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The 17 Crystals of Ascension

The 17 Crystals of Ascension

Crystals are generally used for healing and meditation purposes. While the benefits are several, some crystals come with a higher purpose. They strongly vibrate and align with our spiritual chakras. This way, they are deemed more powerful and known for psychic protection.

Reiki practitioners mostly use Ascension crystals. However, they are effective for spiritual and psychic practices as well. The result will be a sense of eternal peace. Take a look at the 17 crystals of ascension-

Lemurian Quartz

Known for the loving and angelic energies of the universe, Lemurian quartz is known to be the golden healer and holds high vibration energy. Lemurian quartz, although gentle, is associated with all chakras of the body. This crystal is particularly beneficial for people who are trying to gain attunement. Lemurian Quartz can help the wearer in staying in touch with the ancient Earth and Lemuria. It can also help the wearer in getting energetic updates right from the energy pool of the universe. Lemurian quartz is known to be able to download light codes to fill the wearer with a sense of love and enlightenment from the universe.

Elestial Quartz

Receiving downloads, energetic upgrades, and frequency Elestial Quartz is deeply associated with energy. This crystal is used to get an energy upgrade and change the frequency of the wearer with energy downloads. The wearer can easily transmit their energy, realign its structure and even travel inter-dimensionally with the help of Elestial quartz.

Laser quartz

It is widely known as the crystal for energy. It fills the wearer with a sense of direction and focuses on their energy. When the wearer uses laser quartz, they begin to feel like they are moving beyond the limits of their own energy and are able to harvest the energy coming from the universe. The wearer of laser quartz is also able to sense the direction where energy is most profoundly present.

Etched or Starbrary Quartz

The Starbrary or the Etche quartz is a crystal that is most well-known for its light codes. It can provide the wearer with codes of light, just like a huge library of energy. As we all know, light is energy, and this crystal imparts knowledge on both the galaxy and light.

The 17 Crystals of Ascension


Barite crystal can be used to improve the wearer's senses. This crystal is extremely useful in channeling their own consciousness and energy. It can also be used to facilitate interdimensional travel. Barite is used to heighten the senses of the wearer and can also be used to master telepathy as well as thought transference.

Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is often regarded as the 4D bridge that can pave the way for the wearer to experience higher dimensional consciousness. It is also known to provide easy admission to the Astral Realm for its wearer.


Cuprite is an extremely popular crystal that is related to the world of Alchemy. It is known to be related to the void of creation and can teleport the wearer right to the moment of creation. It can help the wearer explore these deep and intellectual subject matters while unlocking their own potential for power.


Danburite is a very useful crystal for people who wish to master communication via dreams. It is also linked to spiritual awakening. People who wear Danburite often experience spirituality on a much deeper level and are able to see the world more clearly.


Heliodor is the crystal of illumination. This crystal helps the wearer in aligning themselves to a purpose. Heliodor works well with the galactic mission. It can help the wearer in receiving their power right from the sun in terms of solar charge. 

Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond is one of the most powerful crystals that can aid the wearer in enriching their visions and dreams. This crystal is widely used to harness light. The wearer of Herkimer Diamond is able to expand its energy more efficiently.


Kunzite is a crystal that can offer its wearer unconditional love. This crystal gets its powers from the universal consciousness. It is extremely useful in making the wearer feel loved by not only their close ones but by the entire universe. It also gives them a sense of belonging as the wearer is able to tap into the universal consciousness.

Libyan Desert Glass (Tektite)

The wearers of Libyan Desert Glass often find it extremely useful when they are reading and understanding the Akashic Records. This crystal is deeply associated with ancient origins and is regarded to be very useful with the star beings, past lives, and their present connection to them.


Meteorite is used to connect, feel, and reunite with the cosmic family of the wearer. It is a crystal that denotes homecoming. Meteorite can help the wearer reconnect and remember much more profound, spiritual, and complex families in their consciousness.

Moldavite (Tektite)

Moldavite is considered to be the crystal of transformation. The wearer of Moldavite is able to initiate and instigate a higher knowledge. This ability offers them a chance to experience just how profound the universe really is. 


Petalite is used by people all around the world to connect with the Spirit Realm. Wearers use Petalite to heal their trauma by connecting with spirits that have passed. This crystal can be used to recover if one has had a traumatic experience with a departed soul.


Phenakite is used to activate higher energy vibrations. This crystal is generally used in DNA activation. The wearer can also incorporate Phenakite in experiencing the light present inside the human body.


Scolecite is used to protect oneself from energetic entities. These entities can cause harm if left unchecked. This crystal offers a layer of protection that cannot be crossed if an entity is beyond a certain energetic frequency and vibration.


Most people use crystals for meditation, healing, or to improve the qualities that they need help with. However, crystals can also be used in practices such as Reiki as ascension crystals. These 17 crystals of Ascension are extremely useful in helping the wearer achieve their psychic and spiritual goals while imparting a sense of belonging and internal peace.

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Jack William is the founder at HWH, an Australia based crystal wholesale business. He frequently writes on the various aspects of crystals and their impact to bring forth a better vision. His love for crystals and their mystical properties has made him an avid crystal enthusiast.

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