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7 Calming Gemstones for Headaches and Migraines

7 Calming Gemstones for Headaches and Migraines

Many cultures from the beginning of human civilization used gemstones for various reasons. We know that nothing beats ancient intuition. Mineral rocks were used by the Sumerians, Greeks, Egyptians, and many other important cultures. Even the Roman Empire was very keen on rock minerals. Ancient soldiers would fashion them into battle and look where it got them!

Sure, nobody’s saying you should use precious stones to dominate new territories, but you can sure conquer your headache.

However, you’ll have to try out different stones and methods to find the most effective crystal for you. Although all gems are pretty effective against headaches, assuming you’re properly meditating and breathing, stone proprieties will differ from one person to another.  

  1. Amethyst

This Aquarius precious Quartz variety is purple to lavender in color. The gem is known to heal the Crown Chakra and Third Eye. It has its origins in the American and Asian continents, Russia, and Britain. The crystal represents spirituality, contentment, and deep meditation. 

Amethyst mineral has high iron content and vibrates brilliantly with the brain, bones, and nerves. The gem calms headaches, tensions, and releases stress. This powerful crystal goes first on our list due to its negative aura cleansing proprieties. Used in meditation, it can shift large chunks of bad energy and provide serenity.

According to social study websites such as Bestessay.com, the gorgeous violet color is found to inspire nobility, mystery, and wisdom. It’s an excellent ceremonial setting for getting over breakups, mourning, and similar emotionally adverse circumstances. 

Use the stone during meditation, spiritual practices, and divination. Surround yourself with multiple Amethysts for unlocking the Third Eye. You can also amplify its proprieties by pairing it with grounding crystals such as Tourmaline.         

  1. Celestite

This sky-like bluestone is utilized to transcend negative vibrations towards the immaterial heavens. Celestite is valuable for its mending characteristics of the Crown and Throat Chakras. The gem is native to Britain, some parts of Northern and Latin America, Poland, and Egypt. Best paired with Gemini, Libra, and Pisces signs.

The metallic mineral provides a soothing calming effect. In combination with breathing patterns, it fosters mental clarity and peacefulness. It encourages communication and sincerity. Additionally, the gem attracts prosperity, sociability, clairvoyance, and spiritual development. It can also help you rely more on your intuition. 

You can put Celestite next to your bed to inspire positive dreams and astral travels. It can help in transcendental meditation, and it can even promote enlightening experiences.

Physically, it can serve as a painkiller by relaxing the muscles and deflecting tense energies. Carrying it around may act as a protective entity.

Remember to keep away from direct sunlight as it decolorates and loses energetic proprieties.

  1. Selenite

The translucent white gypsum gemstone is the stone of Taurus, famous for offering good luck and security. Selenite is powerful in opening the Crown Chakra which is believed to help with most kinds of headaches. It’s native to England, USA, Mexico, Greece, and several parts of Europe. The gem is most beneficial to the Taurus sign.

Thanks to its ethereal proprieties, the stone helps with memory and unblocks stagnant energies. Some of the best writing services employees have one or more Selenite stones on their work desks

Moreover, the stone grants positive energies that calms the mind against stress and relaxes the body.

If you’re feeling anxious and depressed, you can hold Selenite in the palm of your hand to relieve the symptoms. In meditation, you can use it to expand your consciousness and help you connect with the Universe.

  1. Turquoise

It’s one of the oldest stones in history capable of expressing as many energies as its color variation of green and blue. Turquoise is good for balancing the Throat and Heart Chakras. The aesthetic gem is native to the Arabian Peninsula, the American continent, China, Tibet, and parts of Europe. It fits the best Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio.

The water-like mineral is said to be highly effective against repressed emotions, thoughts, and fears. Furthermore, you should use the crystal while concentrating on self-acceptance and forgiveness energies to get in tune with opening your Heart Chakra.  

Just like any other crystal, you can use it in meditation or pair with other gems. You can also perform a purifying ritual by placing a Turquoise in your work environment to clear harmful energies and electromagnetic smog. Students and schoolers find this stone useful to learning, painting, or for the best essay help in stressful times.

  1. Rose Quartz

This pink-colored gem is also called the stone of unconditional love. It’s native to Latin America, Madagascar, India, Japan, and the USA. The crystal targets the Heart Chakra. The zodiac signs it best exemplifies are Taurus, Virgo, and Libra.

It is said to heal emotional and sentimental afflictions by raising your heart frequency to resonate with feelings of love and adoration. Rose Quartz emanates powerful feminine energy good for easing headaches, physical fatigue, menstrual cycle pain, and hormonal imbalances. 

You can use it during meditation: hold a Rose Quartz in your hand and focus on positive affirmations and repeat a mantra that seeks self-love. Concentrate on attracting positive affection and energy. You can also rub the gem gently on your face is you have a Rose Quartz massage roller.

  1. Fluorite

With an exciting purple to green color variation, Fluorite focuses on the Heart, Throat, and Third Eye Chakra. This calcium-fluoride stone is native to Norway, Britain, Germany, Switzerland, China, Peru, and Mexico. Best suited for Pisces and Capricorn.

This gem is thought to improve cognitive reasoning and focus. It’s also good for sharpening your though process and expanding viewpoints. Fluorite can also improve headaches by causing positive distractions and eliminating energy blockages and anxiety.     

You can use it by either placing it in your workplace or caring it around somewhere near your upper body. Don’t forget to include the crystal in your meditation to help with mental clarity. You can also place it near your bedside to encourage creativity and new ideas, which may provide speedy inspiration for an instant assignment help.

  1. Amber

Although not technically a crystal, but a fossilized tree’s resin, Amber is an incredible stone for clearing emotional blockages. It targets the Sacral and Solar Plexus, liberating the whole body from impurities and negative anxiety vibrations.

Amber is very used in Italy, Romania, Germany, Poland, UK, Russian, Sweden, and the Dominican Republic. This colorful sun-like stone pertains to multiple birth signs: Leo, Virgo, Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

As a necklace, it protects from potentially harmful radiations from wireless devices. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic characteristics and can even help infants stop crying and sleep.

In conclusion, these minerals can relieve your headache, but only if adequately combined with, meditation, breathing exercises, and yoga. Keep in mind that they’re not magic pills and aren’t a substitution to a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you breathe, relax, and practice spiritual grounding, regularly.

Scott Mathews
Scott Mathews is a UK journalist and writer. He ‘s a blogger at buy custom essay and writes for a college paper writing service. He’s proud to offer some of the best paper writing services in the online virtual marketplace. Scott is also a fan of MMA, boxing, and swimming. When he’s not working for top essay writing services, he likes to eat at restaurants, go ice skating, and play with his two cats.

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