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Jupiter in Taurus 2023-2024 Pt. 2

Jupiter in Taurus 2023-2024 Pt. 2

Patiently Stabilizing New Beginnings.

in the last post I gave you a quick update about what to expect now that Jupiter is entering Taurus. Today we take an in-depth new look at the qualities of Jupiter in Taurus, since we can use them to great benefit during the next 12 months.

Jupiter now enters Taurus for the first time since 2011-2012 on May 16. Here the planet of expansion and new openings to wider views and greater truths finds expression in all things involving stabilization and simple, steady, determined actions.

Jupiter only gets to 16 Taurus before going stationary retrograde on September 4. This year's retrograde period will take it back to 6 Taurus, where it goes stationary direct at the end of December. Thus it'll be in Taurus for the rest of this year.

From there Jupiter rockets forward through the entire sign of Taurus until it enters Gemini on May 25-26, 2024. So actually Jupiter has a long stay in Taurus of an entire year, unlike Jupiter in Aries which went less than 3 months during Summer 2010 and 5 months in 2011, and spent almost 6 months there in 2022 and only 4+ months there in 2023.

So let's revisit Jupiter's nature. As I noted in previous articles on Jupiter, that planet rules Pisces as well as Sagittarius. Those two signs offer us a glimpse of Jupiter's nature. We could learn a lot by examining how Jupiter functions in those two signs.

Jupiter was in Pisces from mid-May through late July 2021, January through early May 2022, and November through the December 2022 Solstice. In Pisces, the water quality is emphasized, just as the fire quality was shown to us back in 2019 when it was in Sagittarius and the times it was in Aries mentioned above.

Being a combination of Sagittarius and Pisces, Jupiter rules "the open sky" as well as "the vast depth." Jupiter symbolizes ever-expanding forms of Higher Truth as well as deep feelings we share with all other humans throughout time.

So Jupiter is both Fire and Water, and Mutable by nature. In Fiery Aries, Jupiter was in its element, in a sign that takes the initiative in embracing the new. In Aries the expansive principle flames on in dynamic ways, opening new doors after closing the old ones in Pisces. What is initiated in Aries is substantiated and secured so it may endure in Taurus.

With Jupiter in the Earth sign of Taurus, it's in an unfamiliar element. Earth is practical, so Jupiter could benefit from that, as well as the steadiness of being in a Fixed sign. While Jupiter may get impatient with being in a slow moving grounded groove, it should none the less do well by being tethered to a process of steady gain and productive action.

We can understand even more by contemplating that Taurus is the 3rd sign from Pisces, and the 6th sign from Sagittarius. Thus Jupiter in Taurus expands and discovers other things about what began in Pisces and was made concrete in Aries, and refines and adjusts its Sagittarian side, as well as any natural expressions we learned when Jupiter was in Sagittarius.

Taurus symbolizes the natural values and resources that the Aries Self draws on in its natural, unrestrained, unedited state. While Aries' nature is to BE, in an emergent, potent way, Taurus smooths out the rough edges, and finds a comfortable groove it can rest on in expressing that Self.

While Aries is sincere, inspiring, combustible, and always aspires to express itself more positively, Taurus is calm and steadies the emergent process within natural, enjoyable boundaries. This patient, dependable, and reserved sign turns the impulsive energy of Aries into industrious, creative, secure movement.

This sign likes to accumulate using consistent methods, and brings harmonious endurance to whatever it touches. Taurus' steadiness is the natural reaction to Aries impulsiveness, and its ability to hang in there is the antidote to Aries' tendency to bail too quickly. So Jupiter in Taurus could bring steadiness to what began with Jupiter in Aries, where patience will be needed as the process of the new beginnings settles into a long term groove.

Jupiter in a sign ruled by Venus and Trans-Pluto is a very beautiful, appreciative, and protective energy, stabilizing activities and anchoring Spiritual seeds to prepare for future growth. This could mean movement along limiting lines of activity, or an "expansive consolidation" like transplanting small plants into a much larger garden space where they can expand as much as they need to. After the quick launch into the stratosphere of a new mode of living in Aries, this settles into a comfortable, stable, easy orbit within a well-defined fertile field of activity.

Jupiter in Taurus can bring a self-satisfied confidence. The trick is to ground that confidence in an ever-growing field of activity without getting bogged down in a self-rationalizing inertia. It should be great for gathering resources patiently so that we can sustain the new beginnings, and help protect us and open new possibilities as we slowly and steadily know what's ours to capture and cultivate.

Jupiter in Taurus should bring us confidence in the life areas where we have Taurus in our chart. Jupiter in Taurus can be very cautious and plays it safe, and we can use any convenient means to solve our immediate problems. It should be a very active time where we free ourselves from useless halfhearted responses, time wasting actions, and old notions of futures that were never ours to begin with.

What Two of the Greatest Say About Jupiter in Taurus

Grant Lewi, in his masterwork Astrology For The Millions, says Jupiter in Taurus opens opportunities that involve zero risk, since "opportunity and security are one...." He says it brings shelter and security, where opportunities come easily and without much effort. Jupiter in Taurus doesn't take gambles, and isn't much attracted to new ways of doing things. This position is generous in its appreciation of the finest of food, the arts, and enjoyable interactions.

Marc Edmund Jones, in his masterwork Astrology: How and Why It Works, says Jupiter in Taurus "indicates the development of a consciousness which is characteristically self-exploiting, and sure in its response to ideas." It is motivated by "its own inexhaustible capacity for experience," "is interested in making an effective contribution to the values of life," and requires a "genuine role in human progress."

Main Jupiter Aspects in 2023

During this year of Jupiter in Taurus, we will all learn about Taurus things. First up, the T-square!

Jupiter’s entry into Taurus brings quick and dynamic events through its square to Pluto from 1 Taurus to 1 Aquarius, which is immediately intensified by Mars’ entry into Leo, opposing Pluto and squaring Jupiter. This is a very powerful point of either conflict and/or integration, with the void at 1 Scorpio showing us either the problem or solution.

Scorpio is about magnetism and intense feelings, so check your astral body to feel what’s going on. Mostly transit to transit aspects work out impersonally, but depending on the aspects these planets are making in our charts, major events could help us turn a corner and move in dynamic new directions! Do NOT to anything dangerous or risky. Keep everything open and above board, and ask for what you believe is in your future best interests. Keep calm, dampen down excitement but if you have to do something, do it in grand style!

Jupiter square Pluto is a huge turning point for what began at their 3 conjunctions at 23 and 25 Capricorn throughout 2020. You can find more by going to Astrology in June and July 2020 – The Second Jupiter Conjunct Pluto. This is the waxing square, always signifying a major shift in field and focus relative to the root conjunction. As it also squares its “Grand Mutation” point at 1 Aquarius, it’s also a turning point relative to its conjunction with Saturn. As Jupiter expands whatever it conjuncted, this now marks a point of the release of ongoing Plutonic energies AND the release of more of the long wave Aquarian promise being manifest in our world for the rest of this century and beyond.

After the square, which lasts until early June, Jupiter then biseptiles Pluto the month of July before settling into a long term tredecile between late August and early October. Jupiter retrogrades back to the biseptile in late October and early November. This year’s biseptiles and tredecile will give indicators for what’s up when Jupiter direct makes these same aspects in March and April 2024.

Jupiter’s dance with Neptune brings a lot of waxing aspects; a decile in late May and early June, a novile the second half of June, cresting in a semisquare the last half of July. They hang in a “not quite septile” from then through late October, when they again form a semisquare through late November. They are then in novile all of December and January. These show an emergent internal crisis of which way to expand to achieve an ideal under current circumstances, given Neptune’s at “the end of the end” of the 360 degree “Whole Cycle.”

With Jupiter in Taurus, it should help us get calm and steady as we navigate the larger changes shown by these planets. We will definitely become more sure-footed in navigating Neptune in Pisces' fogs, illusions, and peculiar atmospheres while getting to the heart of issues in simple straightforward ways.

During this year, Jupiter will not get to the conjunction with Uranus. However, it does put Jupiter in the “Balsamic” phase of its relationship to Uranus relative to their last conjunctions at 1 Aries in June 2010, 29 Pisces in September of that year, and the final one at 28 Pisces in January 2011. Those have been the themes of the revolutionary pulses set into motion by Jupiter since then. They are now closing the cycle and receiving the harvest as the last pulses bring it all back home to roost as we prepare for their next conjunction at 22 Taurus in April 2024.

Also, remember that this year Jupiter will activate previous Uranus stationary points in the first half of Taurus, as well as any significant conjunctions which happened in that span. Also remember that we had Solar eclipses at 11 Taurus and 2 Scorpio in 2022 which conjuncted or opposed Uranus which will be triggered by Jupiter.

Jupiter’s aspects with Saturn are extremely favorable for many months to come! Saturn in Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, with Jupiter coming off the “fateful” septile in early May and making a very productive sextile between now and early July. This will be very harmonizing for any planets we have between 5-10 Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.

By late July Jupiter begins a very favorable specializing quintile with Saturn which lasts through early November. Gifts, unique circumstances, and “quintessential” experiences are in store for those with planets and points near 1-7 Pisces, 13-19 Taurus, 25 Cancer-1 Leo, 7-13 Libra, and 19-25 Sagittarius. By late December Jupiter and Saturn are in a “frustrated” 2-degree separating sextile through March 2024, and will make the quintile again in late May and early June.

Mars is in a waxing relationship to Jupiter, and the square in mid-May marks an exteriorization of some of the themes of their conjunction at 4 Aries in May 2022. Because Mars is speeding up, it will make a rapid succession of aspects to Jupiter after the square. Mars biseptiles Jupiter the last 10 days of June and makes a tredecile the first 10 days of July. The first marks a fork in the road of the cycle, and the second promises highly specialized unique interactive experiences.

Mars makes a trine to Jupiter from mid-July through mid-August, with the exact angle at 14 Virgo to 14 Taurus, promising stability, harmonization, and/or understanding for any planets we have in the middle of the Earth and Water signs. Mars sesquisquares Jupiter the last week of August, followed by a biquintile the second week of September. They make a quincunx the third week of September, a triseptile the fourth weeks of September, and then the opposition from 11 Scorpio to 11 Taurus at the end of October.

In November, Mars begins to mirror all of its waxing aspect in their waning phase. The last 5 days of November brings the waning triseptile, the first week of December is the quincunx, the second week is the biquintile, and the Solstice brings the sesquisquare, with the waning trine made between January 4-20, exact at 6 Capricorn to 6 Taurus.

From Here We Go On

Obviously, all the lessons I've discussed so far are playing out in the house(s) that transiting Jupiter is moving through in our charts. This is a time when the deeper feelings and connectedness with All-That-Is that we learned from Jupiter in Pisces, opened in new ways of doing our Being where we emerged from the collective field and became true individuals with Jupiter in Aries, can be secured in comfortable and steady ways while Jupiter occupies Taurus.

By examining the life areas of each house, we can see the progressive lessons Jupiter teaches us on a year-to-year basis. Since it takes about 11-12 years to make an entire circuit through all the signs, we can learn how the expansions and openings that happened when it crossed our Ascendant, Sun, or planets are related to what we learned in subsequent year periods about those life qualities.

It's also a time when the Taurus energies can "teach" our natal Jupiter more about natural values and non-risky behavior, regardless of what sign our natal Jupiter is in. Our natal Jupiter in its sign shows us where we naturally learn and embrace various kinds of "quests." Jupiter transits show us how we relate to our natural openness to a greater truth or future.

Regardless of how we're living the adventure of our life, Jupiter in Taurus shows us how that quest or adventure is related to our values and resources, our sense of stability, and how to take the initiative on our own behalf to secure and stabilize new life expressions and opportunities. In any case, this transit counsels patience, patience, and more patience as we gather what we need to sustain our future!

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