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Who Are The Blue Avians And How Does It Feel To Channel Them?

Who Are The Blue Avians And How Does It Feel To Channel Them?

Do you have a connection with the Blue Avians?

Maybe you do, but you aren’t quite aware of it yet! The frequency of the Blue Avians is coming to earth and I invite you now to tune into this beautiful star race and expand your awareness of who they are and why they are here.

In this post, I share all that I have channeled about the Blue Avian star race from my personal experience co-creating with them and getting to know who they are, their frequency, their purpose and how they can help humanity.

For me, when I perceive the Blue Avians, I perceive a bird, not even a humanoid like what we see in many of the channeled artwork of the Blue Avians out there.

They are hard to catch, sassy, cheeky and so beautiful. They are very loving and extremely high frequency, from 12D frequency and beyond. The Blue Avians are incredibly beautiful and so loving.

The Blue Avians are always moving. Sometimes they are there with my team in the quantum and at other times they are not. My other team members like the Arcturians are always there like an anchor, however, the Blue Avians may not be.

However, if I call them in, they will start appearing. They are always flowing, ethereal and flying around. It is hard to pin them down!

The Blue Avians have also worked more with other star races than with humans. They work more with cw star races like the Arcturians, who do also work in the Earth realms.

They are so high frequency that up until recently they didn’t have must interest or ability to work with humans.

The Blue Avians are seeders of consciousness on Earth

The Blue Avians seed consciousness on planets that don’t have any consciousness yet. They do this from spaceships and so they have no home planet they live on.

When there was no consciousness on planet Earth, they were the ones who brought consciousness here. They didn’t place their own consciousness here, they placed the consciousness of other beings. Or they would come and help other star races to access these realms.

If another star race couldn’t access this realm, they would connect with the Blue Avians. And the Blue Avians would be able to assist them to access this realm with their advanced technology. 

The Pleiadians and Arcturians co-created with the Blue Avians at the beginning of creation on Earth.

The Blue Avians travel the fastest

The Blue Avians can open inter-dimensional portals and travel incredible distances in the shortest amount of time.

When I started working with them, they started taking me to hidden places in the quantum that most people don’t have access to.

A Blue Avian Initiation

They have chosen to initiate me into a process. When they come I can feel myself being lifted into this spaceship and I almost black out. I then feel that I am entering realms that I cannot place, it has no name and none of the beings has names. This is how to process of discovering the Blue Avians began.

The Blue Avians also initiated me into meeting new star races in their environment. They can bring us together in their spaceship with greater ease.

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The Blue Avians are outside any organization system

You may have heard of galactic structures such as the Galactic Federation or Krana. However, the Blue Avians are above all of that. There is zero attachment to anything political or organized.

They have no involvement in any intergalactic conflict or wars. As soon as there is a conflict in a realm they are in, they will leave completely and return to their spaceship until the conflict is over. We could think of them as the Switzerland of the universe.

They don’t do this because they are cowards, it is simply not their purpose, and it’s not their pathway of evolution.

Channelling The Blue Avians 

When we channel the Blue Avians they don’t come and share lots of information and have big chats like other star races.

They come and fly around and create frequency shifts and plant little seeds in our field that they don’t explain as other star races would.

Since they have started working with humans more, they have realized that we need more cw precision, more context and more information on how to use their frequencies, so they make an effort to bring more information to us.

However for the most part when I connect with them telepathically, there is no language. It is just there. I almost have to activate a translator in my head to understand what they are sharing.

How The Blue Avians work with frequencies

When the Blue Avians come, they harmonize frequencies by flying around in patterns that create sacred geometry. They fly in an elliptical pattern around us when they are working with us, but they don’t touch us or even come very close at all.

I have never felt the touch of a Blue Avian except for when they say goodbye. They come up to me and wrap their wings around me but it’s only for a split td second! Then off they fly away.

By doing this, they can harmonize the field. When they fly in these specific patterns around us, in a very precise way, thy harmonize the field.

They don’t activate us, they help us to clear the clutter from our systems. By doing this they harmonize our field and shift everything. 

By doing this, the Blue Avians allow us to integrate and purge more easily.

They don’t work on us, as the other star races might with cosmic surgery and so on. They are simply flying and influencing us with just their frequency alone around us, they upgrade everything. 

The Blue Avians are themselves completely. They do what they feel and they just are. Everything simply happens from there.

Unity consciousness and the Blue Avians

The unity consciousness of the Blue Avians is beyond the level of any other star race. Their unity consciousness with their sense of self and in perfect connection to Source Consciousness. This allows them to bring themselves to us in perfect unity. This, therefore, unifies the field all around us. 

The more we are ourselves, the less we need to do ‘work’ on ourselves and others, because the more we are in unity consciousness ourselves. Basically, we just walk around and shift others.

Be yourself fully and know yourself fully. And through that, you will transcend everything else.

I absolutely love the Blue Avians and I have great reverence for them. It is just the beginning of our journey together.

Cendrine is the Founder of Fractal Alchemy, 5D Quantum University, a new pathway of spiritual evolution, running online worldwide. She is also a Trance Channel to the 9D Arcturians Council, an advanced psychic and an ascension and mission mentor. She was born awake and learned to embrace the journey of self-empowerment through experiencing many contrasts in her life. She always knew she came to earth for a very special mission that would shift humanity forever. That deep inner knowing was her anchor as she experienced the many waves of living a human life in the 3D Matrix. Now, her mission templates and soul alignment are fully activated so she can share a new body of work with all her students and fellow humans. These revolutionary teachings are here to completely regrid the earth and establish the templates of the neo-humans, anchoring a new wave of human evolution in Love, Freedom, Abundance and Connection. This body of work is channeled and co-created with her Galactic team. She shares many codes in her free offerings, fulfilling her heart calling to serve millions of souls in the ascension process. The most advanced teachings are shared in her University, where she trains Light Leaders, Healers, and Channels. She is a mother of two daughters, loves exercising and swimming in the sea even when it’s very cold, chocolate and coffee, and closing her eyes, dancing in the quantum with her Galactic team, earth elemental friends and her three dragons.


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