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7 Crystals to Change Your Luck

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Being lucky or unlucky is one of those concepts that we accept about ourselves from a young age, like not having hand-eye coordination or being bad at karaoke. We see luck as a fixed trait—you have it or you don’t. After all, if luck was up to us, everyone would be lucky, right? But what makes someone lucky? Take that one perpetually lucky friend you’re secretly, or maybe not-so-secretly envious of, for example. The one who’s always on a trip they won in some radio contest. Why does free stuff just fall into their lap? Is it because they are lucky, or is it something else? Maybe luck is less of a mysterious fairy dust bestowed upon us by the universe, and more of a balanced formula of measured risks, confidence and determination. Maybe the only reason your lucky friend is always winning contests is because they are always entering them. They probably lose more contests than they win, but they don’t let that stop them from pursuing what they want. To be luckier in life, love or business, we have to put ourselves out there.

Being outgoing enough to approach people will in turn attract more people to you. This draw also brings in opportunities. So what we should be asking ourselves is, how do we gather the confidence to put ourselves out there, and release the fears and doubts that are holding us back? Meditating with crystals for luck isn’t about reversing the luck that the universe has given you. It’s about reversing the role of “unlucky” in your own perception. These lucky crystals are especially attuned to ridding you of negative thoughts, raising your enthusiasm, rousing your energy, maintaining optimism, assertiveness and joy. Forget about lady luck. Using lucky crystals to open yourself up to new opportunities, you can be your own lucky charm!       


Pyrite helps to release poverty consciousness and limited thinking. Gaze into a raw pyrite crystal and see yourself within the crystal. Breathe in the color gold. See gold surrounding you. Visualize gold coins falling from the sky and showering you with abundance. Smile, laugh and feel how good it feels to be in the flow of prosperity. The first step is to feel it. Then, next step is to allow it into your life.


Carry a citrine stone in your purse or pocket. Money is energy. Citrine is the stone of prosperity and helps to shine light into any situation. Hold it in your hands and ask yourself: What’s holding me back? If I take 100% ownership right now in my life, what can I shift today that will make me more prosperous? Once you receive an answer, hold your citrine and make it your touchstone to create a financial change.

Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite crystals helps you speak up and ask for what you want. It helps you to stop hiding behind your thoughts and perceptions and ask for things. These lucky crystals remind you to be assertive and state clearly what it is you desire, because you just might get it!


Transform your finances and mindset with Malachite. Look at these crystals for good luck and see its movement. Within its green backdrop, bursts of opportunity, ideas and transformation reside within its depth. Carry a Malachite stone with you when you want a breakthrough in your life.

Aura Spirit Quartz

When you gaze at these lucky crystals, you just feel it: it’s a joyous crystal. Pick up this sparkler when life starts to feel dull and routine. Aura Spirit Quartz reminds you that your inner sparkle and joy can always shine through once the clouds of clutter and chaos are cleared from your path. 


Look at Amethyst as your trusted friend when you have asked everyone you know for advice and have received a variety of answers, leaving you more confused than ever. It’s time to trust the person who knows you better than anyone: YOU. Yes. YOU. Trust your inner voice that lives in your gut and your mind’s eye. Your intuition knows the real you and what’s best for you right now. Tap into your intuition, and that is sure to change your luck.

Tiger’s Eye

Hold onto a piece of Tiger’s Eye when you need to get out of your own way. Look at the crystal and see all the lines going in different directions. It helps you remember that there are many roads to success. Be open to seeing things from another perspective because it might lead you to a pot of gold.

Energy Muse jewelry pieces are designed with gemstone combinations that have a specific energy focus. They can aid you achieving wealth, finding love, enhancing performance and improving health. When you wear our jewelry and combine the energy of the gemstones with your thoughts and your own energy, a powerful union is created to help you achieve what you desire.

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