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Partial Solar Eclipse-Sacred Sites Alignments

Partial Solar Eclipse-Sacred Sites Alignments

Listed below are the overhead positions of the north-south meridian (MC) lines of the planets, in the 12-minute window between the time of exact Moon / Sun conjunction and Maximum Eclipse.

Total and Partial Solar Eclipses bring the opportunity for change, releasing old patterns, paradigms, and energetic imprints, held in the Earth’s energy grids from the past. The release occurs as the Eclipse shadow passes overhead, with maximum release occurring at the moment of maximum Eclipse. In the instant (the ‘twinkling of an eye’) when the old patterns release, the planets overhead can also imprint new, positive paradigms and visions for the future, especially when they are focussed above important spiritual vortices, or sacred sites. You will see from the list below that every planet in our solar system will be aligned over significant, major sacred sites, energy vortices or Earth chakras, during the Eclipse window, between the time of exact conjunction of the Moon and the Sun and the moment of Maximum Eclipse.

Wherever you are, please take the time to tune in with meditation, prayer, ceremony or music to link into this important Partial Solar Eclipse, which will reach its maximum over Kazakhstan, where the Rainbow Serpent / Michael -Mary planetary dragon line passes through.

We will be gathered at the Hurlers Stone Circles on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall with a group that will have rehearsed mirroring the planetary pattern of the Eclipse onto the Earth below, to enable these energies to flow freely into the Rainbow Serpent / Michael – Mary line, to be carried around the planet. Some dear friends will also be gathering at Ales Stenar (Ale’s Stones) in southern Sweden, also on the Rainbow Serpent line, where the Sun and Moon will be directly aligned overhead at the moment of maximum Eclipse.

If you would like to support this work and join us in an outer circle at the Hurlers, around our inner circle of those who will each be ‘holding’ the energy of one of the planets, or join the group at Ales Stenar in Sweden, please email for further details.

If you would like to convene your own group at one of the sacred sites below, please do get in touch and let us know, so we can link with you.

In due course a bit nearer the time, Marcus will be posting a suggested meditation that you may choose to use if it resonates…watch this space…

For the full Astrology of the Eclipse, see Marcus’ previous blogpost

Partial Solar Eclipse-Sacred Sites AlignmentsClick Image To Enlarge

Moon’s North Node - Spiritual purpose of the Eclipse - Kilauea Volcano, Big Island, & Helea’kala, Maui, Hawaii

The Spiritual Purpose of the Eclipse anchors in through the planetary vortex of Hawaii, one of the Spinner wheels or Earth chakras that drive the energy of the Plumed Serpent dragon line (the other is Table Mountain, Cape Town). Hawaii is also the main energy vortex for receiving the energies of Jupiter from the cosmos and into the Earth grids.

Uranus - Spiritual Awakening - Raiatea, near Tahiti, Society Islands

Raiatea is believed to be where the organised migrations of the Polynesian peoples began, to New Zealand, Hawaii and other islands. Uranus, being overhead here at the Eclipse, signifies opportunities for new beginnings and for exploring new spiritual horizons.

Mars - Actively dismantling old paradigms and systems - Sedona, Arizona, USA; Rapa Nui / Easter Island

Mars’ energy of active change, anchoring in through the Sedona vortices on the Plumed Serpent planetary dragon line, can
enable far reaching, positive changes for the planet. The Mars meridian’s presence also over Rapa Nui / Easter Island suggests that we need to remain mindful of the spiritual wisdom of the ancestors, whilst learning from the mistakes of the past, and ensuring that our energies go towards maintaining a balance between the spiritual and material aspects of life.

Pallas Athene - Female warrior energy, setting clear boundaries - Dzibilchaltun & Uxmal, Mexico; Tikal, Guatemala; Galapagos Islands

Dzibilchaltun’s solar alignment with the Equinoxes and Uxmal’s strong association with Venus, are suggestive of the need to maintain balance, equilibrium and harmony. The connection with the Galapagos is a reminder that evolution works because of the natural checks, balances and boundaries that are inherent within the natural world.

Ceres - Nurturing and integrating with Mother Earth - Rocha dos Bordoes, Flores, Azores

The Azores are where the planetary Rainbow Serpent line is intersected by the West – East line, crossing the USA, passing through Sacramento, CA. It intersects the Plumed Serpent in Nevada, then continues eastwards through St Louis and Washington DC. Here it passes through the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument Obelisk and the Capitol building, before crossing the Atlantic to meet with the Rainbow Serpent at “Lagoa das sete cidades” (the lake of the 7 cities) on the isle of San Miguel (St. Michael), in the Azores. From here, the line continues eastwards to pass through Sintra in Portugal and eventually, through Delphi in Greece, regarded as the centre or navel of the ancient world. So, Ceres will be passing over the meeting point of the West – East line that directly links the Plumed and Rainbow Serpents, and the main seats of power of the ancient world and of the modern world. This alignment is about Mother Earth retrieving her sovereignty, from those who have been abusing her power for millennia.

Partial Solar Eclipse-Sacred Sites AlignmentsClick Image To Enlarge

Mercury - Conscious awareness & making connections - Weris, Belgium; Ste. Baume, France

Weris, the “Avebury of Belgium”, is a vast site, comprising a complex alignment of dolmens, standing stones and sacred springs, all laid out to mirror the pattern of the constellation of Ursa Major, the Great Bear. As ‘s meridian aligns over this site on Earth at maximum Eclipse, it is simultaneously aligned above with the stars Spica, in the constellation of Virgo and Arcturus in the constellation of Bootes – see my previous blogpost on the significance of this stellar alignment.

Together these heavenly and earthly alignments of Mercury are about focussing our thoughts away from all the many distractions that are besetting the world at the moment, and gently nudging us to return into alignment with the spinning of the Earth in Space, giving us an inkling of an understanding of the vast time-cycle shift that our planet is currently undergoing. Mercury here is about being able to get our minds to step back from the dramas for a few moments, so as to see the much bigger picture that is unfolding; all these dramas are the effects of this major shift, they are not the causes.

Mercury’s alignment over Ste. Baume in southern France, where Mary Magdalene ended her days, is a reminder that whatever evolves in the new cycle, there needs to be acknowledgment that true creative spiritual power is derived from the conscious union, balance and co-operation of the divine masculine and the divine feminine.

Moon / Sun - Main focus of the Eclipse - Ales Stenar, Sweden; Goddess Temples of Gozo & Malta

The Sabian symbol for the Sun’s & Moon’s degree is “a house raising”, suggesting this Eclipse marks a time for mutual co-operation and pulling together, to facilitate new beginnings – we can no longer leave it to those who claim to be “in power” but who clearly do not have our best interests at heart.

Ales Stenar is a boat-shaped stone alignment on Sweden’s south coast. There is some controversy as to its dating, which ranges from the Nordic Iron Age around 550 CE, to as far back as 3,500 BCE. Although not yet verified by on the ground dowsing, I believe Ales Stenar may lie on the male (Michael) current of the Rainbow Serpent, as it skirts along Sweden’s south coast, after leaving the Isle of Moen in Denmark, and before meeting again with the female (Mary) current on the Isle of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea.

The ancient Goddess temples of Malta and Gozo date back to around 3,600 – 2,500 BCE. Much of the archaeological materials and notes from the original excavations of Hal Saflieni temple by a Jesuit priest in the early 1900’s has been lost; it seems likely that this was an attempt to cover up (or destroy) the importance of the ancient Goddess religions, which these sites revealed. It is interesting then that these sites should be brought into focus by this Eclipse, which has so much to do with re-balancing the divine feminine and the divine masculine, the Goddess and the Green Man.

Venus - Restoring deep balance and harmony - Rokkestenen i Almindingen, Bornholm, Baltic Sea

Bornholm is rich in ancient sites and is a crossing (node) point for the male (Michael) and female (Mary) currents of the Rainbow Serpent dragon line. With Venus triggering this node point at maximum eclipse, she brings the opportunity for restoring balance to the male and female energies as they flow through the Baltic. This is particularly needed at present, due to developing tensions, after the apparent sabotaging of Russia’s Nordstream 1 & 2 gas pipelines, which both pass within a few kilometres of Bornholm.

Moon’s South Node - Past attachments being released by the Eclipse - Knossos, Delos, Greece; Temple of Amun, Siwa, Egypt

Delos (on the Apollo-Athene line from Ireland to Israel) was regarded as the birthplace of Apollo from the 8th century BCE; Knossos was the location of the Minotaur’s labyrinth in Crete, where Theseus overcame the half man – half bull Minotaur towards the end of the Age of Taurus; Amun was the ram-headed god of the Egyptians, associated with the Age of Aries the Ram. The South Node will thus be releasing the energetic imprints at sites that are associated with the beliefs and attitudes from the last 5,000 – 6,000 years, back through the Ages of Pisces, Aries and Taurus.

Pluto - The right use of spiritual power - Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Pluto, aligned over Angkor Wat is a reminder of the spiritual power and beauty that can be generated when we move into correct alignment with the cycles of the heavens and the Earth.

Saturn - Grounding the energy of the Eclipse - Beagle Bay, Western Australia

The region around Beagle Bay is where the Rainbow Serpent line first enters Australia, from the direction of Bali, where it is crossed by the Plumed Serpent line. With Saturn overhead, this will anchor the energies of the Eclipse into the sacred lands of Australia and focus them towards Uluru.

Vesta - Focus on the spiritual heart - Uluru, Australia

Vesta is the sacred flame of Spirit that resides in the heart. Uluru is the most sacred place that resides at the heart of Australia. Vesta will help to bring human hearts into alignment with the heart of their lands and the heart of the planet.

Juno - Maintaining Right Relationship with all beings - Wurdi Youang stone alignments, Victoria, Australia

Wurdi Youang stone alignments, on private sacred aboriginal lands, are thought to be the oldest such stone alignments anywhere, dating back at least 11,000 years. They accurately mark the Sun’s setting positions at the Equinoxes and Solstices and are located close to where the Rainbow Serpent line leaves Australia to flow into Tasmania. If Saturn and Vesta are anchoring the essential heart energies of the Eclipse into Uluru, then Juno over Wourdi Youang will carry these energies out into the world, into the hearts of all beings.

Neptune - Surrendering to the Infinite Unknown-Pohnpei Island, Pacific Ocean

Neptune is aligned over the island of Pohnpei and its archaeological site of Nan Madol, constructed on several artificial islands. Several authors have speculated that Nan Madol may have been connected with the lost continent of Lemuria.

Jupiter - Creating new possibilities & opportunities - New Caledonia, Pacific Ocean

Jupiter retrograde at 0° Aries is unhooking the attachments to the past, to open up new visions, possibilities and opportunities for spiritual growth.

Chiron MC (above Earth) - Healing potential of the Eclipse - Lake Taupo & Tekuiti Temple of the Four Winds, North Island New Zealand

Lake Taupo and the Temple of the Four Winds are one of the two main Driver / Spinner Wheels that power the movement of the energies along the planetary Rainbow Serpent dragon line (the other main Wheel is at the Great Pyramid & Sphinx of Giza). Chiron being overhead at the moment of maximum Eclipse brings the opportunity to heal many wounds from the past that have been imprinted and held in the energy grids of Mother Earth, for millennia.

Chiron IC (beneath Earth) - Anchoring the Healing potential of the Eclipse into the Grids - Hurlers Stone Circles & Stowe’s Pound, Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, UK

As Chiron passes beneath the Earth, directly under the Hurlers Stone Circles, which are part of a giant effigy of Orion in the landscape, it will create the opportunity to bring to Earth all the healing potentials offered by the Eclipse. We will be at the Hurlers with a group that will have rehearsed mirroring the planetary pattern of the Eclipse onto the Earth below, to enable these energies to flow freely into the Rainbow Serpent / Michael – Mary line, to be carried around the planet.

If you would like to support this work by joining us in an outer circle at the Hurlers, around our inner circle of those who will each be ‘holding’ the energy of one of the planets, or by joining the group at Ales Stenar in Sweden, please email for further details.

If you would like to convene your own group at one of the sacred sites, please do get in touch and let us know, so we can link with you.

For All Our Relations

Header Image Here: Ales Stenar seen from about 4 m above ground Image taken using a monopod-mounted camera.


Hello. I'm Sue Weaver. I'm a mother, grandmother, elder, healer, teacher, mentor, ceremonialist and celebrant, 'the crystal lady', founder of Cornwall School of Crystal Healing, lover of trees, flowers, rivers and crystals, dedicated to the Sacred Feminine and the Path of Beauty.

Marcus Mason MBAcC. I was born in Devon, on the edge of Dartmoor, and spent much of my childhood exploring the magic of the local countryside. The great, beautiful wilderness of Dartmoor became the inspiration for many childhood adventures. On leaving school I studied Law with a view to joining the family law firm. By the third year of study I realised that human laws bore little, if any, relationship to natural, cosmic laws.

We have been working together since 2007.  Source

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