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Here's How Each Zodiac Sign Can Make The Most of Social Distancing

Here's How Each Zodiac Sign Can Make The Most of Social Distancing

The Covid-19 outbreak has people scrambling to protect themselves and their loved ones from getting infected. And according to experts, there's no better way of putting this evil to rest than practicing social distancing.

Social distancing is not everyone's cup of tea, except that it can be a wonderful time to live in for introverts and creative beings out there. If you are one of them, you know what we are talking about.

However, Social Distancing is a new concept which most of us are struggling to follow through. You may be riding an emotional roller coaster right now. But we promise that things will get better, sooner or later. Until then, you must indulge in certain activities to help yourself sail through these trying times without losing your sanity.

Since each star sign handles a situation differently, here's how you can make the most of your quarantine time according to your star sign. And if your loved one is struggling to cope, a star sign pick-me-up gift can make a huge difference.


It can be hard to contain your fiery energy within the four walls of a room. But there's a lot you can do to blow off steam. Make push-ups, squats and jumping jacks part of your morning rituals. You can also go for a jog around your neighborhood, but make sure you don't violate any of the social distancing rules.

To help your Aries friend stay motivated, get them a relaxed, super comfy, new T-shirt for their workout sessions.


Taurus tend to enjoy their own company as long as their creative juices are flowing. So, when the going gets tough, pick up your crayons, and start drawing. Or it's time to try out that new recipe you just learned from Youtube. You can't just leave your taste buds without a treat for too long. And of course, a hot cup of Joe for your daily caffeine fix.

Considering that, Taurus would appreciate a coffee mug as a pick-me-up gift.


It's really a Gemini thing to engage in multiple pursuits. Calm down. You are a human at the end of the day. How about treating yourself to a glass of wine? It'll help you sleep better at night so you can wake up feeling fresh and energized the next morning.

A personalized star sign wine glass can jazz up their quarantine days.


Thank your stars for social distancing. This is the perfect time for you to create your comfort zone and hang in there, undisturbed by external forces (other people). Use this ample time to enjoy cozying up between the sheets. Read a self-help book, or scout out the Internet to feed your curious mind every day.

How about gifting your Cancerian girlfriend/wife/BFF a cute mousepad?


Leo is the party animal that loves to socialize and meet new people. Social distancing can be harsh on you, but then there are online dating platforms to the rescue. Swipe left, swipe right or double tap – whatever helps you lift your spirits.

Someone's using their phone a lot lately. Why not gift them a new phone case?

Here's How Each Zodiac Sign Can Make The Most of Social Distancing


Spring is here, and it's a perfect time for you to let out the clean freak in you. With a lot of free time and an all-day-home routine, start with cleaning your kitchen and work your way into other rooms as well. This will help you calm your nerves and save you the spring-cleaning money.

What would make a Virgo happy? A set of beverage coasters to keep ring stains off the coffee table.


This is the time for the artistic exploration that you have been putting off for a long time. While you have the much-needed isolation from the worldly chaos, make the most of this time by honing a skill or pursuing a new hobby. Who knows, you might want to reconsider your career options after coming out of this phase.

An artist is fond of unique, customized jewelry. So, go for it.


Staying at home with limited interaction might leave you brooding over an altercation with your boss that happened a long time ago. Do you really want to spend quarantine days dwelling on those past experiences that make you anxious? Pull yourself together and focus on what you have right now and what you can make of it. Guided meditation is a great way to cut out the negativity.

A decorative mirror would be a perfect star sign gift, to constantly show them that one person they should focus on.


You can be a couch potato for days on end. It doesn't matter how far this social distancing goes as long as you have your snacks and daily supplies stocked up. You can use this time to give your body the much-needed rest, but keep reading up on interesting stuff to loosen up your brain muscles.

One of the best star sign gifts for a Sagittarius? A relaxed, comfortable Tshirt for their leisure time.


You are primed for a fast-paced lifestyle. Don't let 'staying home' slow you down. Practice Yoga every day to calibrate your inner compass and perform gentle stretching to keep your mind and body aligned with your fitness goals. Once all of this social distancing is over, you should be ready to kick off.

A tote bag would be a thoughtful gift for the Capricorn who is always on the move.


You are a good Samaritan who loves to help others. Volunteering your time and efforts to a noble cause will help you get your attention off the prevailing issues and stay connected with the community.

A customized star sign keychain will act as a constant reminder of who they are and what they are meant to do.


When you have all the time in the world and have nowhere else to go, there couldn't be a better excuse to pamper yourself at home. Unwind with a hot water bath while enjoying a glass of Rosé. Turn on some soft music and light up a couple of scented candles to create a celebrity-spa experience at home.

You don't need us to tell you what your Pisces loved one needs at this moment.

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