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7 Common Aura Problems

7 Common Aura Problems

The aura is an energy field that surrounds everything living (but also inanimate). Many occultists and scientists have tried to study the human aura. From Kirlian photographs to crystal therapy. Everyone who understands the existence of the aura as a fact has tried to analyze the aura or detect possible problems in it. The aura is not only an energy field, but also an information field that can potentially be used for diagnostics.

7 Common aura problems

1. Insufficient connection to the Source

This is a very common problem, especially today. As many people turn from spiritual life to materialism, they forget that they are part of something greater, something unique and intelligent. According to all surviving ancient sources, we have a divine spark within us, thanks to which we are still in contact with the Universe, or the higher Self (which name you prefer).

Reason: We draw energy from food, water and the environment while the Earth supports and grounds us. We focus on matter and basic necessities. When we neglect our spiritual essence for a long time, we begin to feel disconnected and our aura is weakened. We feel disoriented, sad and without inspiration. Feelings of disconnection from the Source are also reported by people after initiation into Reiki (or another destructive system) who have sinned by practicing black magic, or who have rejected their Guardian Angel in some mental madness. Never play with such things, the consequences can be serious.

Solution: We need to reconnect with our spirituality and devote our busy schedule to it. Call your guardian angel and try to perceive him. Meditate. Pray before bed. Try inspiring spiritual literature , or some nice ritual or exercise. Remember your true nature. You are not your body, you are an immortal eternal spirit.

2. Parasitic fibers

We socialize and engage in various types of relationships that create energetic connections between us and the people we are in contact with. We also learn important life lessons. However, not all of our relationships are useful.

Reason: There are times when we meet people who have lost their way of life. Temporarily or long-term, these people lack energy. This makes them "thirsty" for energy. In order to obtain it, it is necessary to "connect" with the victim. However, this is always a challenge for them, because we have several defense mechanisms that prevent our energy from alien invasions. These people therefore often try to develop a pathological relationship with us with frequent mood swings, in an effort to poison our hearts with guilt and pain. This creates a parasitic fiber from which these people plunder our life energy. Modern people call it "toxic relationships."

Solution: Rituals for breaking energy bonds are the best way to free yourself (spiritually and mentally). Of course, psychological help should also be provided if necessary. The toxic effect on your life and mental health can be serious.

3. Cracks in the energy shield

This is a very effective defense mechanism that we use against lower vibrations, curses and black magic. However, sometimes this shield can leak.

Reason: These holes in the energy shield are most often created after a mental attack. This attack can take the form of quarrels, extortion, shifting guilt and other dirt on us. Mental pain and sadness weaken us, and therefore psychic attacks can penetrate our shield over time and eventually break it. This will create a scar that makes us vulnerable to future attacks.

Solution: Strengthen your aura with visualizations, meditation, take care of your mental health, and if you have someone nearby that hurts you, you need to get rid of them. When you live in harmony with yourself and don't let anyone hurt you, your aura will heal and be strong again. You can also help with exercises for gaining energy , or energy aids . But remember that these cracks are mainly a consequence of the lifestyle and the work of the people you meet, there is a need to target solutions and constructive change.

4. Scouts

In witchcraft, there is a kind of black magic that can produce parasites that some black magicians use to spy on their victims before casting the main crushing spell. They create "scouts" and some of us may have them in the aura.

Reason: Scouts are intelligent remnants of a spiritual attack, feeding on the energy of the victim to whom they were sent and reporting to the black magician what the victim is doing or thinking. It is one of the darkest forms of witchcraft. Have you ever felt that someone was still watching you? That he knows what you're doing? Is he spying on you? Does his face appear before your eyes tonight? - The creation of a scout is very popular among black magicians.

Solution: In fact, it is not a separate entity, but a product of black magic. This magician must be banished from the aura. Burning of Dragon's Blood (daeomonorops draco) is traditionally used for this purpose. The resin is burned alone or together with laurel leaves, clove buds and a pinch of red cayenne pepper. Dragon's blood is the resin of several botanically distinct trees. This dark red resin is suitable for effective purification from strong destructive energies. Already in antiquity it was used as the most effective cleanser. In the Middle Ages, it was popular during exorcism. Its protective effects take effect immediately during smoking. Dragon's blood also has antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral effects.

5. Emotional blocks

Our whole body is intertwined with a network of medirians, through which vital energy flows. There are seven known main chakras, but there are many other secondary ones. If we experience something terrible or think destructively, our emotions weaken the flow of energy in our system and our aura weakens.

Reason: Our energy (or chakras) can be weakened or infected by our feelings, traumas, and life events. You yourself are the source of your own energy problems by being depressed, pensive, unhappy, or unwilling, envious, and thinking destructively. Of course, no one is always happy 24/7 and doesn't jump to the ceiling with happiness all the time, but if you suffer from depression and chronic destructive thinking, this is a problem that is important to solve. Even in cooperation with an expert, if your condition requires it.

Solution: Burning Myrrh and Palo Santo is a popular way to release emotional hips from the aura. You can also use visualizations designed to enhance energies and auras. Or you can heal by the tree to get the right energy. Work on your mental traumas, do not suffer from emotions. When you feel something, let it go, otherwise you will get a painful dumpling in your throat, or you will not be able to digest, or you will start to suffocate from suppressed emotions. Don't take a bad mental state as a norm and don't get infected from the environment with destructive habits, or the idea that being depressed and hating yourself, life and other people is normal for everyone to have. When something bothers you, work on it and don't let it choke you.

6. Energy Remnants

Our aura is a unique and intelligent energy field. Data comes and goes again. The aura is not static because it still reacts with everything around us. Sometimes bad things happen and our aura responds by creating defensive energy.

Reason: Aura, she could have repulsed a psychic attack. Sometimes information from an attack is stored so that you can understand what happened and know how to handle it in the future. This is called "energy residues". It is not bad energy, it is a memory stored in astral energy inside our aura. However, this energy may seem stagnant and "heavy" to us. The lack of fresh spiritual energy can actually be caused by these remnants. We therefore need to clean them regularly.

Solution: Perform any cleansing ritual that you like. Whether it's visualization, singing, meditation, a cold shower, treatment by a tree, the use of natural crystals, or you will be smelled of fragrant smoke. Cleaning up leftovers is a trifle.

7. Insufficient grounding

When interacting with the environment, we engage in overwhelming activities. That's why we are sometimes overwhelmed by excessive energy. This excess energy is part of the defense mechanism and we should always balance this energy.

Reason: Because this energy can cause an imbalance in our aura, we must remove it regularly. Therefore, regular grounding is required. It's a technique we always use when we have a great experience, a rush of emotion, or when we have chaotic thoughts, we are hyperactive, or we are in a bad mood, we don't like anything, or we can't focus on anything.

Solution: If you are in a bad mood, Patchouli is useful for grounding. 

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