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Star Beings and the Story of the Elohim


The Story and Background of the Elohim

Human Evolution

Most people are aware of the Darwinian concept of evolution, which suggests that we are descended from a common ancestor with the great apes. Tracking human evolution has been a painstaking archaeological task but it is now thought that our earliest ancestors lived around 4 million years ago. There are many pieces of the jigsaw missing, with different hominid species arriving and disappearing but something significant happened around 150,000 years ago, which produced a new breed of human beings called 'homo sapiens', our direct ancestors. Running alongside the archaeological evidence is a very new branch of investigation based upon DNA, for our DNA holds the blueprint of the evolution of humanity. In a recent book called The Seven Daughters of Eve (pub. Bantam Press 2001), Professor Bryan Sykes has shown that the whole of the European population is descended from seven women who lived between twelve to thirty thousand years ago.

If you are of European extraction you can send a sample of your DNA to a laboratory in Oxford, UK they will tell who is your clan mother. This study is based upon mutation rate of mitochondrial DNA, which holds one of the keys to unlocking our past history, for the pattern of human evolution is written in our genes. Recent findings have shown that the whole of the human population is descended from a tiny gene pool, perhaps just one original Eve, who lived in South Africa a little over a hundred thousand years ago. What makes us so extraordinary is that all other hominids alive at the time, like Neanderthal man, either died out or were wiped out in the ensuing years.

crystal 04

Linked to this genetic research is another branch, in the same field, that has been unlocking the secrets of the human genome and this too has produced some astonishing results. Contrary to original expectations it seems that we have far fewer genes than was first conceived. At the time of writing this sequencing is still being carried out and the most recent estimates suggest that we probably have as little as forty-five thousand. Not the hundred thousand genes that some authorities believed were necessary to explain the huge differences between our selves and other creatures. Indeed there appears be less than 1% difference in our gene structure to that of our nearest simian relative, the Chimpanzee, which amounts to perhaps as little as four hundred genes. Even the humble fruit-fly has half our number of genes so what makes us so special? When looking at gene development across all species it is clear that there is a progression up the evolutionary ladder with genes being added to more complex organisms from those found in other species. It is rather like taking a series of common bricks of different colours and putting them together in patterns to make up all of the species on this planet. All species that is until we come to human beings, for suddenly we find a completely new set of genes not so far found elsewhere.

Of the four hundred gene difference between the apes and us, over half of them appear to be unique to our species and do not have any predecessors in the evolutionary tree. Or rather not quite all, for around half of them are found in another organism - bacteria - although in most cases these are bacteria found only in human beings. The question that puzzled scientists, when this discovery was published, was did we get the genes from the bacteria or did the bacteria get the genes from us? Further research has appeared to rule out our receiving the genes from bacteria, so there may be as yet undiscovered common ancestor. But this does not account for all of our unique genes, so where did the others come from? Mythology and the story of creation in the Bible may provide some clues.

Inner Psychic Experience


In the early 1980's I had a very strange inner experience. I was carrying our some healing work with a friend when I slipped into an altered state of consciousness. I was aware of both of us in another life that was totally different from anything I had ever experienced before. Those who have experienced such slips into altered states will know the power of these experiences. It is not something that one just imagines, it is really lived, as though present time reality simple disappears and you 'are' in another time and another place. In this experience we were both dressed in long flowing robes and wearing a type of hat not unlike that depicted on the bust of the famous Egyptian queen Nefertiti. The space in which we stood was a sort of room that I sensed lay deep within a mountain. It was lit by a radiant light that subtly blended all of the colours of the rainbow but without any obvious source. There were many crystals around radiating different luminescent colours, which I knew we were activating for healing purposes through the concentrated thought power of our minds. Communication was telepathic and I also knew that every aspect of our world was controlled by our minds. The physical world was no barrier, for as we came to leave, we simple 'thought' ourselves through solid rock as we passed out of the mountain into the open air at which point the experience started to fade and I slowly came back to normal reality.

I deeply pondered my startling experience for I could not place it into any historical context and it seemed so alien to what I then knew. I eventually assumed that it must have been an experience of a past life on another planet. A few days later I had an opportunity to discuss my experience with my inner teacher HA and suggested to him that this must represent some life on another world. His only comment to me was simply "Are you sure it was another planet?" This left me even more puzzled and eventually I came to the conclusion that it must have been a glimpse of life in the distant future.

Several years after this experience, in the autumn of 1991 I had the opportunity to go to Sedona in America, which is located in the State of Arizona. Sedona is famous for its amazing geological rock formations and also for being the centre of a 'new age' culture that rivals that of Glastonbury in the UK. The energy of Sedona is very strange. Some people suggest that the high iron content of the rocks, which makes them very magnetic, causes its distinctive vibrational quality. But to me there was something else, something intangible yet also so very familiar. For the ten days of my trip I struggled with trying to understand the source of this energetic resonance that I was experiencing so tangibly through every level of my being. I knew that this energy was more ancient than anything relating to the Native American peoples, although their influences were distinctly around, something much, much older infused this area with its subtle messages.

On the last day I happened to have a conversation about this mystery with one of the tour guides in the area and she mentioned that she had been speaking that very day with someone who mentioned that there were 'cities of gold' over lighting Sedona. As soon as she made this statement it was as though a bright light went on in my head and I suddenly realized what I had been missing. At that point my mind went into overdrive and I had a whole series of amazing insights, which lasted over several days. In the ensuing weeks I had more revelations as I put the different pieces of picture together.

Cities of Gold

cities of gold

The 'cities of gold' were in effect etheric cities. In other words these cities existed on a level that was not fully physical but on a slightly higher vibrational frequency. This level of experience has already been mentioned in the previous chapter. I knew immediately that the humanoid beings that created these cities were etheric people and that I had been one of them for the memories of my previous experience came flooding back to me. What I had remembered was, in effect, etheric incarnation, not a physical one, which was why it was so easy to pass through rocks by the power of the mind alone. I now believe that there are many people in incarnation today who hold this same soul memory if they but care to access it. I also knew why we were here, what had led us from that finer state into dense physicality with all of its pains and traumas. The descent into matter was not undertaken lightly and in that revelation I realised that these events have enormous implications for humanity today. These cities are sometimes called 'crystal cities' because of the link to crystalline earth structure.

The Elohim

arch of covenant glory of god

I was immediately aware that the name of this etheric race was the Elohim, the creator gods of human beings. I was sure that in my reading I had come across the name before, but I then needed to recheck these sources and to seek out more information, which I did by reading the Bible and several other books such as Blavatsky's Isis Unveiled. In Genesis 6: we find the quote:

"And it came to pass, when men began to multiply upon the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, The "the sons of God (Elohim) saw daughters of men that they were fair; and they took unto them wives of all which they chose.... There were giant in the earth in those days; and also that when the sons of God (Elohim) came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children of them, the same became mighty men of old, men of renown."

We also find reference a few verses early in the same book to Seth, Methuselah and others living to ages of eight or nine hundred years. This is surely a hint to the length of lifespan of an 'etheric' being.

In Isis Unveiled Blavatsky states:

"Tradition says, and the records of the Great Book explain, that long before the days of Ad-am and his inquisitive wife, He-va, where now are found but salt lakes and desolate barren deserts, there was a vast inland sea, which extended over Middle Asia, north of the proud Himalayan range, and its western prolongation. An island, which for its unparallel beauty had no rival in the world was inhabited by the last remnants of the race that preceded ours. This race could live with equal ease in water, air, or fire for it had unlimited control over the elements. These were the "Sons of God;" not those that saw the daughters of men, but the real Elohim, though in the Oriental Kabala they had another name."

These cast new light on the role of these beings on the Earth and I realised that others too had been aware of their influence, in the distant past, in the development of the human race. When the first revelations came flooding in I knew with an intuitive inner certainty that this race that had been responsible for the creation of our present human species through genetic manipulation and in that process something had gone wrong. Some deep flaw, or imbalance had been woven into the matrix of humanity - an original sin as the Bible so graphically puts it. Even when we experience the power of these altered states of consciousness and the knowingness of their veracity it is always helpful to have backing from others who independently have experienced something similar. It is also wonderful when science catches up and provides corroboration of such happenings. Science does not yet understand why we should have those additional genes and perhaps never will unless it can begin to take on board some of these other dimensional concepts.

In more recent times Sumerian scholar Zecharia Sitchin, through his studies of their myths has thrown more light on the stories of these beings, although I do not agree with him in suggesting that the race, responsible for creating human beings through a mutation process, were physical like you and I. All of my experience and subsequent inner communications now tells me that they were an etheric race. So who are the Elohim, where did they come from and most important of all why did they interfere in the evolution of humanity?

In all aspects of inner development the ability of our minds to record accurately what is being received is still in its infancy. Even if we are in connection with that supreme source we call God, which is infallible, human brains and consciousness quiet definitely are not. Therefore all discoveries or pronouncements in these fields need to be treated with a degree of caution. It is only when significant numbers of people independently arrive at the same conclusions that we should begin to give greater credence to what is being proffered. What is presented below is based on the guidance that has come through to me. Whether it is true in an absolute sense is another matter.

The Story of the Elohim - Star Beings

seraphi pyramid

The Elohimic race evolved on a planet that circled a far distant sun, which we see in the sky as the star Aldebaran. In astrology this is one the archangel stars being associated with the archangel Michael. It forms the bright red 'eye' of the bull of Taurus and if you look into the night sky and locate the constellation of Orion you will clearly see Aldebaran a little to the right of the right upper arm near the group of stars called the Pleiades. Aldebaran is an orange giant star, which shows its vast age. All stars eventually reach a point where their atomic reactions change and they start to expand growing to an enormous size and swallowing the planets that are part of their retinue. This will one day happen to our own Sun although not, according to scientific calculations, for several billion years.

The Elohim lived their lives on an etheric plane which in many ways would have similarities to our own for different energies could be brought together to create homes and buildings. The interaction between the physical and etheric planes is very interesting. Some people might have seen the film Ghost, where Patrick Swazi tries to discover his murderer whilst in an 'out-of-body' state. This is a fairly accurate portrayal of the relationship between these two planes. The Elohim worked with crystal energies from different stones and some have perceived their 'cities' as crystal complexes not unlike those depicted in the Superman movies. Indeed his stories are also a sort of memory of the skills available to the Elohim. Perhaps the blue and red tights are a little far fetched for that is not my recollection, but the ability to fly, to see through matter with laser eyes, to connect to distant worlds were all a part of their abilities. Their reproduction methods were slightly different from somatic evolution but in principle they too would go through a series of lives in the same way that we do here on Earth. They were a scientifically advanced race working with many different forms of energy and having the abilities for space travel. Because their energy frequencies were on a less dense level to the physical world that we inhabit they were not so restricted by the laws of physics that govern our realm. However they were a form of human being experiencing similar mental and emotional responses as we do.

aldebaran nfo

A point came when the expansion of Aldebaran, their sun, caused their planet to begin to break up and they had no option but to flee, in a very similar way again to the Superman stories. Although in this case much greater numbers traveled through space, in special craft, eventually arriving on the Earth somewhere around two hundred thousand years ago. This was the planet that their guidance had stated was to be their new home. They soon began the process of exploring this new world on many levels, and establishing their centres of civilization. All would have been well but for one significant problem.

If you are born and grow up in a particular region of the planet, something of the vibrational matrix of that area will become a fundamental part of your being. If you then subsequently move, in later life, to a new country with a different range of vibrational frequencies you will need to make an inner adjustment to these new energies. This is why people often find it so hard to settle down in another country. It has nothing to do with coming to terms with another culture but because the energies from the Earth are not the same in different localities. Indeed science has shown how variations in our genetic make up are more determined by region than by race. As you might well imagine moving to a different country are as nothing compared to moving to another planet. This is a problem that people will have to tackle in the future when space travel becomes more common.

valleyotheknights full1

Whilst in many ways the Earth provided an ideal new home for our space travellers it still had a vibrational frequency that was at odds with their inner natures. Initial adjustments were made but eventually a point was reached when the re-productive mechanisms of this race were starting to be affected causing a form of sterility. It is a general principle in the universe that no race should deliberately try to alter or modify another. This is why many people feel a sense of un-ease at recent scientific developments into genetic engineering. Whilst scientific advancement is necessary we are also treading a very thin line, which could unleash a karmic backlash if we are not very careful. The need for respect for other life forms is paramount.

The Elohim were aware of the human species on this planet but they were faced with a stark choice, they either had to find a way of incarnating down fully into the physical world or accept their doom. The decisions were not taking lightly or over-night but a point came when a group of their scientists took the step of genetically manipulating a small group of hominids to create a new super race that led to the development of homo-sapiens sapiens. A step that finally occurred when they started to incarnate fully into physical matter through Cro-Magnon man.

The metaphysical author Murry Hope in her book The Paschats and the Crystal People describes similar events although she claims that these beings 'the crystal people' came from a planet that encircled Sirius. In all other respects her channelled information very closely resembles my own. She states in a communication from a being called Kaini:

"We are reminded by our Paschat friends that they have committed us to clearing up certain points regarding your own origins. The first of these concerns the study of genetics and how we introduced one of our genes into Earth hominids. We must confess to being rather amused at your concepts of genetic engineering involving surgical procedures taking place in laboratories! How very unsubtle! We do assure you that by the time your planet was ready to receive the quantum leap that involved the 'crystal' gene, we had long since left our physical world behind us and were functioning in subtle dimensions of a kind many of you may not even have dreamt of."

Creation of Human Beings

crystal city

The Elohim or 'the crystal people' had provided physical vehicles into which they could incarnate and although they had tried to be meticulously careful in this process there were some problems that they were not able to avoid. Firstly, in order to affect this transfer they had to find a way of creating an energetic bridge between the frequencies of the hominid species and their own finer energies. A simple analogy would be to imagine the physical bodies of the hominids vibrating at a 'C' note in the octave whilst our Elohimic race resonated to 'D'. To build a bridge they needed to step down their frequencies and to step up those of the hominids on whom they were working, to effectively create vehicles vibrating at 'C #'. The consequence of this action was to bring human somatic resonance slightly out of tune with that of the Earth and we have suffered from this ever since. If human beings were truly in tune with the Earth we would never inflict destruction in the way that we do. There is no such thing as perfect balance at physical level but powerful imbalances, particularly when allowed to continue unchecked, will likely have destructive effects.

The second problem that confronted that Elohimic race was the pain of stepping into bodies that disconnected them from the higher levels of awareness to which they naturally related. There is a deep longing within many fully conscious human beings that they are not in their natural state, that 'home' somehow lies elsewhere. There has been a need to try to bring the physical body under the control of the Self and over time many different systems have been established, such as Hatha Yoga. On occasions, through different traditions, this has led to powerful feelings that the body is somehow evil or locks us into a state that is ante-god; that the flesh has to be mortified in some way for us to be redeemed. Then there is the whole question of sexuality and the balance between the masculine and feminine elements of the self. As mentioned, the Elohimic race did not enjoy sexual relationships in the same way we experience them today. Because their bodies were structured differently, they were not so driven by the physical drives that our genes so powerfully generate within us to procreate. Getting to grips with these physical instincts was not easy and the consequence has been that at a very deep level within our psyches is a feeling that sex is an impediment to spiritual growth, that we need to be celibate in order to be truly spiritual. This has also come out in the balance or battle of the sexes, between the masculine and feminine elements of our nature.

Finally there is the fear of annihilation, for not only did the Elohim see their home planet destroyed but also knew that the flame of their race might also be extinguished. The fear of death has been a very powerful dynamic that has stalked human awareness for so very many years. Different cultures have confronted this problem in different ways, but at a very deep level the need to wage war to face this fear, has fuelled many of the belligerent tendencies that we carry deep within our genetic make-up.

Soul Wounds

man praying

The five soul wounds held within humanity, which stem from our spiritual ancestors, this Elohimic race, can be summarized as:


We have all experienced these wounds at different times either in this life are previous lives. These were the wounds that Christ came to assuage, for he too experienced all of them during his lifetime in Palestine. We stand, now at a moment in our history where we can move beyond these patterns, these karmic influences into a new state of beingness. Many different forces are being brought to bear on this planet to help in this redemption process. The exercise given in the very first chapter will help you find a new level of resonant connection with the Earth. This is vital if we are to progress in harmony on and with the planet. We need to let go the past and embrace a new future, which reveals in the wonders of the physical body without denying our spiritual origins. Death is a transition from one state to another and will never be the final annihilation which some believe.

We also need to appreciate the balance of male and female in their complementary roles in world. We will only ever do this if we can see this balance manifesting in our mythological perceptions. God is neither masculine nor feminine but both. There is a complete harmonious integration of these two divine states within the Divinity and this matrix manifests down through all of the planes of creation. It is something to which we collectively need to aspire. The skills that were available to the Elohimic race in science and technology are becoming available once more to humanity. But these skills need to be tempered by a spiritual over-view that acknowledges the uniqueness of every species upon this planet.

The End of the Elohim


Since my first discovery about this race I have sought evidence for their continued existence in the different countries that I have visited. When I first had this revelation I travelled from Sedona to Atlanta to visit a friend. During my stay we went to visit some Indian mounds to the north of the city and whilst there I had a strong feeling that the Elohim had also come to this area. My guidance said that there was some special place, just to the east of the city that had been their home. When I asked my friend what was so special about the area east of Atlanta she told me of a sacred place called Stone Mountain where UFO's are sometimes spotted.

This is a very large dome shaped granite outcrop that rises nearly a thousand feet above ground level set in a beautiful surrounding area that has now been turned into a regional park. In visiting this magic place I did indeed sense the Elohimic connection but the mountain was abandoned, its inner chambers no longer held the peoples of this divine race. And so it has been in all of the other places that I have visited where I have sensed this Elohimic connection, such as the west bank hills opposite Luxor in Egypt wherein can be found the Valley of the Kings. It was surely no accident that these monarchs wanted to be buried in the sacred hills of this Elder race. I am certain now that the Elohim have either fully incarnated down onto the physical plane and are amongst us as ordinary people or have moved on in their evolutionary journey so that they no longer need physical or semi-physical incarnations.

Your Star Connections

You too may feel a connection with the stars, a sense that perhaps this is not really your home; many people do. So are you part of this Elohimic race or do you come from a planet around another star? The Native American Indian people of North America believe that their ancestors, the creators of their race came from the Pleiades. The Hopi call these beings the Kachinas, who once mingled with ordinary people but now only live in their sacred mountains. As has been already stated the star group we know as the Pleiades does lie in the same part of the sky as Aldebaran. They comprise a cluster of seven stars which appear to be very close together. This is an optical illusion for the distance across the group, which in fact contains over 300 principle members is about fifty light years across and lies about four hundred light years from Earth. Some of these stars may contain planets, which house life similar to our own. Certainly there has been a range of channelled teachings coming through in recent years claiming to be from a Pleiadian source.

Another star that has attracted attention, particularly in Ancient Egyptian times, because of its brightness, is Sirius. Murry Hope in her book The Lion People talks about a leonine race known as the Paschats which travelled to the Earth in a distant epoch from Sirius who together with the 'crystal' people built a civilisation on the Earth. As already mentioned her descriptions of these 'crystal' people are very similar to my memories of the Elohim our main divergence being the star from which they originated. I am sure that spirits have travelled from other stars that we can see in the sky and perhaps you are one of them.

Stellar Links

The only way we can be sure of a direct stellar link is from clear inner memories but there are methods that give hints to which stars we have a special connection. Click here to find out how.

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