulfills our purpose for being here by learning how to use Archetypal Energies of Life in more skillful ways. Today we begin a three part exploration of the 7 Rays, the primary energies of our existence.

These energies are used by Masters of the Wisdom to help all truth seeking Souls to bring forth their spiritual gifts. They are the energies we are learning how to master in order to live a life of wisdom and harmony. These 7 energies have infinite applications, and by becoming aware of what to use and when, we naturally attune to the frequencies of Higher Awareness.

I gave some of this to you many years ago, and composed a lot of new material for this series. Each of us is a living combination of these 7 Ray energies in different proportions. While we have a primary Ray orientation in the various parts of our personality and outer life, we also have to learn how to blends various energies so we can respond consciously in any circumstance we face.

As we become more conscious we find others we harmonize with who are members of our true Community. We share Ray energies with many of them, but as with all life contacts, depending on what life chapter we’re in, sometimes we align with another’s energies more easily than at other times, and sometimes we don’t align well in any way at any time.

This teaches us about which types of people we more naturally relate to, and what truths we believe in. If everything in our reality is about frequency, then the Rays show us the nature of those frequencies of contact. The best contacts are when we each are using the 7 Ray energies skillfully to bring about mutually beneficial experiences we never could have had alone.

The 7 Rays are 7 distinct “frequency harmonics” pervading the greater energy field encompassing all Paths and all experiences. They infuse everything from our personalities to our Spiritual Disciplines to our friends and professions. These 7 energies are “bandwidths” showing us how energy itself relates to itself. They are how all forms and formless forms are created. They show us the nature of what IS, each describing a unique and interrelated energy with all the other Ray energies.

While each Ray describes a specific and distinct energy, they all work with each other in all human lives at various points. These Rays can be seen in every aspect of our lives and affairs, and by knowing which one(s) are in play we can become more comfortable with who we are, who we're not, and how to use these primary energies conditioning our existence. By learning how to blend certain energies, we can understand and improve any situation we find ourselves in.

By learning the requirements of each Ray, we learn what we are good at, as well as what we’re working on. By contemplating how these energies are everywhere and we're all using some combination of them all the time we can understand the "departments of labor and skill" in our Reality. That helps us become better in every way.

Astrology helps us know the timing on events and reasons why things happen when they do. However, it is important to investigate the nature of our reality from other angles of observation to find what energy tools we have to master in order to deal with our experiences effectively. This includes how these are most naturally applied, and how to confirm our progress or note when we need a change in tools or methods.

I was exposed to the Rays first through the Theosophical literature and then learned much more about them from the Alice A. Bailey teachings attributed to the Tibetan Master D.K. (known by other names through many incarnations). I have studied and observed them in operation for many years, and know these 7 energies pervade our world and our Solar system, manifesting in many ways as we each apply them in our own unique ways and times.

I have seen their applicability in psychology, philosophy, art, history, construction trades, and many areas of "natural" science. They of course have their correspondences with the 7 colors, 7 tones of the scale, 7 planes of consciousness, the 7 senses, the 7 directions, the 7 Ages of Humanity, the 7 traditional schools of Yoga, and probably even the 7 holes in our heads!

In part 2 we’ll take a look at each of the 7 Rays and their qualities. I’ll also give examples of how they show us why our personalities have qualities that have been shaped by various lessons over time, and how these 7 Ray energies can be consciously used to find strengths and overcome weaknesses. When we’re done with these articles you should be able to value why you are as you are, and not get hung up on what you’re not.

Part 2 - The Qualities of the 7 Primary Energies of Life and Relationships

There are 7 energies that describe who we are, who we’re not, what Path we’re on, our Spiritual Community, and the means of knowing a direct experience of Higher Awareness. They are called the 7 Rays.

This cannot be a comprehensive exploration of the seven Rays, since that would be many thousands of pages of material. In fact, if you’re interested, there are at least that many pages written about them already. What we'll do today is explore some of the primary qualities, and how they interrelate.

The First Ray is Power. The Second Ray is Love-Wisdom. The Third Ray is Intelligence-in-action. These are called Primary Rays, or Rays of Aspect because they describe the 3 primary aspects of what we call “God,” or The Force.

The First Ray corresponds to the natural law we call Economy of Energy. The Second Ray corresponds to the natural law we call Magnetic Attraction. The Third Ray corresponds to what we call Synthesis. The First Ray is "God the Father." The Third Ray is "God the Mother." The Second Ray is "God as Creative Offspring."

The Ray of Power moves and interacts with the energies of the Third Ray, a.k.a Maya, or the Divine Mother-Holy Spirit Matrix from which all forms come and to which all forms return. Power interacts with Intelligence in Action to create whatever is magnetized into existence as an expression of Love-Wisdom.

These infinite interactions result in "the 10,000 things" which find expression in our world. All life is expressed through the Ray of Magnetic Attraction that is Love-Wisdom. God Force expresses through the ever-changing medium of the substance of all form so that which is magnetically attracted through inherent harmony comes into expression.

The First Ray is Omnipotence, which forever interacts with Omnipresence (3rd Ray) to create Omniscience (2nd Ray). An example of this in the scientific world is the process of Thesis, Antithesis, and Synthesis, or Action, Reaction, and Result. In the art world, the primal triad are the three primary colors which when mixed express all colors. There are an infinite number of ways a Primal Triad of energy, selection via attraction and repulsion, and then synthesis can manifest.

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Rays are the Rays of Aspect, or the primary triad of Divine Energy that is the basis for all other energies. The other 4 Rays are said to be the Rays of Attribute, as they are the attributions of the interactions of the Primal Triad.

The Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Rays are the expression of the First, Second, and Third Rays interacting to bring forth these 7 forms of energy. These Four “Rays of Attribute” are the means by which we come to experience the Divine Triad, both directly and indirectly.

Number theory gives us a convenient way to approach it. In number theory, A, B, and C can interact in 7 ways. A, B, C, AB, AC, BC, and ABC. In these expressions we find clues to how things interact in our inner and outer self and the world at large.

The Fourth Ray is Harmony Through Friction. The Fifth Ray is Concrete Knowledge. The Sixth Ray is Devotion. The Seventh Ray is Ordered Activity. The Fourth Ray is said to "govern" Art. The Fifth Ray is said to "govern" Science. The Sixth Ray is said to "govern" religion, as well as all devotional exercises, such as the armed services in all nations. The Seventh Ray is the foundation of all disciplines, all ordering, all rituals and all forms of "karma yoga."

The ritualist seeks order. The devotee seeks the object of devotion. The scientist seeks knowledge. The artist seeks to bring harmony, or beauty, out of friction, or the intensity of feelings that infuse all genuine art. That's also why art, science, and devotion can all lead to transcendence, if an ordered discipline is practiced.

As an aside, there is another system of correspondence whereby the Divine First finds expression in the worldly Seventh, the Divine Second finds expression in the worldly Sixth, and the Divine Third finds expression in the worldly Fifth, with the Fourth as the bridge between the Above and below in our existence. This also finds correspondence in the Upper Triad of our Spiritual Body and the Lower Triad of our Earthly vehicle as these create our energetic Hologram. As we learn effective ways to respond to the higher energies and ground them in concrete forms, we become Masters of that Wisdom in our own way.

In part 3 of this series, we’ll explore how the Rays impact our bodies, feelings, and minds. We’ll take a look at which Rays are subject to change, as well as those that are not. Our various Rays show us how we relate to self and others, our Paths to Truth and Community, and which School of the Wisdom we’re in. Knowing that helps us attune with specific Love-Wisdom-Intelligence energies grounded by specific Ascended Masters via the Community in forms of practical service.

Part 3 - Your Rays Show Your Spiritual Path Within the 7 Primary Energies of Life and Relationships

Today we take a look at how the 7 Rays play out in our lives and relationships. They show us how we’ve changed and evolved over time, and why we’ve had to learn certain lessons while bypassing others. These 7 Emanations in the greater Light Field show us our connectedness to all others.

It may be useful to re-read the material in both articles in this series preceding this one. Part 1, The 7 Rays – Primary Energies of Earthly Existence and Human Relations, introduced the subject offering an introduction to how these 7 energies are present throughout our lives and the lives of others, and are in play in all our interactions, both material and spiritual.

In part 2, The 7 Rays - The Qualities of the 7 Primary Energies of Life and Relationships, we explored the nature of each of the 7 Rays, how each expresses a facet of the God force, how they interrelate, and the various ways they impact life, human endeavors, and the process of accomplishing anything. Today we’ll explore what Rays we’re dealing with might look like, how they might be in play during life circumstances, and how to be clear about which energies you must deal with and which you don’t need to deal with.

The 7 Rays and How They Apply in Our Lives

Briefly, to recap: The First Ray is Power, the Second Ray is Love-Wisdom, and the Third Ray is Intelligence in Action. The Fourth Ray is Harmony Through Friction, the Fifth Ray is Concrete Knowledge, the Sixth Ray is Devotion, and the Seventh Ray is Ordered Activity. Each of these is an all-pervasive energy in our Solar System, and are beyond measure in their applications.

Just as we have a physical body, an emotional body, and a mental body, so we are told we have a physical Ray, an emotional Ray, and a mental Ray. These are said to be the three subrays of our Personality Ray. Just as we go through personality changes in our lives due to experience, the changes in our attitudes, ideas, and views show us different ways we’ve realized and applied various Ray energies.

Let’s look at a few examples of how the Rays impact our various lower vehicles: We may be devoted to our body, or take a more scientific approach to it. We may be learning how to be intelligent in its use, or finding harmony despite physical problems. Or all of these and more over time, depending on which chapter of life we’re in.

While we may or may not be intelligent in our physical actions when younger, we must become intelligent in our physical awareness when older or we’ll have needless injuries. Devotion to good looks when younger is a different 6th Ray application than being devoted to good health when older!

Emotionally, at times we are learning harmony through friction, or learning to use our intelligence when responding to things and events which we feel deeply. We may have to explore what stirs our devotion, or figure out a method by which we can express what we feel. Some are more ritualistic in expressing their emotions, while some bounce between them, trying to find harmony despite the friction.

Of course, the 4 Rays of Attribute always lead us to the synthesized Divine energies of the 3 Rays of Aspect. Regardless of which Rays we’re using to refine our personalities at any given stage of life, all roads lead to our Loving, Wise Intelligence. Just as our Personality is a blend of several subrays, so all subrays lead us to our Higher Self.

The Rays show us how individual minds work. At any given chapter in life we may be learning to discipline our mind, or train it to learn in an orderly manner. We may be exploring its adaptability (intelligence), or learning the science of how it works, or simply learning to love its processes. Certainly if we want to master any intellectual discipline, we’ll have to use Order, Devotion, and Knowledge to find the Art in the discipline.

Our Rays Shift Over Time

If over the course of our life we are learning to be more devoted in how we care for our body, learning knowledge of what pushes our emotional buttons, and finding concrete forms of mental discipline, then this could be an example of being primarily on the 6th Ray when it comes to our body, on the 5th Ray when it comes to our feelings, and on the 7th Ray when bringing forth the best our minds can offer. These 3 together create the Personality Ray, which is likely one of the 3 Rays in our example.

As noted in a previous example, Devotion to good looks when younger is a different 6th Ray application than being devoted to good health when older. Devotion to our body means all kinds of things, from the knowledge we need sunscreen to the rituals of exercise. Knowing about our young body is a totally different information set than learning about an old body! And hopefully, all our “harmony through friction” lessons when younger helped us acquire the emotional skills so we don’t have much friction when older while still having a lot of harmony!

So obviously, our personality Rays can change over the course of a lifetime. As our various Rays and sub-rays shift with time and experience, they mark points of primary personality reorientations. If we would master piano, we must learn to play in various keys. While we are always primarily of one orientation, in mastering that Ray we still must learn how it applies through and with other Rays.

In this sense the Rays are impersonal energies. We are the ones who use those energies accurately or inaccurately, positively or negatively. It is easy to see how one who is learning “Harmony Through Friction” in their emotional responses has to go through friction in order to learn harmony. Harmony is not just an attitude, but involves mastery of those energies so a) we don’t fall into disharmony when confronted with friction, and b) we can serve others who are also learning those lessons.

All Ray Roads Lead to Our Highest Self

All lessons involving the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Rays lead to what is called “the Main Ray,” the 2nd Ray of Love-Wisdom. Regardless of which paths we’ve taken or what apparent truths we’ve found, it all ultimately leads us to learn to realize and express Love-Wisdom. To be lovingly wise and wisely loving is the goal while we’re here. We learn how to BE those qualities through experiences where our potential to master the various Ray and subray energies are consciously developed.

In the literature, we are also told we have a Soul (Buddhic) Ray, a Spirit (Atmic) Ray, a "Monadic" Ray, a group Ray, a racial Ray, a national Ray, and many, many others. These Rays are the shades and tones and subtones of our existence in inner and outer space. Some are relatively permanent, while others are subject to change. That's why we harmonize with some groups or areas at some times, and not at others.

When it’s time to move into new experiences, some Ray orientations and lessons will end and others begin. That’s usually when we experience a major enduring personality shift. These crucial points of evolutionary change in our life mark times when we begin to learn how to use new energies in new ways.

An example of this kind of evolutionary leap is when we've learned all we can along one line of response and need to embrace a new "wave form" of expression. Mostly these Ray shifts are on the personality level.

Some of the higher Rays, like the Monadic Ray, never change, since that’s the God we seek. Only our mind is capable of believing it could ever seek another “God.” We can never be anything other than an expression of our Eternal Unitary Godhead that is indivisible from All-That-Is. Almost all life on Earth are 2nd Ray Monads, in that Love is the highest “God force” we know and live.

While there are an infinite number of Higher Evolutionary Paths (beyond life on Earth) where we cooperate within the vaster Galactic Evolutionary Symphony, our Monadic Ray is invariable. The Monad is our point of contact with even higher Planes of Consciousness beyond the Cosmic Physical Plane, which encompasses all we know of Heaven and Earth. Our Monad is where we experience an indescribable At-One-Ment within the infinite Field of Light/Life.

It would be impossible to change our Racial Ray, since that’s encoded in our genetic makeup. However, can learn not to identify with only that Ray we were born with, and so expand our response-ability as part of the larger Racial unit. We all can attain a view of our Oneness with all of Life, setting aside ethnic distinctions as we experience our common humanity.

Our Soul Ray almost never changes, since that would imply a fundamental reorientation of our Soul. When it comes to our higher Spiritual Triad, almost everyone is on either the 2nd or 3rd Ray, which may be expressing through one or more of the Rays of Attribute.

Others parts of our makeup, like the Group Ray, usually don’t shift unless we renounce one type of Spiritual Community and embrace another of a different nature. Examples of this include those on the 6th Ray who renounce cults and embrace other, non-devotional types of groups, like science (5th Ray) or art (4th Ray). However, we all experience various subrays within our larger Group Ray, even when the main Group Ray doesn’t change over the course of a life. That’s why some specialized studies can build on what we already know while taking us into unknown areas where we work with other groups.

The Rays Show Us Our Ability To Master Existence

Eventually, we learn to recognize how to use all 7 of these Rays in the right ways and times to assist our evolution toward wholeness, in action, thought, and feeling, to serve fragmented humanity. We learn from both the odd and even Rays through the process of realization, then applying those realizations in a variety of ways, until wisdom born of experience comes out of the interactions. And there are at least 10,000 Ray interactions at any moment in the on-going process of our evolution.

In the source work titled Initiation Human and Solar, the Tibetan Master D.K. makes an important statement about the nature of the evolving Disciple and the Rays. He offers this:

“We need to remember that initiation gives the initiate power on the rays, and not power over the rays, for this marks a very definite difference. Every initiate has, of course, for his primary or spiritual ray one of the three major rays, and the ray of his Monad is the one on which he at length gains power. The love ray, or the synthetic ray of the system, is the final one achieved.”

By knowing what the Rays are and how they manifest, we’ll learn to see what energies are at work in our life circumstances, what we have to deal with, and how we can use certain energies expertly according to our experience, And beyond all this, it really is about becoming accustomed to finding our Loving Wisdom that we can apply in Intelligent Actions expressing a Divine Power that demonstrates our true purpose for being alive on Earth in an human body.

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Robert wilkinson An internationally-known astrologer, author, public speaker, metaphysician, and futurist, with over 25 years experience as a counselor and educator. He has presented hundreds of public talks on all aspects of Astrology, the Eastern Wisdom tradition, the Western Wisdom tradition and promoted many mass gatherings and cultural events. Some of his specific areas of interest and expertise include personality profiles, degree patterns, integrative astrology, various aspect harmonics, among others.
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