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10 Protection Crystals To Ease Your Stress and Boost Immunity

10 Protection Crystals To Ease Your Stress and Boost Immunity

Stress is said to cause many of the health problems we face in our daily lives these days. It can lead to relationship issues, irritability, depression, and many other health problems.

Unfortunately, it’s inevitable given how life is getting harder each day.

We have been getting plenty of questions about how to ease stress and boost immunity from our readers.

Some of the questions we receive include:

  • What are the best healing crystals for stress and anxiety?
  • How can one use crystals for anxiety and stress?
  • Are there crystals for stress and anger?

We sampled just a few that are relevant to our today’s topic but there are many questions we get every day.

And that’s why in this article, we have put together ten protection crystals to relieve your stress and boost immunity.

Try these ten calming stones and crystals to relieve ease your stress and calm anger.

You can place these healing stones around your house or workplace, during meditation, or carry them anywhere you go and their soothing presence will ease your stress and anxiety.

We will also show you how to use these healing stones at the end of this article.

Let’s get started.


A study by assignment help Australia suggests that 85% of people in the world struggle with insomnia.

Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals because of its healing, protective and purifying effects.

The healing stone is usually purple and is said to be incredible when it comes to removing negative feelings and thoughts and increase humility and spiritual wisdom. It’s also powerful when it comes to improving sleep as it is thought to combat insomnia. It has also been proven to boost the production of certain hormones that are helpful when it comes to pain relieve and stress.

2.   Rose quartz

Rose quartz is a pink crystal, a symbol of love and is said to play a huge role in restoring and strengthening of love and harmony among partners in different types of relationships.

The healing crystal is also said to bring calmness in times of grief and anger.

Another great thing about this crystal is that it is claimed to cultivate love, trust, and respect in relationships. These are things that are said to enhance the connection in every type of relationship meaning if you use this crystal then you have full control over your relationship.

Some people call it the stone of unconditional love because of the power it has to promote self-love and emotive harmony.

“When struggling with stress, it’s not easy to not only care for your partner but also for yourself,” says Joshua Regan, a professional medical doctor who also offers dissertation help to students in Australia.

Having a piece of this healing stone placed in a visible place could help to remind you how to care for yourself.

3.   Amazonite

Loved for its calming and spiritual soothing effects, Amazonite helps to minimize feelings of violence, anger, and fear.

This protection crystal is especially important in today’s digital world where people are into social media and being judged in a normal thing, although not all people can withstand judgment from others. This crystal will help to clear these types of fears, ease your stress, and help you emotionally.

4.   Sodalite

People call Sodalite “the Stone of Peace” because it is said to get rid of fear and tension and fill your mind with peaceful feelings.

It’s also claimed to promote calming energy when you are faced with chaos.

If you always struggle with feelings of anxiety, have this royal blue crystal in your pocket or purse every time so it can comfort you during emotional times.

What’s more, Sodalite is also said to improve self-confidence so you can express yourself without feeling nervous.

5.   Moonstone

Moonstone is commonly used as a stone for fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth and that’s why people call it “the stone of motherhood”.

But that’s not all, this creamy gem is claimed to cultivate inner growth and strength.

In fact, many people say that it’s a healing crystal for beginners as it is said to ease feelings of stress and unpredictability to enable you to progress successfully.

You can meditate with this amazing gem any time you feel stressed and anxious.

6.   Howlite

Sleeplessness increases stress and anxiety according to a study by assignment writing help. It can also keep you from focusing on and decrease your productivity.

If you toss and turn the whole night, place this white crystal under your pillow and feel its calming energy that combats insomnia.

This protection crystal is also said to promote patience and wisdom.

Put this incredibly powerful healing stone in your pocket and get those feelings of anger away.

7.   Lepidolite

Life is always going to be tough at some point in time. But you have to overcome the storms and the overwhelmingness of life.

Lepidolite, also known as the Peace Stone” or “the Stone of Mental Health “is going to help you stay focused, ease your stress and worry about the future and clear the negative feelings of the past.

It’s soothing, calming, and is said to get rid of the feelings of anxiety by replacing them with peace.

Use this calming stone before you sleep to calm your overactive mind so you can get enough sleep and get good dreams at night.

This incredible crystal is said to contain lithium, a compound included in most medications for combating anxiety. In fact, many people say it helps to improve mental health.

8.   Angelite

According to EssayOnTime, a custom essay writing service, even though we understand that we aren’t alone in the world, it’s not easy to remember that during times of grief and anger.

And sometimes we tend to curse the day we were born.

But this valuable crystal will remind you that you aren’t the only tree in the desert. It will help to ease your stress, tension, and anger.

9.   Shungite

What’s the first thing you reach out for immediately you get up in the morning?

Chances are that today before you opened the windows of your bedroom, the first thing you touched was your mobile phone. We tend to unmindful of the effects these electronic devices can have on our health even after reading warnings from healthcare practitioners.

But there is a way to deal with those electrical magnetic fields emitted by electronic devices- using Shungite.

This is a protection crystal that will not only shield you from the effects of your electronic devices but will also help to ease your stress at the workplace.

Just place a Shungite on your desk or inside your car or just tuck it in your handbag and stay free from harmful energy.

10.    Obsidian

Obsidian is also another powerful protection crystal that’s said to shield you against physical and emotional stress. The gemstone helps to improve your strength and compassion.

It boosts digestion, acts as a detoxifier, and also helps to ease pain and cramps.

How to choose a protection crystal that eases your stress and boosts immunity.

First things first before you search for a protection crystal, look into yourself to identify the negative feelings you are struggling with. This will make it easy to identify the right crystal for you because as seen above different healing stones have different abilities.

Once you identify, the crystal you want, the last step of the selection process is guided by your favorite color.

As seen above, crystals for anxiety and stress come in different colors from blue, red, purple, to white and many others.

How to Use Protection Crystals

You can use these healing stones the way you want as long as they serve the purpose which you bought them for.

But to reap maximum benefits with your crystal, here are a few ways you should use those incredibly powerful gems.

  • Tell your crystal what you want to achieve with it

These calming crystals have indeed been seen to be powerful but you must tell yours what you want it to do for you.

Once you tell it what to do, it will always remind you of your goal every time.

It’s no big deal. Just hold the crystal in your hands with your eyes closed. Then tell the crystal what you want to achieve.

  • Take your crystal with you every time everywhere

The good thing about most healing crystals is that they are small so you can carry yours either in your handbag, tuck it in your pocket or wear it.

  • Hold your calming crystal during meditation

To tap into the spiritual energy of your calming crystal, you need to hold it in your hands during meditation.

  • Put your crystals in the water as you bath

You can also tap into the powerful and restoring powers of your crystals by putting them in the water as you take bath.

Some crystals aren’t made for use in water though. Make sure you confirm this when buying.

Crystals for Anxiety and Stress: FAQs

Here are a few frequently asked questions about calming crystals.

Which crystal is good for anxiety?

Although we haven’t mentioned it, Blue Lace Agate is also said to be a powerful crystal when it comes to combating anxiety and social phobia.

If you are scheduled for an upcoming social event, meditate with this calming crystal.

What Crystal is calming?

Amazonite is a soothing, calming and powerful crystal that helps to ease the fears and worries, especially in social settings.

Final Word

These crystals aren’t harmful but they are powerful when it comes to dealing with all negative feelings, fears, worries you may have as a human.

Identify the issue you have and choose the right protection crystal for you.

Scott Mathews
Scott Mathews is a professional doctor who specializes in mental health. He is also an essay writer who offers assignment proofreading services and was recognized among the superior essay writers of 2019.

This article is written exclusively for  © 2020 All rights reserved. Do Not Copy.


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