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Generator Crystal

Generator Crystal

Scientific Generator Crystal:

The Generator Crystal, also known as Projector Crystal, is a crystal that terminates in six faces - or, facets - all coming to a near-perfect point at the center-top of the crystal. They can be found as small as 1/4 inch or be as large as a tall building. No matter the size these crystals are always powerful stones, and should be treated with care and the respect they deserve.

Generator Crystals do exactly what their name implies, meaning they generate and project energy. They are considered to be a prime-meditation tool when holding it while meditating, or if set in the center of a meditation circle. Generator Crystals are also outstanding at re-energizing or recharging other stones and crystals.

The Generator Crystal is often the favorite crystal for those involved in or practice alternative healing procedures - generating and directing energy in extremely precise regular patterns or pulses, especially when the crystal is programmed for specific functions.

Generator Crystal

Please note, that some Generators (as they are also called) have been known to generate enough energy to crack and/or shatter other crystals in their near vicinity. So it is best to be careful where you place them, and, how you use them.

If you have any doubts that your Generator will work, experiment with your crystal, and be prepared for what you experience.

Each Generator Crystal is a distinct individual with its own lifetime of experiences and unique frequency transmissions. Its looks can differ greatly from one another. For example, Generators can be cloudy at the point and clear at the base, or vice versa; it might contain inclusions, phantoms and/or rainbows; and, it can be perfectly and completely clear. To note, a Generator can be any member of Quartz so long as all of its six sides terminate in one regular 6-sided point.   It is stated that Generators do not have to be "perfect" to function.

Generator Crystal

Generator Crystals in Numerology:

Generators symbolize the number 6. Six, according to Numerology interpretations, is the number of accomplishment, growth  and purpose. Six  symbolizes the completion of a process and will show up in your life at the end of a great change/activity period.

It is your experiences with Six  which prepares you for the lessons of the number 7 (which one of seven's meanings is: Wisdom). Six is also the number of the Philosopher's Stone, The Shield of David, the Seal of Solomon with the power to bind negative energies.

Six can symbolize sexuality since it represents the hexagram which itself denotes the meeting of male and female.

It has been stated that the number six was a perfect number to Pythagoras since it was the midpoint between the 2 of the beginning of growth and the 10, that of completion.

generator crystal pointa

Generator Crystals in Meditation:

As stated above, the Generator Crystals  are extraordinary meditation tools, that will help you gather and focus your concentration and energy, amplifying it and sending it anywhere you would like.

They are also reported to be good instructors while you are learning not to damage anything when focusing using its energy and power responsibly.

Wear or carry a Generator anytime you need to feel strong and in control. Generators are excellent mates for Receiver Crystals.

angel aura quartz generator crystal point

Aqua Aura Generator Crystal

Generator Crystal's Properties:

  • One of the best Power Stones, symbolizing the power use of energy.
  • A favorite stone of Shamans.
  • Excellent for generating, concentrating, and projecting energy.
  • For use as a good reminder when one is serious about accomplishing anything.
  • Stimulates the intellectual bodies.
  • For focusing and storing energy, the Generator is a superb tool.
  • A great stone for leaders of any kind.
  • Will help recharge all energy systems.
  • Used to cleanse the Chakras.
  • Can promote strong feelings of self-confidence and personal courage.
  • Aids highly in meditation.
  • Dissolves feelings of apathy and lethargy.
  • Facilitates the energy connection between members in a spiritual group.
  • Used for a wonderful channeling tool.
  • Use during any rebirthing procedures.
  • A physical and also a psychic protection tool.
  • Excellent tool, when made into a Pendulum.
  • One great aid in dealing with fear of heights or flying issues.
  • A good tool for searching for ones inner beliefs.
  • Will connect one more directly to one's Higher and Inner Self.
  • A business persons stone.
  • Can balance energy directly and quickly.
  • If perfectly clear, this specimen can be used for scrying.
  • These crystals are one of the best telepathic communication tools given to us by Mother Earth.
  • Will help generate and maintain your energy during spiritual exercises.
  • Is an excellent candidate for programming.
  • Represents the number 6.

Generator Crystal



Credit: sandiespsychicstones.com

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