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Cosmic Connection: Jupiter Sextile with Neptune!

Cosmic Connection: Jupiter Sextile with Neptune!

May 10th ~ 17th

Once a man unearthed in his field a marble statue of great beauty. And he took it to a collector who loved all beautiful things and offered it to him for sale, and the collector bought it for a large price. And they parted. 

And as the man walked home with his money he thought, and he said to himself, “How much life this money means! How can any one give all this for a dead carved stone buried and undreamed of in the earth for a thousand years?”

And now the collector was looking at his statue, and he was thinking, and he said to himself, “What beauty, What life! The dream of what a soul! ~ and fresh with the sweet sleep of a thousand years. How can any one give all this for money, dead and dreamless?” ~ Kahlil Gibran (The Forerunner)

Jupiter first entered Taurus in May of 2023, and will leave for the changeable landscapes of Gemini on the 23rd of May this year. But as it now moves into the final degrees of Taurus, it aims to distill and assimilate all that we have learned while Jupiter was here. 

Taurus is a sign of worth and value. It is also the most earthy of the earth signs, placing ever greater value on our planet, the Earth, and values those things that are tangible, and that we can touch with our own hands. Things that are worth something. Taurus is a sign of fertile expectation, of worthiness, of value. And perhaps one of the lessons we may have come to realize during the Jupiter in Taurus transit (which culminated with the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction), is that what we as individuals value, could be quite different from what others value. And knowing this can make all the difference in the choices we make in our lives.

And on May 23rd, as Jupiter is poised to leave the sign of Taurus, it makes one last major aspect to the planet Neptune in the very last degree of its own sign of Pisces. So not only are we asking ourselves: “What have I learned from the recent Jupiter in Taurus transit?;” but also: “In what ways have I grown and evolved as a result of the 14-year transit of Neptune in Pisces?”

Sextiles are not always that obvious. They inspire, the support, they open up understanding. Enough so, that they can change our inner world and perspectives. So it is helpful to know when these transits arrive, for although they can bring richness and even opportunity, there is nothing pushing us to take advantage of the door that is standing slightly ajar, perhaps right there in front of us. 

One of the things that the Jupiter/Neptune sextile can bring us is a profound understanding of what those things are that we truly value, and might not be able to put a price tag on, but that fill our lives with richness and meaning. The Jupiter/Neptune sextile is attempting to show us what those non-measurable values are, and perhaps how we can make them more of a priority moving forward. 

Simultaneously with the Jupiter/Neptune sextile on May 23rd there is a Full Moon which opposes Jupiter (and trines Neptune) illuminating what those immeasurable victories might be! And even this week, as the sextile approaches its exactitude, we are being asked to think on this: 

  • What non-measurable victories have I achieved this past year?

While also noting, that these may not be what others might think of as intrinsically meaningful or valuable. This is purely subjective! And does not require explanations. And so we are reminded, as the Sun perfects its transit to Uranus at the end of this weekend, which stands as a reminder that there could be something else beyond our usual shoulds, supposed to’s and expectations. But in order to understand any of this, we were first being instructed with the New Moon in Taurus on May 7th/8th, to get back to our own fundamental needs and priorities, including those that simply cannot be quantified and measured. 

Jupiter/Neptune dreams big and dares to reach high. Therefore this week we are all being asked to bring ourselves into alignment with our highest ideals and aspirations. And it is during years of transition, such as this one is, that we are most likely to realize our greatest potential. 

What the Jupiter/Neptune sextile is really good for:

  • Visualization: Envisioning the life of your dreams. Opening up your mind and your heart to the dream world, to enchantment and romance; to the world of art and of the imagination. Jupiter/Neptune dares us to discover and explore the far reaches of time and space, both within us, and out into the far reaches of the universe. It can expand our hearts and minds in wondrous ways, if we but let it. 
  • The spiritual and the Divine: In what ways can you put your spiritual and philosophical ideals into practice in your daily life? How can you make them more real? What might it mean for you to walk the walk as well as to talk the talk? Jupiter in Taurus has been reminding us all year that spiritual values mean nothing if we don’t apply them practically in our everyday lives. 
  • Connecting with Spirit: Or what might also be called the Higher Self; God Wisdom; Spirituality; Intuition. Not only will this be excellent for connecting intuitively: reading the cards, divining the tea leaves, or reaching a transcendent state of divine meditation; but it is also the basis for things like altruism, compassion, empathy and doing good service. There is that within each and every one of us that is connected with the whole and enables us to gain a much higher perspective. Mind/body practices, spiritual experiences, travel abroad, music, dance, art, meditation, being in natural environments, or sacred spaces, or through service to others, can help to facilitate an ever-deeper connection with your own divine center.

The most important thing in life is knowing the most important things in life. ~ David F. Jakielo

Here in the United States we celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 12th. And so in mind of that I thought it fitting to share the beautiful portrait of Kahlil Gibran’s mother, whom he often credited for moulding him into the person that he ultimately aspired to be. And so we also celebrate Kamila Gibran this week through the eyes of her son.

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