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We Control Our Destiny Through How Our Planets Evolve

We Control Our Destiny Through How Our Planets Evolve

While our planets express a million ways over the years, we control their expression at any given stage of life.

We are not “destined” for “bad things” due to planetary positions any more than we are guaranteed an easy life due to allegedly fortunate planetary positions. Ultimately, our planets do not control us; we absolutely control them.

I gave this to you some time ago, and have added some material. While our planets manifest certain ways as a child, usually their expression evolves as we age. Sometimes there is an arrested development in one or more planetary functions, and that’s when we’re most likely to see the negative duality come forth rather than the positive trait of that planet. I speak about this at length in my book Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend. By our ability to grow in awareness, we can shape our planetary expressions, turning problematic qualities into productive spiritual power.

Our level of awareness determines how our planets manifest in our lives. Part of the process of our evolving spiritual understanding involves becoming skillful in the positive expression of all our planetary qualities across the 12 “frequency zones of human existence.” Simply put, how our planets manifest changes dramatically, sometimes in miraculous ways, as our consciousness evolves. By our ability to turn a dysfunction in us to positive expression, we eventually realize we’re at a totally different level of functioning than we thought.

Our Charts Express Our Awareness

A common question I’ve heard over the years is whether an astrological chart shows us how evolved someone is. I remember when a Spiritual Brother offered that “casting a chart of an individual is ascertained from our understanding of where this soul stands on the point of evolution” and then quoted a passage from one of the most advanced “spiritual astrology” sources we have:

As a man evolves, the mechanism of response, or the vehicles of consciousness likewise steadily improve. His reactions, therefore, to the planetary influence, and to the energy of the various constellations, change with equal steadiness, and allowance must be made for this. It is consequently essential that the modern astrologer begins to study the point in evolution of the subject, prior to casting his horoscope. He must ascertain his appropriate place on the path of evolution.

(from the Tibetan Master DK (via Alice Bailey), Esoteric Astrology Vol III, A Treatise on the Seven Rays)

This passage by the Tibetan Master makes two things clear. First, each Being responds based in their level of awareness and mastery of the three factors of personality. As we evolve, our responses do in fact “steadily improve,” if we are intent on improving them. For example, a square works differently in the life of a dysfunctional personality than it does in the life of a conscious Disciple, regardless of the path. Even there, due to differences in forms of Self-realization, our planets still operate in a unique way due to our individual Light shining through our personality. Each of us is a unique formula of complex consciousness within a field of infinite consciousness.

Second, while ideally it is “essential” for an astrologer to “study the point in evolution of the subject,” this is impossible for the vast number of astrologers, who know the craft but are not conscious disciples of any truth outside of Astrology. There are many astrologers who are not very aware spiritually. An astrologer can only advise at the level of their own awareness.

To “ascertain his appropriate place on the path of evolution” would require an awareness which does not involve the direct feedback of the Being, since no Being can adequately represent their level of awareness. Even Initiates are not allowed to speak of where they’re at, and only Higher Initiates can understand the level of less-evolved Beings due to having attained that broader scope of deeper and vaster awareness.

I responded to the original statement by the Tibetan Master DK with this:

I have never found any consistent astrological markers that indicate whether the Being is on a path, or what level of awareness they are operating at. That said, my approach always opens doors of higher awareness to my clients due to my approach to the chart. Often I find that once they have a certain level of understanding of their life, the doors to higher awareness open and they are given the choice to "break on through to the other side."

So I do their chart session first, and then we have a discussion about how much they want to learn about transcendent things. All that said, after almost 50 years in the craft, my clients tend to be self-selecting. No gamblers, but a lot of disciples on various paths find me these days.

The Power of Choice

As I have offered across the years, any chart could produce a Gandhi or a Stalin. At each fork in the road of our lives, we all choose to take either the high road of love, wisdom, compassion and understanding, or the low road of ignorance, fear, and dysfunctional actions. Our inner Saturn as the standard bearer of our spiritual state of awareness, since it represents understanding which leads to Wisdom. A dysfunctional Saturn is trapped by half-truths and limited understanding, whereas a healthy Saturn shows our maturity, patience, and thorough understanding in how consistently we express our Higher Self.

Saturn represents the “Guardian/Dweller on the Threshold,” because when we approach the threshold of a greater awareness, it inevitably brings up fears or hesitancy related to what we’re leaving behind. At these threshold states, often fear arises because of the potential unknowns we’ll have to deal with as a result of our willingness to “lift the bar off the Gates of Gold” and claim another facet of our Divine Estate. That’s why we must expunge fear as a response, since it both useless and a dangerous disease.

All enduring spiritual growth involves embracing the virtues associated with our inner Saturn, since that alone can guide us on our journey from darkness to light, the unreal to the real, leaving our fears and limited understanding behind as we become spiritual adults in our world. You can find more about this essential factor in helping us become our Highest Self by consulting Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend.

Saturn gives us strength and power perfect for who we are through our persistence, maturity, and self-discipline. Saturn helps us hang in there as long as it takes to fulfill Dharma, our “true purpose” for being alive as a human being. When we are younger, Saturn brings challenges which if we meet them, create an understanding we build on throughout our lives. As we continue to make our inner Saturn our friend and guide, we begin to express the greater understanding and wisdom Saturn represents, and at times find ourselves expressing our Higher Self, our Atma-Buddhi-Manas “Soul Spirit” which seeks to shine the Light of Higher Awareness on all within our sphere of existence.

As eternal Beings, we each have our Dharma to fulfill. We also create karma by every choice they make along the Way. Saturn helps us guide our personalities through difficulty and ignorance into fulfillment through a deep understanding of our purpose. We all have the power to turn our negative responses to positive. No one is compelled to do good or bad; each chooses in each moment the quality of awareness they want to express. And each challenge helps us throw off dysfunctional behavior and shed our chains of mental slavery.

Frictional Aspects Are Times To Choose Wisely

Even though traditional astrology states some aspects are “good” and others “bad,” I have seen the value of frictional aspects. Oppositions may accompany experiences with oppositional people, but they always hold the potential for a greater awareness of the duality in play. Oppositions are perfect times to find ways to transcend limited or false premises.

Any opposition gives us the opportunity to see “the whole picture” and choose a wider whole view within which the opposition functions. When we see all cycles as a process of fusion to polarity to fusion, we can understand the value of what comes forth as polarization as well as the fusion from which it came and to which it is returning. Both of these two states are part of a greater cycle of evolution.

In my own life, I have numerous oppositions and squares. When I was younger, these played out as being blocked and countered by extremely dysfunctional people who needed a drama. Still, as I used those encounters to find a greater awareness of the human condition, the great perceptual illusion we all live within, I found ever-more effective ways to transcend that illusion.

It is the same with squares. A transiting square helps us turn a corner, whether on a situation, a person, or an attitude. It can help us put the brakes on a certain trajectory, or show us the time has come to take a different path. They show a need for “right action,” even if that means temporary non-action.

A long time ago I chose a life of serving a greater good, however that presented itself in both inner and outer space. Along the way I’ve dealt with many unfortunate people who fell into all kinds of illusions and delusions, attachments and aversions. While I used to wonder why people left my life, over time I realized that I represented a chance for them to rise to the challenge of being their Higher Self, and those who didn’t fell away like dead leaves in an Autumn breeze.

In my early years I had all kinds of clients under all kinds of illusions, some fairly nasty. But because I chose not to play to those illusions and I’m fairly consistent in who I am and what I will and will not do, my clients began self-selecting over the years with many falling away while other seekers presented themselves for counsel. Over time, as I maintained my integrity as an Astrologer, I began to attract clients who wanted to learn more about their uniqueness and how their Higher Self might express itself.

This is true in all our relationships. As we maintain our integrity and become the living expression of the Light of our Higher Self, we will attract others who share our Ray, share our heart, and resonate with our energy (and we with theirs) within the greater infinite Life field. As we improve our minds, emotions, and actions, we will attract and be attracted to others who share our spiritual qualities to whatever degree.

I have found all of us in the “helping and counseling” professions, including astrologers, attract exactly the clients we need to attract to improve our skills, regardless of the client's state of awareness. Over time, we can see how we’ve grown in our abilities through reflecting on how we helped who we helped when they found us. I have seen that difficult clients always lead astrologers to question who they should be attracting!

Becoming A Vehicle For Greater Good

Because I really like people of good intention and good hearts, I tend to attract clients who want to experience a higher truth, both of life and themselves. That takes us back to the original premise. I have found at this point in my career I don’t really have to assess my client's "spiritual state," since their spiritual state will naturally come forth as a result of what I say about their chart. I may not know the state of my client’s awareness before the session, but when the session is done each of my clients sees elements of their Higher Self and ways to practice it. Rather than pre-judge my client, I simply appeal to the best in their chart, offering them ways to use their uniqueness as they see fit.

That way, each rises to their level of intention to become their Higher Self, and each life challenge becomes an opportunity to turn friction to harmony and understanding. Then each revelation becomes a stepping stone to ever-greater awareness. We all learn how to express our various Ray energies over time, and in that process perfect ourselves and become part of “the corrective force of Nature Herself.” We all become this at points whether we know it or not.

As we learn to deal with difficult aspects we find ways to transmute the friction into opportunities to serve a greater good in our world. As we overcome the traps of the lower self, we naturally find those who also are dealing with those traps, and in sharing what we know, we help them to apply that understanding in their own unique ways. So a square could very well bring two or more disciples together in a greater good, whether they know it or not. When several aware Beings come together, they could release powerful transformative forces for the future in any number of people. It just takes awareness of a greater good and/or need and applied understanding.

I’ll close with a phrase I’ve offered seekers across the years. In my experience, “a person doesn’t get it together because they see the light; they get it together when they feel the heat.” Heat is frictional, and created by the frictional angles between us and others, us and ourselves, and us and Nature. Each time we go through friction we engage “Fire By Friction,” and evolve in our awareness.

As we overcome tendencies to become attached to assumptions, or avoid facing something, or fall into illusions or pessimism, we have the ability to counteract these in situations where they’re present. As we evolve and kill out fear, vanity, and inappropriate desires, we become the turning point of the square; we become the awareness generated by an opposition; we become the agents of transformation in our world. That’s the value of being a Spirit in the material world. That’s the value of having a spiritual approach to Astrology.

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Robert wilkinson An internationally-known astrologer, author, public speaker, metaphysician, and futurist, with over 25 years experience as a counselor and educator. He has presented hundreds of public talks on all aspects of Astrology, the Eastern Wisdom tradition, the Western Wisdom tradition and promoted many mass gatherings and cultural events. Some of his specific areas of interest and expertise include personality profiles, degree patterns, integrative astrology, various aspect harmonics, among others.
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