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Jupiter Conjunct Uranus at 22 Taurus: Effects on All Signs and Planets!

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus at 22 Taurus: Effects on All Signs and Planets!

Due to a lot of questions which came up related to the article Jupiter Conjunct Uranus at 22 Taurus – The Beginning of 13 Years of A New Day! I figured I’d do a second article and elaborate how it will operate in each house and if it conjuncts a planet in your chart.

This is a 15 year focus in the house where you have 22 Taurus. It involves the innovative or unique expression of Jupiter in that life area. This is a fusion of the expansive principle with the revolutionizer who brings out our uniqueness and individuality. This begins an adventure in seeing and expressing some element of our unique Self.

Because this conjunction is in Taurus, we’re all on a quest for resources or substance in a unique way wherever it falls in our chart. Because it is Jupiter fusing with the eternally creative Uranus, move in new, unusual, or innovative directions. In Taurus, it should be easy and natural. This will lead us to solid opportunities of a unique nature perfect for who we are and what we need to confirm our worth or value in the house where the conjunction happens.

Since Jupiter is the one making the conjunction, and it involves the ruler of your Sag/Pisces planets and houses, look to see something which confirms something in those parts of your life. Jupiter in Taurus brought “settledness” to many things. This conjunction begins innovative expressions of that Taurus energy which should take clearer shape in May via the transits. The conjunction themes will activate in early July as Mars transits 22 Taurus with a renewed push again in June 2026. Much of what begins to open now will be made real by the Summer of 2029 when Saturn occupies this zone of Taurus.

Interestingly, because of Jupiter, this is a further development of all of the long wave Capricorn cycles set into motion in 2020 which were clustered in the last decan of that sign. That January and March we had Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn all conjunct each other and Pluto. Those conjunctions, along with the three Jupiter conjunctions with Pluto that year, set several long wave cycles into play in our charts between 21-25 Capricorn. This conjunction trines those conjunctions, and represents Jupiter in a trine harmony of expression related to Jupiter in 2020.

So Jupiter in Taurus conjunct the Innovator should make our journey into our new lives clear, simple, and enjoyable, perhaps with exciting unexpected developments along the way! This is an expansive, liberating energy in the house where it falls in our charts which will quicken with Mars’ transit of 22 Taurus in July. And to that end:

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus in the Houses

In the first house, get ready for the adventure of your life! With Uranus on your Ascendant, honor your originality but try not to go off on extreme tangents. I know you want to “Get your motor running, head out on the highway, looking for adventure and whatever comes our way...." but keep it slow, steady, and pleasant, since this voyage of an expanded self is a 15 year cruise!

In the second house, it begins a 15 year new financial plan. Be innovative, think outside the box, and look for solid but unusual investments. Open to progressive or innovative ways to use or increase your wealth. This can bring a repudiation of inherited values where we break free from things which represent inertia rather than innovation.

In the third house, it begins 15 years of seeking new forms of expressing genius. New value could be found in the immediate environment, or perhaps opportunity comes through a sibling or Spiritual Sister or Brother. If you write or speak, keep it plain, simple, enjoyable and expressive of your unique take on things. Short journeys bring unexpected losses, gains, or breakthroughs into a new way of seeing things.

In the fourth house, it’s time for a new adventure in the home. Renovations bring expansion, and focusing on a more enjoyable future will assist in sculpting a home which is unique and comfortable. Good for easily breaking free from the past and early family limitations and values. There may be unexpected opportunities to buy property which would be solid investments if the conjunction makes favorable aspects to related planets.

In the fifth house, it begins a new era in your self-expression and how you enjoy life. If an artist, keep it “expansively simple” while demonstrating your uniqueness to the world. If you have children, this is a time to help them value their unique expression and see opportunities which are simple and enjoyable for them to learn. This can bring a rich creativity and sense of expanding enjoyment for years to come.

In the sixth house, it begins an era of “comfortable service,” or perhaps a type of work which is easy where your originality can be expressed in simple and stable ways. This can bring unusual work opportunities where you can learn a lot fairly easily. Spiritually, see how you can be of long term valuable service where you can enjoy the work over the long haul. This will bring new ways to learn the uniqueness of who and what you’re here to serve.

In the 7th house, it’s time to begin to enjoy hanging out with your equals! Be at ease, keep calm in the face of unusual people and behaviors which aren’t meant to challenge you but do challenge your ability to be content with each of you expressing your individuality in your own enjoyable way. This marks an era where you get to learn cooperation and appreciation for the comfort and ease you have in your relationships.

In the eighth house, you’re beginning a long term stewardship of something of value. This can bring unexpected inheritances or losses. Find innovative ways to look at opportunities involving shared values or resources, and see every loss as an opportunity to open new possibilities. This can favor investing in progressive or innovative industries and technologies. Be more imaginative regarding what you share with others or what is shared with you.

In the ninth house, this begins a 15 year adventure in higher consciousness and educating the Higher Mind in ways that help it express your genius in grounded and straightforward ways. If you decide to begin a type of learning, keep it simple, keep it steady, keep it enjoyable, and honor your uniqueness. Find a wider point of view and a new way of simplifying complex spiritual truths. Travel could bring unexpected gains.

In the tenth house, you’re in for long term public and/or professional expansion, so look to that which is natural, enjoyable, and a reasonably smooth cruise. You prepared last year. This can bring recognition after a lifetime of work, so be your genius in easy ways. This should bring “enjoyable visibility” so have fun as you express your genius to the world. Teaching something new, innovative, or pioneering may be in your future.

In the eleventh house, you’re beginning a new social life, with more enjoyable goals and ambitions perfect for your uniqueness. This can bring friends who are expansive, generous, or from distant places, as well as eccentric characters. There may be financial opportunities through group work. Go for long term associations where you can contribute to gradual social change. The friends you make these next 15 years may be very well off.

In the twelfth house, you will be a “power behind the scenes” these next 15 years, with many harvests to collect. Be careful not to become stubborn or possessive; learn to give away what is no longer useful to you, and be willing to wait for your payoff until the end of whatever is happening. This is “genius lurking in the shadows,” where you’re preparing to express your unique qualities in new ways over the next 7 years.

Jupiter/Uranus conjunct Your Planets

If this conjuncts your Sun: This is the launching of a life adventure inside a long term revolution. You awakened and began prepping last year. This period is revolutionizing your sense of purpose and will allow you a new vision of your Light/Life. Opportunities are opening in your 8th and 11th house sectors. Seize the opportunities which are coming to expand your Life, and you’ll get your reward in 2029.

If this conjuncts your Moon: Try to relax as you contemplate all that is rapidly opening which makes you nervous. While this can bring unexpected disruptions in the home, it can also inflate the value of your home and attract great offers. You may find a woman is the source of a unique opportunity to claim something of value. Try not to be too eccentric as you find new parts of your personality to express.

If this conjuncts your Mercury: You are going to have an explosion of ideas and awareness these next 15 years. Practice steadying your mind, remember that your final insights mean more than your initial ones, and use Uranus stimulating original ideas to plug into Jupiter’s expansive opportunities. Jupiter is expanding the awakening of your mind by Uranus; Things may become fairly straightforward to you in the future.

If this conjuncts your Venus: This begins a totally different relationship era in your life. Honor your need for freedom as well as others’ need for freedom, and dance gently and openly enjoying each moment without attachment to it being a certain way. All things Jupiter will bless your Venus. Uranus is teaching you to allow others to express their individuality even as you express the unique parts of your personality.

If this conjuncts your Mars: Be careful of explosive actions which take you into the stratosphere in annoying ways! Honor your genius and express it with precision. You can learn a lot about an easier way to do things if you can adapt your fixity with a bit of humor and optimism. There is great opportunity in this conjunction since it’ll lead you to something very stimulating in your life which will open your productivity.

If this conjuncts your Jupiter: This is your Jupiter return with Uranus awakening a new adventure. As this position isn’t much of a risk taker but can enjoy life to the fullest, allow yourself to express the sweet gentle humor of Jupiter in Taurus with originality and uniqueness provided by Uranus on your natal Jupiter during these years. This renovates your spiritual quest and spiritual values, and re-sets your momentum in expanded ways.

If this conjuncts your Saturn: This is your chance to get out into the world, leaving old rules and restrictions behind. You will be doing renovations on your "bottom line" and what you can and cannot live with anyway, so be open to ways to enjoy yourself more and lighten up. This gives the opportunity to expand into a greater freedom when it comes to duty and obligations, so don’t cling to old rules and fears, since Uranus is blowing them apart.

If this conjunction falls near your Uranus, then you’re having a Uranus return, and this promises a grand adventure to you in the time you have left. Have fun at this renewal, as the white dove is bringing you the message to enjoy life to the fullest! (This conjunction doesn’t involve Neptune or Pluto, since no one on Earth has either of these planets in Taurus.)

Reprinted on crystalwind.ca with written permission from Robert Wilkinson. Copying this article to other blogs is strictly prohibited. It is copyright protected. 

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Robert wilkinson An internationally-known astrologer, author, public speaker, metaphysician, and futurist, with over 25 years experience as a counselor and educator. He has presented hundreds of public talks on all aspects of Astrology, the Eastern Wisdom tradition, the Western Wisdom tradition and promoted many mass gatherings and cultural events. Some of his specific areas of interest and expertise include personality profiles, degree patterns, integrative astrology, various aspect harmonics, among others.
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Reprinted on crystalwind.cawith written persmission from Robert Wilkinson.

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