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How to Build a Simple and Powerful Crystal Grid for Manifestation

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Being a human means that you are in the business of reality crafting. You are the designer of your life, and all aspects of your personal reality are there because of your choices, preferences, and how you have focused and allocated your energy. Chances are that there is something you would like to bring into your life to make it better. It could be a more fulfilling job, a dream vacation, a new relationship, home improvements, or something as simple as new shoes. If you need to manifest something quickly, and you want it to show up in the highest form, I recommend building this simple crystal grid. Think of it as an energetic template that can help bring your thoughts and desires into physical form.

Creating a crystal grid for manifestation is powerful and effective for a few different reasons:

Using a group of crystals that resonate with actualizing your goal creates a more powerful force field of energy. All of the crystals in a grid harmonize with each other and work together synergistically to create a desired outcome.

Crystal grids use the power of sacred geometry. Think of sacred geometry as the building blocks that underlie reality, and each shape has a specific vibrational theme. The triangle is one of the best shapes to use for manifestation and creation. Placing the right crystals into the shape of a triangle creates a powerful blueprint for the physical manifestation of your desire.  

Crystals from the Quartz family can hold the energy of your intentions, thought-forms, and desires. They amplify your intention and can create a magnetic force for drawing it to you. The process of planting your intention into a crystal is called programming, and my experience has shown me that it really speeds up the manifestation process and brings you more accurate results. I highly recommend placing a programmed crystal in the center of your grid.

All you need to build and activate this simple manifestation grid are these five crystals:

Citrine: Citrine is the quintessential solar plexus stone, which is your center of manifestation and personal power. Citrine enhances your ability to manifest anything you truly want—love, health, prosperity, a new car, etc. One way that Citrine amplifies your manifestation power is by clearing lower emotions, patterns, and thoughts that would block your connection to abundance and to the Divine flow of manifestation that is your birthright. Its radiant energy is like the sun: life-giving, warm, happy, powerful, and positive. Citrine gives you an empowered, can-do attitude. Feeling confident, capable, and excited is the best vibrational space to be in for manifestation, and Citrine will move you there. Because Citrine belongs to the Quartz family, you can program it with the specific desire you want to manifest. It will hold and amplify your intention, attracting it to you in record time.

Rutilated Quartz: Rutilated Quartz is a high vibration crystal that is a connector, an activator, and an accelerator. It is also an ideal manifestation stone, because it is an amplifier of energy and intention. Rutile is a titanium oxide crystal that looks like brown, gold, silver, or red needles. When Rutile grows inside of amplifying Quartz, it creates the effect of antennas or channels of connection to various multidimensional realms, beings, or potential timelines. Here’s how you can work with it in meditation to help manifest something wonderful: Place a Rutilated Quartz at the third eye chakra, and visualize, in vivid detail, exactly what you would like to create or experience in your life. By doing so, you are exploring potential realties and isolating an ideal one out of infinite possibilities.

Next, place the Rutilated Quartz at the solar plexus chakra, breathe in, and imagine that you are drawing that potential reality into the solar plexus through the Rutile needles. (This would be a great exercise to do before you build your grid!) Rutilated Quartz is also a vibrational healer and a spiritual activator. It vitalizes the aura and removes negative energy, and it channels higher energy streams into the crown and third eye chakras for the activation of your psychic abilities. It also connects you to the Earth grids, allowing you to draw in nourishing and grounding frequencies. Connecting to the energy matrix of the Earth is also key in manifesting what you need on this plane of existence.

Tiger’s Eye: Tiger’s Eye is a beautiful, banded stone of gold and brown, which unifies solar and Earth energies. The golden ray helps you to access personal power at the solar plexus and also higher consciousness and light frequencies via the crown chakra. The brown ray grounds these frequencies into your body and reality. Perhaps this is why Tiger’s Eye has been recognized as one of the premier stones for the solar plexus and enlightened manifesting. It is a clarifying stone that helps you to determine and focus on what is important and to make things happen. If you need to make lifestyle changes to actualize your dreams, Tiger’s Eye will boost your power and support you in persevering. Traditionally, it has been known as a talisman of good fortune and good luck that brings in the resources you need to succeed. It is also a stone of balance, harmony, and protection.

Pyrite: Pyrite, also known as Fool’s Gold, is a powerful, iron-bearing mineral that can form in the sacred geometry shapes of the cube and the dodecahedron. Its geometric quality creates an energetic transmission that is very refined and coherent, which structures and orders your thoughts and energy. The iron content also adds strength and grounding to the equation. The golden color ray resonates with the solar plexus chakra. Put all of that together, and you have a perfect manifestation stone—one that helps to solidify and strengthen your intention, enhance your personal power, and ground the perfect outcome into your personal reality. Pyrite boosts your attitude, energy levels, and confidence, helping you to shine in all endeavors. It also helps you stay present and effective in the moment, while providing energetic protection.

Selenite wand: Selenite is a high vibration stone with an ethereal, peaceful, spiritual quality. It is perfect to use as a wand to activate your grid, due to its striated structure. A striated stone is one that has parallel grooves or lines recessed down the length of the stone. The striations in Selenite serve as pathways for higher dimensional light to be amplified and channeled through in a powerful way. You can work with Selenite to activate the grid, which involves connecting all of the crystals and amplifying their combined energy transmission. It is like hitting the light switch and turning on your grid to full power. I will share how to do the activation process later in this article.

How to Build and Activate Your Manifestation Crystal Grid:

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Now that you know which stones you will need, let me give you step-by-step instructions for creating and activating your grid.

Gather the five stones, and cleanse them before you begin.

Think of a wish that you would like to manifest, and write it down in the form of a present tense affirmation, as if you already have it. (Some examples: “I now make a fortune doing the work that I love.” “I am now in the perfect romantic relationship with a soul mate who is a harmonious vibrational match.”) It is a good idea to add this phrase to the end of your affirmation: “This, or something better, manifests easily if it is for the highest good.”

Program this affirmation into the Citrine: Hold the Citrine, and state your affirmation aloud at least eight times. Imagine that you are projecting this intention into the stone, where it will be stored and amplified.

Place the stones into the shape of a triangle: Put the Rutilated Quartz at the top of the triangle, so that it forms the apex. Place the Tiger’s Eye at the bottom left point, and place the Pyrite at the bottom right point. These two stones are forming the base of the triangle. Finally, place the programmed Citrine in the center of the triangle. You can also place the sheet of paper with your written affirmation beneath the Citrine.

Activate the grid: State your affirmation aloud, and then you will work with the Selenite wand to trace the pattern of your grid three times. There is a specific way to trace the pattern for optimal results. If you are new to activating grids, it might sound a bit confusing when I describe it. So please refer to the helpful diagram that shows the activation pattern.

The most important part of this is your intention, so don’t worry if you don’t do it perfectly at first. Start by pointing the Selenite wand at the Citrine in the center of your grid. Next, point the Selenite at the Rutilated Quartz at the top of your grid, then point it at the Tiger’s Eye, located at the bottom left position. From there, move the Selenite back to the Citrine in the center, and then point it back to the Tiger’s Eye. Next, point it at the Pyrite, located at the bottom right of the grid, then bring the Selenite back to the Citrine. Next, move the Selenite back to the Pyrite and then up to the Rutilated Quartz at the top of the grid. Finally, point it back to the Citrine at the center. Repeat this entire pattern two more times (for a total of three).

Congratulations! Now that your grid is activated, it will remain so as long as you keep the crystals in place. It is advised that you meditate next to this grid and imagine that your wish is coming true. Visualize it in vivid detail and allow yourself to feel all of the positive emotions associated with getting exactly what you want. Be sure to tune in and ask if there are any specific action steps you need to take to make it happen, and follow through with any guidance you receive. Here’s to taking your power and creating beautiful outcomes!

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