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The Enigma of Roslyn Chapel

roslynn_insideArticle By James Tyberonn

That Roslyn Chapel was featured as the final scene of the infamous 'DaVinci Code' has its downside. The enigmatic stone rubik is now a pop-trend tourist site, and quiet reverence is much harder to find there. You see to the seeker, the biggest mystery in Scotland was never Loch Ness, it has always been Roslyn.

Lets start at the beginning


The famed mystery Chapel looks the part. Roslyn adorns the summit of a rugged mound in the verdant rolling hills of southeast Scotland, looking somewhat like a spired crown.

It lies on a ley, the Rose-Line, thus the name. But much of Roslyn's lore comes from its over embellished decor, specifically the stone carvings. Appropriately called a tapestry in stone, many of these carvings relate to the symbolism of the Christian Bible, and mysticism of Freemasonry, the Knights Templar, Gnosticism and even the Hopi -Mayans.

These stone carvings as historic art are among the finest period works in Europe on that basis alone. There are dozens of books written about what these unique carvings represent. Yet it is the tangible presence of something greater that tugs deeply at the visiting seekers heart, and defines Roslyn, that was indeed this writer's experience.

History & Legend:

The mysterious Roslyn Chapel is an extraordinarily beautiful 'Cathedral in miniature'. Renowned for its elaborate construction, the Chapel was built in 1446 by Sir William St Clair. It is located seven miles outside Scotland's capital city of Edinburgh, amid flaxen rolling hills and jagged granite outcroppings.

The Chapel is rich in both historic fact and legend. Supposition regarding religious artifacts stored in its hidden vaults has inspired academics and mystics for centuries. There are bodies of factual evidence pieced together with intricate theories that cover a wide spectrum of interest. Reputed devotees contend that some incredible relics, including the fabled holy grail, sacred gospel texts, secret dossiers, Solomon's treasure, and the arc of the covenant, are housed in the Chapels sealed underground vaults.

However the 'spirit of place' at the geographical location of Roslyn, goes back much further. The core question of the mystery of Roslyn Chapel is why it was built in the first place. For this writer, one key part of the why is the where. Roslyn sits amid an extremely potent telluric vortex and houses one of the most powerful portal-gates on the planet. Roslyn is a multidimensional stargate.

Hawthornden - Rosslyn Glen:

Overlooking a hidden river canyon, the 'Rosslyn Glen', (aka Hawthornden) lies a few hundred meters below. The geology is a rich blend of volcanic and sedimentary strata, amid a webbing of fault lines and anticlines.

Worthy of celebrity on its own merits, the enchanting glen is serendipitous to most visitors, unaware of its majestic geological expression and important energetic connection to Roslyn Chapel. Within the magical depths of Roslyn Glen the crystalline North Esk River flows through a walled sandstone canyon that is embellished with Neolithic sacred sites. There are several Druid caves with pictoglyphs of spirals and concentric circles inside the canyon. On the path above the glen is a well-known Neolithic 'bust' of green man, the pagan personification of the male aspect of nature, carved into a stone outcropping. Such markings are the ancient pagan denotation of vortex and ley sites, held sacred by earth aware Druids. Roslyn Glen is the wind beneath the wings, the underpinning generator of Roslyn Chapel.

Tybs Journal:

It is mid summer, as I walk the steep path from the Roslyn Hotel to the sacred Chapel I have traveled so far to see.

Leaden skies frame the silhouette of Roslyn Chapel, the gothic miniature cathedral, symbol of legend and lore. It is a blustery day, and feels more like October than July. Dark clouds loom in the horizon, a fitting backdrop to the mystical aura emitted from the weathered, brown stone of the majestic structure.

Damp winds gust steadily through the spires and buttresses, whistling through the hollow expanses of metal scaffolding placed around its perimeter for much needed restoration.

Gravel crunches beneath my feet as I enter the courtyard, holy grounds by any standard. I make my way to one of several benches in the churchyard, and set quietly for a few moments to drink in the energy of place. The grounds are tidily manicured. The vibrant green garden adorned with rose bushes, fragrant with heady perfume.

After an appropriate half hour, I rise and carefully walk around the chapel. It is intricately carved in the finest Gothic tradition, with gargoyles and flying buttresses. Each conical spire individually sculpted into a unique symbolic note that choruses into an enigmatic symphony. Even without foreknowledge of its mystical lore, its coded ambiance is a tangible force that is immediately provocative. There is a 'feeling', undeniable, that there is more to Roslyn than just a chapel. Much more.

There are two entrances to the Chapel, and after circling precariously, I was curiously conscious of selecting the south entrance to go inside. Being one who is prone to expect a depth of sensitivity in sacred places, I was not surprised by the powerful emotions that met me at the doorway. I was instantly overwhelmed. Few structures have affected me with the degree of immediate sacredness that I felt here. I literally tingled, as my eyes took in the sights in the subdued light of the interior. The light inside was filtered through stained glass of gold and purple, and seemed to float in mesmerizing pockets of color. Every inch of wall, ceiling and pillar was intricately carved.

Roslyn has been aptly described as a 'tapestry in stone'. The three renowned pillars were bathed in soft candleglow, aligned along the back of the alter. One senses immediately that a message is being offered, juxtaposed in time release to those who would be dedicated to the consuming task of unlocking the complex riddle.

The inner dimensions of the Chapel are somewhat deceptive. Measuring perhaps 60 meters by 30 meters, it has a larger sense of space than its actual area. Its entry level gives way to a subterranean chamber that preexisted the more ornate construction of the ground floor.

Soon after entering, I circled the expanse of the Chapel, observing the detail of each carving and pillar, as one might view art works in a gallery. The energy and sense of space shifted dramatically as I moved about the miniature cathedral. Each corner and facet curiously projected a very different energy, and again, felt much larger than it measured. I had the sense of being in a labyrinth. The very tangible 'spirit of place' is quiet stirring, and one feels driven to understand the juxtaposed message of the sacred puzzle within the ambience.

Zipped Space:

Roslyn Chapel is said to be centered over a dimensional gateway, and certainly the perception of 'zipped' condensed space had been apparent to me. There are several parts of the chapel that had an energetic hum, but this description does not entirely fit the bill, as it was more felt than heard. Two were especially apparent, one in front of the alter, another behind the famed Apprentice Pillar.

The subterranean room had a serene energy, quite different from the upper floor. It felt far more ancient, and very pagan. While a sense of well being is felt throughout, in no place was it more soothing than the cool darkness of the lower chamber.


When I returned to the vestibule, I went to the center alter. The vaulted ceiling is in a barrel curve from organ loft to alter, and is embellished with cubed rows of stars and flowers, each one slightly different. Despite a steady stream of visitors, I was able to find deep solitude as I sat contemplatively in one of the heavy oak pews aligned for church services. Most of the visitors seem to explore in respective silence, and like me, felt compelled to meditate in the sacred presence than permeates the chamber with a sense of peaceful timelessness. An energy of discernable silence, perhaps due to the geomantic pulses, seemed to whiteout sound waves. I found I was able to drift into deep states quite readily.


The mixture of spiritual symbols is beyond the expected adornments of Christianity. The array of biblical characters and Masonic symbols share space with carvings of the devic green man, maize corn, and aloe cacti. Here the mystery deepens. The corn and cacti, sacred symbols to the advanced spiritual tribes of Native Americans, were chiseled into the walls of Roslyn Chapel four decades before the acknowledged discovery of America.

How could the builders have known of the sacred corn and cacti? The Chapel was built by Sir William St Clair of the Orkney Island off the northwest coast of Scotland. His grandfather, Henry St Clair, first Prince of Orkney, is claimed to have sailed to America in 1398, a full century before Columbus. While the claim is highly controversial, Native American folklore does provide some support to this theory. It occurred to me that perhaps the knowledge of the 'New World' carvings of cacti and maize, may have been gained through metaphysical transport, within the dimensional gate of Roslyn. Yet, Inuit carvings dated from the 14th century depict a robed man wearing a Templar cross, with flowing hair.

The St Clair's have owned the Chapel and their namesake Castle since its foundation. The 7th Earl of Roslyn owns it still. The St Clair's arrived with William the Conqueror, and the barony of Roslyn was granted to them in the 12th century.

While the royal St Clair family were powerful and wealthy, they were also metaphysically aware.

Orkney Island-Home of the St Clairs:

The rugged and remote island of Orkney is a uniquely potent grid site. Legends claim an Atlantean Temple, and later a monastic school of an ancient secretive order was placed there precisely because of its remote site and powerful energies. Certainly Sir William was aware of geomancy in his selection of the precise location for the Roslyn Chapel. It crowns a telluric generator, and borders the 'Rose' leyline connecting Orkney to the Compostela de Santiago in Spain. Roslyn Chapel was the final location of a 7-site pilgrimage that included cathedrals in France and Spain.

The 7 Planetary Oracles

The seven sacred sites of Christian pilgrimage in sequence were Compostela de Santiago (Spain), followed by five sites in France and one in Scotland: Notre Dame de Dalbade in Toulouse, Orleans Cathedral, Chartres Cathedral, Notre Dame de Paris, Amiens Cathedral and Rosslyn Chapel. Researcher Trevor Ravenscroft writes that these sites were all specifically ancient Druidic 'power' sites that were dedicated to planetary oracles. Each site possessing powerful 'earth magnetic pulses' combined with specific planetary alignments.

Sir William St Clair is said to have been in at least two secretive orders of enlightened mystics that studied Gnostic belief and achieved spiritual mastery. One senses his energy and glimpses of his intent throughout the chapel. Building Roslyn became his obsession, and no expense was spared. The fruit of his labor is so over expressed that Roslyn is more encoded message than Chapel, more metaphysical than orthodox. It is however multifaceted, softened to be both, as was often the case in times of theo-political instability.

Perhaps the most celebrated of St Clair's interior embellishments is the famed pillars. The Mason's Pillar and the ornate Apprentice Pillar, for which Rosslyn is renowned worldwide, are said to represent the pillars of Joachim and Boaz, which stood inside Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem. Indeed many scholars speculate that Roslyn Chapel is a reproduction of that temple, and that crusading Knights Templar had in fact unearthed Solomon's treasure centuries before, beneath its ruins, while seeking to recover sacred relics from the dilapidated temple. Solomon's treasure was theorized to be the mysterious source of Knight Templars enormous wealth, taken to France and later to Scotland. Among the relics, the arc of the covenant and Holy Grail. It is a fact that sealed vaults are beneath the Chapel, and it has long been speculated that recovered relics such as the Grail and Arc may have been placed there.

Interestingly, William St Clair is recorded as having personally overseen each construction and carving, with meticulous control. Vaults and chambers were built beneath the structure, and carefully sealed. The finest materials, craftsmen and stone sculptors were brought in from Europe. The village of Roslyn was formed in the forty-year construction process of the Chapel. It ended before completion of the full plan, with Sir Williams's death, and the theo-political upheavals of the era. Yet even so the centerpiece completed is fully sufficient to superbly tap and employ the vortex engine of the volcanic land into a mega portal and accessible dimensional stargate to those seekers who are sufficiently advanced in such metaphysical sciences, to tap into the energy window at Rosslyn. The Chapel pulls in, stores and amplifies pristine telluric and grid energies with its sacred geometric structure and key geomantic placement.

The vortex energies here certainly predate the Chapel, by countless millennia. St Clair brilliantly recognized them, and constructed around them, as was done with many cathedrals of the era. Yet none were done with such multi tiered message, that goes well beyond the somewhat narrow constraints of theo- political Roman Christianity. As such it would be limiting for the seeker to visit Rosslyn Chapel, without spending time in the accompanying glen canyon. The former feeds the latter. The Chapel refines, stores and makes available the high frequency energy. The two are intricately connected, braided together into a singular higher purpose.

The Glen:

The locale of Roslyn Chapel was specifically chosen. Celtics speak of it having been a sacred place of Druid initiation.

Perhaps the 'wind beneath the wings' the generating telluric engine of the Chapel Hill is the mystical river canyon just beneath its crested hilltop, called 'Roslyn Glen'.

Roslyn Glen is replete with very mystical and powerful energies.

When I exited the Chapel to explore it with my local guide, we walked a steep wooded path that began at the north perimeter of the Chapel fence. After walking some 300 meters along housing, parallel to the Glen, we exited the path and entered a lush, elfin forest. The devic presence was apparent and beautifully expressed in the ancient growth woods. All of the trees and plants were vibrant We headed to two ancient & sacred oak trees. The first view of them was adorned with an immediate sense of their noble presence. They stood in front of us, past a crumbling stonewall like deities. These incredible trees dominated the forest. Estimated to be at least 700 years in age, their energy fields were regal. The trunks at base were easily 9 feet in diameter. Their huge root banks were gnarled above ground into elfin looking domes, curling in serpentine undulations. One felt compelled to address them, and set in their presence, lean against their powerful trunks.

Further down a stand of some two dozen mature Yew Trees, also sacred to the Druids, created a very different and yet equally nurturing energy. This beauty and aura of the trees and plants within this area are quite impressive. Greenman at his finest.

As we cleared the forested trail, the path gently switchbacks downward another 200 meters to the gurgling North Esk River. I was fortunate to have a knowledgeable local guide, as the path forks at several points. There were literally dozens of Neolithic carvings of concentric circles, single, double and triple spirals, and what appeared to be a large eye on the walls of one of several small sandstone caves. I have seen pictoglphys of this sort, in other telluric sites. Its is my conjecture that perhaps the spirals were carved to indicate vortex and ley energies, the concentric circles, grid points. The canyon river bottom was full of them. The 90-foot vertical cliffs of bronze sandstone enclosed the energy and it felt quite invigorating. One senses a spiritual renewal, a 'joyeaux de vivre' walking along the moss covered banks of the clear gurgling waters, cascading gently over half submerged boulders. Colors were vibrant, plants were exquisitely formed.

Everything was bursting with life along the river. As we walked around the gentle curve of the North Esk, (more stream than river), the scenery serendipitously transformed. The golden bluffs were replaced by rolling slopes covered in orange-gold ferns and bright luminescent moss. A fairy garden lay before. A living verdant Monet! A natural stone barrier created a soft cascade with white plumes of water gently cascading into silver pools. The rich loamy earth of the banks had a sweet musk that blended into an aromatic cocktail with the evergreen fragrance of fir that framed the upper canyon. I was intoxicated by the soft beauty of the scene before me. I was in the ornate beauty of nature at its finest, in a Cathedral whose spiritual energy equaled the Chapel above.

I was reluctant to leave there, but there was more to see. I climbed from the river path onto the rather steep trail. We walked back into the lush enchanted forest trail to a site called lovers leap that contains another energy spring. Carved into the rock is the bust of the greenman.

We continued to the ruins of Castle Roslyn. The Castle was built on the overlook bluff of the Hawthornden Canyon (also called Rosslyn Glen). Parts of it have been restored and are habited for special events The grounds are quite majestic. A magnificent Yew tree adorns the entry. A beautiful stone bride crosses the river affording a magnificent view.

Arthur's Seat and the Salisbury Craig's are very significant geological sites a few miles from Roslyn. Some 340 million years ago, Arthur's Seat was an active volcano. It is renowned globally as a geological research site. It is also a powerful magnetic generator that disperses and energy matrix throughout the region.

Reshel Grid

Through my site guide, I became interested in the amazing work of William Buehler. Buehler introduced me to the advanced technical concept of 'reshel' grids. These are essentially a grid matrix deliberately established through sacred geometry in sacred sites and over larger geodesic areas. These are self generating energy templates, that allow for a multitude of frequencial portals. These are also keys to uniting the three major geodesic grids around the planet, as well as astral grids. Roslyn contains a potent reshel grid within its structure.


We began with a question, Now lets end with an answer. Four reasons: (1) The builders had a message (2) The builder's stored something inside (3) The builders wanted to house a stargate portal (4) They were aware of an incredible power that was emitted here, and of its importance. Could it be a Sun Disc ? An apparatus used to harmonize and refine telluric energies?

If so a better vector could not have been found.

The pre existing grid point and energy of place located precisely on the location of the chapel, is perhaps the most powerful point on the planetary geodesic grid, with concentric access to all twelve dimensional overlays.

I have visited many of the simply stunning power sites in Britain. Each have remarkably succinct and varied energy signatures. I have circumnavigated the world many times, and visited over 500 sacred sites over 30 years of travel and I am often asked, "What is your favorite place?"

I can honestly say, that such an inquest cannot really be answered. Each locale has its own intrigue, and for this investigator, such comparisons are an apples to orange affair. Yet there is something about the land and beauty of Britain that touches me very deeply, and opens my heart and soul. Whether it is the magnificent beauty, the sense of the Devic, the rich history replete with stone circles and castles, I can't singularly say. Its the combination.

My trip to Roslyn came directly after sojourning to Wiltshiore, Somerset and Cornwall. It was as if the splendor of the Tor, Chalice Well, Stonehenge and the amazing Crop Circles of Avebury somehow prepared me for Scotlands Roslyn. Each place complimented the mystery in a profound spiritual stir.

My Experience in the Chapel

After returning from the amazing glen, I said good by to my knowledgeable guide, and I re-entered the chapel one last time, alone. I had allotted myself an hour for meditation.It was near closing time. Most visitors had exited. The chapel seemed empty as I found a seat on a pew near the area in front of the alter and famous pillar. I quickly went into a deep state of meditation. I opened my eyes briefly and saw flashing lights and peripheral movements from the corner of my vision, as I focused on the seemingly transitioning energy in the solemn space.

I quickly felt a sense of rushing upward into a column of light. I became overwhelmed with a release of deep emotions. The emotions flowed through me and I silently wept, and then a clam settled over my beingness. I was well beyond my physical state and felt a profound serenity and sense of well being. I sensed a greater presence and was acutely aware that something very special was occurring. My spirit tingled as i became bathed in a purple and golden spherical field of energy. A sense of vibrant joy bathed over me. I was told that each of the sacred places i had visited prior to Roslyn had been imprinted in my auric energy with a higher vibrational signature, a key frequency that had allowed me to be open to the energy I was experiencing in this moment. I was in the 'Star-Gate' and in a lucid place well above my body. I soared and sensed the presence of Ascended Masters and an aspect of my higher self that was Pleiadean.

I was shown the earth from high above, and saw certain places that beamed amazing light beams into the Cosmos. Some were more bright than others, yet all were intertwining in a network of frequencies that I was told was very important for the planet and humanity. I became aware of Tyberonn the Pleiadean and was aware that he was my root soul. He appeared enormous and crystalline, with a transparent form that had defined 'human' proportions. I felt somehow unworthy. Tyberonn began to explain the light codes of certain geometries that were important to the earth, humanity and the Cosmos. He placed one of these directly into my center, into my heart and told me in time I would understand more clearly what this was for. I seemed to go higher and was aware of rapidly moving, and felt a bit overwhelmed. My next memory was one of jolting and opening my eyes. I looked at my watch and the hour had passed. I sat for a moment and rose to exit.

I walked through the gardens and exited the entry gate. I found a bench on the outside of the chapel and sat to contemplate my experience. The vision of my flight in the 'Star-Gate' lingered powerfully, in defiance of societies carefully nurtured programming of what is reality and what is imagined fantasy.

What I concluded is that Rolsyn provided the template for a valid experience of multi dimensionality, held juxtaposed in spatial timelessness. An undeniable sense of well being, and enhanced imagination were more easily accessed within its field.

Spirituality requires understanding and developing, not simply acquiring the academic knowledge of metaphysical theories of spirituality, but also the experiential process. Yet the one cannot occur without the other. Piecing together the parts requires effort and balance. It is easy to loft into metaphysical realms and lose the footing of being grounded on the earth, and I knew as well that was an essential component. of equilibrium.

I had in the past felt that for the focused seeker, there should theoretically be no tangible spiritual distinction between meditating in your home than from a mountaintop...yet for me in Roslyn and Glastonbury there had been succinct catalystic movement, an undeniable environ which had made it a whole lot easier to expand consciousness.

It would be dismissive to say that what happens at powernodes and 'star gates' is the result of manifested preconceived anticipation of all to eager mystics. But whatever the message, for this pilgrim, the engaging paradox didn't run out of allegory, just 3d-logic and time.

It was time to go.

And so as I prepared to leave Roslyn, the chilly Scottish wind has coiled around the iridescent green hill sloping upward from the Glen, and drums the chapel turrets with an Omm-esque whir. The entire landscape seemed to be involved in a meditative tone as dusk settled in. The last of the daylight now floated over the glen.

The gray clouds lifted slightly on the horizon to allow an incredible burning orange sunset. A breathtaking sight. As I stood to walk down to the village, a flock of sparrows thrust up and swooped acrobatically over the hawthorn trees, like devic spirits, seeking refuge . Another great gusts of wind swept down from the hills and then flowed onward into the glen. Rosslyn remains an intrigue, but I am profoundly enthralled.

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