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Tarot Tableau: Cancer Season 2022

Tarot Tableau: Cancer Season 2022
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Past Situation:  Knight of Swords
Past Actions: 7 of Pentacles
Integrated Shadow: King of Swords

Emerging out of Gemini Season with the clarity of focus that Mercury’s direct station offers, we now get to witness the power of sincere intent. Many truths have also been brought to light by the eclipses & intense thoughts.

The Knight of Swords, an apprentice of the air element, has already spent many days as a page gathering facts. He or she has also been taught how one might use them. Having sought out many a persuasive orator, the knight goes forth now to spread news, ask the burning questions, fight battles of word & of wit, and likely discern the deeper meanings of truth. In the spread, this card represents the past. Some of us expressed this version of ourselves or encountered this character. He’s passionate for truth & has great capacity for detachment. This means he or she may also be oblivious to the full impact of their thoughts and speech. This lesson seems to have been learned though.

The 7 of Pentacles suggests the Knight has put much care into the information he takes in & expresses. As the “pents” are the tangible sort, this past action symbolizes the input of energy and likely money into seeking truth and using it to one’s material or physical benefit. (Researching and implementing fitness, diet, and financial plans are examples of this energy.) This is the improvement of a skill over time and the resulting increase in resources. I’m drawn to Manzel Bowman’s depiction of a fire breathing Knight and the integrated shadow being the King of the same element (Air). The latter walks calmly, his sword of fiery breath is held loosely, resting idly on his shoulder. Though always aware, he seems to have learned when and how much truth to express in service to a goal. The collective, in line with the King of Swords, comes into Cancer Season with our minds intact and expanding with our material resources. Aye!

.Tarot Tableau: Cancer Season 2022

Outgoing Conflict: 9 of Pentacles
Outgoing Support:
2 of Pentacles

The outgoing energy is a clear confirmation that our willingness to see, accept, and align our lives with the truth brings abundance. 9 of Pentacles as a waning conflict speaks of having identified through our experiences of lack what we must invest into. For those who resonate so far, this says we’ve secured resources and successfully turned our lives in the direction of independence. It is reflected in our increased self-worth and the health of our physical bodies and bank accounts. 

As a passing support, the 2 of Pentacles mirrors the 9. It’s an indication that many in the collective had assistance or circumstances compel some prioritizing and sacrifice. This may literally be making ends meet.
For some, this looked like taking care of needs and forgoing desires until security or surplus was established. Where have you started to feel more solid physically and materially? What strategy (the King) can be applied in the foreseeable future to sustain your growth and stability?


Ideal: 6 of Pentacles
Ideal Environment: Ace of Wands, 10 of Cups

The intention indicated by this spread appears to me a balance in relation to already integrated Sword energy from Gemini  Season. Reciprocity, symbiosis, actual sharing of resources or mutual aid is what the 6 of Pentacles represents. We must embody what we wish others to see or engage in with us. It is important to communicate with the King’s tact if we need or intend to offer help. Sandwiched between the Ace of Wands (inspiration, initiation, confidence) & 10 of Cups (shared joy), it looks like emotional support and community will be as important this season as progress. Both Cups and Wands are creative, dynamic, energies. Courage (and encouragement) is what most of us will be seeking this season. Feelings may often get the better of us when Cancerian energy takes hold. So, do be prepared to detach, and try to reciprocate benevolence as the healthiest versions of yourselves possible. I’ll be working at it too. 

The Real

Actual: 6 of Swords
Environment:The World & Ace of Cups
Support: Judgement
Known: 3 of Pentacles Unknown: King of Wands
Positive + Influence: 4 of Swords

The real collective experience is the 6 of Swords. Indeed, Cancer energy (cardinal water) is often expressed as turbulence or reactivity at the emotional level. At a high vibration, though, it’s adjusting our actions to align with underlying truths. Our feelings exist to point the way. We are using our newly mastered mental skills or swords to navigate emotional states and relationship dynamics that are confusing or downright abusive (escaping the absent 5 of swords from last month). Troubled water, indeed. What we know (3 of Pentacles) is that we have solid support, the respect of our peers and that our skills, talents, and resources not only benefit us but those we value.

The King of Wands as an unknown element or unconscious energy is both protective, tenacious, & creative. It’s as if on the other side of that desert pyramid are hands opening to hold us, build with us, even protect us. Externally, he is someone who not only champions our cause, but lends their charisma, willpower, and business acumen to lift our status or business prospects too! For us individually, this card asks that we channel our confidence into innovation, creative service, foundation & community building.

The environment confirms emphasis on forward movement and emotional renewal. In general, many closures and disconnections are taking place right alongside new connections, projects, & journeys. (The World / Ace of Cups) Circumstances or our own choices will lead us toward rest and stillness (4 of Swords) and this is as important a part of the process as the action taking. Why? Because it allows time for the Judgement card’s impact to take hold before we set new intentions at the Leo New Moon, beginning a new growth chapter. From a place of calm, we reach clarity, and later, true “non-attachment” which allows us to apply our lessons without the emotional self-flagellation that harsh consequences or prolonged stress often activate.

The Issues

Negative – Influence: 10 of Wands
Problem Behavior: Ace of Swords

Our overwhelm with the steps we must take (10 of Wands) in order to improve our experience or avoid repeating painful lessons is palpable all month. These cards read very much like a camel anticipating the final straw before irreversible collapse. Let us not forget the supportive energy (4 of Swords). You are allowed to rest when necessary. No, it is required. To perceive what is necessary as a distraction would be to misuse valuable resources at our disposal. Our patient creative urge to transform our lives (Temperance) is fueled by the responsibility we take on and by how we define responsibility itself. The Ace of Swords as a problematic action means closed mouths and open minds serve us better than outright verbal defense. Complaining is a literal waste. Speak King-like. Our discretion and detachment serve to release us from the old and root us deeper into now. Pay close attention to what’s being said around you now and log any epiphanies that arise to explore later.


Incoming Info: 8 of Pentacles
Incoming Trigger: 3 of Swords
Incoming Support: 8 of Swords

As we swim out of cardinal water toward the warmth of fixed fire, we’re probably going to find ourselves called to add even more tasks to our list of commitments. (Mars and Jupiter are on our asses in Aries after all.) Success will mean consistently handling each and every one, including the rest between. 8 of Pentacles is the triggering energy this month, so it’s no wonder we might feel overloaded with work to do. However, a painful conversation or separation may be liberation for us. (3 of Swords) It’s likely most of us will face one or more moments that ask us to sit with the limits our obligations to self and other place on us. Let’s turn them over in our minds, viewing from every angle. (8 of Swords) See if we can’t reignite the King of Sword’s capacity for strategy to lighten our burdens.

Advice: 4 of Wands, 4 of Cups
Outcome: High Priestess, 4 of Pentacles

This spread features every 4 of the minor tarot arcana. We should take a moment to explore how we relate to the symbolism behind this number. Rigidity, stability, containment, support, practicality. The 4 of Cups can symbolize complacency stable but ultimately unfulfilling. While secure foundations are no doubt important, we should not get so caught up in amassing and stabilizing that we forget to practice gratitude and share in joy with those who helped us build. The advice is to break bread with those who are “shooting with you in the gym”. (4 of Wands) Give your energy and effort to those who reciprocate, take responsibility for what sustains you (10 of Wands), withdraw from those who won’t or can’t (4 of Cups), and have fun in the process. What’s likely to manifest from that is the High Priestess and 4 of Pentacles. We are gifted innate knowledge and understanding of what must be conserved and how to do so. Our discretion lends itself to material security and a healthy cohort. Both cards also suggest the details are probably best kept quiet.

Play broke and enjoy the waves, babes.
Kori Woo

I set my intentions prior to each reading and custom spread to provide clear and concise messages of growth and healing for the collective and interpret the cards based on a combination of position in a fixed spread, meanings from early study and my own intuition.

Author: kOri Woo (AstreauxBytch)

Get to know Kori Woo? If a general reading resonates with you, or you have questions regarding my interpretation of the cards pictured, drop a comment below or Contact Me. Check out the Services & Pricing page to view options or Contact Me to book a personal reading.
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Reprinted with Written Permission from kOri Woo.

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