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Spirit of Orca


Spirit of Orca

Role: Guardian of the Cosmic Memory

Lesson: Discover the Song of the Soul

Element: Water

Wind: North Land of the Elders/Wisdom

Medicine: Alchemy

Keywords: Guardian of the Cosmic Memory. Alchemy. Creativity. Healing through Sound. Sensitivity. Spiritual Insight.

Glimmering light from the Center of the Cosmos
Ribbons of purple, aqua and gold
Pulsing, dancing to the thrum of
the Orca’s Call
She calls to Humanity
Loving, gentle soul
With eyes in whose depths star fields shine
Guardian of Cosmic Memory

The pain of a thousand wounded souls tattered,
adrift on a sea of isolation, beckon Her and she responds
with tenderness & compassion,
tempered with the knowledge of when
to encourage the Lost to swim alone.
The Leap is made as the Ancestors call
and she soars in bliss toward the stars,
the joyful song of the Star Nation resounding . . .
Welcome Home, dear Sister, welcome Home

Guardian of the Cosmic Memory

For many indigenous peoples, Orca (also known as the Sea Wolf,) is the Guardian of the Cosmic Memory.

Beliefs surrounding the Orca`s origin vary from tribe to tribe, with some tribes holding the belief that the Sea Wolf was created when a young man was walking along the beach and heard a pitiful whining.  Following the sound, he soon discovered two young wolf cubs that he took back to his lodge and raised them to adulthood.

One day he awoke to discover that the wolves had left him and puzzled, he followed their tracks down to the beach where he had first found them.  As he approached the ocean, he saw the wolves swimming out into the ocean where they killed a whale.  Much to his amazement, the wolves then brought the dead whale to shore so that the man might have its meat and make use of the blubber and bones.

Things continued such for many days until the time came that the beach was now littered with decaying whales as the wolves were hunting more whales than the man living alone could possibly harvest.  Seeing such great waste, the One Above called upon the Thunder Beings, the Rains and the Fog so that the wolves would not be able to find any whales to kill.

Grandmother Ocean became so tumultuous that the wolves were unable to find their way back to land and were forced to stay out in the water where they were transformed to Sea Wolves or as they are known today, Killer Whales.

Other tribes believe that the Sky (or Star) Nation brought Orca to Ina Maka (Mother Earth) from the Dog Star Sirius (the Home of the Ancestors).  It was then that this Great Wolf was made Keeper of the Ocean, and Guardian of the Cosmic Memory . . . hence the name Sea (for the waters in which She would now dwell) Wolf (in remembrance of the Home World).

Like their Spirit Totem, the two-legged beside whom Orca (and all Dolphin & Whale Totems) swims, has an unconscious memory of their Origin and Heritage.  This is a deeply buried Memory that has been imprinted upon their Soul, cosmic knowledge and recollections of the home world and of the Ancestors.  Though this Cosmic Memory is deeply buried even beyond the levels of the sub-conscious, the Sleeper may Awaken at any stage when the time fast approaches for the Ancestors Return.  Often times this Memory is Awakened via sound, or as other soul-group members are re-connected as Pods.

It is believed that we are fast approaching the Center of the Universe, an event that happens approximately every 24-25,000 years.  When the Ina Maka enters the Center of the Universe, the opportunity is had for all of Human Consciousness to make the step across the bridge or through the Doorway into the Fifth World of Peace and Ultimate Illumination.  The next such date of this "occurrence" is believed will take place in 2012.

At some later stage, a separate page will be written dedicated to this Prophecy, and will be a World Wide opportunity, not exclusive to any one clan or tribe of souls.

How this is significant for All with a Totem of Dolphin or Whale, is that this awareness is even closer to the surface than it may be for Others as these are the souls that have agreed to light the lantern of Illumination that Others may find their way across, as He/She reminds us that we are all connected, we are all ONE.


Many creation legends and theories are centered around the belief that all Life sprang from the Ocean, and that members of the Dolphin and Whale family are a Symbol of that Creative Spark at the height of its expression.

Orca teaches us the Power of Breath and Creativity, and in observing the manner in which any of the Dolphin/Whale Totems breathe, this is significant in applying those same principles to one beside whom this Animal Ally swims.

As the Orca surfaces for air, they are commonly sighted breaching free of the water, a behavior that marine biologists do not completely understand as it does not appear to serve any useful or biological purpose.  The Orca could just as easily merely rise to the surface of the water (as it does at other times) to take in the necessary oxygen, yet will often breach the water in what appears to be a desire to leap back Home.

For the two-legged beside whom Orca swims, the above carries a double meaning.  Firstly, there is the longing within the Orca (Whale/Dolphin) Soul to return Home to the Ancestors and all that came before.  This sense of longing varies . . . at times so silent as to be nearly non-existent, at other moments mild, acknowledged then released, and still other times felt as sharp and keen as a jab to the heart, filling this gentle soul with a nearly overwhelming sense of Disconnection.

The second meaning that this behavior carries with it is a vehicle through which creativity, insight and emotions may be bottled or stuffed.  When this is the case, and the Orca soul has succeeded in  pushing their feelings so deep, or when they have subjugated their own needs/wants in deference to an Other`s, the result is that those feelings must find some means of release.  Often these thoughts and feelings then surface in an explosive rush that may be quite overwhelming for these gentle souls.

Likewise, when their creativity has been "thwarted" for whatever reason, an inner tension builds within the Orca Soul.  If an outlet is not found for either the repressed thoughts, emotions or creativity, there may be a physical manifestation in the form of the on-set of an illness, in particular those affecting the lungs such as asthma, bronchitis, chest colds or even pneumonia.

To combat this (and is also a method that will be mentioned under the Healing keyword below), when tensions are building from suppressed or repressed thoughts, emotions or creativity, it would be wise for the Two-Legged with a Dolphin or Whale Totem (such as Orca), to observe, then imitate, the manner in which these Sea Mammals breathe.

Taking in a lung full of air, filling the chest with as much oxygen as possible as though about to dive into the ocean`s depths, holding for as long as comfortably possible, then exhaling in an explosive manner that imitates the sound of the Orca surfacing for air and exhaling through their blowhole.

There is no set number of times that this ought to be repeated, however keep in mind that too much of this deep breathing may induce light-headedness and thus the exercise is best performed in a safe, relaxed seated position.   With each inhale and resultant exhale, a personalized affirmation might be utilized, such as for emotional release, "I freely, lovingly and effortlessly express myself in a manner that is respectful of the Self and of Others."

An affirmation for releasing Creative Potential might be such as, "The Creative Force and Genius of the Universe flows effortlessly and lovingly to and through me.  I am a tube through which Great Mystery works."

In both instances, it is embracing the Medicine of Orca to better assist the compassionate and creative being beside whom Orca swims.


Like all members of the Dolphin family, (Orca`s are not whales as many believe, but are the largest member of the Dolphin family), Orca`s are highly intelligent and sensitive creatures, with a perception and awareness that is astounding.

The care that they exhibit toward their offspring and to the sick and injured members of the pod, as well as the dedication to all pod members, goes far beyond the explanation of mere biology alone, and seems indicative of a heightened sense of spirituality and genuine caring.

As a matriarchal society, Orca males will stay beside their mother throughout their lifetime, offering her protection and support.  The only time that a male will leave his mother`s Pod is to answer the call of a female Orca in estrus.  Once the mating with that non Pod member female is complete, the male will return once again to swim beside his mother and siblings.

For the two-legged beside whom Orca swims, there will be a great deal of emotional and psychic sensitivity.  These are the individuals who possess a heightened awareness of the suffering of Others, and will immediately sense the pain that may lay behind the casual words spoken or assurances that "everything is fine."  Some inner knowing within the Orca soul will be triggered in those instances, a reflection of the Orca`s own sonar capabilities.

Although there is a marked degree of sensitivity within the Orca Soul, there also exists the ability to draw back from actually taking on the pain and suffering of those around them.  It is an inherent understanding that to do so, would "rob" that one whom they desire to assist, from the Life Lessons that soul is here to learn.  Yet often this inherent knowledge is only awakened after some painful lessons of their own, though once the memory has been awakened, it serves them well in their effort and "call" to assist their fellow two-leggeds.

Healing through Communication

All Dolphins and Whales are thought to have healing abilities as an intrinsic part of their unique Medicine.

Even scientists and marine biologists seem to be warming to this long held belief as they are witnessing for themselves the healing interaction that is had between mentally and/or physically challenged children and members of the Dolphin family.

With Orca in particular, it is believed that it is her voice that is the true healing agent.

The two-legged who is blessed to have Orca as a Primary Totem (Power, Theme or Mission), will likewise possess an innate healing ability.  This Gift will differ in both intensity (from slight to powerful), and in manifestation (energy healing from distance, laying on of hands, etc.,) yet is one of the Gifts that the Great Mystery has lovingly bestowed upon these Souls.

As with their Animal Ally, the two-legged Orca soul will have the ability to heal through communication.  This ability however, is not limited to speaking alone, but also includes all other forms of communication as in the written word, as well as through artistic expressions (painting images, playing a musical instrument or singing).

Most commonly, the healing will come through the voice, and it is also through the resonance of sound that the Orca Soul will experience the awakening of those memories that have been stored on a soul or cellular level.  This may occur through hearing a certain piece of music not previously heard before, the click or calls of a Dolphin or Whale while watching a program on these beautiful creatures or having a first-hand encounter, or through hearing for the first time a member of their Pod (or Soul Group) speak.  Though it may take many years of development to become consciously aware of when this is occurring, once the ability has been honed, the Orca individual may then learn to tune into this Cosmic Memory through a chant or mantra he/she may sing or hum.  This same "cosmic song" may then also be employed to heal and awaken Others, and in times of physical illness or stress (as previously stated physical manifestations will tend to surface in the lungs) employing the technique of "Dolphin/Whale Breathing" while assist in expediting the healing process.


Alchemy, is the ability to transform raw or "base" materials into matter of a higher vibration, nature or quality.  In relation to Sea Wolf, it is believed that as Guardian to the Cosmic Memory, Orca has the ability to create portals through which the Home World (the doorway to the Star Nation) may be reached.

For the two-legged with this power animal ally, the Orca is believed to be a powerful lantern of enlightenment, illuminating the pathway for those who desire to step beyond the mundane world of the physical senses, to the magical shores of cosmic understanding.

As they journey through their early lives (and early childhood/adulthood of the current lifetime), Orca souls experience many lessons in making the best possible out of often very meager or painful experiences.  They do not enter into an "easy" existence . . . to the contrary, their life is often met with numerous challenges, more so than most around them to the point where friends or loved ones may even comment on the number or frequency with which these hardships are encountered.

Yet beneath all of the trauma and pain, there is an inner sense that there is "more" to the experiences.  It is thus that the two-legged beside whom Orca swims (with sufficient maturation and detached observation), learns to fashion the Golden Staff of Enlightenment from the minerals of past experiences and lessons learned.


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