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Historical Origins Of Man

Historical Origins Of Man

During the first two Golden Ages mankind enjoyed a semi-tropical, even climate.

There were no storms and adverse weather conditions to combat. Also, there was perfect harmony and rhythm in the change of the seasons. The four seasons served to give variation in color and design, as well as variations in types of harvest.

Lush foliage covered the ground; there were no weeds, bugs, insects, vermin, or diseases. Also, no volcanoes were present. All volcanic action is due to the antipathy between elementals and mankind, whom they had come in such love to serve.

Animals, as we know them today, were not yet in existence. They only began to appear after humanity had generated the discord that followed the first two Golden Ages. Birds, however, fall under a separate category. They were created by Ascended Beings as messengers to mankind. Some did later take on some human qualities, which accounts for their destructive activities.

In the first two Golden Ages the landed surfaces were connected all around the Earth. There were oceans as well. No icecaps were present. The latter were caused by mankind’s coldness and bitterness, and they will disappear when mankind radiates more love. The name of one of the continents in existence at that time was Lemuria, also called Mu.

The surface of the Earth was white, like alabaster or white quartz, radiating iridescent colors of the rainbow. There were rivers, waterfalls, lakes, oceans, trees and other vegetation, and mountains. “Mighty developed Beings, called Gods of the Mountains, have sustained those mountains against the gravity pull of Earth through love, from the beginning of time. They have held them like great spires pointing heavenward, directing mankind’s attention toward God.”

The First Four Root Races

The first sub-race of the first root race came to North America. It embodied first in the vicinity of the Tetons. No information was given as to where the second root race was located.

The third root race and forerunners of the fourth root race came in the vicinity of the Fiji Islands, then part of the gigantic continent of Lemuria. The entire third root race flourished on Lemuria, while the remainder of the fourth root race embodied in Eastern Asia and upon Atlantis.

Lemuria was a large land mass covering parts of the Pacific Ocean. Its eastern coast reached to the area around San Diego, California. Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and the Fiji Islands were part of Lemuria.

The Masters explained that there has never been a land so fair outside the kingdom of heaven, where man walked in such grace and beauty, as in China during its golden age. It was impossible to distinguish the Ascended Beings from the evolving ones on Earth.

During the Golden Age of China, Kwan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, together with the twelve ladies of her spiritual court, walked and talked with the people of her country. She was an unascended master at that time, and gave audiences in the larger cities of China, as well as in her retreat in Beijing.

In those days, beauty and harmony were the keynote of China, and an entire embodiment was spent in the carving of one miniature, the painting of a single flower, or the weaving of one lovely robe of state. Messengers were sent from all over the world to invite the scholars, the priests, and the teachers of China to bring their culture to the youth of all lands. Everyone in that empire was as consciously aware of the I AM Presence as the man of today is aware of his hands and feet.

Kwan Yin ministered for over 1,000 years to the people of Eastern Asia before accepting the freedom of her ascension.


The Laggards

It was during the incoming of the fourth root race, that a Cosmic Council convened whose decision changed drastically the course for all evolutions of Earth’s mankind, guardian spirits, angels and elementals.

This council, attended by the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Earth, was called to decide what to do with billions of lifestreams who lived in another galaxy. These lifestreams were of insufficient spiritual development to earn continued habitation upon their own planet for evolution. As part of the divine plan, their planet was to undergo one step of the Inbreath, bringing it one step closer to the sun.

According to Cosmic Law, closer proximity to the sun requires an acceleration of the vibration of a planet and its inhabitants. The individuals refused to go along with the divine plan. They were complacent in their thoughts and feelings, and lagged behind in their natural process of evolution. Hence they were not qualified to move forward with their planet. Those individuals were referred to by the Masters as “laggards.”

One plan was to have them pass through what we call “second death,” which forces the lifestream to start all over again, back to the event, called “Journey to the Seven Spheres.” It was then that the Hierarchy of Earth, as an act of mercy, offered the Earth as a planetary home to help the laggards complete their evolution. Conditions on this planet were still perfect and harmonious, yet compared to other planets, its vibratory rate was slightly slower. It was hoped that the laggards would be guided by the purity and perfection of the thoughts and feelings of the people of Earth, and by holding to this example, they would gradually transmute their karma. The high priests and guardian spirits were informed of the coming of the laggards; the remainder of mankind was unaware of the event. For one hundred years the high priests attempted, by decreeing, to establish a shield around the Earth’s lifestreams to prevent their contamination by the laggards.

What did the laggards look like after they came to Earth? Tied now to the same laws which applied to the remainder of mankind on Earth, they were provided with similar bodies, and therefore were not distinguishable from the rest.

The chief faults of the laggards were arrogance, rebellion, resistance to progress, stubbornness and resentment toward change. Naturally, they brought these qualities with them. The impure thoughtforms of the laggards spread into Earth’s atmosphere like smog. It was the beginning of the “mist” the Bible talks about (“and a mist arose and covered the whole ground,” Gen. 2:6).

In time the people of Earth succumbed to the subtle temptation of curiosity. They tuned in to the impure thoughtforms of the laggards, and started to play with them. This experimentation with the misuse of free will caused what is known as the “Fall of Man.” Mankind started to listen to the “wrong crowd.” Independent of God-direction, mankind deliberately chose to experiment with impurity. This way man’s attention no longer rested exclusively on his inner Presence, the director of his life-activity. Man became sense-conscious, instead of God-conscious, and so, according to Cosmic Law, manifested that upon which his attention was directed and which he thought about most. He deliberately and consciously turned his back upon the perfection and dominion with which the Father endowed him from the beginning.

When the mist first appeared, it was like a local wisp of smoke. Later, as the ages passed, it became an increasing fog, that gradually shut away the visible presence of the Ascended Host.

Thus, the glory of perfection of the first two Golden Ages came to an end. Later on, when the Atlantean culture flourished, there were other Golden Ages, during which the veil between the Ascended Host and mankind was partially rent; however, the perfection of the first two Golden Ages was unique and was never quite matched. The Masters assured the students that it is possible for us to rent the veil again, and that man once more may be able to walk and talk with the Ascended Host and the angels.

The laggards did not come to Earth all at once. Since the Earth was created for 3 1/2 billion lifestreams and since today there are 10 billion lifestreams using the Earth as a schoolroom (including those not presently in embodiment) we may assume that the number of laggards from other systems is 6 1/2 billion.

Disharmony Appears

The Masters stated that the “Fall of Man” occurred on today’s Australia and New Zealand. At that time, these countries were part of the gigantic continent of Mu, which covered a large part of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. It was here that slander and gossip first began the weave of the veil.

In order to assign a time for the “fall of man” we may cite that the Ascended Masters stated repeatedly that there were two Golden Ages during which there was no imperfection. Also, based on the previous discussion of root races and cycles, we know that under perfect conditions it takes a cycle of 14,000 years for one root race to make the ascension. Furthermore, it was made clear that the first three root races experienced no imperfection and gained their ascension during the appointed time.

In addition, we know that the laggards arrived at the beginning of the incoming of the fourth root race, indirectly causing the end of a state of absolute perfection on Earth. Therefore, if we chose to define the “fall of man” as the time when disharmony first appeared on Earth, we may assign a date of about 50,000 years after mankind first appeared upon this globe.

The above account appears to conflict with a dictation by the Ascended Master Krishna. He stated that when the “fall” occurred and the mist covered the whole ground, one million years had passed (measured from the time man first appeared upon Earth). However, there is not necessarily a conflict. As pointed out previously, it took ages until the mist, originally just a local wisp of smoke, became an increasing fog that gradually shut away the visible presence of the Ascended Host.

Therefore, it depends upon one’s definition of the “fall.” If one chooses to define it as the time when disharmony first appeared, on the basis of unerring Cosmic Law, we can assign a time period of 50,000 years. If we choose to define the “fall” as the time when a mist covered ALL of the ground surface of the Earth, we can assign a time period of one million years.


Effect on the Priesthood

After the arrival of the laggards, the priesthood split into two factions. Rather than listening to the plan devised by the Hierarchy, one section of the priesthood attempted to remove the laggards away from the Earth through repeated invocations. One Ascended Master explained the senselessness of this operation. Even if the attempt would have succeeded, the laggards, bound to the laws of the Earth just as the original races were, would have had to come before the Karmic Board and would have necessarily had to re-enter the Earth. Therefore, no permanent removal would have been possible. The other faction of the priesthood accepted the laggards, refusing to rebel against the plan of the Hierarchy.

Effect On Individual Man

The “fall of man” into a lower vibratory level caused great changes in mankind’s bodily structure. The form grew more dense, and creation by light-rays came to an end. Also, the I AM Presence, the focus of light and life in the heart center, began to decrease in size and influence. Fear, for the first time, registered in the etheric body, and the soul was born. The soul may be called the accumulated records from the experimental use of life. This soul, dwelling in the etheric body, later influenced each personality in each succeeding embodiment. The soul has to be redeemed through constructively-qualified energy until there are no longer two – the soul and divine consciousness – but rather, God alone.

Re-acquiring this God consciousness is the need of the hour. It is “the second coming of the Christ.”

The growing density of the physical body caused changes in man’s bodily form, and for the first-time man experienced the present form of birth.

The veil, once it was in total effect, shut off the visible presence of Divine Beings; also, the Music of the Spheres could no longer be heard. The outer consciousness was left in confusion, groping in darkness.

Commencing with the “fall,” very few individuals gained their ascension. Nearly everybody, through the misuse of energy, acquired karma, and in this way became tied to the wheel of birth and rebirth.

The Effect On Guardian Spirits

After the “fall of man,” some of the Guardian Spirits remained in bodies of Light, choosing not to take on the newly-created bodies of man. Among them were Kwan Yin and the Great Divine Director. They asked for, and were granted their ascension.

However, some of the guardians chose to enter the new garments of flesh, hoping to thereby hold a connection with the ascended Guardian Spirits, through the veil. Thus occurred the first parting of these unselfish individuals, with only intuition and the feeling of the heart giving a clue to the former connection.

As the centuries passed, the unascended guardian spirits also became enmeshed in their karma, forgetting their origin and source, thereby tying themselves to the wheel of birth and rebirth. Kwan Yin stated to the students that it was the great sacrifice of the Guardian Spirits that has warranted the special attention for the Earth by the Ascended Masters, and also has justified the endless patience for the remainder of mankind.

The Effect on the Hierarchy of the Earth

Before the “fall” there existed only a Liberating Council, consisting of three members. There was no discord; therefore there was no need for judgment.

After the “fall,” the Liberating Council was replaced by the Karmic Board, consisting of seven members, one for each ray. It is the purpose of the Karmic Board:

  1. To show individual lifestreams what they did right and what they did wrong during the last incarnation
  2. To send these individuals to schoolrooms (temples) where they may receive graded instructions, according to their spiritual development
  3. To see that individuals will have the opportunity for re-embodiment and to place them in situations where they have the chance to redeem the wrong committed during the last embodiment
  4. To preside at the councils of the hierarchy and to grant or not grant petitions by unascended mankind and Ascended Masters.

The decisions of the Karmic Board are final, there is no appeal process.

The Effect on the Surface of the Earth

Before the “fall” the pigment of the Earth’s surface was the color of alabaster. After the “fall” the pigment started changing, and the grays and browns appeared. It took a long time before black and red appeared (here we are talking about fire-engine red); it was not until 80,000 years ago that these colors manifested.

After the fall, the centripetal force, creating the law of gravity, which holds the landed surface and people on the Earth, had to be adjusted, from time to time, in proportion to the density of the physical bodies of mankind. (Centripetal force in curvilinear motion is the force which tends to pull an object rotating around a center, towards that center; it is the opposite of centrifugal force.)

The discord of mankind created, in some instances, so much disharmony that the nature kingdom refused to continue doing its part in adorning the Earth with foliage. As a result, the first barren wastelands and deserts appeared. Some of today’s soil-conservationists and environmentalists are persons, who, through the mercy of the Karmic Board, are placed in those positions so they can make restitution for their past misdeeds.

Man’s misqualified energy brought about gas-belts, subterranean pressure chambers, which, under certain conditions, result in earthquakes and volcanic action (the location of these gas-belts is described in James Churchward’s The Second Book of the Cosmic Forces of Mu). Later on, the gas belts were responsible for the sinking of that portion of Mu, located where the Pacific Ocean now is.

Animal Life

During the first two Golden Ages there were no animals as we know them today, and no vicious creations. All elemental forms were beautiful, and individually out pictured God’s perfection. The angelic, devic (nature) and elemental kingdoms had preceded mankind in order to prepare a place of beauty in which to develop mankind. The elementals were destined to accompany man, to serve him, and to be obedient to him throughout his pilgrimage on Earth.

The repellent octopus of today was once a lovely, golden miniature sun. Instead of tentacles there were rays of iridescent light, that poured forth in the water element. The oyster and clam of today were once beautiful little fairy forms.

The oyster and clam created a shell, and the rhinoceros, the buffalo, and elephant, once beautiful, developed thick, coarse skin or hair as a protection, as a defense mechanism against the vicious currents in the earth’s atmosphere. Horns, hooves and scales come under the same category. The dinosaur age was the darkest point in the Earth’s history. The prehistoric mammal and the ape were vicious creations caused by man’s misuse of energy.

Animals have ganglionic centers and emotional bodies; plant life does not. It is life energy that beats in the heart of the animals, not an individualized flame of God, as in the case of mankind. Within the heart of these imprisoned elementals is the pattern which they once displayed and which pattern they are to out picture again.

The effects upon the nature kingdom were similar. Plant life developed weeds, thorns, poison, and heavy bark.

There is but one road to freedom for all life, and that is through love. Love is the primal essence, and the development of this quality in the individual consciousness is the only means by which any expressions of life can be set free.

Great men and women, such as Ascended Master Kuthumi, in his embodiment as Saint Francis of Assisi, have loved hundreds of thousands of animals free. Through love and association, their consciousness was raised to the point where they did not have to come back into animal form. Some lifestreams volunteer, before coming into a particular embodiment, to assist the elemental kingdom. In this way they can transmute some wrongdoing from a previous embodiment.

Whether or not a person should have a pet living with him in his home is his own personal decision. Any close proximity to an animal – as is the case also with another person – may have a possible adverse effect on the aura (the surrounding energy field of the individual, similar in shape to the physical body, but slightly larger). It should, however, also be considered, that the student has the capability, through the strength of its own sphere of influence to be the “leaven in the loaf” of the lesser intelligence. Balance should be the key in today’s relationship with animals. There is no reason to be extreme in one’s sentiment regarding these creatures. A steady middle course is required, enfolding in thought and feeling all expressions on this Earth in tolerance, patience, and love, thereby raising this innocent life into its former state of freedom and perfection.

The First World Savior

During the first two Golden Ages there was absolute perfection. There was the activity of teaching and learning, but nobody needed assistance “to be saved.”

The first Christ was provided for mankind when man first chose to become sense-conscious instead of remaining God-conscious. Man directed his attention toward the pains and pleasures of the five senses, and thereby manifested that to which his attention was directed and upon which his thoughts dwelt.

Since that time, forty-nine World Saviors have come to Earth, at regular intervals. The First Christ was Krishna. He drew to Earth the Resurrection Flame, as a means of restoring the fallen sons of God, should they desire to return to their natural God-Estate. This flame was necessary for mankind, for the nature kingdom and for elemental life, in rebuilding an imperfect form, created by imperfect thought and feelings. The Resurrection Flame contains the resurrecting power, without which man cannot enter into his Christ-Estate.

Krishna came from the Central Sun. It was not possible to draw upon the lifestreams of the Earth at that time, because they were still children in their spiritual development, and because nearly all of them “had already eaten from the forbidden fruit.” From the small group that had maintained a pure consciousness, other Christs, such as Buddha and Jesus, would later be developed.

There were several Krishnas. The first Krishna taught his disciples that “Service is the Law of Life.” He explained that an individual should accept the responsibility for giving a balance to the universe for the privilege of drawing breath, using life, and sustaining a separate, individual existence.

Krishna emphasized that service should be impersonal, for love’s sake, and without any thought of remuneration. As an example of impersonal service, Krishna pointed to the sun. He stated, “Peace comes only, when, to the best of your ability, you are endeavoring to serve the cause of good and have no concern for any external activity, in relation to its effects upon your service.”

Service may be in the form of serving a community, a nation, or a fellow man. Individuals who do not choose to serve are temporarily taken out of the race, until they will accept, again, their responsibility to be conscious servants.

Some of Krishna’s instructions were preserved, by his disciples by inscribing them on rolls of linen, which were then coated with a soft wax. The linen was rolled on spindles of bamboo, the entire document sometimes covering several hundred feet. Through these documents, Krishna left a heritage upon which all of the Vedas and other most ancient writings are based. These documents survived cataclysm after cataclysm, and were moved, by the wise and elect, across the face of the Earth.

Krishna abided upon the Earth for at least six hundred forty years. When he completed his service and returned to his star, he took with him 1,400 disciples, who through his service, gained their ascension.

Excerpt from Man, His Origin, History And Destiny

To continue reading see full pdf download herePDF


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