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2024 - Moving Forward Into Pluto in Aquarius

2024 - Moving Forward Into Pluto in Aquarius

Yesterday I did an internet radio interview with my dear friend Michele Meiche on her podcast Awakenings on blogtalkradio.

Because I prepare notes for all my talks, I’ve decided to post them here since there’s a lot of interesting information in this piece. Have fun!

Obviously, these are just reference points to a lot of other things which were discussed. The good news is that I record my end of these and plan to edit it, so I may be able to give you the whole thing in an audio file soon. Until then, here are my class notes.


We’re in the middle of a very exciting time of global transition between the dying Age of Pisces and the emergent Age of Aquarius. That’s why there’s so much tension; the inertia of an old dying world view is resisting an emergent view focused on the greatest good for the greatest number.

We began a new transitional era of tension between Capricorn and Aquarius energies in 2020 which has conditioned everything which has come down since then. We had multiple overlapping Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto conjunctions in 2020, one of which will last until 2053! As they all fell in the last 10 degrees of Capricorn and the first degree of Aquarius, that area of your chart will be the primary focus of this “self-reorganization serving a spiritual goal.”

These conjunctions are behind the duties and responsibilities we’ve all taken on in our late Capricorn sectors of our charts. There has been and will be work and also rewards for doing our duty under abnormal conditions.

We’ve all had evident “self reorganizations” in our lives these past few years, and will still be coming in the years to come as we accept our duty to become our higher purpose. We’ve all been finding various types of “transcendent security” since then through the major upheavals indicated by various transit aspects. Right now we’re learning to “read the tea leaves” and accept decision making responsibility so we can be more effective in whatever group work we’re doing.

Beside the Cap conjunctions of 2020, we’ve also had multiple conjunctions at 1 Aquarius since March 2020, heralding a new Aquarian energy as the old materialism slips away. The big event was the Grand Mutation of Jupiter and Saturn conjuncting at 1 Aquarius in Dec 2020, showing the theme of the next 20 years is related to joining with others in building a great vision, or participating in a group work which will outlive us.

What’s so important about that conjunction is that it began a 200 year era of Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions in Air signs, moving out of the materialistic Earth sign conjunctions of the past 200 years. While there are always 20 year segments which echo the past or anticipate the future at the end of each 200 year period, it’s safe to say we’re now solidly into a 200 year era of Air energy, with its qualities of association, exploration, relatedness, and movability in the realm of ideas, communications, and visions.

Each year in December, January, and February these dual Cap-Aquarius pulses are re-energized by the transits. So for the next 30 years, we’ll still have a late Capricorn cycle in play, as well as two Aquarius cycles. The current one will last through 2040, while another major one will begin 2033 and last for 12 years.


Does Pluto’s entry into Aquarius mean we’re in the Age of Aquarius? The short answer is no, while a more elaborate answer involves the much vaster sense of time of the Great Ages. Each Age lasts 2100 years, with overlapping exit and entry zones in time between Ages. Even if we take 1/10 span leaving one age and a 1/10 span as entry into the next Age, we still wind up with a transition zone of 420 years!

So we can relax about when we’ll “be in Aquarius,” since all of us are in the heart of a transition zone which will be the world we live in for a long time to come. That said, we who carry the seeds of the Aquarian ideal are helping to make that energy real in our world, so even though it may seem like we’re nowhere near the ideal, we’re all still turning the Cosmic Prayer Wheel and paying that energy forward by our striving.

Even though we’re still breaking free of the inertia and echoes of the Kali Yuga, each time there’s a major transit through Aquarius it brings new forms of that energy into being. From one angle, the seeds of the coming Aquarian Age were set down in the 1770s, 80s, and 90s, and got stronger with each pass of Neptune and Uranus through Aquarius since then.

We recently re-set the Cosmic Clock with Uranus’ transit through Aquarius between 1996-2003, awakening a new Aquarian spiritual energy in collective consciousness which was dreamed into the global mind by Neptune between 1998-2011.

Pluto already began to sprout those long term transformational seeds between March and June of 2023, and when it re-enters Aquarius on January 20 that widespread sprouting activity will resume. Pluto stays in Aquarius through September 1, when it retrogrades back into Capricorn for the last time in this era. So this is the last Winter Solstice with Pluto in Capricorn!

Once it goes back into Aquarius in late January, it will be conjuncted by Mercury, Mars, and Venus in February, setting new one and two year cycles into motion related to 1 Aquarius, which was the degree of the Grand Mutation. So expect the Aquarian energies helping us find a purposeful group work to get stronger beginning in February 2024!


As Pluto is a Spiritual transformer, we can expect a lot of purifying transformations during Pluto in Aquarius. But because it’s an invisible planet, it works below the surface of things, sprouting long term seeds of growth and renewal. If you know astrology, look to the transits which sextile, square, trine, and oppose 1 Aquarius to find time markers when the long term energies express in clear forms.

We’ll see a tremendous acceleration in the Aquarian global growth energy when Jupiter is next in Aquarius and conjuncts Pluto at 15 Aquarius, the Angel Point, in February 2033. That cycle will dominate the era between 2033 and 2045 at their next conjunction in early Pisces. So we’ll have Pluto in Aquarius from now through 2044, with 1 Aquarius themes strong through 2040 and 15 Aquarius themes strong from 2033 through 2045. Lots of Aquarius action ahead! Look to your charts to see where those will play out in your lives.

We can cooperate with the Pluto in Aquarius seed sprouting by using that idealistic energy in the area of our charts where we have that sign. In my case, Pluto in late Capricorn and early Aquarius is in my 6th house, so I can use those emergent global energies in forms of service, or work that serves a greater good or a group “spiritual touchstone” which will outlive me. I also have Moon in Aquarius, showing that these expansive idealistic spiritual energies will find expression through my Moon.

The interesting thing about the larger spiritual field is that for many years we’ve had Uranus in late Taurus, Neptune in late Pisces, and Pluto in late Capricorn. This has favored deep transformations and alignments in all the planets we have in the late degrees of Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.

With Pluto’s entry into Aquarius, we now get a sense of what’s coming in the future, since we have a gigantic set of harmonious and productive alignments of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto coming soon! That party begins in April 2025 when Neptune enters Aries and is followed by Saturn entering Aries in late May, conjuncting Neptune and creating productive sextiles to Pluto.

They are then all joined by Uranus entering Gemini in July 2025, making a “3 note harmonic chord of productive spiritual awareness” through the Saturn sextile Uranus and Pluto, and Uranus trining Pluto. This is an exceptional transition out of the past Earth and Water energy into the future Fire and Air energies!


Yes, we have some serious aspects coming up which indicate collective friction!

April 2024 through February 2025 brings the powerful Saturn semisquare Pluto, showing we need to be careful not to get caught in quarrels which are none of our business and we can’t influence anyway. This is the first emergent point of critical change since their conjunction in early 2020, and marks a major phase shift into a growth period. This mainly forces us to be the “Way shower” or “Pathfinder” we’re looking for. Avoid getting involved in things which deflect you or have you going in counterproductive directions.

We also have Jupiter in Gemini square Saturn from July through September, and Jupiter sesquisquare Pluto in July and August. This challenges us not to get discouraged at the pace of things, and make sure our values are supporting our ambitions. It is an aspect of soul growth and allowing our Destiny to externalize in a significant change in some way.

This will powerfully impact any planets or points we have near 1-4 Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, 14-19 Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, and 29-30 Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Aries. These will be mirrored again in December 2024, showing that the 2024 election will have a lot of deception, discouraging developments, dualistic arguments which go everywhere and nowhere, as well as a general fog.

All of the hard aspects, whether natally or by transit, show the need for “right action.” Whether to turn corners or put the brakes on, whether to accelerate and blow through obstacles, 2024 will challenge our ability to use our Saturn to end what needs ending as new worlds open for us. A square from Gemini to Pisces challenges us to manifest good expressions of Virgo and Sagittarius energy.


Because Saturn’s going to be in mid Pisces and quintile Uranus in late Taurus which is sextile Neptune in late Pisces, this is a highly favorable and productive end to a long era of the outer spiritual field having planets in late Earth and late Water. This will culminate when Jupiter conjuncts Uranus in April, sextiles Neptune and quintiles Saturn just before it enters Gemini in late May and trines Pluto!

So this year we get a dose of the end of the end of the Earth/Water spiritual dominance and get to anticipate the beginning of the early Air/Fire dominance coming in 2025! In this case, Jupiter anticipates the Uranus in Gemini trine Pluto coming that year.

This “dance of the spiritual field” affects each of us wherever we have late Capricorn, late Pisces, and late Taurus. As the outer spiritual planets end their stay in the Earth and Water signs and move into the Fire and Air signs, we’ll all experience a huge shift in how we related to duties and responsibilities. This is where the dance of Saturn with Uranus is of paramount importance in our spiritual growth.

Saturn represents Dharma and our higher purpose; Uranus represents our eternal freedom to dance through life as an Eternal having a human experience. The first keeps us safe within certain limiting conditions until we’re ready to step out and beyond into a new destiny. Uranus is the Divine Fool within all of us, eternally free to live our individuality on our own terms. I discuss this dance of spiritual energies and how we can best cooperate with them in my book Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend.

Another important consideration as we begin to move into 2024 is that as long as Jupiter and Uranus are in Taurus, they are ruled by Venus. If we want to understand what’s going on behind the scenes with these spiritual heavyweights, transiting Venus will be giving us constant clues through Her changing signs.

For example, Jupiter will be in Taurus until late May. Between now and then Venus is in Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries and Taurus. If we want to know how the expansive principle is being influenced behind the scenes, look to Venus’ sign and aspects. It is the same with Uranus. That means whatever higher individual awakening we are going through, Venus is showing us the way to better relationships. In fact, that’s one of the themes of the current New Moon. You can find out more by getting your copy of The Magic of Venus: Friendships, Soul Mates, and Twin Flames.


Finally, in 2023 we’ve had Solar eclipses at 30 Aries and 22 Libra which will be in play for years. These “Cosmic Recyclers” have been removing obsolete parts of our lives wherever we have late Aries and late Libra. And we have a very important Solar eclipse coming in April which will impact all of North America. I’ll be giving a talk on that for Astrology Arizona on March 23, so if you want to know more about that eclipse and other important ones for the future of the United States, mark your calendar!

Other eclipses from recent years which are still in play and have been removing elements of our lives where they fell involve Solar eclipses at 2 Scorpio, 11 Taurus, 13 Sagittarius, 20 Gemini, 24 Sagittarius, and 1 Cancer. More recently, we just finished the May 2023 Lunar eclipse effects at 15 Taurus/Scorpio in September, while the late October 2023 Lunar eclipse at 5 Taurus/Scorpio we just went through will continue to be in play through early March.

That’s it for now!

Reprinted on crystalwind.ca with written permission from Robert Wilkinson. Copying this article to other blogs is strictly prohibited. It is copyright protected. 

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Robert wilkinson An internationally-known astrologer, author, public speaker, metaphysician, and futurist, with over 25 years experience as a counselor and educator. He has presented hundreds of public talks on all aspects of Astrology, the Eastern Wisdom tradition, the Western Wisdom tradition and promoted many mass gatherings and cultural events. Some of his specific areas of interest and expertise include personality profiles, degree patterns, integrative astrology, various aspect harmonics, among others.
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Reprinted on crystalwind.cawith written persmission from Robert Wilkinson.

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