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Future Astrology: 2024 Spring Equinox Predictions for April, May, June!

Future Astrology: 2024 Spring Equinox Predictions for April, May, June!

New experiences of course, since it's the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and the days will be longer than the nights for 6 months to come.

The Sun is now entering Aries, promising renewal of energy and activity, even as we find opportunity and protection in bringing other things to their natural end.

Here we celebrate that it’s also the Autumnal Equinox down under!! The Northern Hemisphere Vernal Equinox and Southern Hemisphere Autumnal Equinox occurs 11:06 pm PDT March 19, 7:06 am BST on March 20. It is said that a chart done for this point in time offers a snapshot of the cosmic and literal weather for the next 3 months.

There is an old tradition that offers us two times when "the year begins," one at the Vernal Equinox, the other at the Autumnal. Perhaps that tradition came from explorers who saw the seasons flip between the Northern and Southern, going from the beginning of warm to the beginning of cold as they moved up and down the latitudes.

So today is the last day of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere, the last day of Summer in the Southern. If you’re wondering how I reconcile the seemingly opposing energies between the hemispheres, when you’re done here please take a look at The Mirroring of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere Year Cycles in Astrology. It may help readers “down under” see how the important points of seasonal change, though opposite in physical manifestation, actually have similar challenges at each point of shift.

This is an excellent time for looking at what has ended, what is emerging, and step out of the ocean on to dry land. Just keep following through on the future you have dreamed of while the Sun has been in Pisces, since every day is good for making a better future real. We up North have done our Winter preparation, and are beginning to plant the seeds that will grow over the next 180 days. In the Southern latitudes, they’re beginning to reap the harvest of what they've done and not done.

Whether North or South, keep following through on the new roles, new initiatives, new feelings, new flow, and new ways of relating to others on more refined levels you’ve already begun to experience in the recent past, since the season to come is the time to transfigure our future into more perfect forms. Regardless of where we live, what follows explores elements we all can expect to experience over the next 13 weeks.

The nights will now begin to be longer than the days for 6 months to come in the Southern Hemisphere, with lengthening days in the Northern. The Sun is now entering Aries, promising new ways of acting on our own initiative, as well as new ways of relating to others. Both Aries and Libra represent new ways of acting on ideals, new ways of overcoming inertia to find new rhythms of action and new perspectives.

The charts for the Solstices and Equinoxes provide guideposts for what we can expect the following 90 days in the way of weather, both actual and symbolic. The Vernal Equinox chart shows a perfect balance of planets in the decans of the signs, with 3 in the first, 4 in the second, and 3 in the third decan in their respective signs. This indicates a three month period of activity involving slightly more emotional, social and cultural focus and experiences, and a balance between actional-physical and individual, mental, and spiritual levels of life.

An Overview of the Equinox

We now pass out of the dream time of the Sun at 30 Pisces, and power up a new season which puts the focus directly on Aries. With the Moon at 4 Leo in its 1st Quarter phase and the nozzle/handle of the Bucket Jones pattern, the next 90 days will feature a lot of expansion, building, with ego front and center! This phase is driven, needs action, and has a sense of urgency to build what needs building.

The Moon is on a degree of “dramatizing one’s achievements” while cultivating power expressed in socially appropriate patterns. As the Moon is in a 10th harmonic special configuration with Mercury, Venus, and Saturn, we can expect high specialization and a lot of serendipitous, very “lucky” events, interactions, introductions, and releases of pressure.

This is a complex time, since so many planets occupy a fairly narrow span of degrees. We are at the end of the end of an old era, so let go of a lot of old ghosts and let them flow down the time stream. This season helps us prepare for the future, where foresight in “laying in a supply” of some sort will help us enjoy the symbolic “Winter” coming in the future. Don’t fear letting go, go deep within and reconnect with Source, and forgive much.

With Mercury conjunct Chiron, Mercury is the herald of what our healing and mentoring tasks will be this year. This season Mercury will teach us “to alternate between activity and rest,” while Chiron is teaching us through a “strife transcending and unattached outlook on life,” a technique not to get attached to the ugliness which pervades most of modern existence.

Venus is a primary player this season, as it’s conjunct Saturn and in a mutual reception with Jupiter. This makes Venus and Jupiter the ruler of all the other planets except Neptune. Venus is introducing us to a deeper and vaster Soul realm these next 90 days, with its conjunction to Saturn showing we need courage as we focus our will power in service to a better way.

Venus in Pisces is said to be exalted, i.e. in its sign of greatest growth. Venus, the planet of close relationships, does well in the sign of compassion, empathy, and allowance for many things. Pisces is naturally forgiving, and views life as a movie. The coming 90 days will be great for getting compassionate closure on many things, with “beautiful structures” to be built in harmony with the favorable Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus. If you want to know more about your Venusian power to shape fulfilling relationships in the future, please get a copy of The Magic of Venus: Friendships, Soul Mates, and Twin Flames. It is the most comprehensive book on Venus ever written, and offers specific ways to improve all your life relationships from now on.

As Neptune leads the Sun, be compassionate with an eye to universal connectedness when “entering the Light” as you receive the abundance promised to you since last year. Listen to the inner Voice of Wisdom, and bless the passages with as much forgiveness as you are able to generate. Saying hello and goodbye within the larger collective context will lead to strength and resilience.

The next 3 months introduces us to a new threshold in collective spiritual realizations, as this is the first year where 3 points of seasonal change have Pluto in Aquarius! With Pluto leading the entire occupied span, we will be doing major purifications related to the collective Aquarian seeds being sprouted. Some will experience life changing events which involve a “cosmic visitation” which “galvanizes to action” in order to be “liberated from adverse conditions.”

So while ghosts of the past swirl all around thanks to Venus, Saturn, and Neptune all in Pisces, we’ll still see dynamic activity via the planets in Aries and Taurus! The interesting thing about this season is that Jupiter will be in Taurus until late May and then enter Gemini. So besides the normal inner planet changes, we’ll also experience Jupiter entering the sign of infinite ideas and connections. Until then, Jupiter and Uranus continue to be in a very favorable relationship to Saturn, boosted in this season by Venus exalted and ruling the entire group.

Jones Pattern

We are now in a period of shifting Jones patterns, depending on where the Moon is. This chart maintains the “Bucket” that’s active when the Moon is between Leo and Scorpio. You can find out more about this Jones pattern in the coming Lunar Eclipse articles coming over the next week, so you’ll know more about what it means and how it works by the end of the week.

What Rules the Sun, and What Are the Main Aspects in Play?

On this Equinox, worldly ruler of the Sun in Aries is Mars, which is at 28 Aquarius, a degree of “intelligent preparation for the future.” Its spiritual ruler, Pluto, is at 2 Aquarius, sprouting seeds of the long wave future. With both Mars and Pluto in an Air sign, it should make for a very active 90 days, with lots of interactions and communications which will move our Aquarian endeavors to another level.

With Pluto as the spiritual ruler, keep it organized, efficient, responsible, and expansive. Be economical in your precise use of spiritual energy, and remember that no one should be able to pull you out of your spiritual center. With Sun in close sextile to Pluto, this should be a marvelously efficient and productive season ahead!

Forming aspects show what is coming, and closely partile forming and separating aspects indicate things going on in the now. In this chart, all of the aspects from Jupiter out are the same as the coming Full Moon Lunar eclipse on March 25. Most of the inner planet aspects are different, with the most notable being Mars which is quintile Jupiter, conjunct Saturn, binovile Uranus, and quindecile Neptune in this Equinox chart. That is also the only notable sign change along with the Moon, which will be in Libra at the Full Moon.

This Equinox chart also has THREE major special evolutionary configurations, only one of which will be in play during the Full Moon. Of note in this chart is the Sun septile Uranus, showing a fork in the road at the end of their old year cycle which began last May. Hot zones are near 29 Pisces-2 Aries, 20-23 Taurus, 12-15 Cancer, 3-6 Virgo, 25-28 Libra, 16-19 Sagittarius, and 8-11 Aquarius.

I mentioned the other configuration earlier, involving Moon tredecile Mercury and biquintile Venus and Saturn. This activates three zones of a “Ten Pointed Star of Quintessential Serendipity” and as noted, promises unique interactive gifts and blessings. Active zones are near 1 Cancer/Capricorn, 3-7 Leo/Aquarius, 9-13 Pisces/Virgo, 15-19 Aries/Libra, 21-25 Taurus/Scorpio, and 27-30 Gemini/Sagittarius. If you have a planet or point in one of these zones you can expect some very favorable and unique things to happen!

The Moon, The Elements, and more

As noted earlier, the Equinox the Moon is at 3 Leo in a First Quarter phase, showing this season will be intensely driven and active, with a push to build what needs to be built to serve our growth in the future. As the Moon is the handle of the “Bucket,” if you need to get a grip on something or give focus to something, be the best Moon in Leo you can be!

This Spring chart shows 3 planets in Fire signs, 2 in Earth, 2 in Air, and 3 in Water, which gives a pretty good balance between all of the elements, with a slight emphasis on the inspiration of Fire and the feeling-flow of Water. All in all, it should be a season of active ideas, inspired actions, vast feelings and immediate movement, and with all the water in Pisces, when you’re confronted with feelings, whether your own or another’s, it may be more an expression of the collective atmosphere than individual emotions.

Fire and Water are “hot” elements, while Earth and Air are “cool” elements. This spread shows a slight emphasis on hot, and with Neptune leading the Sun, allow yourself to flow out of the old and into the new.

This is going to be a visionary season with a) deep connections with others, and b) saying goodbye to many things and people even as we question what’s relevant to us and how to demonstrate force creatively. The restructuring of core material is in the air, so remember to stand for what you believe in as you are “guided into the sanctuary of Initiates” and your mind is introduced to a deeper and vaster experience of the Soul realm.

Future Astrology: 2024 Spring Equinox Predictions for April, May, June!

Looking Forward

After a year of seeing how the old answers and approaches don’t work any more and leaving major parts of the past behind, we now are at the end of the last Great Compression of planets for over 300 years! The next season still features all the planets within the outer planet occupied span bookended by Uranus and Pluto, though by late May the span will expand to Gemini, continuing the “Bundle” Jones pattern in play whenever the Moon is between late Sagittarius and late Gemini.

This is a season of openings and new initiatives, and with Mars, worldly ruler of the Equinox in Aquarius, the backdrop to the new beginnings will have a strong element of group focus and as noted, preparation for the future. As it’s in a span of the mental and spiritual levels of “Management,” you may find yourself managing your energies with more vision and detachment than before. And because of the Mercury septile Mars, it’s the opening “fork in the road” of the coming Martian transfigurations and movement through the deep waters of Pisces in late March and April. All in all, this season accelerates our evolutionary process.

See what has ended and what’s beginning. Use your feelings about the emerging vision to bring you to deeper ideas and discoveries to get a deeper experience of life, and see how your feelings are leading you to important decisions and actions. Just make sure you’re updating your understanding and vision so you don’t get stuck in loops seeing what’s no longer there, or which has become less important than other things which are on your plate.

This will be a season of our empathic and intuitive connection leading us to the Light as we move through deep waters of Life and relationships, and then finding doors to new initiatives which allow us more freedom to act independently of others. We will all be looking at what we’re leaving behind, and while the longing for what was will be strong, it’s extremely important to keep in mind there is work to be done. Feel all you need to, but remember time is a one way street, and there’s no way to go back to anything. We can only move forward into a new understanding, a new role, and a new way to enjoy the here and now.

The coming 13 weeks will help us heal into our Higher Self by learning to “alternate between activity and rest” through techniques to get beyond the stress and ugliness. Our greatest growth is through our connection to source in ways that activate our potential. This will be a visionary and intuitive season of moving forward, furthering the emergent Aries patterns while blessing, forgiving, and releasing the old Piscean patterns.

Learn when to leap forward, when to hold back, and when to be calm while shedding old people, old ideas, old feelings, and old memories. Now that the old year and parts of our old life have ended, we have the ability to become the enduring power of our “Is-Be-ness.”

These energies will be in play through the Northern Hemisphere Summer Solstice at 1:51 pm PDT, 9:51 pm BST on June 20. That Solstice chart will be VERY important due to the Sun square Neptune just before the Solstice and the Full Moon a day later. I’ll write more about that in mid-June.

The next 13 weeks can bring a vaster compassion, understanding, and connection with our inner wisdom, so accept the new inspiration as you contemplate the fact you have the ability to read the trends and signs pointing the way to using power effectively in the future. This renews our ability to take the initiative to become more authentic, mentoring and being mentored so we may heal into our Higher Self. Look at the life structures you’ve built that are absolutely dependable, and quicken the pace of your Aquarian embrace!

Open to expressing your individual Light in your own way, and allow yourself to feel a more universal wisdom and compassion. Embrace the universal dance of Spirit and matter. And if memories of old sorrows come up, bless and release the hurt or misunderstanding of the past to find more power in understanding you are not that now.

So we now enter a time of turning toward new directions, and will find stability as we learn to enjoy ourselves and the pace of the process. Take responsibility, and take note of how to use power in an elegant and responsible way. When you can, get away from the world to receive a new inspiration, knowing you’ve actually made it into a new world and can easily follow and enjoy whatever has opened or remained through the endings of 2023.

This is a season to become more active and begin preparing for the near future. Memories will be strong the next 13 weeks. You’ll feel a lot; understand that much of what you’re feeling is a timeless experience you share with others, and maybe by blessing and forgiving whatever it is you’re picking up on, you can find forgiveness and release yourself.

This season compels us to do our own thing in our own way, embracing the new and letting go of the past. Mobilize, use spiritual force with precision and good humor, don’t feel obligated to carry things from the past one more step, and go deeper into your relationship with self, others, and Source. We’re all in this together, and each of us who has walked the walk now has wisdom at our disposal which constitutes our mandate for the future.

Aum and blessings as we stand on the threshold of a new season of life!

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Robert wilkinson An internationally-known astrologer, author, public speaker, metaphysician, and futurist, with over 25 years experience as a counselor and educator. He has presented hundreds of public talks on all aspects of Astrology, the Eastern Wisdom tradition, the Western Wisdom tradition and promoted many mass gatherings and cultural events. Some of his specific areas of interest and expertise include personality profiles, degree patterns, integrative astrology, various aspect harmonics, among others.
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Reprinted on crystalwind.cawith written persmission from Robert Wilkinson.

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