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Spirit of Dolphin


Spirit of Dolphin

Role: Healer

Lesson: Unconditional Love

Element: Water

Wind: South Recalling the Child Within

Medicine: Universal Harmony

Keywords: Healing. Unconditional Love. Wisdom. Change. Breath of Life. Universal Harmony. Creativity. Compassion. Spiritual Insight. Joy. Sensitivity. Balance. Freedom.

Wisdom shines from within the tranquil pools of large dark eyes,
a Knowing that transcends the barriers
of language and differences of flesh and form.
What vast and glimmering depths do you swim,
not only of the Ocean,
but of the Soul?

May we ever know
the secrets you hold within that remarkable mind,
and reflected within your enigmatic and enchanting
Dolphin smile?
And what would you tell us,
if we could learn your language,
the subtle nuances and inflections of tone and pitch?

Would you tell us that All Life is to be loved,
that no matter the differences of body,
the Soul is the Unifying thread that binds All Together?

Perhaps you would tell us to listen to our Mother,
feel her breath as the ocean surely does,
inhaling in great, deep breaths to then exhale
in crashing crescendos against sandy beaches and craggy rocks,
filling the Air with Her loving
Rhythm of Life.

May your beauty and intelligence
long grace this place we all call Home,
and may we learn to breathe as you breathe,
at one with our Mother,
learning to revel in the joy of simply Being.


Recent studies are confirming what indigenous peoples have known for centuries that Dolphins possess an innate healing ability.  One of the most remarkable examples of this is the work that is currently being done providing interaction between dolphins, and children who are autistic or mentally/physically challenged.

There exists numerous programs that link children and dolphins in a mutually stimulating environment.  When the child enters the dolphin’s tank, the dolphins are immediately drawn to the child, surrounding that child in what can only be described as a nurturing impulse.

Initially, it would seem that it is the youthful energy, size, or movements of the smaller human, that arouses the dolphin`s curiosity, yet the behavior of the dolphins when they are with non-challenged children (compared to their behavior with the challenged individuals), is quite different.  Upon many occasions, the dolphins will blast the autistic or mentally/physically challenged child with sonar, reading from the information that travels back to them, that there are special needs within the child`s small form.  The result is that the dolphins are exceptionally gentle with these children, and will often emit gentle clicks, squeaks, and occasional sonar blasts in a regular pattern.

With autistic children, parents often report that their child blossoms after "dolphin therapy," reaching out to the environment around them and to other family members, where prior to the unconventional therapeutic intervention, they are unable to facilitate interaction with their environment.

Studies with terminally ill children who are receiving Dolphin Therapy have shown the Dolphins blasting cancerous cells, glands or tumors with sonar.  These children appear to receive deep soul healing, and are often much more at peace with their own, eventual transition as a result of their time spent with these magnificent creatures.

Is this because the Dolphin is able to communicate Soul to Soul to these children, unconditional love, peace and ultimately, spiritual healing?  Though this may never be gauged scientifically, the results of the studies would appear to point to the fact that "something" truly remarkable and healing (at least on a soul level) occurs.

Dolphin Totem will swim beside one who has the Soul of a Healer.  The manifestation in which the healing takes place may be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.  Yet in whatever form this innate ability to heal Others expresses itself, one who has Dolphin beside him/her, will be compelled to be of assistance to their fellow Earth dwellers.

Because of the ability and drive to Heal the wounds and suffering of all Life, these individuals will often be found in the professions of physician, nurse, therapist, psychologist, energy worker, aroma therapy/massage therapy, etc.  Additionally, many involved in healing animals (such as veterinarians), will also have Dolphin as either Power Totem, or Theme/Mission Totem.

Until one who swims with Dolphin discovers this inherent healing ability, there will be a certain loss of direction to their life, as though they are floating aimlessly in a vast and tumultuous ocean.  However, once this Soul Directive is uncovered, recognized and adhered to, the lost quality to these individuals transmutes into a powerful focus upon healing, aiding, and guiding their fellow Earth Travelers.

Unconditional Love

Love is thought to be one of the strongest forces of the Cosmos, its energy capable of transcending all barriers, both material and non material, including those of Life and Death itself.  Yet, what is this non-physical phenomenon whose beauty is refracted as a myriad of Rays?  And how is it experienced so clearly in the "physical realm" when Love itself is Pure Energy?

Many philosophies view Love as a multifaceted light that is transmuted into separate Rays of Manifesting ranging from Love of Self to Love of ALL.

The Love of ALL is the Ray that is ALL encompassing, the Sun from whose blazing core Unconditional Love shines forth.  Unconditional Love asks nothing in return for its radiance and warmth, but like an infinite waterfall, flows endlessly from an eternal/never ceasing Source.  It sets no conditions or boundaries, neither limits nor confines, for it is simply, brilliantly . . . LOVE.

While wearing the Robe of Physical Life, we may find it challenging to express Unconditional Love, as so much of the "human experience" is subject to, and built upon, boundaries, limitations and conditions.  Yet it is also an integral part of our Souls evolutionary process to learn to operate in the Earthwalk from a standpoint of Unconditional Love, although this will take many lifetimes to achieve.  It is the Christ Consciousness or the Divine Within that lies within ALL of us and is expressed easily in the pure energy state of the soul prior to, and in between, physical incarnations, and only finds difficulty in expression or manifestation while that energy is encapsulated within flesh, blood and bone.  We can bear witness to how Unconditional Love manifests itself by watching the Animals.  Looking at "domesticated" animals such as dogs and cats, one may witness how that animal loves their human companion regardless of their physical looks, sexual preference or religious/ethnic or economic background, they just love.

When we can learn this lesson from our Animal Companions, as well as those in the wild and how they nurture and love their own offspring, we will have taken a large step closer to integrating the Divine Within.

One with Dolphin as Totem will have a loving heart that is capable of tremendous depth and awareness.  Generally speaking, these individuals will enter their Life Path with an intuitive grasp and ability to feel and express Unconditional Love, yet they will encounter many situations along their Earthwalk that will challenge this ability to operate from the Christ Consciousness.

These challenges are of course Lessons established to test, hone and perfect the ability to operate from a center of love.  Consequently, some may become lost and embittered in the pain of the difficulties faced, not yet recognizing the opportunity for growth and increased compassion/sensitivity for the pain of others.  Instead, the experiences may have been internalized such that mistrust may ultimately sour the clear waters of the soul.

If one with Dolphin soul then departs from that walk around the Sacred Hoop not having overcome these trials and tests, he/she will simply reincarnate to once more face the same challenges, until the Lessons have been truly absorbed.

Yet there is nothing more inspiring to the Human Consciousness, or as warming to the eternal spark of life, than to see one who has perfected this Lesson, for these individuals will leave an indelible impression upon the hearts and minds of ALL those who bear witness to the Light of Unconditional Love that shines from the center of that Soul.


From ancient times, tales have been handed down from the Ancestors, of Dolphins saving the lives of two-leggeds cast adrift at sea.  Many a sailor lost in shark infested waters, has been known to find himself surrounded by a pod of protective Dolphins, and ultimately rescued, by being carried safely to land.

What motivates such displays of apparent protectiveness toward a species that has been responsible for slaughtering hundreds of thousands of these intelligent and wise creatures?  Is it merely chance or happenstance, or is there a deep underlying thread of compassion that exists within our brothers and sisters of the sea?

Certainly, to watch these beautiful mammals with physically or mentally challenged children, there appears to be an intrinsic tenderness and genuine compassion.  And as Dolphins are known to have active intelligence stemming from a brain that is larger than the human brain, with a frontal lobe (the area of the brain attributed to deductive reasoning, logic and possibly psychic abilities) covering a greater area, one would gather their actions are not only rooted in instinctual response, but in the understanding of the challenges their two legged companions may be facing, and accompanying thought as to what their own actions toward these individuals should be.

Like their Animal Totem, Dolphin Soul individuals will have a deeply rooted sense of compassion for their fellow earth travelers.

As they begin their life as a youngster, these individuals will feel deeply for those who are underprivileged or are otherwise in need, and the Dolphin Soul will thus feel compelled to offer aid in whatever form they can contribute.

While this compassion will continue through their journey around the Sacred Hoop, these souls must learn the distinction between compassion that can genuinely assist another, and taking on another`s pain for them.  While the former is a true blessing and can lead these individuals to make a worthy contribution where there is a genuine need, they must also experience the lessons that come with the later . . . to realize that they are not here to soak up ALL the worlds’ woes like a ever willing sponge.

Dolphin individuals are here to provide the guidance, compassion, love and support to their fellow travelers, not to take another`s lessons from them.  And therein lies the greatest challenge for these sensitive souls.  Due to this challenge, these individuals may often experience a bit of a "Christ Complex" feeling driven to take the burden of pain from others to save those individuals from feeling the pain themselves.  This often manifests itself in the form of the one who swims with Dolphin taking in partners with chemical or alcohol dependency issues, or other debilitating conditions, with the firm belief they can heal that wounded soul.

Yet neither the Dolphin soul, nor the one for whom they are absorbing the pain, is ultimately served by such actions, as we are ALL here to walk our own Path, and no other soul can do this for us.  Of course, this is ALL a part of the lesson for one with Dolphin Totem, as often these experiences end in great emotional pain which reinforces the lesson of achieving a requisite amount of detachment, or that one can only help another who desires to help him/her Self.

Breath/Universal Harmony

The Dolphin is a truly amazing mammal that dwells simultaneously within two realms, one of water (emotions/soul) and one of air (intelligence/mind).  When we look at creatures such as these that have dual existence, from an Earth Medicine perspective, it is very significant as we consider the lessons that these Totems have to teach us.

Many creation legends hold that ALL life sprang from the Sea and that the Ocean is our Grandmother.  Additionally, from watching Dolphin we see him/her existing in the two environments that we, as two-leggeds, must have in order to survive . . . water and air.

Native Americans understand that ALL life has rhythm.  The oceans waters are the life blood of the Mother, the incoming and receding tides her breath.  By watching Her cycles of life, death and rebirth, we understand that everything we encounter has a purpose, and that to live in Rhythm and Harmony with ALL Life, is to align ourselves with our Mother and the Divine Plan of the Great Mystery.  Thus, the breath of the dolphin, who lives in the ocean yet must surface for air in order to survive, teaches us the importance of this rhythm and the necessity of breath.

The Medicine of Dolphin Totem is Universal Harmony, thus by observing the ebb and flow of the Ocean tides, Dolphin Soul recognizes the rhythm of ALL Life and may become One with his/her environment.  As mentioned earlier, Dolphin is a mammal of two worlds one of water and the other of air.  By examining these two realms of Being a clearer message may arrive as to the true Role and Medicine of Dolphin Spirit.

Water is necessary for ALL life to exist.  This is not only true for we of the two-leggeds, it is also true for our animal brothers and sisters, the plants, flowers and Standing People (trees), indeed ALL Life needs water in order to thrive and continue the cycle of physical life.

Yet there is more here than the literal interpretation, as in Earth Medicine, Water also represents our Soul and Emotional Self.  Thus, for an individual who has Dolphin as their Totem,  a strong spiritual foundation and connection is key to their progression along the Earthwalk, an essential component that is as necessary to the Dolphin individual as Water is for the physical body to maintain Life.

Emotions will also be a very deep and a predominant feature of the Dolphin persons Journey along the Red Road, both in terms of experiencing and acknowledging their emotions, and in learning to integrate them so that they do not overwhelm.  Remember, the Dolphin must come up for air, and herein lies the challenge, for Air in Earth Medicine represents the Intellect or Higher Mind.  Thus, there is the need for these souls to learn an adequate level of detachment from the pain and suffering of others so that they will be able to assist those in need, without being pulled under by pain that is not their own to carry.  If they do not learn and absorb this crucial lesson, then the Dolphin individual risks being pulled under by tumultuous waters and drowned.

Yet once Dolphin Soul has learned the need and process of rhythm between diving into the depths of the spirit and emotions, and surfacing for the requisite air (detachment), then they will harness the Medicine of Universal Harmony, and breathe fresh Air into the vast Waters of the Human Experience, bringing depth, compassion and wisdom to share with ALL.


Like ALL members of the Dolphin & Whale family, the Bottlenose Dolphin is highly a intelligent and sensitive creature, with a perception and awareness that is astounding.

The care that these awesome creatures exhibit toward their offspring and to the sick and injured members of the pod, as well as the dedication to ALL pod members, goes far beyond the explanation of mere biology alone, and seems indicative of a heightened sense of spirituality and genuine caring.

For the two-legged beside whom Dolphin swims, there will be a great deal of emotional and psychic sensitivity.  These are the individuals who possess a heightened awareness of the suffering of Others, and will immediately sense the pain that may lay behind the casual words spoken or assurances that "everything is fine."  Some inner knowing within the Dolphin soul will be triggered in those instances, a reflection of the Dolphin`s own sonar capabilities.

Although there is a marked degree of sensitivity within the Dolphin Soul, there also exists the ability to draw back from actually taking on the pain and suffering of those around them.  It is an inherent understanding that to do so, would "rob" that one whom they desire to assist, from the Life Lessons that soul is here to learn.  Yet often this inherent knowledge is only awakened after some painful lessons of their own, though once the memory has been awakened, it serves them well in their effort and "call" to assist their fellow two-leggeds.


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