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The Founders: Earth Changes and 2012

Earth Changes and 2012 by Sal RacheleMessages from the Founders
Received by Sal Rachele

If you are not already familiar with the Founders, let me give them a proper introduction. Several years ago during meditation I began to be visited by huge blue-white beings of pure light. They are not humanoid, but resemble stars or balls of light. They informed me that they only come to Earth during the transition period just prior to and following the major cosmic cycles. In these messages, they go into great detail regarding the cycles – when they occur, how they occur and even why they occur. They state that the purpose of this material is to help humanity prepare for the times that are rapidly approaching. As you know by looking around and feeling the changes happening within you, we are already in the times that have been prophesied.

The first of the major cycles discussed in these messages, documented in the Mayan calendar and other places, is the precessional alignment of December 21, 2012. However, as discussed in detail in the following material, there is a much larger cycle that is affecting not only our planet, but the entire solar system.

The Founders use what is commonly called “telepathic transmission” in order to download their ideas into my higher mind. They state that they lower the vibration of a tiny part of themselves in order to be able to communicate in this manner. The information streams into my higher mind and is then decoded and translated into the languages of Earth in order that it may be understood by the conscious minds of humans.

The Founders frequently remind the reader that this is not an easy process. The ideas and concepts presented here are difficult to explain using the limited vocabulary of Earth's languages. Much of this material can be absorbed on an energetic level even if the mind is having a hard time grasping it. As you read these messages, pay attention to the energetic level of your body and notice what impressions you are receiving “between the lines.”

Note: All years given herein are AD (anno domini) unless otherwise indicated.

Enjoy the wisdom and enlightenment of the Founders.

Many blessings, Sal Rachele October 2007

Nature of Creation --The Founders

Nature of Creation

Greetings, beloved Creators, we are the Founders. The events taking place upon your world over the next several years will have a profound impact on all life forms residing there. In these messages, we will detail many of the changes and explain them from several vantage points in order that you may more thoroughly understand what is to come. We will start with a look at the Creator's perspective.

In effect, this introductory message regarding the Earth changes will answer the question, “Why?”

The Infinite Creator created ALL THAT IS, including all universes, galaxies, star systems, solar systems, planets, life forms, planes, subplanes, dimensions, densities, laws, principles, forces, power, energy and of course, spirit. Everything is of God. Everything IS God. God exists within time and outside of time. God exists in all time frames, timelines and dimensions. God exists in the void, although the concept of existence is irrelevant there. Your language is inadequate to describe many of the aspects of God, but we will attempt to illustrate the parts that are relevant to Earth changes.

At some point this channel and others may devise illustrations (diagrams, pictures, tables, etc.) in order to more fully explain the ideas we are presenting. You have an expression on your world, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” We will do our best to explain the ideas and concepts presented herein without the need for illustrations. However, once illustrations are provided, we anticipate it will be much easier to grasp some of the material.

To help clarify many of the points presented in this book, we will briefly touch upon some of the more misunderstood concepts among humanity.

The idea that God is masculine or feminine is a distortion based upon the limited understanding of the human intellect (and the intellect of similar races on other worlds). Nevertheless, it is sometimes helpful to think of God as having a personality and human-like intelligence, since you were all created in the image and likeness of the Creator. Since God is All, God is a man, a woman, both and neither. For the sake of the limitations of your language and simplicity, we will refer to God in this present lesson as “He.”

In the beginning (as far as your souls are concerned), God created not only the Heavens and the Earth, but individual souls to be extensions of Himself, in order that He might explore and experience His own Creation more intimately. These souls emerged in waves of creation.

Some entered the Creation near the point of conception, which this channel calls 12th density. Others emerged at a lower frequency known as 7th density. Most of you reading this material emerged during the 7th density wave of creation.

The first individual souls emerged from the Godhead billions of Earth years ago, as 12th density beings. They then chose to lower their vibrations in order to explore the outer worlds of Creation. During the early days of this universe, there were only a few dimensions, and the outer worlds were vibrating at what today you would call 7th density and higher. So these “ancient ones” often started their soul journeys at level 7 and gradually worked their way back up to level 12, maturing as they ascended. Once they reached back to level 12, they were like fully functional adults, having grown from a baby, through young childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, and finally as mature adults (mature souls).

A note to those of you unfamiliar with this channel's material. The difference between “density” and “dimension” is explained briefly a little further along in this book, and is also explained in depth in the channel's hardcopy publication, “Life On the Cutting Edge.”

Additional waves of Creation followed the birth of the ancient ones, with souls and clusters of souls emerging from the Godhead over billions of years to the present time.

Countless variations ensued, and while there were definite patterns to the emergence of souls, and mathematically precise explanations for much of what took place in the early days of Creation, there were always exceptions to the rule. Some souls emerged as solitary sparks of light, while others emerged in pairs, or 12-point clusters. There were some that emerged in large clusters and then broke down into smaller clusters as they descended further into the manifest Creation.

In the first e-book, soul clusters, oversouls, monads and other arrangements of soul emergence, were discussed. It is recommended that the reader already be familiar with the concepts introduced in the earlier material before venturing too far into this book. At some point we will delineate how souls return to clusters and group soul complexes (aka soul families), but for now we are simply laying a brief framework for what is to come in this book. Let us summarize what we have said so far in slightly different terminology.

Some souls emerged very early in the Creation (from the perspective of Earth's timeline) and have evolved into 12th density beings capable of creating entire universes. They are known as the Creator Gods. We are among the Creator Gods. A tiny portion of our energy has been projected down into 7th density, where we are able to make contact with our channels, including this one.

The majority of you reading this book emerged during one of the large waves of Creation that happened approximately 100 million years ago. In this wave, you emerged out of the Godhead at a 7th density level of vibration. You then had a choice of exploring the lower density worlds (below 7th density), or evolving from 7th density up to 12th density. The first e-book goes into greater detail on these processes.

At this time in your soul evolution, you have densified your vibration into third density and are now moving up into fourth density. Some of you are preparing to move from fourth density into fifth density. A description of the characteristics of each density is given in various stages throughout this discourse. There will also be a brief review of the “fall from grace” and its implications.

There are several Divine Principles at work in the creation and maintenance of the various universes and galaxies. Although many of the universes were created by the Creator Gods and not directly by the Godhead Himself, most of the same Divine Principles apply to these local universes. However, not all universes have what you call “free will.” That is a principle applicable to only a small percentage, including your universe.

When the Godhead gave souls free will, you could say it was a bit of an experiment to see how the Creation would unfold. Like any good scientist in his laboratory, the Creator experimented with many different possibilities. He commissioned us and others like us to engineer the DNA molecule, one of the precursors of life in this universe. After many millions of Earth years, we perfected the aspect of DNA that pertains to the humanoid form. Although God ultimately created all forms, we played a central role in the form you are now wearing. The purpose of this form was, of course, to provide a vehicle capable of experiencing, in intimate detail, the lower density worlds and dimensions.

As you know from prior teachings, the “fall from grace” was a free will event not anticipated by the Creator, in which souls became trapped in the lower densities. How did this happen? The intensity of the soul experiences within the incarnational process caused most souls to “forget” who they were. They began to believe they were bodies (and the personalities associated with bodies).

You that have forgotten your true identity have been slowly working your way back up through the lower densities. One day you will remember your true essence, your soul, and you will free yourselves from the illusions of the lower worlds. Without Divine Intervention, that day would likely be a long way off. And so the Godhead, in His infinite wisdom, created a series of Divine Dispensations, or decisions affecting the course of evolution. To help you understand, let us review the definition of evolution.

Evolution actually has two definitions. (1) The progression of intelligence within a given life form, such as a human body/mind complex; and (2) The progression of awareness of the soul from lower densities to higher densities. For the sake of these lessons, we will use these definitions interchangeably, but will make an effort to refer to the physical evolution simply as “evolution” and/or “mutation” depending on the rate of change of the species, and soul evolution as the “wheel of reincarnation” and/or the “spiral of ascension,” depending on the level of awareness of the soul.

There is a lot of confusion regarding physical evolution and soul evolution. Although there is no entirely accurate way of describing these patterns using your language, a relatively simple idea is to think of the physical form as a machine and the soul as the operator of the machine. The computer you are using to read these e-books had its beginnings in the era of vacuum tubes, magnetic tape drives and teletypewriters. The physical form you wear had its beginnings within the mineral, plant and animal evolution of what your biologists call “natural selection.”

The purpose of this physical form you wear is to give you a direct experience of the outer realms of Creation. As your soul evolves into higher and higher frequencies of awareness, it needs a vehicle appropriate to each realm it enters, just as an engineer needs a fast, sophisticated, modern computer, while a grade school student might be satisfied with a basic model.

There are seven dimensions that require some sort of vehicle in order to have a direct experience of them. As your soul works its way up through these seven dimensions, it needs a vehicle appropriate to each dimension. As stated in our earlier work, there are a number of ways of moving through the dimensions. In your third and fourth dimensions, you use the wheel of reincarnation, which is one of the Divine Dispensations described below. As you work your way into the fifth and sixth dimensions, you will utilize the etheric crystal light body, which is part of the spiral of ascension (another Divine Dispensation described below).

Before we discuss the Dispensations, it is important to reiterate an analogy given in previous sessions. There is a misconception on Earth regarding how souls attain Oneness with God. First of all, we are all One with God, regardless of our level of vibration. It is impossible not to be One with God, since God is everything and we are part of everything. The idea that souls ascend higher and higher in vibration and then eventually merge back into the Godhead is incorrect. The best analogy to explain this is the human birth process. You emerge from your mother's womb and slowly grow and develop into a fully functional adult, just like your parents. You might then go on to become parents yourselves, continuing the propagation of the species. As you grow into an adult, you obviously do not crawl back into your mother's womb.

Souls emerge from the Godhead as “baby” souls and gradually grow and evolve into mature souls. Once they reach maturity, they become like their God Parents. They realize they are part of the All, the Oneness of Creation, but they are individual gods in their own right, capable of creating entire universes just like their Parents.

Although you have free will within the lower worlds, you also have a glorious predestiny and that is to grow up into Creator Gods like us. Well, okay, not exactly like us, because every soul is unique and has a unique contribution to make to the Creation, but you get the idea.

Another concept that is difficult to explain is the idea of group soul complexes. As individual souls you have the ability to form an energy matrix with other souls in order to experience the combined energies of the group. In essence, this can be thought of as a way of working your way back up the spiral of evolution until you return to the clusters from which you emerged in the beginning. Again, this is not entirely accurate, but until you reach a certain level of awareness, you are hindered by the inadequacy of your language and intellectual minds to differentiate between group soul complexes and monadic/oversoul clusters. Therefore, it will require a diligent and careful process of explanation in order that you might grasp these concepts. We will carefully explain these ideas in the proper sequence at the proper time. However, the topic of this dissertation is Earth changes and 2012, and so we will return to our discussion of the Dispensations that have taken place upon your world, since this information as relevant to the topic at hand.

Continue Reading Here: The Divine Dispensations

Earth Changes and 2012: Messages From the Founders

Foreword to the second e-book by Sal Rachele:

This is the second e-book of material from the Founders. It was channeled during the fall of 2007. All of the material presented in these e-books will be compiled into a hardcopy publication to be released in late 2007 or early 2008. However, due to the urgency of the time period in which we live, my guides have instructed me to get this material out as quickly as possible to as many people as possible. In order to raise the funds necessary for a hardcopy publication, I will continue to ask ten dollars for each e-book. If you would like to make copies and give them to your friends and family, or forward the attached e-book, you have my permission to do that, but I would graciously ask you to make an extra donation for each soul receiving it.

For those of you that have not yet read the first e-book from the Founders, you can order it from my website (http://www.salrachele.com).

At several junctures in the following material, the Founders refer to their earlier messages (compiled in the first e-book). In particular, they refer to the section on the history of the Earth (from their perspective). It is important to read “The History of the Earth.” In addition to the first e-book, the Earth history series of messages is available in standalone format in the “channeled messages” section of my website (http://www.salrachele.com/channelings.htm)

You can contact the channel at with your comments and feedback on the material, or to schedule a private reading or healing session. For more information on the channel's services, please go to his website, http://www.salrachele.com and read the many articles and messages there.

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