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TransPluto, Divine Mother, and the Spiritual Lessons of 2024

TransPluto, Divine Mother, and the Spiritual Lessons of 2024

Today we take a closer look at what TransPluto is bringing to us this year.

As you know, I believe that TransPluto is associated with “Divine Mother energy,” and has associations with Parvati and Demeter. This energy influences humanity through vast, long wave redemptive cycles.

Neptune’s Dance with TransPluto In the Cosmic Field

Both Neptune and TransPluto represent very vast fields of feeling and connectedness beyond individual control. Neptune is the oceanic field of collective consciousness in which we all swim, and TransPluto is an almost incomprehensibly vast “Parvati/Divine Mother" energy which redeems all things, brings grace to all circumstances, and is beyond even Death itself. When these two planets make an aspect, it shows us how the collective field is relating to Divine Redemption in a historically significant way.

Many important collective developments related to these themes began to surface between 2009-2012, when Neptune in late Aquarius was in very close opposition to TransPluto, or Divine Mother, when She occupied late Leo. That was a major factor in why things became so polarized during those years. When collective consciousness finds itself opposing a vaster redemptive force, it is inevitable that some will choose to cooperate with that redemption while others will resist it. These are “forces of individuation” operating at mostly unconscious levels.

In 2009-2010 Chiron was conjunct Neptune and both were opposed to TransPluto. At that point, the “Cosmic Mentor” or the one who helps us “heal into our Higher Self,” joined collective consciousness to bring forth a widespread collective transformation related to “the cusp of the Age” because the conjunction was in the “Transfiguration Zone” of the last two degrees of Aquarius.

So collective consciousness was being joined with a form of Aquarian healing/mentoring while both were opposed to TransPluto. Remember that any opposition yields the externalization of the outermost energy through the innermost celestial body. In this case, the energies of TransPluto were being externalized through the blended Aquarian energies of Chiron and Neptune.

That “tension of opposites” began to bring forth lessons related to our common humanity and our need for more awareness of the One Life we all are together. Because the opposition featured both Chiron and Neptune in the “Transfiguration Zone,” that was where the redemption of the Leonine TransPluto energies externalized. That put all of us through a collective transformation which launched the current sub-era. These in turn were expanded by Jupiter when it went through late Aquarius, and structured into the long term timing of things when Saturn went through that zone in early 2023.

Because the last two degrees of Aquarius/Leo are a culmination point in releasing and managing individual spiritual energies creatively expressed within a collective setup or to fulfill a collective ideal, 2009-2012 marked the beginning of something vast coming to surface. We learned to manage our expectations and open to our need to share as we collectively emerged from our “chrysalis.”

Those on a focused spiritual practice glimpsed our Oneness as individual sparks of spiritual awareness within an infinite field of Light/Life. Again, these became a vision or blessing between May and December 2021, and set into long term motion in February/March 2023.

By October 2011, both Chiron and TransPluto changed signs and made an opposition from 1 Pisces to 1 Virgo. Then by October-November 2012, Neptune entered Pisces and made its opposition to TransPluto from 1 Pisces to 1 Virgo.

The years between 2009 and 2013 were a time of collective transfiguration for the entire planet and humanity, with two “axes of awareness,” one generated in the final two degrees of Aquarius and Leo, and the other generated in the first degree of Pisces to Virgo. All of these were expressive of the global atmosphere at this “Cusp of the Ages,” where the dying Age of Pisces is slowly giving way to the emergent Age of Aquarius.

Since these three spiritual heavyweights created that tension bringing forth greater awareness, we’ve been in long wave cycles of learning the lessons of Pisces (via Chiron and Neptune) and the lessons of Virgo (via TransPluto), as every transit in the late degrees of the Fixed signs and the early degrees of the Mutable signs triggers what was set into motion at those oppositions. Of course Chiron has moved on into Aries, which is even now bringing the ideas and information Chiron needs as a result of what was set into motion in late Aquarius with its conjunction with Neptune.

Mythologically, Virgo and Pisces are the two poles of the axis of the Healer/Shaman. As a result of Chiron’s and Neptune’s transit of Pisces, humanity’s collective consciousness continues to face its need to embrace compassion and learn Viveka, or Divine Discrimination as a result of TransPluto’s transit into Virgo. These lessons began when TransPluto was at the first degree of Virgo. Since that important opposition, we’ve all experienced intensified opportunities to join together in the Great Mother and realize our interrelatedness on a feeling level with All-That-Is.

The last time we had Neptune opposed to TransPluto began in 1780 when Neptune in early Libra opposed TransPluto in early Aries. They made numerous oppositions throughout the first decan of those signs between 1781-1786 during the time the world had been turned upside down by the American Revolution. For those who care, TransPluto was in Aries between 1773-1805, in Taurus 1803-1837, in Gemini 1836-1881, and in Cancer from 1879-1936.

The End of the Leo Era and Beginning of the Virgo Era

In terms of the larger Era most of us have known, we completed the TransPluto in Leo era that began September 20, 1935 on July 4, 2014. The transition period where this planet danced at the last degree of Leo and first two degrees of Virgo began October 2011 and ended July 4, 2014, when TransPluto left Leo for many centuries to come, and entered into Virgo for the next century.

TransPluto danced at 1 and 2 Virgo between July 2014 and Oct 2017, showing us the larger view of what we are learning about how we conceive of God the Mother and Divine Feminine. The symbol for 1 Virgo is about how our ideas and ideals shape the outer forms in our lives, as well as how we act. It’s about picturing “the salient features and the overall meaning of any life situation,” as well as the Path of discipleship and other forms of training.

So one of the two great themes Divine Mother taught all of us those years was to see life as a whole, and find meaning in seeing the significant features of the entire picture. We had to understand the value and function of differences, and see how our personal integrity allowed us to make our ideals real through accepting some sort of responsibility.

Humanity’s “Liberating Ordeal”

TransPluto then made its first entry into 2 Virgo October 2014, and we began humanity’s “liberating ordeal.” The initial visit was between October 2014 and mid-January 2015, and began the themes of the “crucifixion” of our sense of ego-separateness so that compassion and understanding could come forth. We are told it symbolizes “eminence at the cost of struggle,”’ which certainly seems to be very much the case as humanity redeems the promise of its better nature.

It was at 2 Virgo between October 2014 and mid-January 2015, after which it retrograded back to 1 Virgo. It re-entered 2 Virgo in early September 2015, and stayed at that degree until February 2016, when it retrograded back to 1 Virgo again. In mid-May 2016 it went stationary direct at 1 Virgo, and then re-entered 2 Virgo in early August 2016. It remained at 2 Virgo until the end of March 2017 and then retrograded back to 1 Virgo between April and the end of June 2017.

It then again remained at 2 Virgo until October 11, 2017, when it entered 3 Virgo, which we are told is a degree of “Two angels bring protection,” symbolizing inner powers and “divine help when human efforts fail.” Its occupancy of 1 Virgo ended, and between October 2017 and June 2023 we experienced the themes of 3 Virgo, moving past our collective “liberating ordeal,” into relief, protection, as well as the manifestation of unexpected latent powers.

The themes of 3 Virgo include forms of security via “the simple and consistent convergence of all good things toward their own kind.” This is a type of conviction that guarantees “an effective fulfillment of our dreams.” With the planet symbolizing Divine Mother expressing help via guardian angels, that began a time when we began to be provided welcome relief from some parts of our “liberating ordeal.”

It went stationary retrograde at the end of November 2017 at 3 Virgo, and re-entered 2 Virgo on Jan 19, 2018. It occupied 2 Virgo until it went stationary direct in mid-May 2018 on that degree, and stayed on that degree until Sept 6, 2018, when it re-entered 3 Virgo again. Our guardian angels were then back on the job as we cultivated “inner powers” as well as a greater recognition of how we have divine helpers everywhere!

So we dealt with themes related to 1 and 2 Virgo for a long time! In 2020, we finally ended our 2 Virgo lessons, while 3 Virgo was still a theme for many months after. TransPluto occupied 3 Virgo until late February 2019, and then went stationary direct in mid-May at 2 Virgo, and in early August 2019 again returned to 3 Virgo. It returned to 2 Virgo one last time between April and June 2020, and then moved forward through 3 Virgo again, finally moving into 4 Virgo in October 2020, introducing a new redemptive theme for humanity.

The 4th degree of Virgo is said to be one of overcoming prejudices and preconceptions, and learning to greet others within a larger fellowship of humanity. It went stationary retrograde on that degree in late November 2020, and the retrograded back to 3 Virgo in late January 2021. It remained at that degree of “angelic help when human efforts fall short” until mid-May 2021, when it went stationary direct on that degree, and then moved forward until it again re-entered 4 Virgo in early September. It stayed at that degree and went retrograde there on November 30, returning to 3 Virgo in late February 2022. As you can see, we were in a phase of angelic help assisting us to get over our preconceptions and find fellowship.

It went SD at 3 Virgo in mid-May 2022, and remained at that degree until it re-entered 4 Virgo in August. It then went stationary retrograde at 4 Virgo in December 2022, where it remained until it sliped back into 3 Virgo one last time between April and June 2023. It then moved forward, and re-entered 4 Virgo in June 2023, and entered 5 Virgo in October 2023.

The 5th degree of Virgo is said to be one of “opening new levels of consciousness,” using our imagination to reach beyond what we’ve already imagined and see energy processes which will externalize in useful forms. It’s where we can contact “inner life energies” and see that which we haven’t seen before.

This theme began in October 2023, and became a hot spot when TransPluto went retrograde on that degree in December. It then slips back to 4 Virgo in January 2024, goes SD on that degree in May 2024, and re-enters 5 Virgo in August 2024. It then goes retrograde at 5 Virgo in late November, and returns to 4 Virgo in March 2025 where it goes SD in May, re-entering 5 Virgo in August where it goes SRX in December.

Planetary Cycles Bringing Forth Divine Mother

The energies of Divine Mother will only grow stronger throughout this century, and these will be demonstrated each time the planets make significant aspects to TransPluto. One major set of cycles were set into motion When Saturn conjuncted TransPluto at 28 Leo in August 2007, and of course Saturn’s SD point at 2 Virgo in May 2008 was transited by TransPluto for 5 years. Those Saturn-expressed TransPluto Leo and Virgo lessons will hold sway until their next conjunction at 9 Virgo in Sept 2037.

Another important cycle was set into motion when Jupiter conjuncted TransPluto at 1 Virgo in August 2015 in Virgo, beginning a new 12 year cycle of how these “Divine Mother energies” will manifest. It also began a new long wave era, since Jupiter will conjunct TransPluto in Virgo every 12 years until the 22nd century!

Those conjunctions have dominated the Virgo landscape in our charts since then, and were given new value, new power, and new understanding each time the inner planets transited those early degrees in the years since then. Many things came to a head and launched anew during the 10 day period in late August 2019 when we had Mars, Venus, the Sun, and Mercury all conjunct TransPluto, with the New Moon also conjunct TransPluto! This set numerous "redemptive cycles" in motion in late 2019 and early 2020, especially for those born in late August or who have planets in early Virgo.

Since then this vast redemptive energy has washed many things clean in our lives, and in 2021 we saw that in some way we’ve "made it through the night." July 2023 began another major renewal of this energy when Mars conjuncted TransPluto, launching a new 2 year cycle of this Divine Feminine energy at 4 Virgo. We’re all supposed to be getting over our prejudices and cultivating fellowship energy during this time.

So we’re now in a different Spiritual Era than we were even 11 years ago. This Era will last through July 2107, when TransPluto leaves Virgo and re-enters Libra for the first time in many centuries, also after a few years of dancing on the cusp of Virgo and Libra. I offered you a bit more about this vast spiritual energy field as it relates to the Century Cycles in The 21st Century – The Century of Divine Mother Redeeming the World.

It is said each new subrace of humanity brings forth a new conception of “God” which evolves over many generations. We are in an Age in Transition between the old dying Piscean Age with its supersititions, and the dawning Aquarian Age with its vision of the greatest good for the greatest number of the One Life we all share together. As I offered in an article on the century cycles, this is the century of Divine Mother, when many good things will be redeemed out of the wreckage of the dying Kali Yuga.

From here we move on into greater redemptive possibilities than the world has dared to dream before now.

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Robert wilkinson An internationally-known astrologer, author, public speaker, metaphysician, and futurist, with over 25 years experience as a counselor and educator. He has presented hundreds of public talks on all aspects of Astrology, the Eastern Wisdom tradition, the Western Wisdom tradition and promoted many mass gatherings and cultural events. Some of his specific areas of interest and expertise include personality profiles, degree patterns, integrative astrology, various aspect harmonics, among others.
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