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The Founders: Solar System Changes

Solar System Changes

Greetings, dear Creators, we are the Founders. The information we are giving in this section can be easily verified by studying the scientific data gathered by your researchers. While we do not give much credit to your governments in general, they are playing a helpful role in disseminating some of this information.

Changes to Earth's Electromagnetic Fields

Please recall that your physical north and south poles are not the same as your EM north and south poles. The rotation of your Earth, although it has a minor effect on the EM polarities of your Earth, is completely different from the movement of the polarities. Approximately every 680,000 years, as documented by your scientists, the polarities of the Earth reverse themselves. In essence, the north magnetic pole becomes the south magnetic pole and the south magnetic pole becomes the north magnetic pole. Meanwhile, your Earth continues to rotate as usual, with no significant speeding up or slowing down of its rotation, nor does the rate of tilt of the axes change very much during these EM shifts. The angle of tilt of the axes is important, however, because of the precessional alignment that greatly augments the effects of the Galactic Shift.

As stated previously, the precession of the axes repeats itself with fairly accurate precision about every 25,920 years, and the point of conjunction between the current and previous precessional alignment is accurate to within a few seconds of a minute of a degree each cycle.

As stated in our discourse given in 2005, each time the axes align with the quasars near the center of the galaxy, the region of space through which the energy bursts are transmitted varies slightly. If you cut the galaxy up into 360 degrees by making a circle around the spiral arms, and then divide 360 by approximately 9000 (the number of precessional alignments during one revolution of the solar system around the Central Sun of the galaxy), you have the difference in position of the solar system with respect to the Central Sun, between each precessional cycle.

This partially explains why some of the precessional alignments cause a complete pole reversal, while others cause only a small shift in the location of the EM poles. In the current precessional cycle (scheduled to peak on December 21, 2012), the poles will shift radically, but are unlikely to reverse themselves completely.

This channel has correctly pointed out that you can obtain detailed records of the position of your EM north and south poles on an annual basis. One website is www.usgs.gov. A site specific to our discussion is http://www-atlas.usgs.gov/articles/geology/a_geomag.html. If you have a computer that is capable of toggling back and forth between this material and the website the channel is referencing above, then this would be a good time to do that.

When you examine the maps given at the above website, you will note the accelerating movement of the north magnetic pole from its current position in northern Canada, eventually ending up in Siberia. The south pole is of course shifting concurrently with the north pole, but its movement is largely confined to Antarctica and the South Pacific Ocean.

It is interesting to note that the data given on the specific site referenced above shows the south magnetic pole shifting more slowly than the north magnetic pole (figure above). We attribute this to fluctuations in the EM field of the sun. As you scroll down the specific site we referenced, you will see a diagram showing the effect of the sun's EM field on the Earth's EM field (figure below, artist's rendering). As you can see, it is a very significant influence. Your scientists attribute most of the variations in the magnetic poles to the movement of the iron core of the Earth. While this is definitely a contributing factor, the precessional alignment and the fluctuations in the sun due to the Galactic Shift account for the majority of the accelerating magnetic pole shifting on the Earth that is occurring now.

The channel pointed out to us that in the 11th diagram showing the effects of solar radiation on the EM fields of Earth, the government site actually admits that the solar flares emanating from the sun cause major shifts in Earth's environment. It often amazes us how the majority of humans refuse to acknowledge what is presented right in front of them while they cling to their “business as usual” philosophy.

Although this series of messages is concerned primarily with the Galactic Shift that occurs approximately every 108 million years, and the precessional alignment that occurs every 25,920 years, there are many other shifts that occur periodically, including the one your scientists have pinpointed that occurs about every 680,000 years.

Returning to our discussion of the precessional alignment, it is evident that the changes experienced every 25,920 years vary greatly from cycle to cycle. Some of the destruction of land masses, ice ages, and other cataclysmic changes that have occurred on your Earth have corresponded with the 680,000-year pole reversals, and some of them have occurred during similar periods that have great polar fluctuations but without complete pole reversal.

Your Earth has gone through between 30 and 40 Galactic Shifts (108 million year cycles), depending on when you define the Earth as a stable planet. The planet was largely gaseous during the first few shifts, and did not sufficiently stabilize until approximately 4.5 billion years ago. Life as you know it (the emergence of second density consciousness) did not begin to form until approximately 3.8 billion years ago.

You will note, when studying the history of your planet, that only a few of the Galactic Shifts had cataclysmic results radically affecting the evolution of the Earth. The Galactic Shifts themselves, while having a significant impact especially when combined with the precessional alignment, do not automatically signal a massive change in the geology and meteorology of the Earth. What they do portend, however, is a massive shift in the biological life forms on Earth, as well as the technological inventions of the more evolved of the species, namely, humanity. (We are not including the dolphins and whales in our discussion because they do not have sophisticated technological devices.)

Human beings (and all second and third density life forms) are largely electromagnetic in nature. The EM force is the most significant of the basic forces of nature with respect to the human life form, and has profound consequences on the physical, emotional, mental and astral levels of the soul. The EM force originates in what is commonly called the etheric dimension, or the ethers, or aethers, depending on how you translate. What has been called “dark energy” and “dark matter” are actually distortions in the time/space continuum caused by the interaction of the etheric realms on the physical realms. This is why your time and space measurements are flawed. This is why your instruments calculate the duration of one Galactic Cycle at 227 million years instead of 216 million years. While you have accounted for gravitational fluctuations, including the curvature of time and space (according to Einstein's general theory of relativity), you have not accounted for the fluctuations of the EM fields due to the impingement of the etheric realms on the physical realms.

The greatest specific changes you can expect to see as you move into the Galactic Shift have to do with the mutations within the cells of humans and the disruption of technologies. These will not only be precipitated by changes to your Earth, its climate, seasons and such, but also by significant changes in your sun.

Changes to Your Sun During the Shift

Your sun is the center of the EM field generated within your solar system. EM fluctuations are first received by your sun and then stepped down in frequency as they radiate out from your sun into the solar system. To reiterate the information given in the 11th diagram of the government site, while the planets obviously receive some of their EM bursts/fluctuations directly from the Central Sun of the galaxy and the quasars, the most significant EM bursts/fluctuations come from your own star.

If you study the geology of your sun extensively, you will realize that the nuclear forces involved, while determining the life cycle of your sun, do not explain the abnormally high level of solar flares, sunspots and solar storms you have been experiencing as you approach the year 2012.

You will find that the precessional alignment of the Earth does not have a significant influence on the activity of your sun, but the Galactic Shift in the form of the EM null zone definitely does. Therefore, it is not entirely accurate to say that the sun's activity will peak in the year 2012. There are already great fluctuations in this your year 2007, and there were massive fluctuations over the last few years. Your scientists are perplexed that there is so much solar activity when the sun is not within the 11-year cycle they have documented previously. In other words, they do not understand why solar activity continues at a high rate during the supposedly quiet periods between normal solar cycles.

The solar activity will reach its peak during the 20-year midpoint of the EM null zone. This midpoint will last from approximately 2015 until 2035. The precessional alignment of 2012, while having little or no effect on the sun, will greatly exaggerate the effects on Earth of the solar activity. This will cause significant changes to the atmosphere of the Earth. The interaction of the Galactic Shift combined with the precessional alignment, even though a complete pole reversal is not anticipated, will nevertheless create an effect much stronger than a normal cycle of partial pole reversal.

The saving grace for Earth lies in the fact that the peak of the Galactic Shift occurs AFTER the peak of the precessional alignment. This is why we anticipate moderate cataclysmic events instead of severe cataclysmic events. This is one of the reasons why we see at least one quarter of humanity surviving the Earth changes.

According to our analysis and the analysis of many others, the greatest decrease in humanity's numbers will not be from cataclysmic floods, earthquakes, volcanoes and climate changes, but from the failure of the immune system of the human body, and this will be due to the EM fluctuations themselves (and ultimately the decisions of each soul). Of course, those souls that have elevated their consciousness and cleared their psychological and emotional issues will have a much easier time dealing with the EM fluctuations.

Those souls that are committed to staying with the Earth will be given tools and DNA healings that will keep their immune systems “immune” from many of the changes. These tools will be given by their own higher selves, or God Selves, as well as from helpers in the higher realms, such as us.

The sun's EM fluctuations have a major impact on the human body. This channel and many others have learned to recognize when there is a significant solar flare or solar storm just by the way they feel. Intense periods of solar radiation often correspond to heightened emotional sensitivity and erratic production of brain chemicals. Many souls feel they are going crazy during these episodes. Conflagrations and violence tend to escalate.

Intense bursts of solar radiation entering the upper atmosphere of the Earth affect the weather, tending to cause the Earth to temporarily dry out and warm up. They also affect the functioning of satellites, which in turn affect your communications systems and computer technology.

There are many other phenomena related to the changes in the sun and outer gaseous planets. Perhaps you have noticed that the planets and stars look brighter than usual at certain times. The part of the moon that is in darkness is more easily visible than it used to be. While this is due partially to the reflection of Earth's city lights on the surface of the moon, there are other reasons as well. The atmospheres of the Earth and other planets are becoming more highly charged as the bursts of radiation from the sun continue. The aurora borealis increases.

Effect of the Shift on the Other Planets

On Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, the gaseous structure of these planets causes them to be particularly sensitive to changes in the EM field of the sun. Scientists are observing changes in the atmospheres of these planets and are unable to explain what is taking place. Perhaps those with highly sensitive instruments have drawn a connection between solar flares and these changes, but the results are still being disputed. Some have gone so far as to suggest that Jupiter may be turning into a second sun. While this is scheduled to happen in the far future (turning your solar system into a binary structure), we do not see this happening in your lifetimes. The nearest estimate is 1,943,674,800 years from now, and there are a few variables that could make that the date of a partial ignition of the reactor system within Jupiter, and not a total fusion reaction.

You might be thinking that beings as advanced as we are would surely be able to give a more accurate timetable for the conversion of Jupiter, but you must understand that we are looking at nearly two billion years of human evolution before the proposed date. You are powerful, creative, spiritual beings. During the next two billion years, many of you will evolve to the level of Creator Gods. When you have reached that level of awareness, you will have the ability to affect such things as fusion reactions within gaseous planets. At this point in your evolution, the cycles of the cosmos are beyond your free will. They will happen regardless of whether or not you believe in them or try to prevent them.

However, a time will come when you will be able to change the cosmic cycles. You can already influence them to some degree, but it is very minor. If the entirety of humanity were to concentrate on changing the orbit of a comet or asteroid, however, you could influence the orbit enough to perhaps prevent an impending disaster.

Your arrogant scientists think they can change the orbit of heavenly bodies by exploding nuclear devices on or near such objects. While the successful execution of such a program would undoubtedly have an effect on a heavenly body in the vicinity, there are a lot of factors that have not been taken into account, including the intervention by beings in other realms that do not wish to have such devices exploded. The role of helpers in the changes taking place on Earth will be the subject of one of our later sessions. For now, we feel it is time to explain the coming changes using your various fields of study, so that as many of you as possible can understand what we are saying. In our next message, we will relate this information through the filters of your individual sciences and specific disciplines.

We are the Founders, emanating the Love and Compassion of the One Creator.

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For those of you that have not yet read the first e-book from the Founders, you can order it from my website (http://www.salrachele.com).

At several junctures in the following material, the Founders refer to their earlier messages (compiled in the first e-book). In particular, they refer to the section on the history of the Earth (from their perspective). It is important to read “The History of the Earth.” In addition to the first e-book, the Earth history series of messages is available in standalone format in the “channeled messages” section of my website (http://www.salrachele.com/channelings.htm)

You can contact the channel at with your comments and feedback on the material, or to schedule a private reading or healing session. For more information on the channel's services, please go to his website, http://www.salrachele.com and read the many articles and messages there.

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