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Lyran Beginnings Part 1

Lyran Star System

The Lyran Beginnings

All right, greetings to all of you. This is Germane. Obviously we cannot cover everything about Earth history. So this is a highlight, a recap, a glossing over, shall we say. But it will be enough information for you to be able to begin thinking and looking in other directions, perhaps, than before.

The beginnings of humanoid consciousness began in the area you call the constellation Lyra. Eventually the consciousness took bodily form (in terms of humanoid beings), and within the Lyra system civilizations began exploding in all directions. They began polarizing themselves, as is the natural template of your reality - for having a polarized reality stirs you to achieve integration.

Lyran Light-Skinned and Vegan Dark-Skinned Humanoids

You had then what we will call the Lyran civilizations, which were, generally speaking, humanoids like you, usually a Caucasian type.

The other foundational civilization was from the system Vega. There is a star Vega in your Lyran constellation. In terms of light years, it's much closer to you than Lyra, but they regard themselves as part of the Lyran system. The Vegan civilizations are also a certain genetic strain, a less Caucasian type. Still humanoid, they are more representative of the darker skinned races on your planet, from Native American to East Indian to aborigine. Some of the specific African races on your planet were specifically engineered for Earth, so you may not find the exact type out there. These two polarities began the explosion of humanoid civilizations outward into the galaxy until you eventually get to Earth.

We'll give you a little bit of the family tree here. We shall start with Source. We've talked about the dimensional infusion, the eventual explosion into this dimensional reality (of course, it didn't happen like that), and the eventual polarization of the Lyran and Vegan races.

Prism of Lyra

The Two Genetic Strains

Let's take this a little further. As this is extremely simplified, there are literally hundreds of civilizations that are not represented here. But this is the basic template.

As you say in your Bible (and we will use it humorously), Lyra begat Terra, Lyra begat Pleiadians, Vega begat Orion, Vega begat Sirius. You can see some of the genetic progressions here. The Terrans (Terrans, of course being you) and the Pleiadians are more light-skinned (Lyran). Orions and Sirians are somewhat more Vegan. Now, there are a myriad of other civilizations: for instance, in the Vegan genetic chain there are Alpha Centauri and Altair, various planets in the Draco system, and some civilizations within Ursa Major. Those are minor players. We speak of the main players of this drama.

You'll hear us talk about the Lyran and Sirian groups more than the Lyran/Vegan [level of polarity]. The Vegans were the first civilization here on Earth, before the Lyrans ever came. This was during the time when prehistoric creatures were on your planet. Your Earth then was considered a future Vegan colony; when the planet settled down it would become a Vegan colony. Since Vega is close to your Earth in light years, this is very natural.

Troublemaking Lyrans

But the Lyrans came eventually and caused a lot of trouble (which is something they're known for). At some point the Vegans pulled out and it became a Lyran planet. Generations and generations later, the Sirians, who were begat from the Vegans, came back to claim the Earth. So the conflict thus lies between the Sirians and the Lyrans.

Those of you who have read a book on your planet called The Gods of Eden will find a reference to the Brotherhood versus the custodial gods. This dynamic of the Brotherhood, the custodial gods, the Lyrans and the Sirians has been playing on your planet since its inception. You have two groups who believe, or did believe, that you were their territory.

You Were Your Forefathers

Before we go further with this we do not want to imply that you are all puppets on a string. The key idea is that, reincarnationally speaking, you today were these forefathers who fought over you. So it's an internal family struggle; you're fighting against yourselves. No one is doing anything to you. You are attempting to heal your past by bringing up these past issues in contemporary times. This is why you see many of the divisions on your planet now.

Archetypally speaking, the Brotherhood, the Sirian group, was the group that had knowledge, the group that cared about humanity - cared enough to occasionally give you a carrot to appease you, a tidbit of information so that you would grow. The Lyrans would be more like the custodial gods or the authoritarian, perhaps religious, figures you are aware of who are more concerned with keeping you subverted.

So this is the dynamics that have been playing on your planet for millennia. You have a group that's attempting to enlighten you (in their own way) and a group that's attempting to oppress you. Again, it's yourself doing it to yourself. It's the polarities within yourselves raging this war. This history is only the external dynamic of how it occurred.

The creation of mankind was basically a joint effort, though somewhat reluctantly on the part of the Lyrans and the Sirians, who both wanted the race on Earth to be created for their own purposes. So after Homo sapiens was fully autonomous on the planet and began multiplying, then the more subtle wars began over who was going to be the lord over you.

The Time of the ET Overlords

During the times of early man (for instance, Sumeria) the planet was divided into various areas where a certain overlord was in charge. As you go through the mythologies on your planet you find gods in different civilizations with different names but with strikingly similar qualities - for instance, Innana in Sumeria, Quan Yin in Asia, Isis in Egypt. Those are all representative of the same consciousness, of an "overlord" during a given time period. However, the consciousness that many of you have come to know and love, Isis/Quan Yin, is not what we are talking about. (The Quan Yin, the Isis, is more archetypal now; it's the evolved version of that consciousness that has come to terms and integrated with everything and now serves as a loving force for evolution.) We're talking about the past physical history that has been attributed to these names. We are talking about the personification of these overlords, these gods on your planet.

Many of you may wonder why God is sometimes referred to in some of your ancient writings as being a real person, a physical person. Many of the very, very ancient writings have not been altered, and they speak of God as a physical person. These extraterrestrial beings were no more God than you are with each other; they were physical beings. Throughout the ages their true nature has been either deliberately manipulated and changed to keep people under control or it has become distorted through the passing of time.

Rest assured that what we are saying to you will represent one aspect. There is also a lot being communicated to you on another level of consciousness, so you may feel that your head is crammed very full. You may have a lot of later insights, things we've not even talked about today. So much of this history is so convoluted and nonlinear that sometimes we must share with you concepts in nonlinear communication rather than through language.

A School to Learn This History

Is there ever going to be a school or any kind of an educational system here that will acquaint us with these ideas and concepts?

It is our understanding that yes, eventually there will be, but it might not be in the next ten years. A lot of undoing and unraveling will need to be done before this information can be communicated to you. When we say "undoing and unraveling," we're talking about the hold that much of your religious structure has on your societal development. It's like a plant with very deep roots; if you try to dig out the plant, all the surrounding dirt is disturbed as well. Society may not be ready for that type of massive change. This information will eventually be recognized, because even as we speak there are experts who are translating Sumerian and many other texts found in areas of your Middle East. Most - 75% - of the information has not been released, some because it's not understood. Some of it hasn't been released because it is recognized to be in direct contradiction to what has been part of your planet. So for now, at least, you're not going to learn about this in your elementary schools. But in the future, yes.

Hidden Agendas and the Inheritance of Core Beliefs

I would like to make sure we touch on some of those core-belief systems that we have inherited from these previous times, such as the idea of monogamy or the influence of the Church, the power structure, that sort of thing. Some of the hidden agendas that apparently were played at that time are still carrying on here.

"Hidden agendas" is wonderful terminology. There are so many hidden agendas going on your planet. In fact, they are so hidden that the people who originally hid them can't even remember where they've hidden them. That's your challenge. The idea of chaos is part of it. These agendas are so hidden that you have to go into total chaos even to know you have a hidden agenda, before you even find out what it is.

Since you brought up the idea of monogamy we will address that one. We're not going to go in a linear format like we did before. We're going to field your questions and throw in little tidbits for you, back and forth throughout history, that will help you put the puzzle together. When you assemble a puzzle, you don't wait and do it in order. You do it as it fits together.

Monogamy, a Genetic Code

The idea of monogamy is a touchy one for some because it pushes a lot of buttons. But we will say that in the very early days of your planet when there was a deliberate breeding program to create accurate, direct bloodlines that the extraterrestrials in power wanted, the work with your genetic structure was primarily in women.

There is still a latent genetic code that predisposes females to the idea of monogamy. This was to keep bloodlines pure. It didn't matter if the male plucked around, as you say, but it was very important that the key females did not, so that the children would have a pure bloodline.

After these genetic programs were completed, the genetic code became more and more latent. The genetic code in females that predisposes them to monogamy is triggered by the emotion of fear, so it becomes active when fear is present, latent when fear is absent. In the early days the extraterrestrials' method of control was through fear; that is how fear became the trigger.

In contemporary times you have various things that can trigger fear. For instance, the fear of disease, the fear of not getting the love you need or want if you allow your partner not to be monogamous, the fear that it somehow takes away from you, the fear that if your partner is not monogamous with you perhaps your importance to him will be lessened, you identity will perhaps crumble. There are different ways one can trigger this, but the basic trigger is fear. When you heal the fear, the code becomes inactive.

There has been so much genetic mixture on your planet that we would say that males now also possess the latent code. It's more inactive in males than in females, but it exists now in both male and female bodies. The more fearful you are, the more that code is triggered.

This is one of those wonderfully byproducts of the early genetic manipulation. But in no way are you victims to it, because as you heal yourself, as you heal your relationship with yourself, your issues of self-love, etc., you come out of the energy of fear and the code becomes quite inactive; so much so that it would be difficult to access it.

This is an example of how certain deliberate genetic manipulation in the ancient past has created a certain aspect of society that you have now. This is going to be changing. It was necessary then that you be controlled. And of course later the churches etc. would jump on the band wagon, because if you knew that you could love more than one person you would not be in fear. You would not be afraid of God, for one thing, so you wouldn't listen to the Church.

The History of Jesus and His Bloodline

So the divine right of kings in our history is from the same idea - to keep those bloodlines intact, and that was linked with power and control?

Exactly. There have been a lot of secret genetic programs on your planet up to present day. One that some of you are familiar with is that of Jesus's bloodline - Jesus having had children. We've not talked about this really in depth. We've avoided it like the plague.

What is necessary to get a group of people together so that you don't have to avoid it...?

Well, we may go into it today, depending on the dynamics of the group. Jesus was Hebrew, obviously, and he could not have held his position as rabbi had he not been married. The ancients speak of Jesus as a rabbi, and he could not be a rabbi of that standing without being married. There were children. Obviously, because of the controversy around Jesus, his children would not talk about their heritage indiscreetly. After Jesus's disappearance, shall we say, the family fragmented somewhat, went into hiding. There's a bloodline on your planet that you call Merovingian; this was more active many centuries ago. They represent what's left of Jesus's bloodline - this is what they've claimed.

The Holy Grail

There is a whole idea of the grail, what it represents and how people have been seeking after it so long. Look at the symbology. Remember that when you're dealing with something that is mythologized, you're dealing in symbology. It might not necessarily be what you think. The mythical cup that held Jesus's blood - in symbology a cup can be seen as a womb; blood would be genetic material, codes, what makes you who you are. So you have a womb that is holding this genetic connection - the grail. This is the way we would interpret it. It's not a thing. It's not material riches to be sought after. It is an idea, and it is the key to your liberation on Earth. It is the recognition of who you have been, who you are, and who you will become. It is the entire genetic package of your heritage.

So you have seen people risking their lives to find the grail, not even knowing what they're looking for. It was because they sensed that it represented freedom. You also had people desperately looking for the grail to hide it so that it would never be found.

This is the dynamic that's been going on on your planet. You have groups who want to keep you in ignorance and fear. And you have groups who want to liberate you. They've been butting heads for century after century. Again we remind you it's yourself and yourself. You're the only players. No one is doing anything to you. This is your way of being extremely creative and clearing up all the stuff, discovering your heritage, using the past to move cleanly into the future.

During the next twenty years much is going to be emerging - so much information, so much revelation is going to be emerging, it will be like a cleansing. This is necessary. And it's going to come in layers. The top layer may be your government's revelations. Oh my goodness! That's just covering up one more layer of coverup! Well, coverup's not the word we're looking for, but you know what we mean - hidden agendas.

Your Divine Heritage

The basic hidden truth all of these facades are covering up is your divine heritage, who you are. It doesn't mean you are all gods on a pedestal. It means you are all equal to God. You came from the heavens. You have a connection. You each have your own personal connection to a God that no one can dictate to and you are part of a vast network of family from planet to planet to planet. A very liberating idea, yes? That's why it's not widely known - it's too liberating. But that's the foundational piece that all of the facades, the governments, the religions, etc. are covering up.

The grail is one key toward the understanding of yourself on a genetic level - who you are, where you've come from, and where you are going.

Jesus and the Crucifixion

In one of the Seth books they talked about the idea that the actual body that was crucified wasn't the body of Christ but that it was somebody else. Can you comment on that?

We knew someone was going to ask that question. We would agree with that. We've not really come out to say this yet, but Jesus did not die. The ultimate blasphemy you may throw at your society is that he did not die on the cross. His value was recognized, and the individuals responsible for the crucifixion knew that a dead martyr is much more powerful [as a symbol]. So there were various political things that went on. He was allowed basically to go into hiding and another was sacrificed in his place. Thus he was able to keep the genetic line going.

What then is the Shroud of Turin?

Many of these stories we share with you may sound very fantastic. You have to look at the whole picture instead of the fantastic stories.

The body that was put in the shroud was not the body of the person who died on the cross. It was the body of Jesus, but he was not dead.

He's not in trance or an altered state of consciousness?

Well, a little bit of all you've mentioned. He had the ability to put himself in a very deep trancelike state, which he had learned in India. And he was able to translocate himself, hence the appearances in front of the apostles. To him and the apostles it was no big deal.

Why was he wrapped in the shroud? Why was he buried?

It was necessary for people to believe that he had died.

But didn't they see that the man on the cross and the man that was buried wasn't the same person? I mean, linearly speaking, dealing with that group of people and those belief systems and that intelligence, didn't the same people go from the cross to the burial?

First, many of the people who were angry about his existence had never really seen him; it was all hearsay. They had no real idea who he was. Only the Pharisees and the Sadducees and the people that surrounded him had really seen him. There was no television, no photographs, so it was very easy to deceive the public.

You wonder today about things that are covered up and how could that have happened.

Well, today with television and newspapers and everything, we still don't know the truth of Kennedys.

There is also the idea of sleight-of-hand. Keep someone busy here while something else is going on over here - very easy to do. Of course, if anyone else knew the truth, they were either executed or threatened enough that they would be quiet. People were very fearful then.

There was the disappearance, the banishment of Jesus' family, into the Greek area and up into Europe, so they felt they would never have to deal with it again. Of course, all of the different structures that became the churches took it and ran, and you have the structure you have today.

What, then, happened to Jesus? Did he die a natural death?

He died a natural death, yes. Well...

A supernatural death?

Thank you. Yes, not a natural death in the sense of pain. Basically speaking, he was there one minute and gone the next.

So he translated himself fairly quickly?

Which will take us back to this actual birth and conception because he was not totally Terran in nature.

I did think so.

He had capabilities that the people of the time did not recognize; they weren't common.

What about his life after this crucifixion scenario? Did he continue a so-called normal, ordinary life in hiding or in another place with his family? Was he able to leave some kind of work after what he did for the mass consciousness?

He actually did continue to teach. He taught in various disguises with different names and identities. It was not difficult in that time to do so because the world was not linked through planetary communication. It was necessary for him to change locations, but he was instrumental in beginning what you consider to be secret societies (not that that was what he planned to do).

Well, a lot of things he did came out differently from the way he planned.

Exactly. But after he was gone it was recognized that he had started a liberating teaching. What is so interesting about the way your planet has thought is that anytime you have gotten a teaching that you see is liberating, you restrict it! You keep it secret. You make people pay a lot of money to get it - whatever. Kind of a paradox there. But that was the way you felt you needed to do it.

Actually that could be a foundation for the societies we are aware of today such as the Rosicrucians, the Knights Templar...

Yes, absolutely. Knights Templar, Freemasons, yes absolutely. The foundation was in the early teachings of Jesus and then onward.

How long did he live, roughly?

Interesting question. He spent a lot of time not in the earthly dimension, so he actually lived a lot longer. But in terms of Earth chronological years we would say perhaps 80. We can't really give you a direct number because it's not really counted like that. But he lived for quite some time. You will find that as things are being uncovered you are actually going to find some texts in Southern Europe that will account his life after the crucifixion. No one's going to want you to know that, so that will be quite controversial.

Some of that material is leaking out now. There were other teachers in various areas of the world who came, I assume, to give somewhat the same idea to people, to get them to realize they had their own power and to love each other (although I'm very murky on the subject of Mohammed).

As you should be. Mohammed is a different situation. In no way are we slamming his glamour, but was an overlord, so you're dealing with a little bit different scenario.

Mary and the Immaculate Conception

We would like to go back to the immaculate conception. It is a very interesting story, because today in contemporary times you have the story of UFO abductions where some women are implanted with children, finding themselves pregnant without sexual intercourse. Well, this is nothing new. Now, the Mother Mary would have been considered a virgin, all right? If you do linguistic studies into the definition of virginity at that time (check it out), it meant never having become pregnant, not never having had sex. The firstborn child of a woman carried the genetic coding of being the firstborn. Therefore if a woman had had a child, she is not a virgin because she has already had her firstborn, which was considered to be the true child of her soul. The later interpretation of virginity was to keep you under control once again.

It added to the mystery, too.

Oh yes. Now what better way to keep a population in control than to control your most instinctive drive? If the sexual drive can be controlled, everything else can be, too. This is what you've gotten yourselves into, what you've created for yourselves as a process of liberation.

You mean this is what we're getting ourselves out of?

Yes, that also. In that sense, then, Mary had never had a child. She was a virgin in the old sense of the word. Therefore, the immaculate conception would be what you would consider artificial insemination by another consciousness.

There are stories about angels visiting her. Those were the consciousnesses visiting her. Some of the other stuff in the story was added, but basically you have the consciousness that was to be Jesus being put into her for the purpose of his incarnation on Earth.

And wasn't Mary from a long line of very spiritual people? Was she selected?

Yes. Well, not selected; she chose it. She had been preparing herself for many, many lifetimes.

Jesus' Genetics

What race was it that implanted her?

I knew that one was coming up. It was not just one race but a genetic combination. We'll go back to our chart here. The primary genetic combination was Sirian and Pleiadian. Now, the Pleiadians really don't like to talk about this. They're very sensitive about everything that they've done on Earth that could be considered interference. It's a sore spot. What that represented was Sirian past, Pleiadian future, an integration of those two energies. It was important that it occurred in that way.

What's very interesting is the contemporary images of the Mother Mary. There's an image that has been photographed somewhere in Eastern Europe. If you compare that image to the photographs that Billy Meier has taken of Pleiadians, they are nearly identical.

The features are very delicate...

Very delicate. The earlobes are lower, the chins pointed, the mouths very small. It's not that a Pleiadian has appeared in the guise of Mother Mary in Eastern Europe. But the area, being highly Catholic or Christian, has interpreted what they've seen to be the Mother Mary. There's a difference there. So the Mother Mary was carrying a lot of the Pleiadian genetics. The Sirian genetics were put into her to combine with her Pleiadian genetics.

In some ways this was political, in terms of the ETs at the time, because you have the struggle between the Lyrans and the Sirians that occurred on and off throughout history, each attempting to gain a foothold on the planet. This was the way for the Sirians to perhaps gain a little bit of a foothold. It was like their last-ditch effort.

Implanting was just one level of the whole Sirian thing. There were other levels that could be considered to be altruistic. You have quite an interesting historical past, very colorful.

We're going to take it up to the Middle Ages, again jumping around.

The Creation of the Human Biogenetic Structure

The creation of the biogenetic structure, how was that done? Was it chemical? Was it just for the body or for the soul as well? What's the makeup of the soul? Does it too have an equivalent of DNA coding?

You are talking about the makeup of the human prototype created on Earth?

Yes, both the body and the energy that is the soul. Was that created as well?

The souls were not created, no. The beings, the Lyrans and the Sirians who were involved in the genetic engineering of the Earth human, were looking to create the perfect vehicle, a body, for themselves to incarnate into eventually. It's kind of like building your own car. They wanted to start from scratch, build the car, and be the driver of the car. So the souls were already in existence. This is why we say you are them, because you were them.

The ETs we are talking about now who are fighting amongst themselves are reincarnationally you. This is how you are bringing about the transformation and integration on your planet. You have achieved what you set out to do - the creation of the Terran race on Earth - and then the incarnation into that race in order to work out the problems of your forefathers.

In terms of the actual genetic work, there was an indigenous Terran species on Earth, the primates. Throughout the primate development there were periods of time when genetics was inserted to speed up the process. But it wasn't until Neanderthal when things went crazy a little bit in a positive way. There began an explosion of growth, and it was at that time they guided humankind into Cro-Magnon man. That's where the whole missing-link idea began. The missing link was the time period in which your development was extremely accelerated. Your anthropologists can't figure out what happened during that period because it doesn't fit any of their theories. The most obvious thing is that you had help, but maybe they're not ready for that one yet.

So the vehicle became prepared then. The vehicle was given an instillment of extraterrestrial genetics. What we speak of, though it may seem fantastic to many of you, is commonplace out there in the universe. You hybridize plants on your planet, creating new forms of food. This is a natural process of evolution. And you will be out there someday doing this type of thing. You'll do it differently from your forefathers, we assure you. But it's part of evolution. Evolution has been frequently defined as occurring with no outside stimulus. But outside stimulus is part of evolution, so perhaps a new definition of the idea of evolution would assist you.

There was an infusion of the extraterrestrial genetics into the developing primate on Earth. Therefore you had Homo sapiens. The whole Garden of Eden story is a symbolic representation of your Terran species' leap from second to third density, the awareness of the I Am. (We're being very general here because we have told this story before and it is available on tape if you would like to hear it in detail.) That is how the race progressed into the prototype and then into the human kicked out of the Garden of Eden, becoming responsible for themselves.

Until that prehistoric time you're talking about there was no outside stimulus? It was just natural progression on the Earth?

Yes. We would say it was a very ancient time when the Vegans were here. They did a little bit of terraforming, shall we say, but there was not really the major project that the Lyrans took on later.

The Soul Coding

What reincarnates? The I who was me then and who will be me in the future is perhaps both my soul and my physical genetic representation...but that original soul unaffected by the genetic coding has its own coding. Where does that come from, and why should it be affected by the Terra coding in our next reincarnation?

Good question. First, a little bit of metaphysics here. Let's say that the oversoul is the palm of the hand. The fingers are the lifetimes or incarnations. Now, the oversoul knows the entire story and dictates what you're going to do. That's your source. That's the source that made you Lyran, Sirian, and Terran - the progression.

Genetics has been considered a physical thing. It's in your genes. Your genetic coding is in your DNA. Now, there is etheric DNA (for lack of another term) that exists within the matrices of your soul or your oversoul's energy. This represents your past, your future, your present all wrapped up into one idea. It's encoded by light frequencies. This is what dictates or what attracts you to a certain type of body. When you want to come into a lifetime, there will be various connections with the different bodies on Earth. If you want to incarnate as a black person, maybe there have been lifetimes as other black people and you want to resolve them. That's one idea. That's on the Earth level.

There are other levels that represent your identity with your Source on an etheric genetic level. That will dictate your experiences and your genetic evolution, not against your will but as a reflection of your will, and not only your genetic evolution on Earth, but your metagenetic evolution, the genetic evolution of you as a light being.

Originally was this etheric DNA created by someone, some energy form?

No, not outside of you. We've described the whole idea of the dimensional infusion, which was your emergence into this reality that you all share. You came from a point of integration into a reality of separation. When you fragmented it was like the shattering of a mirror. You brought with you the original stuff that you were part of, and that is part of your identity. Your experiences here alter your identity; they change it, expand it.

So it's not that someone else created you but that who you are inherently created the codes that we speak of. It's a reflection of you rather than a blueprint about you.

How Miracles Originate

People worship a god, or pray to a god, whether it's the image of a god or it's a Buddha or even back then...they tap in and get results. The god is just something that they made. So are those gods just like connectors to an energy that one was able to tap into?

When one prays to a god and - let's say the prayer is answered. The person needs that figure because at that time in their lives they do not realize that what they are praying to is a mirror. They are only looking at themselves. So it serves a function for them to do that. But the evolutionary process is such that eventually there will be a recognition that you're only looking in the mirror and seeing yourself. Here's an interesting thought: Let's say that someone makes up a god and they call it Bob, the god of Bob. And enough people begin believing in Bob. Because of the belief in Bob, Bob is created. Bob has the choice of becoming self-aware, but he doesn't have to. He can exist only as a projection of the people who believe in him, in which case it is like a two-dimensional image. To the people who believe in him, Bob is very real, and you could prove the existence of Bob.

Evolution always has wild cards. This is a case where you may actually be able to watch the birth of a new entity, because through the natural evolution of Bob's existence Bob may become self-aware. If that is the case, he becomes a true being and not just a projection of those who believe in him. So for all intents and purposes those who believe in Bob will know that Bob exists, because Bob will be very real for them. And there really is no difference that he is a projection. Do you follow?

Well, actually, we're all projections of some sort of another aren't we?

We were talking about the dimensional infusion. Sometimes people ask, "What happened before that?" Before the dimensional infusion you can liken that to your being one big Bob. Bob became self-aware, and the self-awareness was so exciting and so igniting that in his excitement he burst and fragmented. That's one way of looking at it. But that is how the creation of an entity can occur.

But then you can go one step further and ask, where did Bob come from?


He came from itself. Well, it's like the devil then, too.

The devil has a lot of power because he's been given it. That's the only reason why. So your church is being very real when they say the devil exists. But does the devil have an existence outside of it?

Well, I would say that he has power over those that believe in his power. They give it to him. They put their power in his hands. How does that relate to miracles such as the waters of Lourdes, St. Therese, St. Francis of Assisi and Bernadette?

Miracles are self-generating. Miracles occur because the seeker believes they need something and can't allow themselves to give them what they need. Therefore the miracle will come in the form that is most comfortable. For the individuals of a certain religion, miracles come in the form they're comfortable with. For some of the more fundamentalist Christians, it comes in the form of faith healing. It's what you believe in. Miracles do not happen outside of you. You are the generator of them. It's up to you whether you want to create it so it look like you have nothing to do with it.

Let's say that Bernadette or St. Francis had nothing to do with working any of these miracles outside of the fact they are the mirror...

They're the mirror. They are also the channel through which the energy may flow. Those whom you have deified may actually be the channel for energy to flow through for other people rather than themselves. But if you're just a sick person and you have a miracle, it's for you rather than your channeling for others. Do you see what we mean?

Well, I healed myself in a very interesting situation and when I asked about it, I was told that it was my soul energy that healed me.


Evidently your soul energy heals you when your ego is looking in the other direction, because the ego doesn't believe in that sort of thing.

Yes, exactly. You've just said it all. Nothing happens outside of yourself. Absolutely not.

So if we take full responsibility for, let's say, fragments of Bob and we want to be the catalyst to do this thing, then the process is for us to get rid of our egos so that we can then put out the fires in Kuwait and help the people of Bangladesh and stop crack babies from being born addicted - all of that. There's some sort of process about getting the ego out of the way and allowing ourselves to be the channel for healing on this level.


To sort of somehow focus all these people who do have serious beliefs in miracles so that their energy can flow and join ours and create some kind of...

Exactly. There's nothing wrong in believe in miracles. You can coexist totally harmoniously with fundamentalist Christians who believe in miracles if you both allow the ego to step out of the way. They will create the miracles seemingly outside of them and you will create the miracles for yourself. And you both accept each other. It's not a matter of belief; it's a matter of allowing. That's the whole key.

There is enough space for a coexistence to take place for all energies, all races.

Oh, yes.

The Origin of Conflict

Even from the very beginning why did the struggle for domination occur? Was it territorial?

It was territorial. We'll explain a little bit about the dynamics of it. You are asking why there is conflict if the realization is that there's enough to go around.

The nature of polarity in your universe is such that it takes the form of service to others or service to self, or positive and negative. Negative can be equated with service to self; this is because of the energy dynamic. Service to self is contractive, contracting in on itself. Service to others is expansive, expanding outward but at the end you're going to be scratching your head wondering what one thing has to do with another. We will clarify.

Lamb's Blood, Cattle Mutilations and the AIDS Virus

The scenario is that you have a lot of dead first-born Egyptians and no dead first-born Hebrews, who had drunk the lamb's blood. Cut to the present day: You have on your planet what you call the AIDS virus. Any of you that have researched have found that the AIDS virus is a combination of a sheep and a cow retrovirus. It has connections there. (In fact, the virus can be grown in the belly of these animals.) Lamb - sheep, all right? Now cut to the scenarios that were active in the seventies: cattle and sheep mutilations. (Are we putting the pieces together?)

In the 1970s you find the outbreak of AIDS. In the 1970s you find a preponderance of cattle and sheep mutilations in which the blood is drained. We would say that the plague that hit the Egyptians during this time and that passed over the Hebrews was a similarly engineered virus, but a more potent one because it struck and killed right away. (As you know, if you have a snakebite, one antidote is small portions of the snake venom.) You can get the antidote by understanding the chemical components of the thing that's poisoning you. So they drank the lamb's blood prepared in a certain way, which counteracted this very potent virus that was acting as a plague.

Cut back to present day: This plague is still being used in biological warfare and it's still active on your planet. There are forces on your planet who have been attempting to find once again an antidote, as well as forces on your planet attempting to find the way to recreate the potent virus from the Egyptian times. So again you have two different forces fighting each other: One is trying to find a cure and the other is trying to find a way to obtain it and wipe out a lot of people.

That is the purpose of the cattle and sheep mutilations - mostly research attempting to synthesize these chemicals. It doesn't have to do with ETs who are wanting to eat you, who are trying to drain blood for their nourishment -- nothing like that. That's more symbolic of the memory of the drinking of the blood way back when.

Is it our planet's Homo sapiens who are doing this?

Homo sapiens doing what? The mutilations?

Yes. Who are you saying is doing the mutilations?

We define mutilations: Ever since the 1970s there has been a greater awareness of cattle and sheep mutilations, which seem to have used laser beams or instruments you do not possess on your planet. Very clean incisions, and most of the time the blood is completely drained from the animal. We are saying that there are different groups doing it. Some are human (Homo sapiens) and some are extraterrestrial, so it's not clear-cut.

Humans and ETs on Both Sides

Are those extraterrestrial groups associated with those on our planet like the Greys, or are we talking off-planet now?

We are talking off-planet, descendants of those who still think there's a territorial dispute going on. There are extraterrestrials as well as humans who are attempting to find the antidote. There are extraterrestrials as well as negatively oriented human groups who are attempting to use the virus. So you've got them on both sides.

We do not perceive that you are going to create a reality in which the AIDS virus is going to wipe you out. If you remember, earlier in the session we talked about how emotional states like fear can trigger certain things like the latent code for monogamy. Emotional states can lower the resistance of the immune system. This is becoming fact on your planet, but they do not yet understand the intricacies of it. If your population is kept in fear, you can trigger the immune system to accept a foreign virus to become embedded in you. If you as a population transmute your fear, this virus will not be able to touch you. Period. No ifs, ands or buts. This is why this whole challenge right now is so important for you. Because you not only save your skin; you also become liberated as beings on the planet.

At the risk of being redundant, it's you who are doing it to yourselves. We will never, ever, ever give power to the idea that someone's out to get you. You have created this scenario for very direct purposes and understandings. You will gain out of these scenarios what you have set out to gain. You may gain it quickly or it may take a long time; that's really up to you. But no one, no evil force is putting anything over on you. This is your game and you are all chess pieces.

At one session we were talking about dis-ease and not illness and how quickly it can be cured if you deal with why you created it. When I asked if that included cancer, your reply was yes. When I asked about AIDS, your reply was, "If you deal with the source of it." I asked what anyone could wish to experience through AIDS; your reply was "Total vulnerability." So those who wish to experience total vulnerability here can do so now in this way?

Vulnerability Replayed

Yes. Just look at the idea of vulnerability - the immune system. When your immune system's down you are totally vulnerable. So we would absolutely agree with you. It is created now because there is a reason for it to be created here now. It's a very important process you are going through. Even though we understand that all of you value your physical lives, etc., the end of your physical life is not the end of your existence. There is greater good being accomplished by the individuals who choose to exit the plane in this fashion. And this scenario in the present is also linked to the scenario during the Moses time, as we were just sharing with you. What you're doing now is cleansing that whole earlier scenario - those wars, the idea that some of you must be saved and some not. All of those scenarios are necessary to be cleansed. If anyone into genetics or medicine listens to this tape and does some research, pulling out the ancient biblical texts that talk about the preparation of the lamb; if they really want to take it seriously, they will find connections - we guarantee it. You may actually be able to find an antidote. We understand that this information may stretch the imagination for many. The more you think about it, the more sense it is going to make. This scenario is something that's been around for a long time, and has been triggered whenever humanity wished to create a shot in the arm for whatever reason.

The Real Lesson: Empowerment and Ease

If it has a purpose of being and it's synchronistic with those who need to have that experience, then it has its own natural outgoing. So why should anybody really be trying to come up with an antidote?

The ultimate goal is not to find the antidote but to come to terms with the idea of your all-empowerment and know that you need not create learning a lesson in a painful way. You can discover this for yourself by finding an antidote, which is what you did for polio, for example. Some individuals may choose not to do it that way, and that's quite all right also. It's really up to the individual and the society to make choices about how they want to manifest it.

A lot of AIDS research is being done in terms of sound vibration - the shattering of the virus. We would also say that should you wish to wait it out, the virus will naturally mutate into a dormant stage, where it will become something that will not affect you either positively or negatively. However, many of you may not want to wait until it mutates.

Continue to part 2 Here...

Copyright © 1992 by Royal Priest Research, All Rights Reserved. For more information on tapes and transcripts, contact Royal Priest Research at PO Box 30973, Phoenix, Arizona
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