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Crystals for Aquarius

Crystals for Aquarius

If your birthday falls between January 20th and February 18th, Aquarius is your sun sign. (Note, the dates can vary slightly each year.) Aquarius season blows in during the first two months of the year, bringing the winds of change and the energy necessary to manifest a bright new vision and chapter.

Aquarius is symbolized by the water bearer. He pours from his vessel a steady stream of life and spiritual sustenance to the world. The water he provides also cleanses the old to make room for a better future. Due to the water imagery associated with Aquarius, many people first assume that it is a water sign, however it is actually the last air sign in the zodiac. Air signs are intellectual, abstract thinkers who excel in analysis and communication.

Before Uranus was discovered, Saturn was the first planet assigned to Aquarius. However, in modern times Uranus is considered the supreme ruler of Aquarius. Known as the Great Awakener, Uranus shakes up the status quo and brings in surprising events to move you forward. Uranus is associated with innovation, new technology, the future, and change.

Free-spirited, eccentric, and unique, Aquarians are much like snowflakes--no two are alike. If you want to spot an Aquarian in a crowd, look for the person wearing a funky, offbeat outfit that is a bold and unexpected fashion statement. They exude a captivating aura of originality, creativity, and nonconformity, proudly breaking the rules and flying their freak flags. You see, Aquarians aren’t here to fit into societal norms. They are here to change the world.

An Aquarian’s third eye chakra is on and activated, resulting in spot-on intuition and sharp mental prowess. Aquarians have a humanitarian, holistic, progressive way of thinking that taps into the blueprint of a positive, cooperative future for all beings. Revolutionary, visionary, and ahead-of-their-time, Aquarians use their powers to inject novelty and positive change into reality. They make great inventors, artists, scientific or technological innovators, entrepreneurs, psychics, and social activists. When an outdated industry or system needs someone to shake things up and make waves, call in an Aquarian.

Due to the influence of the air element, Aquarians are open-minded, smart, charming, and welcoming. They are also great communicators and conversationalists. These traits help them to shine in social settings. Although they spend a lot of time in their heads, dissecting and dreaming up solutions to big picture problems, they have big hearts and passion that is their driving force.

All signs have their growing edges, and Aquarius is no exception. Aquarians are mentally oriented and have busy, logical minds. Consequently, they don’t often show their emotions, tend to overanalyze, and can come across as detached, cold, or withdrawn. As a fixed sign, they can be stubborn. They do listen and consider other points of view, but they don’t often change their mind once they have done their own research and analysis. Since they feel certain that they are right, they sometimes behave in a condescending way. Generally, Aquarians are easygoing, but when they get angry run for cover. They have also been described as unpredictable, rebellious, and prone to extremes.

Working with the right crystals can enhance the positive Aquarian qualities, while helping to overcome their challenging traits. Here are the most highly recommended crystals for those with an Aquarius sun sign.

Amethyst: Regal Amethyst, the February birthstone, is a spiritually elevating gem that is assigned to the air element. It bathes you in a purple glow that calms, balances, purifies, and heightens all levels of the being. It is a perfect Aquarius amulet that supports the water bearer to shine their brightest in their quest as world-changers.

Amethyst is the quintessential crystal for activating the higher chakras: the third eye, crown, and etheric chakras. On a mental level, it calms and elevates thoughts, while sharpening logic and analysis. Spiritually, it enhances intuition, psychic ability, and divine connection. Amethyst helps Aquarians to synthesize their astute mental powers with their intuitive and spiritual perceptions, leading them to become legendary visionaries and way showers.

Amethyst also stokes the fires of creativity and passion, two necessary ingredients for Aquarians on mission to improve the world. It has been called the stone of the artist, composer, inventor, poet, and painter. Amethyst boosts the imagination and creative thinking, assisting any venture that calls for innovative, novel outcomes or products to be created. It helps you to integrate new concepts and to act on the ideas you are most passionate about.

Amethyst balances and mellows out an Aquarian who is on overdrive. It tempers anxiety, stress, and excessive energies. It calms and soothes a mind with too many tabs open and brings balance to the emotions. Amethyst purifies negative energy and elevates your consciousness, so that you can pause and react from a higher place instead of coming across as angry, patronizing, or stubborn.

Moldavite: This high vibration, glassy green space gem formed from a meteorite crash in Czechoslovakia about 14.8 million years ago. A merging of extraterrestrial energy and Earth material, Moldavite is exceptionally rare, unusual, and extraordinary--just like Aquarians are. Assigned to Uranus, the planet of great awakenings and reality-jolting shifts, it is the perfect talisman for revolutionary Aquarius.

Aquarians and Moldavite share a common mission: to accelerate the transformation, ascension, and evolutionary development of humanity. They are here to move us into a brighter future timeline. Moldavite emits exceptionally high frequency energy that pinballs through the chakras and energy system, quickly upshifting all that it touches. As each chakra is upgraded and filled with light, old internal patterns and outdated programs are shaken up and brought to the surface to be released. It can clear Aquarian’s challenging tendencies, such as being obstinate, emotionally withdrawn, and overly analytical. The shifts Moldavite brings can change all facets of your life, bringing you into greater alignment with your highest soul expression and mission.

Moldavite quickly activates your psychic senses and spiritual gifts, enabling you to receive information, love, light, healing, and codes from other dimensions, as well as divine and galactic sources. This higher plane connection gives access to a newer, truer perception of reality that is interconnected, benevolent, and honoring of all. This is what Aquarians are all about: ushering in a spiritually and morally advanced reality that is inclusive and helps all beings to thrive in harmony.

Moldavite can help you consciously access various points in time via meditation, but it is particularly tuned to the future. Forward-thinking Aquarians will appreciate Moldavite’s power to reveal the most probable future outcomes that will occur if certain roads are taken versus others. Moldavite is an unconventional stone that brings in surprise, unforeseen solutions to problems, which is perfect Aquarians who like think outside of the box. In these ways, it can be an invaluable guide on their path of helping to mold a better future.

Angelite: Assigned to Uranus and the air element, Angelite is a baby blue stone with energy as soft as silk. It emanates eternal peace, benevolence, wholeness, and compassion--keynote humanitarian qualities that vibe with the Aquarian ethos.

Angelite is called the stone of awareness because it enhances your perception, intuitive gifts, and attunement to other realms. It is a top stone for accessing love, healing, and guidance from angels, ascended masters, positive galactic beings, and spirit guides. Therefore, Angelite can act as a crystalline guide that illuminates for Aquarians the best way to use their gifts to actualize positive change.

Aquarians are naturally adept at written and verbal communication due to the influence of the air element. Angelite takes their throat chakra powers to the next level. It activates and heightens multidimensional telepathic communication, mediumship, and challenging abilities. This enables Aquarians who are on a metaphysical mission to receive and deliver spiritual energy, messages, and downloads that are in service to humanity and the planet.

Angelite is a soothing balm for Aquarians when they get worked up and too rigid. With energy like "liquid peace", it cools down an overactive mind, dispels anger, and relaxes a stubborn streak. For Aquarians who tend to condescend, Angelite can help them find a higher, more loving way to express their point. When Aquarians become emotionally closed, it can help them to open, share, and connect more with others.

Blue Apatite: This enchanting stone carries frequencies of the seas, the stars, and vision boards come true. It is an air element stone that checks many Aquarian boxes.

Blue Apatite is known to foster a humanitarian attitude that aligns with service. It highlights what is unique and novel about you, inspiring the creation of a purposeful path for sharing your most remarkable and innate gifts. Known as “a stone of the future,” Blue Apatite has a subtle galactic, space-age feel to it. Its energy helps you tune into future potentials and manifest the best outcomes. It is a catalyst for transformation and positive shifts, and it stimulates creativity and problem solving. All of this is sure to resonate with trailblazing, innovative Aquarians who often have an altruistic calling to better the world.

Blue Apatite sharpens the third eye and throat chakras, two energy centers that are of relevance to Aquarius. At the third eye, Blue Apatite stimulates the intellect, memory, concentration, and the pursuit of knowledge. It is also known to heighten clairaudience, clairvoyance, empathic abilities, telepathy, and awareness of other dimensions. At the throat chakra, it enhances verbal and written communication, as well as public speaking and teaching.

Blue Apatite has a refreshing, cleansing quality to it that is like oceanic waves. It washes away aloofness, anger, negativity, excessive thinking, and pertinacity that can sometimes plague Aquarians. It assists Aquarians to get more in touch with the flow of their emotions, while balancing out extreme responses.

Honorable Mention:

There you have it, the best Aquarius gemstones. Here are some other beautiful stones that are traditionally associated with Aquarius:

  • Cavansite: Assigned to Aquarius and the air element, intuition, psychic ability, intellect, big-picture thinking, revelation, communication, truth, calms the emotions and stress.
  • Aquamarine: an ascendant stone for Aquarius, communication, intuition, clarity of thought, creativity, social responsibility, service, stress relief, releases anger and negativity.
  • Spirit Quartz: Assigned to Aquarius and Uranus, heightened awareness, psychic perception, spiritual evolution, serving the greater community, social ease, harmonizing extremes, clears anxiety and various forms of negativity.
  • Hematite: Assigned to Aquarius, mental sharpness, original thinking, technical knowledge, manifestation, balance, grounding, clears negative emotions, reduces stress.

Adrienne Goff is a celebrated author, healer, and teacher with over fifteen years of experience as a crystal energy expert. For seven years, she has been a featured healer and speaker at the Earth- Keeper conferences hosted by James Tyberonn ( Adrienne has also been interviewed on the popular radio shows, Healing Conversations by Lauren Galey, The Cosmic Awakening Show by Michelle Walling, and others. She has written two books and a library of free articles that comprehensively cover the mineral kingdom, available at

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