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The Founders: Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction and Creating Your Reality

The Metaphysics of Earth Changes

Closely related to psychology is metaphysics, or the science of the mind. The most obvious and widespread metaphysical knowledge going around your world is the idea that you create your reality with the quality of your thoughts. While this is true to some extent, a more accurate statement would be that you create your EXPERIENCE of reality based on the quality and content of your consciousness. Reality is far more complex than just your experience of it. Reality consists of several levels and dimensions of Creation, all existing simultaneously. You have your personal reality, which consists of your perceptions, beliefs, programming, conditioning, responses, reactions, and general state of consciousness, and then you have your collective reality.

Humanity has a collective reality that is the composite result of the consciousness of individual members of humanity relating with each other, and then you have the sub-collective realities of those with similar belief systems and similar programming and conditioning. For example, most of you believe in death and taxes, and so that is a rather large sub-collective reality. Only a few of you believe you can live free of death and taxes, and so that is a rather small sub-collective reality.

In the fourth density world of future Earth, the dominant reality will be what this channel calls “enlightened self-sufficient spiritual communities.” Those humans who believe in love and compassion, and who have enough awareness to move beyond third density consciousness, will survive the Earth changes and create the so-called “golden age” of peace and prosperity. This will be accomplished largely through the thought processes and beliefs of the surviving humans.

We will now say a few words about the law of attraction, since this seems to be a very popular topic on your world right now.

The Law of Attraction

There are essentially two dynamic patterns happening in regard to the law of attraction. You have the familiar and obvious idea that “like attracts like,” meaning that as you move along your path, you will tend to attract souls into your life that have a similar state of consciousness to your own. The most simple example of this is when you befriend someone because you want to explore an area of life together that you have in common. The members of a sports team are an obvious example of this.

In your relationships, you might choose a partner who has the same basic interests as you, so that you can enjoy each other's company when indulging in your favorite pleasures.

There is another dynamic of the law of attraction. You might attract someone into your life because you have something to learn from that person, or you might attract someone who has something to learn from you. In most cases, there will be a little of both. You might have a soul contract or karmic agreement with another soul. You might be the student or the teacher, or both. You might come together in order to work through the karmic lessons, or you might be drawn together in order to co-create something important that needs both of your talents. You might seem to be opposites in every sense, but your soul craves the opposite viewpoint because it wants to learn all it can about everything. Such relationships are often called “complementary pairs.”

Many souls on Earth start their relationships by healing past karma and teaching each other what each soul needs to learn to move forward in the quickest way possible. At some later point, the partners might move into a more co-creative phase whereby they bring their differences together in a way that complements and assists in their souls' desire to create.

The Law of Attraction works for collective realities as well as personal realities. “What you focus on, you become,” is true for groups as well as individuals. If you are on a path of ascension, you will attract others that are on the path of ascension, and you will be drawn to groups, organizations and communities that have ascension as their primary focus. If you have decided that ascension into fifth density is your path during the Earth changes, you will do well to associate with others who feel the same way and are working to create a fifth density paradise.

Creating Your Reality

In this channel's counseling and healing work, he gives students a process for creating and manifesting. We will mention this process briefly and add a few modifications here and there as we see fit. The reason we are including this instruction on how to create is because so many of you have been misinformed or given only partial information about the creative process.

In your “success motivation” books (which are numerous), every pundit and preacher on the subject gives his or her magic formula for success. Some of the formulas tend to work better than others, but none of them will get you very far unless you understand how energy works in your lower worlds.

As we stated earlier, it is essential to have all your aspects lined up and supporting one another in order to be a powerful creator. Once you have determined what it is your soul truly desires, and you have the backing of your mental, emotional and physical selves behind that soul desire, then the process of creation is relatively straightforward.

Manifesting in the lower worlds is accomplished by directing energy in a specific way. The role of the mind is highly over-emphasized in most lessons on how to create. The mind's primary role is that of carrying out the tasks given it by spirit. The mind is the mechanical device that performs the necessary tasks for manifesting your desires. However, it can get its instruction from spirit or the ego, and when it receives instruction from the ego, the results are usually less than satisfying.

So the first step in manifesting what you desire is to get in touch with your own God Self, your core essence within. Once you have done that, tune in to the various levels and aspects of the Self and make sure they are all on the same page. You can use this channel's “conference room” technique to assist you in getting all of your parts together. Now you are ready to create.

Creation is directed from the center of your being outward. You do not need to visualize things coming to you, or even specific things happening in your life (although that can be helpful). It is more important to visualize the creative energy going forth from the center of your being.

To create, you must FEEL the certain knowledge of what you are creating in your heart and solar plexus. You then KNOW and INTEND to create that which you are feeling within the 3rd and 4th chakras. Wishing and hoping have no place in the creative process. They are devices of the ego and are rarely effective. To create the feeling of success in your heart and solar plexus, there are various techniques, including what this channel calls “reverse timeline healing,” which means going back in time to a situation where you felt successful, and bringing that feeling forward and overlaying it on your present physical body. This is different than simply remembering a time when you felt successful.

Once you FEEL deeply the reality of success, you then place this feeling into your heart and solar plexus, while KNOWING that this is your reality in the present moment. At that point, you can bring the mind into the equation and begin visualizing the details of what it is you are manifesting. Obviously if any negative emotions arise, you need to clear them and then continue with the process.

Knowing how to create will help carry you through the Earth changes safely and efficiently. For example, you can create a feeling of safety and then manifest it in the world, even if you are in an area likely to be negatively impacted by Earth changes. You will eventually be able to walk through a forest fire or flood and be completely unharmed if you hold the feeling of safety strongly enough within your being. Your God Presence will enfold you and shield you as necessary from any outer conditions. It is also advisable to have a support system in the higher realms, and that bring us to one more topic within this section.

Spirit Guides --The Founders

Spirit GuidesClarifying the Role of Spirit Guides and Helpers

As you ascend in vibration, you will find yourself clearing all of your deeply held core negative beliefs about reality and about the Earth changes. The law of attraction will also bring you the ETs and spirit guides that are right for you. You might need to let go of some guides that are no longer serving you before you can let more appropriate ones in. Outgrowing your spirit guides is quite common on Earth. Many well-meaning spirit guides will hang around and continue to attach to your energy body because they think you still need their help. In most cases, when you are clear that you no longer need their guidance, you can ask them to leave and they will. If they are stubborn, they might refuse to go and then you will need to use a stronger technique to get them to leave. This channel and others have various techniques for protecting yourself from overly enthusiastic guides. After all, it is your free will decision whether or not to allow specific energies, entities or thought forms into your personal space.

It is essential that the guidance you receive genuinely helps you prepare for the Earth changes. You need to feel nourished and supported by your guides. If your guides are continuously feeding you thoughts of fear, it might be time to change your guidance system. Consult with this channel or an appropriate healer or teacher for help in letting go of guidance that no longer supports you.

One final note on this point. If you are constantly relying on your guides to give you information, and the information does not seem to be serving you, or seems to lead you in the “wrong” direction, then that might be an indication that you know more about the subject of inquiry than your guides. It is amazing how many souls on Earth seem to rely on spirit guides just because they are in spirit and not in embodiment. We are not sure where you got the idea that just because a guide is not human, he or she is more evolved and aware than you are.

As an aside, it is interesting to note that this channel, if he were to claim he is only channeling his own higher self, would likely garner far less interest than if he states that he is channeling spirit guides from a lofty dimension. Yet there is no guarantee that the information from the “lofty spirit guides” is any more valid and accurate than the information from his own higher self. All information, whether from us, his higher self, or anyone else, needs to be tested with discernment and critical thinking.

This leads us naturally to the next field of study: Religion, one that is sorely lacking discernment in many cases, as you have no doubt noticed.

Religion -- The Founders

ReligionEvery major religion has a set of beliefs about what is happening and about to happen on planet Earth. The Christians have the “rapture”, which is a distorted perception of the ascension. Some religions talk about the “promised land” or the “land of milk and honey.” Visionaries in your holy books are given a lot of credence and are worshipped and revered and thought to have the absolute truth.

In some of your religious mythology, you have what is called the “New Jerusalem” or holy city that is prophesied to descend upon the Earth, taking the chosen ones into a heavenly state.

Some of these prophecies are describing states of consciousness, while others are describing the intervention of various ETs and ascended master groups in the affairs of Earth. In our next section, we will go into more detail regarding the levels of intervention taking place on your world and how these interventions have been misinterpreted. Some of the interventions are part of the Seventh Divine Dispensation and some are not. It is essential that souls learn to differentiate and discern between true Divine Dispensation-based intervention, and the over-zealous efforts of unenlightened ETs who are playing a Messiah role.

There are humans waiting to be beamed aboard spaceships. Some have put their lives on hold and are simply sitting around waiting to be rescued from their uncomfortable and unsatisfying lives. Except in rare cases where it is in the highest and best interests of the soul, there will not be any mass evacuations in the days to come upon Earth. There are expected to be large areas of the Earth that will remain relatively safe and stable during the height of the Earth changes. Enlightened souls will be directed as to where to go and what to do during those time periods. Quieting the mind, healing the psychological self, and learning how to create metaphysically will all play a part in the soul's ability to discern and distinguish the true voice of inner guidance from the distorted perceptions of the ego and the egotistical ETs that think they are saving humanity.

This channel and his primary spirit guide have explored and expounded on the subject of ET intervention numerous times already and so we will not say anything further on this point until the next section. Throughout this treatise, we may refer to certain religious teachings and images in order to further clarify the religious perceptions regarding the Earth changes.

What Happens When the Ego Controls Religion

Every religion has a grain (or perhaps a few grains) of truth. You have most likely heard this quote within your metaphysical organizations. In a way, it does not really matter which religion is being followed. They all have a thread of truth that runs through them, and they all have a lot of distortion of basic truths. This distortion leads to adherence to distorted belief systems.

Some of the most popular religions have been purposely altered in order to enslave as many minds as possible by introducing ideas that hold back the soul growth of believers. For example, the introduction of guilt and sin into the teachings of Christianity has created a blend of truth and fiction that is designed to keep follows of the Christian religions forever seeking and not finding truth.

The egotistical leaders of the various religions have played upon the ignorance of the masses in order to retain and consolidate their power and control. Sometimes this is done intentionally and maliciously, but more often than not, those who are leading the various religions have simply fallen into the trap of the ego and are naively believing they are following the “word of God” as they send soldiers into battle and subject women and children to the latest killing machines and “smart” bombs.

They are convinced that anyone who does not believe as they do is the “enemy” and deserves to be destroyed. They are hypnotized into believing that God must somehow triumph over evil and that light must be victorious over darkness. Such belief systems merely perpetuate identification with the realms of duality and prevent the soul from being able to break free of the illusions inherent within the worlds of maya (the lower four dimensions).

The contradictions evident within such actions and behavior should be obvious to anyone that is not completely mesmerized by the conflicting teachings being given through the major religions. It is perplexing to us in the higher realms when we see your holy books filled with slogans such as “Love one another” and “Bless your enemies,” and then witness the relentless violence perpetrated in the name of God. Some of your teachers say that religion has killed more people than anything else in your history. We are inclined to agree, based on our observations.

Some of the wars that have happened upon your Earth are understandable, particularly if they involve disputes over land and so-called “scarce” resources. While we recognize the unlimited abundance and infinite space of the Creator's universe, we also understand that most of you have not been able to break out of the belief in scarcity, and so those who go to war over land disputes are merely playing out the dictates of their beliefs. However, the killing that goes on in the name of a “just and loving God,” is quite another matter. Those same souls that say the Bible is the “word of God,” are blatantly defying the word of God and going against the commandments contained therein, such as “Thou shalt not kill.”

In perusing your holy books, and especially the Christian Bible, we note that the commandments are rather specific (regardless of whether or not they are in alignment with God's Will). For example, it does not say, “Thou shalt not kill, except on Tuesdays, or except when the enemy believes in Allah or Jehovah instead of Jesus Christ.” Yet every day upon your world, another bomb goes off as a testament to the belief, “My God is better than your God.”

The Opiate of the Masses

Our perception of what is taking place here closely mirrors what one of your pop culture icons said. “Religion is the opiate of the masses.” In this case, the beliefs of fundamentalist religion are used to lull the unsuspecting mind into a false sense that it is okay to rain death and destruction down upon your fellow citizens as long as you attribute it to God's Will. Somewhere, the mind justifies this by altering the original teachings. “God is loving and just, but gets angry sometimes and smites the sinners.”

It is true that God gets angry, because you get angry and you are a part of God. However, in the very highest of dimensions, in what your teachers call the “God worlds,” there is an immense unconditional love that permeates all things. There is an aspect of the Godhead that is perfect, unchanging, eternal love, forever changeless and forever beyond all time and space. As you move out of your dualistic perception and transcend the lower four dimensions of time and space, you will come to realize the truth that exists beyond all of the illusions of your everyday world.

Religion, as it is practiced by most of humanity, creates a split in the psyche between the part that wants to do good, and the part that represents the unhealed “shadow self.” The belief in sin and guilt simply justifies the actions of the shadow self, without doing anything significant to heal it. If you believe you are a miserable sinner, then you will most likely go on killing in the name of God and justifying it. You then expect to be punished by God and begin looking forward to going to hell and suffering for eternity, and so you react to this insane belief by becoming hedonistic and attempting to drown yourself in sensory pleasures in order to avoid the inevitable doom awaiting you.

We observe this see-sawing effect between those who attempt to lead righteous, “God-fearing” lives, and those who surround themselves with all manner of distraction, in the name of pleasure and materiality, in order to avoid the certain demise of the soul when comes the judgment day.

The biggest problem with religion as it exists on Earth today, is that it requires adhering to a set of beliefs and principles that are not in alignment with natural Divine Law. The church does not encourage souls to question the motives behind religion. You are taught to have blind faith in those that administer the teachings, such as the ministers and priests, and to faithfully practice your rosary and confess your sins, in the hope that maybe God will grant you the peace of Heaven instead of the misery of hell.

One of your teachers rightly pointed out that “Hell is the state of consciousness that arises when you believe this stuff.” Since most of you reading this have renounced your religious upbringing and are embracing higher truths, we will not continue to “preach to the converted,” but we do wish to offer a few suggestions when encountering deeply religious people as you move along the path of ascension.

How to Deal with Religious People

Most of you know someone that could be classified as a “fundamentalist” in some religion. Souls with a fundamentalist viewpoint tend to only accept aspects of reality that fit in with their narrow and limited concepts of God and the Creation.

Just because a soul is trapped in a narrow set of beliefs does not automatically mean that such a soul cannot ascend or at least move into fourth density. Often there is common ground between your experience and that of the fundamentalist. The problem is the clinging to a particular belief system, not necessarily the belief system itself. Some of you probably have a lot in common with Christian fundamentalists, for example, though your approach is quite different. Both you and the fundamentalist can tune into the presence of Christ consciousness and ask God to help you move forward in your lives. If you keep your own judgment out of the equation and merely seek to understand and unconditionally love the fundamentalist, he or she is more likely to be open and receptive to the messages of spirit coming through you. Spirit will use the language that the soul feels most comfortable with. A Christian being visited by a higher density entity will often see the entity shrouded in images of a Christian nature, while a Buddhist might see the entity taking on the characteristics of Buddha.

If the fundamentalist is able to let go of judgment and a rigid definition of reality, he or she is perfectly capable of making it through the transition. Your ability to unconditionally love the fundamentalist will do far more than trying to convince him or her of anything. Also, avoiding the fundamentalist may not be the highest option. If you have attracted one into your life, as a family member or business associate, there is a reason. Perhaps on some level the fundamentalist wants someone to help him let go of his rigidity and open more fully to spirit, and just maybe you are the one to fulfill that role.

Be careful, however, not to fall into the ego trap of trying to force someone to “see the light.” Also, do not assume you are more aware than the fundamentalist, or more enlightened. Enlightened souls see everyone as an expression of God, just as we do. We do not see any soul in Creation as less than us or not as good as us. The fundamentalist is just as spiritual as you are, even if he is not as aware of this as you. Bless him, pray for him, and see him being lifted into God's Limitless Light, Love and Compassion.

Spirituality -- The Founders

SpiritualityAs most of you know, spirituality has very little to do with religion. Spirituality refers to the awareness of the role of spirit in your everyday lives. You are all spiritual beings, as are we. There is nothing and nobody in the entire universe that is not spiritual. All is of God and all IS God. You are extensions of God, expressing through physical, emotional, mental, astral, etheric and causal selves. You are also expressing as souls, oversouls, monads, Christ consciousness, Buddhic consciousness, individual God consciousness, and universal God consciousness.

As you ascend in vibration, your dominant consciousness will shift from a physical, emotional and mental-based focus, to an astral, etheric and causal-based focus. You will literally see spirit in all things because your physical body will transform and metamorphose into a crystalline light body form. Your eyes will begin to perceive the higher etheric realms. Your ears will hear the vibration of the higher realms. You will feel the essence of these higher realms. Beings that have their dominant focus within these realms will become visible to you.

As you move more into fourth and fifth densities, your perception will change and you will behold literally many of the things once seen in your visions and dreams. What is currently available to you only through your inner vision will eventually manifest itself in the outer sense as well. Many of your visionary artists have portrayed these etheric and celestial realms in their beautiful paintings.

Your Earth will begin to shine, shimmer and vibrate with colors not currently perceivable with your third density eyes. As you behold God within all things, you will see God in many more ways than you currently perceive. Clearing your hatred, violence, prejudice, judgment, guilt, shame, and all the other vices of the mind and emotions will propel you forward. You will become the saints that your religions talk about. You will naturally become of greater and greater service, without having to force yourself to do “good deeds.” Such deeds will spontaneously burst forth from your being as you free yourself from the vices of ignorance.

Because you are multidimensional beings, you will find that there are a different set of rules and principles for each level of being. That said, there are universal laws and principles that apply to all levels of being. For example, although God is everywhere in all levels and dimensions of being and His laws apply to all levels of being, there are different roles for the various aspects of the Self. One part of your mind needs to simply “let go and let God” while another part of your mind needs to attend to the daily tasks of your life. Many souls on Earth have confusion on this point. They think they either must force everything to happen (“pounding the pavement”), or sit back and wait for God to do everything for them (“surrender”).

The truth is, both of these states of consciousness have value, depending on the situation. You might find that the highest and best way to respond to a challenge is to do both - surrender to a higher power AND move your feet. This is because the part that needs to surrender is not the same part that needs to act. The part that needs to surrender is usually the ego, and until it gives up its demands and expectations and surrenders to the higher self, it will get in the way of clear thinking and wise choices. Yet at the same time you live in a world that requires some form of daily action (unless you are on a mountaintop meditating, in which case you are still acting, but in a passive way).

Again, you can trust your emotional body to alert you if there is an imbalance in the way you are handling the situation. If resting and doing nothing is giving you an uncomfortable feeling, pay attention to that feeling. On the other hand, if you are very busy, but feel you are accomplishing nothing, perhaps that is precisely what you need to do - stop and relax.

There is Divine Perfection in every moment. To experience that perfection, you might need to stop and do nothing for a while. Let go and let God. Surrender. Give up the rat race, at least for a while. If you can see the perfection of life while being busy, then you are most likely doing your true work in the world. This channel has a process whereby he has students list their favorite pleasures and then find a way of earning a livelihood from those pleasures. This technique is designed to get you following your highest and best path of service.

Forget about what you have learned in the past about service. If you are not happy and if you are not giving to yourself, then you do not have much to give to others. There are many entities working with Earth that are giving the advice, “Follow your joy.” Although that is not all you need to do, it is an essential part of your path. Service work can often bring a sense of joy, but unless you are doing what your soul truly desires, you will not be of maximum service. So it is important to get in touch with what your soul truly desires, and that is the purpose for the above exercise. The activities and projects that bring you the greatest joy are indicators of what your soul desires most in life. Of course, you must overcome any negative beliefs that say you cannot do what you truly love, or that it is too difficult, or that people will disapprove, etc. That is why we included the section on psychological healing.

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For those of you that have not yet read the first e-book from the Founders, you can order it from my website (http://www.salrachele.com).

At several junctures in the following material, the Founders refer to their earlier messages (compiled in the first e-book). In particular, they refer to the section on the history of the Earth (from their perspective). It is important to read “The History of the Earth.” In addition to the first e-book, the Earth history series of messages is available in standalone format in the “channeled messages” section of my website (http://www.salrachele.com/channelings.htm)

You can contact the channel at with your comments and feedback on the material, or to schedule a private reading or healing session. For more information on the channel's services, please go to his website, http://www.salrachele.com and read the many articles and messages there.

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