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Here Are 4 Spells & Crystals For Sun Worshippers

sun goddess

We show you how you can connect closer with the energy of the sun to help your mind, body and soul glow! 

From ancient civilisations to modern culture, the sun has been a focal point for worship and celebration. The largest star in our solar system, the sun is the source of all life here on earth. We have a lot to give thanks for, so it only makes sense that we would want to become closer to it and its everlasting energies – try our sun spells and add these crystals to your collection for a sunnier outlook on life…

Sunset ritual for letting go

Forgive hurtful comments with this evening spell

YOU WILL NEED: Four candles in a row; the left one orange, then pink, purple and finally yellow or gold – White paper and a pencil –  An eraser

  1. Stand so you can see the sunset through a window.
  2. Light the candles left to right, saying for each one, “Let it go. Words leave my mind. You [name], were unkind. But each day I kindle your words anew. It hurts me, rather than you.”
  3. Write the words on the paper, then, word by word, starting at the end, erase them backwards, saying, “Word by word, gone from my mind, wiped from my heart, so peace can I find.”
  4. Extinguish the candles in reverse order of lighting, afterward saying, “Gone, done, I start anew. Dragging old hurts at last is through.” 
  5. Face the darkening sky. Push your hands, palms outward toward the sunset, saying “Sunset, take all this away, that tomorrow’s dawn will be a new day.”
  6. Fold the paper and throw it away.

Must-have crystals

Become a sun goddess with our top three solar stones



This yellow-hued stone resonates with your solar plexus and is great for helping to boost your creativity and abundance. Keep a small piece of it in your purse to help bring you wealth, as Citrine is affectionately known as the ‘money stone’.



Amber is a great stone for helping to purify your mind, body and soul. Resonating with the sun and the element of fire, wear it to bring you good luck and protection from any negative energies.



Keep this wonderful crystal beside you to see the brighter side of life, as well as help ease away fear when you’re scared. Wear a pendant set with sunstone to help you feel alive, as it is thought to give you increased vitality and energy – much like the sun itself.

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