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Healing Stones and Crystal Meanings

Healing Stones and Crystal Meanings

What is Crystal Healing?

In crystal healing, we use crystals or gemstones for healing purposes. These crystals are used for either healing pain in our body or even making our body pure from various impurities. Many particular regions in our body are known as "chakras" the crystal healing is done by keeping the crystals on these chakras of our body. In all seven chakras in our body, the crystals are placed for healing purposes. 

Crystal healing has gained a lot of popularity nowadays, and not only people suffering from illness are undergoing this treatment, but also, in some cases, nurses and doctors are having a session of crystal healing to cure their patients. Not necessarily that the crystals should be placed on the chakras for the healing purpose; these crystals can also be kept at the bedside where you sleep, and also it can be worn. The crystals used vary depending on the type of illness or cure the patient is looking for.

What Are Spiritual Meanings of Healing Stones and Crystals?

It is unknown how the spiritual and healing attributes and values of gems came into being, but most have been around for thousands of years. Stones and crystals vibrate to different energies, and perhaps years of observation led to the meanings. Stones and gems have been used in cleansing chakras, magical healing spells, and sometimes when carried on the person or in their home.

Some people use the attributes and values of gems when meditating to help them focus on particular problems and increase their spiritual energy or improve their psychic development. Besides healing, properties, and psychic improvement, stones and crystals are also used to improve worldly conditions, such as prosperity levels.

Stones to increase prosperity include citrine, green aventurine, and jade. While green aventurine is often thought of as a stone that is especially good for gamblers, bringing good luck. It also helps bring abundance, money, and general happiness. Even the name supports games of chance since the stone got its name from the Italian word "Aventura," which translates as the word opportunity. It enhances not just prosperity but also creativity and career success. Citrine is the money or success stone and the most powerful if you want good fortune. It manifests good luck and abundance in many ways you don't expect. It's also a protective stone, manifesting goals and wealth.

A List of a Few Healing Stones and Their Meanings

Many different types of gemstones are used to make stylish, beautiful, and fashionable jewelry. Gems provide jewelry designers with the colorful tools to create various looks without the expense of precious stones. To add to their charm, gemstones also carry different meanings with them. Here are some of the more popular ones and some that are a little less familiar to most people:

Amber: Amber is usually clear yellow in its natural state and has a soft structure. This gemstone gained popularity during the "Jurassic Park" craze, and you can find it with objects trapped inside. It is used as a way to lift the heaviness of burdens and also to align mental and emotional bodies.

Turquoise: Turquoise has been one of the favorites for those who believe in the magical power of stones. These stones are a great healer. The use of these stones is healthy not only for the body but also for the soul. To experience enhanced intuition, you are recommended to place Turquoise on the third eye. It is always worth trying Turquoise if you have been suffering from depression, panic attacks, and exhaustion.

Agate: This stone is a type of quartz that is found in a range of blue, moss, pink, red, and snakeskin color. It is often dyed with bright colors to make it more interesting than the natural dark tone. Agate promotes grounding, provides security, promotes spiritual growth, and improves memory, precision, and perception.

Bloodstone: Bloodstone is a dark green gemstone that has red dots. It is a variety of chalcedony quartz used to coordinate your healing energies and strengthen your immune system. It aids in the uplifting of the body's energy so that it can fight all kinds of infections.

Citrine: The yellow of the citrine gemstone has a golden hue. These crystals can form with amethyst and form ametrine, a yellow-orange to the purple gradient—Citrine assists in relieving tension and encourages relaxation of your body. Alone, amethyst helps to draw the mind into the realm of spiritual knowledge and allows you to embrace your spirituality. At the same time, ametrine promotes serenity and conditional love and cleanses and inspires creativity and harmony.

Jasper: Jasper is one of the few gemstones that are found worldwide. It is multi-colored, solid, yellow, orange, brown, or green. Jasper is another member of the chalcedony family and is used as an aid to mental stress.

Hawk'S eye gemstone: The hawk's eye is bluish red or bluish and is another type of quartz used to enhance communication integrity. It improves self-awareness and gives the wearer willpower to be true to their ideas.

Moonstone: Moonstone may be white, pink, or yellow and is often carved with a moon face. They ease anxiety and provide healing for women with hormone imbalances. They are also used to heal the lymph nodes.

Sardonyx: Another part of the chalcedony family, sardonyx, can be blue, moss, red, blue lace, pink, or snakeskin. It will help bring happiness to your relationships and emits good fortune while providing self-control and courage.

Rhodonite: Pink with black inclusions, this intriguing gemstone is used to stabilize the emotions. Gives the wearer a more balanced and mature perspective.


There is a stone for every ailment, and if you are that way inclined, you will be able to find a book that lists all the properties of all the rocks. Crystals, too, are used in the same way and have various types of healing characteristics. The sheer beauty of crystals means that they are now made into all forms of jewelry. That way, you can have the healing crystal you choose that you can wear as a piece of jewelry.

That way, your healing power is with you always and is not apparent to all and sundry. Many people have healing stones and crystals in their homes as well, and each piece must be positioned correctly and facing the right way to have the best effect on the aura of the house. Many crystal stores have sprung up to cater to the growing swing of crystal and stone healing. But you don't have to have a piece of crystal to heal something. If it looks pretty, you can have it either to wear or to decorate your home and promote in you a sense of wellbeing. 

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