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The Founders: Catalysts for Change

Catalysts for Change

Greetings, beloved Creators, we are the Founders. The purpose of this first message is to familiarize you with the scientific and spiritual nature of the changes taking place upon your world and to illuminate your minds regarding the specific events and energies that are to be anticipated as you approach the year 2012 and beyond.

Some of this information is available in part through various channels, as well as Earthly researchers and scholars, but the exact formulation of the data used here, and the introduction of additional data within these messages, has never before been presented upon Earth. As with all channeled material, we urge your extreme discernment, as none of the information presented herein can be guaranteed to have 100% accuracy (for reasons we have already elaborated upon in previous writings).

There is a great deal of knowledge being disseminated upon your world regarding the alignment of the axes of Earth, commonly called the precessional alignment, that occurs approximately every 25,920 years. These recurring cycles happen when your Earth tips its axes at a certain angle relative to a series of quasars near the center of the galaxy that are emitting beams of what you call “scalar energy” into the poles of the Earth. Such energy bursts are distributed along the ley lines and vortexes of the Earth's electromagnetic grid system. This process is described in depth in the first e-book.

The purpose of this additional communication is to go into greater detail on the relationship between the precessional alignment and a much larger and more significant alignment that is not well known by your researchers, called the Galactic Shift. This shift involves the entire solar system, including your sun and especially the giant gaseous outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune).

Your solar system is moving along one of the outer spiral arms of your Milky Way galaxy. Your galaxy, like most spiral galaxies, spins in a manner likened to a pinwheel, around a core of highly charged energy commonly known as a Central Sun. In reality, there are a cluster of suns near the center of your galaxy that form a black hole/white hole combination linking your galaxy to a sister galaxy of opposite polarity, or what you would call a twin galaxy. This twin galaxy is part of a parallel universe, or mirror universe, that contains matter and energy of opposite polarity to your universe.

One of the fundamental laws of physics that your scientists largely agree upon is the law of conservation of energy. This law takes precedence over many of the “secondary” laws of physics, such as the laws of momentum, space and time. In other words, black holes, which appear to exist in the centers of many of the galaxies in this local universe, seem to violate the law of conservation of energy when viewed in a conventional manner. Your scientists will one day discover that the existence of a parallel universe of opposite polarity resolves this apparent violation of the law of conservation of energy. You might say that for every black hole, there is a white hole of equal and opposite polarity existing in a parallel universe. The two universes, when taken together, exactly balance each other and you have a perfect equilibrium.

The reason for our digression into the law of conservation of energy has to do with the fact that some of the energies that your solar system will be encountering as it spins around the Central Sun of the Milky Way will involve emanations from the parallel universe that balances the polarity of your local universe.

These energy emanations appear through conventional instrumentation as gamma and x-rays radiating out of the black hole at the center of your galaxy. This radiation, as it intensifies over the next several years, will radically alter the nature of reality for all life forms upon the Earth.

The energy emanating from the quasars that are aligned with the poles of Earth during the precessional alignment, scheduled to occur on December 20 – 22, 2012, is relatively minor compared with the energy emanating from the Central Sun and its corresponding black hole, referred to here as the “Galactic Shift.” The Galactic Shift began in about 1950 and will conclude around 2100. However, it will be increasing in intensity around the same time as the precessional alignment. This larger cycle (the Galactic Shift) occurs twice during every Galactic Cycle. A Galactic Cycle is approximately 216 million years, after adjustment is made for the distortions in the time/space continuum and the interaction of dark matter and dark energy, which are really names given to the impingement of the etheric field upon the physical field of matter.

Your scientists currently calculate the length of one Galactic Cycle to be about 227 million Earth years. That is the approximate length of time it takes your solar system to make one revolution around the Central Sun of your galaxy. After making adjustments for the distortions mentioned above, and the variations in velocity between one spiral arm and another, we find that the actual time period in Earth years for a Galactic Cycle amounts to approximately 216 million years.

There are bursts of energy emanating from the parallel universe that are emitted omnidirectionally from the black hole at the center of the galaxy. However, these bursts are concentrated in two arcs approximately 180 degrees out from each other, that are not dependent upon the spin of the neighboring stars. In other words, the stars spinning around the core of the galaxy pass through these emanations twice during each Galactic Cycle. The arm of the galaxy that contains Earth and the solar system passes through these bands of energy about every 108 million Earth years.

Unlike the precessional alignment, it takes longer than three Earth days for the solar system to pass through the band of energy known as the Galactic Shift. This band of relatively non-polarized electromagnetic energy bursts has been called by many names, including the “photon belt” and the “electromagnetic null zone.” Although the non-polarized field of EM energy commonly given these names has been postulated to last approximately three Earth days, this is incorrect. Only the precessional alignment will last approximately three days and during those three days, the effects of the non-polarized emanations from the galactic core will be extremely pronounced, far more so than during the entire rest of the cycle. However, the smaller bursts from the quasars that are aligned with the axes of the Earth are not exactly the same as the energy emanating from the core of the galaxy during the Galactic Shift. Nevertheless, these two sources of energy will coincide to a large degree during those three days in December of 2012.

This “double-whammy” effect, similar to what your meteorologists would call the “perfect storm,” will result in enormous changes upon your Earth.

Since your language is quite limited and we are attempting to explain this in layman's terms without a lot of fancy scientific terminology, let us phrase the above explanation in yet another manner.

Every 25,920 years, the poles of your Earth are tilted such that they align with a group of stars in the constellation of Sagittarius that emit bursts of what is called “scalar electromagnetic energy,” that is, relatively non-polarized energy. This energy is then distributed along the ley lines, or lines of equal electromagnetic force that surround and penetrate Earth. The energy then “leaks” out from the ley lines into the surrounding regions of the Earth, eventually covering the entire Earth with some degree of scalar energy. This entire process is known as the precessional alignment.

Every time the Earth goes through the precessional alignment, its position relative to the Central Sun of the galaxy is different. As stated in one of our previous messages, there are approximately 9000 different positions of the Earth relative to the Central Sun during one Galactic Cycle. (This is the number 227 million divided by 25,920 years. In actuality, the time frames are distorted and there are about 216 million years in a Galactic Cycle, so the number of precessional alignments within one Galactic Cycle is somewhat less than 9000.)

About every 108 million Earth years, the solar system goes through what has been called a “photon belt” or “electromagnetic null zone,” which is a region of space where large emanations of gamma and x-rays from the parallel universe are emitted through the black hole at the center of the Milky Way. These emanations exist everywhere in the galaxy, but are especially concentrated in two areas 180 degrees opposed to each other, emanating outward in opposite directions across the galactic field.

This band of emanations is concentrated in a relatively small region of space, but it is a region large enough to affect the Earth, sun and neighboring planets for many, many years. This region began affecting the Earth significantly in approximately 1950 and will reach its peak around 2015. It will not begin to subside significantly until about the year 2035. It will be well after the year 2100 when the solar system moves completely out of the beam of scalar EM energy emanating from the Central Sun.

This event corresponds to the second Divine Dispensation (described in the introductory message). A Dispensation occurs when the Godhead changes the programs of Creation in a given sector of the universe. Normally, the cosmic cycles remain fairly constant, but when the Creator sees a critical need to help a group of souls, He will make changes accordingly. The Godhead evaluates the state of consciousness of a group of souls and makes a decision based on that evaluation. It is NOT a judgment, dear Creators. Please be clear on that point. God is incapable of judgment because God is ALL THAT IS, including the aspects of Creation that are still evolving and learning. We suppose you could argue that God, being All That Is, includes human beings that are in judgment, but as those human beings ascend beyond fourth density, all judgment falls away.

As stated in our earlier discourses, there are 12 levels of Creation in this local universe, and there are souls currently experiencing all 12 levels. Some souls are incarnated as first density minerals, some as second density plants, others as third density animals, and so forth. The majority of humanoid souls began their evolutionary journey in third and fourth density worlds.

When souls are ready to experience the next higher level in their evolutionary spiral, this is likened to an evaluation period followed by a graduation. Graduation periods normally correspond to the ending of cosmic cycles because the cosmic cycles act as catalysts for change. They are opportunities for souls to break out of the limiting experience of the realm in which they are ready to transcend. Due to the “fall from grace” in which souls became trapped in the lower realms and became identified with the physical and egoic forms of those lower realms, some souls are ready to move on into the next octave of experience and some are not. Those that are not ready are given an opportunity to incarnate onto planets that are not in line to transition to the next level of evolution (in other words they are located in a different part of the galaxy not going through the shift).

You see, dear Creators, planets are conscious beings as well, and they too will ascend along a spiral similar to the one in which your souls are ascending.

Once again we remind you that there is no such thing as a “judgment day.” Nobody and nothing in the higher realms is judging whether or not souls are worthy. Although it might appear that the souls leaving Earth are less worthy than the souls staying and ascending, it is more a matter of soul choice (free will). The requirements of ascension are clearly laid out in the higher consciousness of every soul. It is up to each individual to become aware of what is required in order to ascend. The difficulties in doing this are the main reason for the Divine Dispensations. We all live within a just, kind and loving God.

There are an ample number of worlds vibrating at third density that are appropriate to receive the souls that are not ready to transition into fourth density. Most of these planets are far away from the electromagnetic null zone and are not scheduled to move into a catalytic period for quite some time, thus allowing these “laggard” or “wayward” souls more time to learn their lessons before preparing to transition to a higher state.

To sum up this point, cosmic cycles are catalysts for change. They are triggers for a soul's awakening. If souls are not ready to awaken, the shifts frequently serve as exit points, giving the soul an opportunity to attempt to learn its lessons on another world that is possibly more favorable to its rate of learning. Most of the planets set up to receive human souls during these periods of transition are being specially equipped with advanced teachers in order to give the laggard souls a greater opportunity to learn their lessons.

It is erroneous to assume that all souls will transition during the three-day period of the precessional alignment. Many undoubtedly will use that opportunity to make their transition from one density to another, or to transition out of the Earth plane and into the astral realms of another planet in preparation for reincarnation there. However, at this juncture, it appears that a relatively small number of souls will depart the Earth, or ascend, during those three days. Because the larger Galactic Shift (the electromagnetic null zone) lasts approximately 150 years, there is ample time for Earth souls to transition while still in the catalytic energies.

The precessional alignment of 2012 will act as a slingshot for acceleration of soul evolution. There will be two more such “slingshots” corresponding to celestial events within the 150-year window of the Galactic Shift – one in 2017 and one in 2030. These two additional events will occur within the field of emanations from the Central Sun and they will also involve radical evolution, i.e., mutation, of Earth souls. These events (the passage of a comet and planetoid) are detailed in the first e-book.

In the remainder of this book, we will explore the various mechanics of the precessional alignment and Galactic Shift transitions and the effect they will have on the souls of Earth. Although the events themselves are fairly predictable and easy to explain in ways you can understand, there are numerous variables due to the complex nature of the souls upon your world and the souls that are assisting humanity from the various planes and sub-planes in and around Earth.

For example, there are extraterrestrial souls working from within the fourth density astral planes of Earth that have specific agendas on how to help Earth souls make the transition. Some of these beings are well-intentioned, while others are negatively polarized, or what some groups call “service to self.” The various mechanisms and methods being used by these groups to entice souls to follow their specific agendas also need to be examined.

It seems that beings from all over the universe want to get involved in the planets that are specifically aligned at this time to precipitate massive soul evolution and change. That would include about two dozen planets that are entering the electromagnetic null zone at approximately the same time as Earth. Out of millions of worlds with intelligent life that lie within the sector of the galaxy going through the shift, only a small handful find themselves in the unique position in which you find yourselves.

The planets within this region of space that are not going through a significant shift either have precessional alignments are not conducive to such a massive shift, or their species are not sufficiently evolved to take advantage of these catalysts, or their life forms have evolved beyond the need for this cosmic “help.”

The universe operates in perfect balance. The Divine Dispensations occur precisely at the right time to afford souls the opportunity to follow their highest path of enlightenment. The cosmic cycles are merely catalysts, designed to give a boost to the will of the souls as they align with the Will of the Creator. The Creator's Will is to evolve, grow, expand, extend and diversify in its various expressions. Each cosmic cycle is an opportunity to assist souls in embodying that process.

This is the end of the first transmission. There will be more transmissions following this one in the days to come. We are the Founders, at your service and in alignment with the Creator of ALL THAT IS.

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For those of you that have not yet read the first e-book from the Founders, you can order it from my website (

At several junctures in the following material, the Founders refer to their earlier messages (compiled in the first e-book). In particular, they refer to the section on the history of the Earth (from their perspective). It is important to read “The History of the Earth.” In addition to the first e-book, the Earth history series of messages is available in standalone format in the “channeled messages” section of my website (

You can contact the channel at with your comments and feedback on the material, or to schedule a private reading or healing session. For more information on the channel's services, please go to his website, and read the many articles and messages there.

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