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It's the Autumnal Equinox 2021

It's the Autumnal Equinox 2021

- What's Coming in October, November, and December 2021 -

And also the Vernal Equinox down under!! The Autumnal Equinox occurs at 12:21 pm PDT, 8:21 pm BST September 22. This marks the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. It is said that a chart done for the beginning of a season offers a snapshot of the cosmic and literal weather for the next 3 months.

Today is the last day of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, the last day of Winter in the Southern. If you’re wondering how I reconcile the seemingly opposing energies between the hemispheres, when you’re done here please take a look at The Mirroring of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere Year Cycles in Astrology. It may help readers “down under” see how the important points of seasonal change, though opposite in physical manifestation, actually have similar challenges at each point of shift. And yes, I'm already thinking of doing a small book on the subject, stripping the signs of their usual attributes and taking a more universal approach to the subject of the changes of the seasons.

There is an old tradition that offers us two times when "the year begins," one at the Vernal Equinox, the other at the Autumnal. Perhaps that tradition came from explorers who saw the seasons flip between the Northern and Southern, going from the beginning of warm to the beginning of cold as they moved up and down the latitudes.

This is an excellent time for looking at what has ended and what is emerging. We up North have done our Summer labor, and are reaping the harvest of what we've done and not done. In the Southern latitudes, they're beginning to plant the seeds that will grow over the next 180 days.

So if you're "down under," it's the beginning of Spring and beautiful weather. Just remember to have a little compassion for us up here when December 21-22, the Winter Solstice, rolls around and we're freezing while you're enjoying the beach!

Whether North or South, keep following through on the new roles, new initiatives, new feelings, new flow, and new ways of relating to others on more refined levels you’ve already begun to experience since Spring, since the season to come is the time to transfigure our future into more perfect forms. Regardless of where we live, what follows explores elements we all can expect to experience over the next 13 weeks.

The nights will now begin to be longer than the days for 6 months to come in the Northern Hemisphere, with lengthening days in the Southern. The Sun is now in Libra, promising enhanced and expanded relationships and social interactions. We can find new ideals, new ways of measuring and evaluating the balance in things, and new perspectives that offer us a well-rounded understanding.

The charts for the Solstices and Equinoxes provide guideposts for what we can expect the following 90 days in the way of weather, both actual and symbolic. As this Equinox falls very closely after the recent Full Moon, many of those placements, aspects and configurations are identical in this chart as that one. You can find more by going to The September 2021 Full Moon at 29 Virgo-Pisces - The Light of Wisdom Expressed As Old Cycles End which has links to all three articles on that Lunation. Still, some things are very different, which is what we’ll explore today.

The Autumn Equinox chart shows 3 planets in the first decan of their signs, 2 in the second decan of their signs, and 5 in the third decan. This indicates a three month period of activity involving a tremendous focus on the individual, mental, and spiritual planes of existence, with slightly more emphasis on the the actional, physical, and material planes than the emotional, social, and cultural levels of existence. Given the last decan planets include Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto, it’s easy to see that many areas of our lives are going to have an individualizing and spiritualizing emphasis the next 90 days.

Aspects and Configurations Shaping the Season to Come

As you know, in these active aspect sections I include barely separating partile aspects, since they are still in active operation. The outstanding feature of this chart is that all the planets have either Saturn or the Mutual Reception between Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Libra as their final dispositors. That makes these three planets important as they influence the backdrop to what’s happening.

This chart differs from the Full Moon chart in several important ways. First, the Moon in Aries is opposed Mercury slowing to retrograde, with both square Pluto making an extraordinarily powerful Cardinal T-square throwing the void into 21-26 Cancer. This configuration requires that we see clearly, stay focused on the potential despite the limiting conditions, be exacting in our knowledge, and find ways to take care of ourselves despite the constantly changing intensity this configuration promises!

The good news is that with Jupiter cutting the Moon/Mercury opposition into a sextile and trine with the favorable void in late Leo, we can use Jupiter to expand the expression of our heart energy and release it favorably via the Cancer void of the square. This is a case of interlocking evolutionary configurations helping us achieve excellent momentum and realizations which help us see what’s needed and what isn’t, what takes care of us and what doesn’t, and how to mobilize on our own behalf while not taking what others say at face value.

Find a balanced perspective which is optimistic and cooperative, while being aware of subtle corrosive influences. Focus the emotional power of the Lunar T-square to “tap unsuspected resources others may not be aware of” to further the seeds of the future. Concentrate, go inward, read the “message” your “carrier pigeon” has brought you, and remember to take what you need to “cross the desert” to find emotional self-sufficiency as you demonstrate your heart power.

Mercury is further involved in major choices and changes this season due to its biseptile with Saturn. This indicates a turning point in the “karmic redemption and dues paying” process always in play during the last decan of Libra, with the degree bringing us “glimpses of immortality” as our mind wearies of passing things. Many of us will understand “life and death processes” from a different perspective by the December Solstice. This influences planets or points we have near 23-27 Libra, 15-19 Sagittarius, 6-10 Aquarius, 28 Pisces- 2 Aries, 19-23 Taurus, 11-15 Cancer, and 2-6 Leo.

All of this makes Mercury a huge player in the season’s events! It is part of the building evolutionary configuration with Moon and Jupiter, part of the releasing and integrating evolutionary configuration with Moon and Pluto, and a driver of choice and change in Saturn’s expression, giving us an understanding of patterns yet to come. As Saturn is strengthened by the trines from the Sun and Mars, it’ll be a great season for interactivity and getting ideas and connections. You can see we have a particularly dynamic time ahead over the next 90 days!

We also have another evolutionary configuration in play with Venus opposed Uranus cut into a quintile and tredecile by Pluto! This is extraordinarily favorable and specializing, with interesting and unique gifts and serendipity coming as the other planets quintile Pluto and oppose Uranus. With Mars ruling Venus and Venus ruling Mars, the way to balanced expression is through careful visualization of what you want to see made manifest, or alternatively, how to view what is being made manifest as the expression of a previously visualized desire.

Besides what I just gave you, other aspects include Moon quadranovile the Sun, pentelftile Mars, quindecile Uranus, and semisextile Neptune; Mercury is vigintile Venus, quindecile Sun, and quadranovile Uranus; Venus is semisquare the Sun, novile Mars, and trine Neptune; the Sun is conjunct Mars, biquintile Jupiter, trine Saturn, and sesquisquare Uranus; and Mars is sesquisquare Jupiter, trine Saturn, and tredecile Pluto. The rest of the outer planet aspects are the same as the Full Moon.

Jones Pattern, Dispositors, and the Lunar Phase

With the Moon in Aries, we continue to have a See Saw Jones pattern, with the axes of oppositions in late Aries/Libra and mid-Taurus/Scorpio. As we had a See Saw pattern at the recent Full Moon, you can find out more by going to The September 2021 New Moon of 29 Virgo – Signs, Sabian Symbols, and What it all Means. You also may want to take a new look at Summer Solstice 2021 – What’s Coming in July, August, and September to see what was said about the season just past.

The Full Moon Lunar phase indicates this season will be focused on relationships and the ability to mirror the light in any given situation. It is said this phase is oriented toward fulfillment, is theoretically objective, and wants “ideal relationships.” This dovetails with Venus opposed Uranus and Moon square Pluto indicating many old relationships will be under some stress in the coming season!

With the element distribution, there is an emphasis on interactivity and relationships, since we have 5 planets in Air, 2 in Earth, 2 in Water, and 1 in Fire. That indicates a time of a lot of interactive experiences. The coming season is one of a lot of awareness, abrupt changes and endings, a need to focus on what we really care about, and not get agitated due to collective restlessness.

So take a look at the vision of a transformed life and world being offered to you as you catch glimpses of a greater sense of community and connectedness. Open to a new archetypal role or vision, let yourself be transformed, and breathe easy as you see all sides of the bigger picture and begin your training to manifest future patterns you’re seeing in the present.

Get ready to accept new methods and the appearance of new mutations from Cosmos arising from all which has potential but hasn’t been made manifest. Be decisive in pursuing the information and vision you need to make the archetypes real. Cut loose from the past while being careful not to buy into deceptive assertions. Look at the deeper elements of what’s discussed, and see what isn’t being said. Be optimistic as you move forward, but again, beware of superficial evaluations and assertions since they could have a way of turning from easy to difficult fairly quickly.

As you do what you need to do, remember to experience yourself as you move through the changes, since by going deeper you will find new perspectives on what to do and when to do it. Be open to visualizing your ideal more precisely, cultivate inner and outer lines of communication, and cultivate the new heart strength emerging since April. The “tension of opposites” holds a promise of productivity, ease of operation, and awareness of the highly specializing factors in motion as long as you don’t go off the rails due to the intensity of the time or another’s misrepresentations.

The next 90 days are radical growth in a new adventure related to closing old accounts while watching for the emergence of something completely different from what we’ve known before now. There will be polarization and conflict serving personality integration. See the transitoriness of things, as we’re letting go of the old at the natural season for letting go. Wisdom beckons those who can get beyond the rebellious ego-mind.

A new pulse of the Ageless Wisdom is now mentoring and healing those who are receptive to the new. Let yourself heal into your Higher Self, focus on your social potential, and embrace the dance of the adventure of the next season. Buena suerte, and Godspeed!!

Aum and blessings as we stand on the threshold of a new season of life!

Reprinted on crystalwind.ca with written permission from Robert Wilkinson. Copying this article to other blogs is strictly prohibited. It is copyright protected. 

© Copyright 2021 Robert Wilkinson


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Robert WilkinsonRobert wilkinson An internationally-known astrologer, author, public speaker, metaphysician, and futurist, with over 25 years experience as a counselor and educator. He has presented hundreds of public talks on all aspects of Astrology, the Eastern Wisdom tradition, the Western Wisdom tradition and promoted many mass gatherings and cultural events. Some of his specific areas of interest and expertise include personality profiles, degree patterns, integrative astrology, various aspect harmonics, among others.
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Reprinted on crystalwind.cawith persmission from Robert Wilkinson.

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