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Using Crystals For Support Throughout The Year Of The Monkey


The Year of the Monkey begins on February 8. Its energy is going to be intense and mischievous because it is also the a Fire Monkey year. In our Crystal Forecast for 2016, we shared the best crystals to have for the energy of Year of the Monkey. We compiled a more detailed list based on Chinese astrology, Feng Shui and crystal properties that will help with specific concerns for handling the energy of the Monkey.

Blue Lace Agate Stones for Children with Stress

With so much going on in the world, from natural disasters to violence and the pressure to succeed, children are absorbing more negative energy than ever. Our nation is currently at its highest rates of children suffering from anxiety, with one in eight children affected. Children are extremely sensitive to what they see and hear. Allowing them to connect with the calming energy of blue lace agate stones, can help teach them the importance of remaining calm, centered and at ease.

Black Tourmaline for Protection

The #3 robbery star becomes present this February and can cause difficulties for home and businesses. For added protection, place as much black tourmaline by your entrances as you can. Adding salt underneath your doormat is also believed to be a Feng Shui cure for robberies.

Kali Mala for Accepting Endings

In numerology, 2016 adds up to a 9 year (2+0+1+6=9). The number nine symbolizes the completing of a cycle and endings. In 2016. The energy of endings, and even destruction, will be prominent. Connecting with the goddess Kali by using the Kali Mala while performing the Goddess Kali Mantra will ensure that no matter what ends, or what may be lost is replaced with new energy or a new chapter of your life.

Water Element for Change

This year is a fire monkey year, and fire can get very heated, so the energy of water will keep things calm and cool. It will help you not get stuck, by staying fluid and things ebb and flow. The only thing consistent is change, which is the mantra for this year. Use a water element bracelet or ocean gems to bring the healing powers of water into your life.

Sodalite for Men

Because of the intensity of the fire from the Year of the Monkey, there’s going to be an argumentative energy in the air, especially surrounding men. Keep a piece of sodalite on the office desk to disperse those heated moments and create a calming atmosphere.

Citrine for Business and Career Luck

The Year of the Monkey will be a financially stable year, according to Feng Shui. Invest in a citrine point to keep in your workspace to invite in prosperity and abundance. You could also create a vision board with your citrine or write your intentions on a piece of paper and place the citrine on top of it to bring more focus to achieving those goals. To protect your finances, carry a Lucky Buddha Charm inside your purse or wallet.

Neutralize and Cleanse with Energy Tools

We always recommend having shungite, selenite crystals and Palo Santo Wood or frankincense resin to continually cleanse yourself and your space and it’s especially important to have these items during the Year of the Monkey. Shungite will help to release any stagnant emotions and neutralize negative energies. Wearing a Energy Clearing Necklace with Selenite will protect you from the inevitable ups and downs of the energy of this year, while also bringing you peace and serenity. The Palo Santo or Frankincense resin act as a way to clear your space with a fire element.


Energy Muse jewelry pieces are designed with gemstone combinations that have a specific energy focus. They can aid you achieving wealth, finding love, enhancing performance and improving health. When you wear our jewelry and combine the energy of the gemstones with your thoughts and your own energy, a powerful union is created to help you achieve what you desire.

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