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Native American Zodiac

native american zodiac

In this system the spiritual alignment of an individual or clan is referred to as their totem. The totem pole represents this alignment Below is a brief overview of each totem and moon, based on the birth date of the individual. Each totem corresponds to a specific element, animal, plant, stone, clan, and color.

Native American Astrology originated nearly about 5000 years ago. It was the ancient Native American people who planned to develop a system which will allow them to derive the maximum benefits from the rhythms of life. This led to the evolution of the Native American Astrology.

Spirit Wheel

The Mesoamerican calendar mechanism that was created with the aim to harmonize life with the natural events is one of the ancient and the most accurate form existing till date. This form of astrology has its zodiacs named after animal names, because Native American cultures have most of their myths and legends with animals as the principal characters. These people believe that animals play an important role in preaching crucial life lessons to the younger generation and thus, the zodiacs have also been created on the basis of animal guides.

The twelve signs of the Native American Astrology have been named after the twelve animals.

Native American Totems Chart

Dates Moon/Element Animal Plant Stone Clan Color
Dec 22 - Jan 19 Earth Renewal/Air Goose Birch Tree Quartz Turtle White/Silver
Jan 20 - Feb 18 Rest & Cleansing/Air Otter Aspen Silver Butterfly Silver
Feb 19 - Mar 20 Big Winds/Air-Water Wolf Plantain Turquoise Frog Blue/Green
Mar 21 - Apr 19 Budding Trees/Fire Falcon Dandelion Fire Opal Thunderbird Yellow/Green
Apr 20 - May 20 Frogs Return/Fire-Air Beaver Blue Camas Chrysocolia Turtle Blue/Yellow
May 21 - June 20 Corn Planting/Earth-Fire Deer Yarrow Moss Agate Butterfly Yellow/Blue
June 21 - July 22 Strong Sun/Water Woodpecker Wild Rose Carnelian Frog Pink
July 23 - Aug 22 Ripe Berries/Water-Fire Salmon Raspberry Garnet Thunderbird Red
Aug 23 - Sep 22 Harvest/Water-Earth Bear Violet Amethyst Turtle Brown/Purple
Sep 23 - Oct 23 Ducks Fly/Earth-Air Crow/Raven Mullein Jasper Butterfly Blue/Brown
Oct 24 - Nov 21 Freeze Up/Earth-Water Snake Thistle Malachite Frog Violet/Orange
Nov 22 - Dec 21 Long Snows/Earth-Fire Owl Spruce Obsidian Thunderbird Gold/Black


Native Astrology Chart Part 1
Native Chart 2

Falcon People

Birth Dates March 21st - April 19th
Earth Influence The Awakening Time
Totem Eagle
Direction North-East
Influencing Wind The East Winds
Element Fire
Elemental Hawk (fire) Clan
Function To Initiate
Birth & Animal Totem Falcon
Plant Totem Dandelion
Stone Totem Opal
Polarity Totem Crow
Affinity Color Yellow/Green
Musical Vibration C Sharp
Personality Active, Forceful, Impetuous
Feelings Quickly Aroused
Nature Impulsive
Intention Activity, New Beginnings
Positive Traits Enterprising, Pioneering, Adventurous, Affable
Negative Traits Selfish, Egotistical, Impatient
Sex Drive Easily Aroused, Quick, Fiery and Passionate
Compatibility's Salmons and Owls
Conscious Aim To initiate and to lead
Subconscious Desire Knowledge through personal experience
Life Path Establishment of individuality through discernment
Spiritual Alchemy Yang Predominates
Should Cultivate Patience, Persistence, Compassion
Should Avoid Vanity, Conceit, Intolerance

Beaver People

Birth Dates April 20th - May 20th
Earth Influence The Growing Time
Totem Eagle
Influencing Wind The East winds
Direction East
Element Earth With Fire
Elemental Turtle (earth) Clan
Function To Consolidate
Birth & Animal Totem Beaver
Plant Totem Wild Clover
Stone Totem Jasper - Bloodstone
Polarity Totem Snake
Affinity Color Yellow
Musical Vibration D Sharp
Personality Determined, Resourceful. Opinionated, Methodical
Feelings Highly strung
Nature Industrious
Intention Possession
Positive Traits Strong-willed, Business like, Persistent
Negative Traits Possessive Self-indulgent
Sex Drive Demanding
Compatibility's Woodpeckers. Brown Bears, Geese
Conscious Aim Security through possession
Subconscious Desire Freedom from attachments
Life Path Discover and possess that which has lasting value
Spiritual Alchemy Yin Predominates
Should Cultivate Adaptability Enterprise, Compassion
Should Avoid Possessiveness, Inflexibility, Stubbornness

Deer People

Birth Dates May 21st - June 20th
Earth Influence The Flowering time
Influencing Wind The East wind
Totem Eagle
Direction The South East Winds
Element Air with Fire
Elemental Butterfly (air) Clan
Function To Observe
Birth & Animal Totem Deer
Plant Totem Mullein
Stone Totem Agate
Polarity Totem Owl
Affinity Color Orange
Musical Vibration E Natural
Personality Quick, Alert, Talkative, Congenial, Moody
Feelings Sensitive but superficial
Intention Versatility
Nature Lively 
Positive Traits Friendly, witty and intellectual
Negative Traits Inconsistent, Restless, Lazy & Despondent
Sex Drive Titillating
Compatibility's Crows and Otters
Conscious Aim To bring together
Subconscious Desire Mastery of the mind
Life Path Coordination
Spiritual Alchemy Yang Predominates
Should Cultivate Concentration, persistence, sympathy
Should Avoid Moodiness, inconsistency and superficiality

WoodPecker People

Birth Dates June 21st - July 21th
Earth Influence The Long days time
Influencing Wind The South wind
Totem Mouse
Direction The South South East Winds
Element Water
Elemental Frog (water) Clan
Function To Merge
Birth & Animal Totem Woodpecker
Plant Totem Wild Rose
Stone Totem Rose Quartz
Polarity Totem Goose
Affinity Color Rose
Musical Vibration F Natural
Personality Emotional, Sensitive, protective and vulnerable
Feelings Maternal/Paternal. Romantic
Intention Devotions
Nature Exacting 
Positive Traits Imaginative, Tender, Thrifty & Sympathetic
Negative Traits Possessive, Moody and Unforgiving
Sex Drive Needful
Compatibility's Snakes, Wolves and Beavers
Conscious Aim Emotional unfoldment
Subconscious Desire Timeliness
Life Path Assimilation
Spiritual Alchemy Yin Predominates
Should Cultivate Intuitiveness, Resourcefulness, Forgiveness
Should Avoid Self-pity, Envy, Possessiveness

Salmon People

Birth Dates July 22nd - August 21 
Earth Influence The Ripening Time
Totem Mouse
Direction South
Influencing Wind The South Winds
Element Fire with Water
Elemental Hawk (fire) Clan
Function To do
Birth & Animal Totem Salmon
Plant Totem Raspberry
Stone Totem Carnelian
Polarity Totem Otter
Affinity Color Red
Musical Vibration F Sharp
Personality Proud, energetic, confident & enthusiastic
Feelings Passionate & intense
Nature Demanding
Intention Rulership
Positive Traits Generous, magnanimous, creative
Negative Traits Domineering, arrogant, dogmatic & intolerant
Sex Drive Insatiable
Compatibility's Owls and Falcons
Conscious Aim To Rule
Subconscious Desire Emotional Stability
Life Path To find purpose
Spiritual Alchemy Yang Predominates
Should Cultivate Tolerance, Sound Judgment & Emotional Stability
Should Avoid Arrogance, egotism, indolence & pomposity

Brown Bear People

Birth Dates August 22nd - September 21st
Earth Influence The Harvesting Time
Totem Mouse
Influencing Wind The South winds
Direction South South West
Element Earth With Water
Elemental Turtle (earth) Clan
Function To Modify
Birth & Animal Totem Brown Bear
Plant Totem Violets
Stone Totem Topaz
Polarity Totem Wolf
Affinity Color Brown and Violet
Musical Vibration G Natural
Personality Industrious, unassuming, practical, & fastidious
Feelings Warm and analytical
Nature Considerate
Intention Practicality
Positive Traits Modest, discriminating and meticulous
Negative Traits Faultfinding, finicky, hypocritical, & fussy
Sex Drive Moralistic
Compatibility's Geese and Beavers
Conscious Aim Sifting and Striving
Subconscious Desire Perfection
Life Path Discrimination
Spiritual Alchemy Yin Predominates
Should Cultivate Optimism and Tolerance
Should Avoid Skepticism, faultfinding and procrastination

Crow People

Birth Dates September 22nd - October 22nd
Earth Influence The Falling leaves time
Influencing Wind The West wind
Totem Grizzly Bear
Direction Southwest
Element Air with Earth
Elemental Butterfly (air) Clan
Function To initiate ideas
Birth & Animal Totem Crow
Plant Totem Ivy
Stone Totem Azurite
Polarity Totem Falcon
Affinity Color Blue
Musical Vibration A Natural
Personality Charming, Friendly, Good natured & Tolerant
Feelings Sensitive
Intention Justice
Nature Cooperative 
Positive Traits Idealistic, Romantic & Diplomatic
Negative Traits Indecisive, Frivolous, Gullible and Resentful
Sex Drive Strong
Compatibility's Otter and Deer
Conscious Aim Partnership
Subconscious Desire Harmony and Beauty
Life Path Harmonization
Spiritual Alchemy Yang Predominates
Should Cultivate Decisiveness, constancy, impartiality & inspiration
Should Avoid Indecision, uncertainty, inconsistency

Snake People

Birth Dates October 23rd - November 22nd
Earth Influence The Frost time
Influencing Wind The West wind
Totem Grizzly Bear
Direction West
Element Water with Earth
Elemental Frog (water) Clan
Function Mental Involvement
Birth & Animal Totem Snake
Plant Totem Thistle
Stone Totem Amethyst
Polarity Totem Beaver
Affinity Color Violet
Musical Vibration B Natural
Personality Intense, impulsive, ambitious, determined & mysterious
Feelings Hidden
Intention Introspection
Nature Inquiring 
Positive Traits Purposeful, discerning & imaginative
Negative Traits Resentful, stubborn, secretive & suspicious
Sex Drive Intense
Compatibility's Woodpecker & Wolves
Conscious Aim Satisfaction
Subconscious Desire Spiritual Union
Life Path Sensitivity
Spiritual Alchemy Yin Predominates
Should Cultivate Determination, adaptability & creativity
Should Avoid Egotism, Arrogance, Envy & Despondency

Owl People

Birth Dates November 23rd - December 21st
Earth Influence The Long nights Time
Totem Grizzly Bear
Direction North-West
Influencing Wind The West Winds
Element Fire with Earth
Elemental Hawk (fire) Clan
Function Changing things
Birth & Animal Totem Owl
Plant Totem Mistletoe
Stone Totem Obsidian
Polarity Totem Deer
Affinity Color Gold
Musical Vibration C Sharp
Personality Jovial, Warmhearted, Adventurous, Independent
Feelings Warm
Nature Sincere
Intention Objectivity
Positive Traits Versatile, Adaptable, Scrupulous
Negative Traits Restless, Tactless & boisterous
Sex Drive Adventurous
Compatibility's Salmons and Falcons
Conscious Aim Understanding
Subconscious Desire Determination
Life Path Elevation
Spiritual Alchemy Yang and Yin Balanced
Should Cultivate Concentration, Optimism and enthusiasm
Should Avoid Overindulgence, exaggeration and green

Goose People

Birth Dates December 22nd - January 19th
Earth Influence The Renewal Time
Totem Buffalo
Influencing Wind The North winds
Direction North north west
Element Earth With Air
Elemental Turtle (earth) Clan
Function Preparing the Ground
Birth & Animal Totem Goose
Plant Totem Bramble
Stone Totem Periodot
Polarity Totem Woodpecker
Affinity Color White
Musical Vibration D Sharp an octave above Beavers
Personality Self demanding, reliable, prudent & austere
Feelings Self Centered
Nature Severe
Intention Trust
Positive Traits Ambitious, determined, persevering
Negative Traits Rigid, pessimistic, demanding & selfish
Sex Drive Sensual & long lasting
Compatibility's Beavers, Brown Bears & Crows
Conscious Aim Conservation
Subconscious Desire Integrity
Life Path Adaptation
Spiritual Alchemy Yin Predominates
Should Cultivate Sociability & effective self expression
Should Avoid Self doubt & pessimism

Otter People

Birth Dates January 20th - February 18th
Earth Influence The Cleansing time
Influencing Wind The North wind
Totem Buffalo
Direction North
Element Air 
Elemental Butterfly (air) Clan
Function To Carry through
Birth & Animal Totem Otter
Plant Totem Fern
Stone Totem Turquoise
Polarity Totem Salmon
Affinity Color Silver
Musical Vibration E Natural an octave above Deer
Personality Friendly, unconventional, independent, & dynamic
Feelings Detached
Intention Imagination
Nature Humanitarian 
Positive Traits Inventive, reforming, & perceptive
Negative Traits Unpredictable, rebellious, tactless & eccentric
Sex Drive Hot & Cold
Compatibility's Crows, Falcons & Deer
Conscious Aim Knowledge
Subconscious Desire Wisdom
Life Path Creative Strength
Spiritual Alchemy Yin Predominates
Should Cultivate Inventiveness, Tolerance, Courage
Should Avoid Rebelliousness & eccentricity

Wolf People

Birth Dates February 19th - March 20th
Earth Influence The Blustery Winds time
Influencing Wind The North wind
Totem Buffalo
Direction The North North East Winds
Element Water with Air
Elemental Frog (water) Clan
Function Recovery
Birth & Animal Totem Wolf
Plant Totem Plantain
Stone Totem Jade
Polarity Totem Brown Bear
Affinity Color Blue Green
Musical Vibration F sharp an octave above Salmon 
Personality Compassionate, benevolent, generous, artistic & gentle
Feelings Deep
Intention Understanding
Nature Trusting
Positive Traits Sympathetic, Adaptable, Impressionable & sensitive
Negative Traits Impractical, Vague, Timid & indecisive
Sex Drive Tender
Compatibility's Woodpecker, Brown Bears & Snakes
Conscious Aim Freedom
Subconscious Desire Identity
Life Path Love
Spiritual Alchemy Yin Predominates
Should Cultivate Intuition, creativity and Understanding 
Should Avoid Timidity, indolence & impracticality


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