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Lyran Beginnings Part 2


AIDS Projections Inaccurate

The percentages and projections of death from AIDS in the coming years are highly inaccurate. It's all done on paper; it's two-dimensional thinking, in that sense.

Too high or too low?

Oh, much too high.

It's not going to be as bad as they think?

No. When you calculate something on paper like that, you are imposing your reality of calculation onto individual souls who are going to make their own decisions. So it is not applicable. There are many other factors that are not being considered. We would certainly encourage you not to be alarmed and to do what you need to do in your life to cultivate your own self-love, to expose your fear and integrate it within your being. That will be better than any antidote you could possible take.

AIDS' Origin

In a more earthly question, who's responsible for introducing AIDS into the physical?

Well, back then it was some of the extraterrestrial groups involved in the warring. But in the present we would say it was the researchers.

On purpose or accidentally?

They discovered it on purpose, all right, because researchers will play - meaning they were looking for something. To be somewhat vague about it, certain forces got hold of the information from the researchers and used it for their own purposes.

Is it true that the Navy Department or Army has used it by injection? There is a theory that it has been injected in mass inoculations.

We would say it is not so identifiable as the military. We are talking about very covert shadow groups.

Was it used as a hepatitis vaccine and then introduced in that form?

Prior to that it was introduced in another way as well.

Would you suggest a college-age student should engage in sexual activities without concern?

Personal Belief System the Critical Factor

There's a difference between discretion and fear. In a sense, fear will draw to you that which you fear. Discretion is common sense, and common sense says that whatever you want to engage in in your life you take full responsibility for. You take all options and all precautions, if there are any. We would certainly not say to someone, "Oh, go have activities with anyone you want because it's only a belief system." If you don't really know what your belief system is, then you are going down a dark hole with the lights off. There's nothing wrong with discretion and precaution. But if you take action out of fear, you would serve yourself more by first addressing the fear rather than the thing you fear, and transforming it. Then everything else will transform with it. Do you follow what we mean?

So you are saying that if an individual, through acceptance of their own vulnerability and spiritual makeup, is convinced that they are not vulnerable and have no fear of the AIDS virus, then they are really invulnerable to it?


They just wouldn't draw those people to them, right?


It's not that they're invulnerable; it's that they wouldn't draw those people to them.

Exactly, yes.

It changes the idea that AIDS is only transferred through sexual intercourse; babies are getting it.

The thing is, if you are going to get it, you're going to get it even from a toilet seat (if you get the drift of what we are saying). Protecting yourself by wearing a mask every time you go outside is not going to do it. Wearing a condom is not going to do it.

Are you talking about general fear (because you can have fears in many directions)?

It's the fear of your own vulnerability, the fear that someone or something can get you. If that fear rules your life, you are a prime target.

Aren't you also a prime target if you are sure you are invulnerable? Might you not attract something like that just to show you that "no, you are not"?

If your feeling of invulnerability is grandiose and covers up a feeling of insecurity, yes. If you're feeling invulnerable, but it's a misaligned invulnerability, then you're only covering something else up. What it comes down to (so that you don't have to figure out "Well, do I really feel invulnerable?") is taking each experience as it comes. Be aware of why and when you draw things into your life. And make decisions with discretion, which is all you really can do in your life - the middle ground, the ground that will bring you joy and excitement and growth.

Holistic Healing of AIDS

My ex-nutritionists got their first AIDS patient, who was dying and wanted to try their particular diet, which is all raw foods. But he's had lots of past illnesses and was full of medication. The diet constructed for him, strangely enough, was a lot of raw meat, fertile eggs, honey and oranges. He said it was delicious, but getting rid of toxins was so hard on him that after a bowel movement he couldn't drag himself out of the bathroom. He said everything came out green. So it was working, it was taking care of it. But he was so far gone and so weak that he just decided to give it all up and check himself into a hospital. He knew the minute he did that he was a dead person. The nutritionists learned that kind of a process would work to cleanse and rebuild, although there was no way the patient could really follow it through to its final conclusion.

There have been many cases, not isolated, of holistic healing of AIDS, but you're not hearing about them. The reason you're not hearing about this is obvious if you think about it; chaos would occur in the restructuring of your medical associations.

That would kick over a lot of pedestals.

Medical pedestals. Thank you.

I read somewhere that there's nothing that can't be healed with something from the Earth. It has everything that can help you.

We agree. But sometimes you have to actually detox yourself to be able to take in that herb. Many of the foods that you eat will toxify you so much that you will not be able to benefit from the herb.

Taking it back to the topic, even if you discover a vaccine, it's not going to work unless you want to heal yourself. You all know that, at least in theory. So AIDS is a very major challenge for your planet (not that you haven't had enough challenges already).

The Purpose of Not Healing

Is there some purpose being served by not wanting to heal oneself, by wanting to suffer rather than take a more joyous route to learning?

There are always purposes, and the purpose may be on an individual level. For instance, the person themself may feel they need to benefit from that experience. Maybe they did something in another lifetime and this is their way of learning about it. And then there's a purpose in terms of how the person interacts with other humans, and that purpose can be multifold. Watching someone die in pain triggers great healing emotion, and great healing emotion has been one thing your society has avoided for a long time. So it's very purging. There is always a purpose. In fact, nothing ever happens that does not have a purpose.

The question is then, how much do you communicate to a person who is really suffering that they could take another way out? Or should we just leave them alone?

You can communicate to them new ideas, but there is a fine line between their actively taking it and your pushing it on them. If you see someone is willing to look in other directions, then you may feel you can be of help to the person. If they are resistant, you may every once in awhile put a thought out to them. If they don't take the bait, it is not your responsibility.

Isn't it a level of evolution to take another way out, or are both ways equally useful?

They are both equally useful. Your society is learning to emerge out of the martyr or victim complex. It's not so much that you are exchanging one way for a more evolved way; it's that you are exchanging a less pleasurable way for a more fulfilling way.

When you say "your society," what do you refer to?

We refer most directly to your American society and indirectly to your planetary society because we understand there are exceptions when we target your society.

Why do you refer to the American society?

Because we are speaking to Americans and most of the individuals listening to the tapes will be Americans. Also, many individuals on your planet recognize the American as being a wayshower. We are not isolating the American public as being different from the rest of the world, but what we say if often targeted toward your belief systems here because we are talking directly to you. It might be slightly different if we were talking to a Japanese or Australian or French audience. In general, what needs to be communicated is communicated.

Belief Systems Can Neutralize Toxins

About belief systems: I know individuals who continue to toxify their body - you know, Coca Cola and coffee and white flour and sugar - and actually believe that the more they consume the more immune they will be. Can one neutralize that belief system about being toxic and continue to toxify themselves without its affecting them?

Absolutely, yes. Again, it's all belief system. If you took a human body without a soul and nourished it, you would find that it responds to substances such as algae, things lower on the food chain, wheat grass, vegetables, fruits, etc. But as soon as you throw the soul in, you've got a belief system and you've got the choices that soul has made. For instance, Bob there may never have been sick a day in his life; he eats butter on everything and always feels wonderful, but his diet is atrocious. One day Bob dies of a heart attack at a young age, even though he has never been sick. Bob didn't really have a belief system about food; he ate the way he needed to eat so that he could fulfill what he wanted to do, which is die at an early age.

In that sense, everyone is doing what they need to do at any given moment. As you relinquish the judgment about this, you will all relinquish your judgment about yourself and your belief systems. Then you will come more into alignment with some of the more natural forms of food. If you're not there now, that's quite all right, because it's not going to affect you. Do you see what we mean by that? It's all your belief system.

Can there be a person who has certain tasks to accomplish and who gets interrupted by an opposing program that sabotages or interferes with this person's accomplishment because it would go against those that are trying to oppress?

This can only happen if this is part of the person's blueprint and they've chosen to be interfered with by a seemingly external source. There can never be someone else who influences you who is not part of your agreed-upon process.

So the first-born Egyptians who died chose to have that experience?

Yes, absolutely. That was their experience, their choice. A lot of it was based on belief systems as well, but on the soul level there were others reasons, depending on the individual.

Moses and the Ten Commandments

Can you enlighten us somewhat about the Ten Commandments? Where did they come from? I do not believe God gave Moses these tablets. Chiseled by his own hand. The "thou shalt nots," you know, is the patriarchal society. But there must have been a better wording originally as guideposts.

Good question, thank you. We were earlier talking about the overlords. During that time there was a Sirian overlord who was on and off in your history for quite a long time. You've known this overlord by several names, one of which is Jehovah. Many individuals ask what the relationship is between Jehovah and Yahweh. Just as you have unbalanced people on your Earth, people with multiple personalities, this was also common in the ET community. Jehovah, known as the angry God, also had a very kind and compassionate side - Yahweh. It really would depend on the mood of the day which side would come out. The entity Jehovah had several incarnations; some of them were very kind and loving and some were very authoritarian. The Ten Commandments were given to Moses by the overlord Jehovah. This is very interesting, because as you read your Bible (we're struggling a little bit with the wording because the channel is not Bible literate), when God was on Mt. Sinai it was described as billowing clouds and red and rumbling spaceships. Unless you're talking about a volcano, what causes the sky to be red with smoke and rumbling?

A volcano.

Yes, but that was not a volcano. The ETs at this time had close to what you call rocket ships. They did not possess the ability to fold time, so they traveled on the surface of space. When we say rocket ships, that's what we mean. Moses went up the mountain and was exposed to radiation from the ship. And the burning bush idea was about his exposure to radiation there. When he came down, they asked why he's aged so much up there. He had absorbed its radiation.

Moses had some extraterrestrial blood in him to begin with, so he was very long-lived, even with the irradiated condition.

How long was it?

Several hundred years. The Ten Commandments were Jehovah's latest way; he had tried many ways of instilling law and order in the people he was supposed to oversee. The "thou shalt nots" and all of that were softened a little, but they were still harsh and rigid. That was a reflection of his personality. Look at what those simple Ten Commandments have done for your world. Imagine this one ET overlord - a man just like any of you in the room - squalling from this stone and affecting a planet for millennia. Kind of funny, isn't it?

Did they have laser technology at that time?

The ETs did, yes. The tablets were etched.

Did they use the language of Moses in etching these commandments?


Did Moses think of that ET as a God or as a messenger?

During that time they knew that God had a body. What you're seeing in your Bible is not the way they thought then. If you walk up to someone in the street and ask, "What's God?" people are very confused. They don't know. Back then the overlords were the gods. You served God. You were like a handmaid to God.

God included different beings, not just one man, right?

Exactly. It was either a group or one man, etc.

So we have a patriarchal power structure right there even in those days. There were no women gods?

Oh, yes there were. Absolutely.

The Idea of One God

So where did the idea of one God come from?

The idea of one God was a recognition on the part of your people dealing with the overlords that these overlords were not God, in the sense of the Supreme Creator. They knew that they were people, not the Supreme Creator. There was a spiritual understanding that recognized one Force. So now you have these two different beliefs ingrained in your planet: Some people say God is a force; some say it's a man sitting on a throne. Then they were clear about it. But they thought that perhaps these overlords were closer to God and that they were not equal to them.

What did Moses see when he looked at them? What did they look like? Were they dressed in spacesuits or...?

No. There were very bright to his eyes. It is our understanding that he really set eyes upon them only once or twice. At times he would see the ship engulfed in smoke or clouds, and the bush was also a representation. But only once did he actually look at a closer representation of them. It was a generated image and it was light; it would be like looking at you and being blinded by you.

The Genetics of the First-Born

Can I take you back a moment to this first-born child, whose genetics are slightly different from the other children in the same family? What is the reason for the genetic material in the first-born to be slightly different?

It was to track them so that they could keep the blood lines pure.

Is this the latent thing we are still dealing with?

Yes, this is something very much still there.

The first-born child in each family has a harder row to hoe because they say that the parents are not psychologically equipped or experienced as parents and the first-born has to be the experiment in the parent-child relationships. Is there any connection there?

The Origin of Dysfunctional Relationships

Well, it's a vague connection. The two different ET groups, the Lyrans and the Sirians, were your models for relationship, meaning that you took on the role of the child and they became the symbolic parents. As you began to be fruitful and multiply, you began treating your family as you were treated by them. That meant that there was no equality between parent and child, that there was usually a conflict between the two parents, and that the first-born child had a greater responsibility. Just about every form of dysfunction you have now in terms of family dynamics has come from the patterning of your relationship with these early extraterrestrials.

We marvel at this. You know, we love you all so much. But sometimes it is baffling as we look at the dynamics and see what you've been through and how your present core beliefs result from the patterns from your early ET forefathers. It is amazing. And that hasn't dawned on you yet, meaning your mass consciousness.

You can see how valuable this information is that you're sharing with us. How valuable this could be if it were disseminated on a broader base!

Valuable only to a point, because those who wish to heart it will hear it and others will not.

Information of this sort is coming out in groups all over the world.

Yes, it is. And the language will be couched in the belief system the people will be able to understand. Yes.

What is the difference between people like us here who are really into this information and people who are not in the least bit interested or attracted to it? Is there a different level of soul evolution, or are we from different places? Why are we attracted to it and so many other people not?

It's more that you've chosen to be a trigger in this lifetime; that's why you are attracted to it. For instance, you all know the story about the hundredth monkey. Your whole society one by one does not have to change. When enough people change, the whole society changes. Those of you who are attracted to this are the ones bringing in the new ideas. Numbers of people are needed to resonate with new information, but after that the point becomes moot because you all will kick over no matter if one more gets involved or not.

And are we heading toward that?

Absolutely, without question. Yes!

Jehovah and the First God

I'd like to get back to the Jehovah discussion. I am somewhat familiar with Biblical language, so I know that Jehovah is not a Hebrew word and is not mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. It's merely a transliteration of an acronym which stands for God. That acronym is always interpreted as First God. The name Jehovah doesn't exist in Hebrew at all.

Correct. It is a name that you use now, but it is not inherent to that time. Thank you for bringing that up. You see how the whole idea of the first cause or God as being an energy or force becomes confused with the idea of a person; thus when you attempt to look at a religious connection it becomes a model.

So you're saying that in the Bible there are two references, one to the First God and the other to these ETs, these overlords?

It really depends on the particular story you are talking about. For instance, Elohim is a group rather than one person. Jehovah may be one soul but many incarnations.

But Jehovah is nonexistent in the Bible - isn't that an accurate perception?

Yes. But the name is used as a label. And there have been other connections. The Sumerians...well, we really don't want to get into that. The connection with Enki in the Sumerian text with Jehovah is not a direct connection. They're not the same soul, but it's the same soul family. Do you follow what we mean? We would like to clarify for you, so please engage us.

The Hebrew name that has been transliterated into Jehovah refers to that which always was, is, and always will be. That's the definite reference to the First God, not to an overlord.

Yes. We are saying that the Bible has confused several different issues. The Jehovah that you speak of and the reference is not what we are calling the angry God person.

So you're saying Moses had different experiences at different times and conveyed different messages?


Some of his experiences were not in communication with anybody but were just a meditation, picking up wavelengths?

Absolutely correct. Another tactic, shall we say, was communication to some of these people like Moses through disguised sources. You have this now - double agents. It is just another way to cause confusion. When you can confuse, you can control.

The Overlords Now

Did the overlords just die off and not perpetuate? I don't understand when they came to an end or why or how.

There were periods of time where the balance of power shifted on your planet - for instance, the time of the Flood (just to throw a random event in here). Prior to the Flood the Lyrans were in power and after the Flood, primarily the Sirians. Through various periods of time descendants would come and claim the rights of their forefathers, and that's where the struggle would happen.

It's not that we're being restricted, but you must understand that we have what we feel to be valid reasons for not talking about what's going on right now. Part of this has to do with the fact that this is not your battle. The whole idea of co-dependency and enabling shows that it will not serve you to become involved in this. It is not your business, in terms of your day-to-day life. They cannot affect your day-to-day life.

They still exist then, the overlords?

They are still in existence, but they no longer control like they used to because enough of you are on to them. (As a example, the entity you called Hitler had some contacts with one of the Lyran overlords.) They are very limited as to what they can do on your planet right now.

Spiritually, a lot of us here are more evolved than some of the overlords are, as far as understanding that everything has its right place and its own power...?

In terms of your being willing to work through these issues, absolutely so. In a sense, you can say that they come from a past orientation. Remember what we said: They are you. So it's your past selves acting up or acting out. When we said for you not to get involved in it, we don't mean not to take responsibility for your past, because that is important; we mean, don't bring that into the present and perpetuate it. Let two kids fight it out and it's pretty much over. If you go in as a parent or another person and point your finger and yell, you're only going to make it worse.

Inherited Parenting Patterns

Would you speak more about the parenting patterns that we inherited?

Yes. We will speak more about this in the future, but we will give you some basic dynamics. The Lyran manifestation, the more authoritarian manifestation, would be like the father. The Sirian manifestation, even though it is authoritarian, takes on the mother role because they're the ones that always were trying to protect you (even though at the same time some of them were stabbing you in the back). What you have here is a dynamic between Mother and Father who have their own agendas in dealing with you. They sometimes present a united front, but they have their own agendas.

Within the hierarchy as it was in the past, the Sirians would mostly defer to Lyrans, the mother deferring to the father. "Go ask your father." That's one dynamic that was instigated, that somehow the father figure in the relationship is the dominant one. It has nothing to do with societal roles - that they earn more money or that they're the one that goes to work or whatever. It's the patterning. There have been ancient civilizations who switched the roles, so it's not a given, but it's a very strong factor on your planet.

Pattern of Family Secrecy: Molding Your Species Identity

One of the other manifestations of patterning is in the realm of family dynamics. There's a lot of secrecy in families just like there is in government. And whenever there are secrets not shared, chaos erupts. Secrets are like a magnet in a relationship; you're always drawn in the direction of the force of the magnet. And the magnet is like a black hole, because every time you look you can't see anything. So whenever these early forefathers of yours would interact with you, you would feel their secrets, meaning what they are ashamed of, what they fear, all of that. Because they're not willing to lay their cards on the table, you see them as being somewhat above you - they don't have any problems they are very pious and good. This is passed down from you as you interact with your own children; parents present a front where nothing is admitted to be wrong. They are almost superhuman. How many of you remember looking at your parents and thinking they didn't have any problems, they didn't have any secrets? That's the paradox; that's the dynamic. It was very obvious to many people that they did, even though they "shouldn't." A lot of confusion has occurred because of this early patterning.

Right now in your time period you're paying a lot of attention to how you have gotten to be who you are because of your parents and how they have gotten to be who they are because of their parents and on and on and on. But you've not yet taken it all the way back to the source. When did it start? It didn't start from some great grandfather who was an alcoholic. It goes further than that. It goes to the source. It goes to your species identity.

Who is responsible for molding your species identity? Who was it? The parents, whoever they were. An immense responsibility. So as you expand your consciousness you begin to be able to look back into that void and see just how far the chain goes back to the source. Once you target your forefathers, you have all of your forefathers' development to look at. But it won't be quite like that; we're dealing with a planetary dynamic here. Very liberating for you.

Integration and Balance Male/Female

Would you speak about this role-patterning in connection with the women's movement?

During early civilization, very early, you were all dependent on the gods. They provided you with food, shelter, and a reason to live. When you grow up, especially in the first few years of life, your parent is your world. That's one aspect of it.

In response to your idea of the women's movement, women and men have exchanged roles throughout time. If you go back to the source of the human identity, women were valued because of the stock they could produce. We understand that's a painful thought for many women. In the minds of the gods men were valued because of the strong physical work they could do and for the occasional sperm seed to help along the race. But frequently it was the gods who impregnated the women - hence the divine goddess image.

In the last hundred years as you are now coming to consciousness, as you are coming to an awakening, you will have to come to terms with your planetary identity and your identity as reflections of polarity, meaning male/female, and how there's male within female and female within male. Part of what you've experienced with the whole revolution is an attempt, however dramatic, to bring it to balance.

Just a few year ago the big thing was women's spirituality. Just several years later it's men's groups. You are all desperately trying to find a center, to find a male within a female and a female within the male. You're going to find it. You're going to find it and you're going to discover your spirituality in this, because no longer is your identity your body or what you can provide to your parental god. That idea is gone.

Your Bible or your Christian or your Catholic says to have sex only for procreation. Do only this, do only that. Sex should never be enjoyable, etc. Again, this is the idea of controlling the body functions, the idea of women being childbearers and men being basically good for only one thing. Those ideas are changing.

That's because of the development if the integrated human being now.

You're going to see more and more and more of this in the coming years. Especially look to your children. Adults are now learning to repattern their children different from the way they were patterned. So a whole new paradigm will be formed. From where we sit, it's quite exciting.

I wanted to ask about what the esoteric significance of the other sacrifices were later on in the bible?

Can you give an example?

Well, in the time of the temple in Jerusalem there were many animal sacrifices.

It would really depend at the time on what was going on as well as the significance of the particular animal. For instance, a lamb is very vulnerable. (Lamb, AIDS, vulnerability - all have the same idea.) It would really depend on the time period, the instance, and the particular animal as to what the significance was. Look at the surrounding events, look at the symbology, and you will be able to see it. Use your imagination.

The Raising of Lazarus

What about Lazarus, what he really did and how long he lasted after he was risen? His life couldn't have been quite normal.

We are accessing channel memory; there's no reference, so you will have to tell the story in order for us to respond in your language.

Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. Lazarus had died. The family of Lazarus came running to Jesus for help, so Jesus went to the tomb and called down in a loud voice and Lazarus came forth from the tomb. Could it be that Lazarus was really in a coma and Jesus was wise enough to recognize that? That is one of the theories.

To our understanding, the body had not died. The situation was a comalike state, but at that point when Lazarus woke there was a soul exchange, what you would consider to be a walk-in experience.

And of course Jesus was said to have performed a miracle.

That it was his doing. He's the kind of dude that was in the right place at the right time.

Renegotiating Your Future an Easier Way

I've come to realize that a lot of things that have happened in my life are because I agreed to them at some level of consciousness. So if I'm having an experience and I disagree with it, how can I negotiate?

Excellent question. You are never bound by your agreement, like a marriage contract. Let's give you an analogy. When you come into a lifetime, your oversoul chooses that you go down a certain hallway. Go down that hallway you will. No matter what else you do, you're going to go down that hallway. As far as how you go down that hallway, that is entirely your doing. You can run; you can go backward; you can cartwheel. That's the difference between your oversoul choice and your free-will choice. Your oversoul creates the hallway, but you are the one who chooses how to go down it.

Let's say that you've chosen to create chronic pain in your leg. Now, you recognize this was an agreement to get you to the point right now that there's something you wish to realize. First would be to recognize and own that you've made that agreement. The next step would be to understand why you've made that agreement. Sometimes that's difficult for many people; it can be painful because it might be something you don't really want to see. What were you trying to teach yourself? Why did you choose to have the pain in your leg?

Then the third step would be to discover a way in your head that you can give yourself the same lesson in a more comfortable way. As you go through this process consciously, it's going to renegotiate your agreements. You get to the point of number three, where you say, "I can give myself the same message by doing this instead of this." When you get that realization you are going to break the hold you have on the negative pattern, the pattern you don't prefer. Step four is to begin to actively engage the new preference or behavior. Take one step at a time. There's no rush to go through any of the steps. Do you follow?

Yes. Is it possible that my oversoul made two conflicting agreements? Or a walk-in situation?

Your oversoul will never create something that can't be resolved. Now, rarely an oversoul might create something that couldn't be resolved because you needed to experience unresolution. That's not the case here. Your oversoul will not create something that cannot be resolved.

The walk-in experience is a lot less frequent than people think. Often the new energy that comes in is a part of you that braids with you rather than replaces you. Do you follow?

I have a question then regarding the blueprint that you have through astrology. Is that the oversoul's blueprint or the one that shows how you are going to walk down that hallway?

It's the oversoul's helping to build the hallway. For instance, as you're going down the hallway, it's like an area that gives you traction. Let's say you have a certain thing in your chart that says that you could have good interpersonal relationships. It's giving you traction in the hallway so that whatever you choose to do, your foot won't slip. But if you want, you can totally ignore that. It's something that's given to you as a tool if you want to use it.

In the area of astrology where your houses are empty, can you start making your own chart consciously?

Yes. It won't change your birth information, but you will draw to you energy that perhaps you didn't previously realize was at your disposal. It's like changing your reality.

Can you expand upon that last statement a little bit? I guess I'm wanting a little bit more information.

It basically has to do with setting up something that you want to create in your life. Using a chart is one way to do it, but it's not the only way. The dynamic of doing that is the same whether you use your chart or just do it in a notebook or in your head or whatever. Set out to draw something to you and start playing with the idea of becoming that thing.

Hitler's ET Connections

Can you tell us what the nature of Hitler's meeting with that overlord was?

Hitler was a very ingenious and intelligent man; in some ways he was also used as a puppet. He was aware of the existence of extraterrestrials. He was aware, at least in the abstract, of the existence of a particular energy that he was tapping into. We do not perceive there was an actual face-to-face meeting, but he was conscious of the idea that he was receiving guidance from another realm. It was Lyran in nature, authoritarian, stern. Lyran is also Caucasian, Aryan. One of the things we did not mention today is where prejudice comes from on your planet.

The primary, top-of-the-hierarchy gods were Caucasian. That's where it came form. There was a belief then that the higher evolved you are, the whiter your skin. (Ask a Klu Klux Klan member and they will tell you that.)

When you said that the Hebrews were under a Sirian, that didn't register with me because I thought they were considered white.

In the chart we gave you [from Prism of Lyra by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest, 1990] it's more of a Vegan connection. As it plays out on your planet they are still Caucasians, but it's a different genetic strain. When you look at Hitler, then, it's the Lyran overlord attempting to get back at the Sirians through Hitler.

In the case of the Hebrews, I'm still not clear why...

Sirian connection. That's why the Hebrews were his primary target.

What are the Lyrans getting back at the Sirians for?

It's the age-old territorial dispute that started in the Lyran system and was brought to Earth. Earth was seen as a very rich environment, desired by many groups who were colonizing.

So it was rich in minerals, natural resources and that sort of thing that the Lyrans coveted?

That was what it was at the beginning. But then the race that you became was very tantalizing. You were a very challenging species to dominate.

Claiming Our Power and Unified Identity

If we are fighting only ourselves, then any outside group we draw to our planet that would still war over us is still created by us?

They exist outside of you. They are independent of you, but you have attracted them to you because of what you need to resolve within yourself.

In other words, they're mirroring what we're still working out. So the idea of a continual war over Earth - the taking of and colonizing - is still very much in existence until we finish this?

Until you claim your power and have a unified planetary identity. The reason you are still seen as something to be claimed is because you haven't claimed yourself.

Why haven't they come down enmasse and just taken over?

Because their tactic, their philosophy, has been to divide and conquer. if they come down enmasse you will unify because it's a common enemy, and you would be able to oppose them.

What you are describing sounds like they are more powerful but we are more spiritual.

Interesting way you worded it. They are more powerful in the physical sense, in that maybe they have more technology than you. But you have a power that no one else has. It's a power that's born from the integrative process you've gone through, not just form your inception on this planet, but you as them and their past. Right now you possess your Earth history of integration as well as the history of the forefathers. They possess only their history.

So in all your descriptions it does not sound like they are moving toward any goal except territorial claims and power plays. It does not seem that they are working on themselves the way you're telling us to work on ourselves.

They are doing it in the sense that their numbers are rapidly decreasing. That's an indication. Way back in the forefather days their numbers were very large. Their numbers are smaller now.

Are you going to identify the "they" as any particular group?

We would not do it justice by doing that, because the identities we're giving you, Lyran and Sirian, are ancient labels. Today it's a little bit different. It's more clear for us to talk about dynamics rather than labels.

If their numbers are diminishing, does that mean there are more reincarnating here for this experience?

To take the active role in integration, yes. Those who are only bent on domination are getting pretty tired of losing or at least stalemating, and are going somewhere else, as are those who are not interested in your growth.

Is there anything we can or should do upon encountering some of these energies that are incarnating now who are stalemating? Those are friends of ours and who are going through this process but are...

There really is not much you can do except be willing to present new ideas to them. If they wish to reject them, that's their responsibility. But just be willing to give an idea, a new idea, that can trigger someone into a whole series of realizations. Other than that, there's not really any responsibility. You have enough to handle with yourselves.

Meeting These ETs

I understand that within the next ten years most of the planet will become aware that there are UFOs, that there are ETs, and that we've been visited by them for years. How's that going to affect the idea of these overlords?

They are going to be exposed through a series of events. The first would expose the coverup. Even though many of you really enjoy drama, there is a possibility that the coverup may never be exposed. There is a reason for this. You will start your relationship with them in the present.

Like this is a surprise to them, too, like it just happened?

That may be the clean way to do it, a way for them to cover their bases that would provide a major service to everyone, so that everyone can work on healing the past without the scandal and the emotions that would confuse the issue. That's a possibility. If "coverup" is thrown around, then those reactions may become mixed with the emotion of discovering your galactic family, and things may become muddled.

Will it create the idea in the minds of people on this planet that they are not evolved enough, and they will thus start all over worshipping these gods?

We don't perceive that will happen. Remember, you are them, and all you have experienced since the time you worshipped them is to get you away from this idea. There may be individuals on your planet who may do so; those would be individuals who are fearful of their own power and must give it to someone else. But as a whole, we do not perceive that will happen.

We frequently study the natural development of planetary civilizations who go through the period you are in now - becoming globally unified and bringing in your connections from extraterrestrial sources. The stage you are at right now is the natural state, the natural timing, when you break the process of worship.

Would this interchange, if it weren't used as a coverup and there were mass visitations, be short-term; would there be a common interchange; or would there be a certain event set aside?

Things are happening so fast on your planet right now that it is our understanding there may be a fervor when it begins that may last a year or maybe less, and then it will be business as usual.

Regarding the "powers that be," the group that has the appearance of the control of planet Earth - the banking system - and has been for some time: They have been working with extraterrestrials; have they been working out of the Lyran idea [authoritarianism] made more manifest?

Their agenda (maybe not consciously) has been to heal their Lyran connections, so they're recreating it in order to heal it.

Although their apparent motive is to gain power.

Yes, because that's the way to get themselves to that point, from which they can take it for healing. That's the starting point for the healing, as they see it.

That will also be their demise, in a way, a breaking down of the power idea, and this will relate to the rest of the planet.

And it's also important to remember that you have all set it up this way.

Copyright © 1992 by Royal Priest Research, All Rights Reserved. For more information on tapes and transcripts, contact Royal Priest Research at PO Box 30973, Phoenix, Arizona
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