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The Vogel® Crystal Healing Process



It is assumed that some introduction, discussion, therapeutic intervention or other process of information gathering has preceded this form of treatment. It is important for the facilitator to have some background and understanding of what is going on with the client and their life. A normal type of intake interview protocol would suffice.

The client needs to know something of what this procedure is about and what their role is in the treatment. Their task is not simply to be passive, but an active participant in their healing process. You will need to educate them about the breathing processes involved in the treatment, particularly the pulsing of the breath at the release phase.

It is important also that the client know what you mean when you instruct them "to go to the source of their distress" and that it is not necessary that they find anything in particular. Whatever arises in their consciousness is enough. If nothing in particular arises this is fine as well. Consciousness will go to the source of the distress whether or not the client is aware of it or not. One is always speaking to the client’s Higher Consciousness or Soul.

You may need to take a moment or two to prepare yourself for the treatment. Being centered and Heart Focused is very important. Whatever else may happen during treatment, therapeutic intervention with the crystal is primarily a means of transmitting unconditional Love. Healing is the process of allowing more Love, of allowing the Soul to become more fully embodied. All other considerations are secondary. The amelioration or removal of specific conditions is part of the process of allowing a more fully embodied Soul life. It is the consequence of treatment but not necessarily the primary purpose. The "healer" or facilitator is working as a Soul to assist another Soul in manifesting more completely in the earth plane. It is important that the facilitator have a degree of consciousness as a Soul to be effective.


The first step in any crystal healing procedure is to clear and charge the crystal.

Clearing the crystal is accomplished by holding the crystal, operating tip upwards, between two opposing faces with the thumb and second finger of the non-dominant hand. The thumb and second finger of the dominant hand support the tips of the crystal. The thumb supports the base of the crystal and the second finger supports the operating tip.

Focus the mind on the intent of clearing the crystal of any unwanted charges or programming. Slowly draw the breath in as you focus on your intent and on the crystal. Hold the indwelling breath for a second or two and then release it in a sudden burst. This sudden burst is similar to a sneeze or clearing one’s nose. The pulsing action will disrupt any accumulated charge. The focused intent will target the precise programming or charges to be disrupted or erased. Repeat this process for each pair of faces of the crystal. For example, you would do this three times with a six-sided crystal, four times with an eight-sided crystal, and so on.

It is possible to selectively clear or erase programming in the crystal just as one can delete specific documents from a computer file. It is simply a matter of focusing the mind on what it is one wants to clear or delete from the crystal.

To charge the crystal, hold it in your dominant hand and rotate it clockwise while squeezing it with each rotation. The squeezing action elicits the piezo-electric property of the crystal. As you do this the surface of the crystal will begin to feel sticky and a squeaking sound may be heard. This indicates that a primary charge has been built up on the surface of the crystal.

The second step in charging the crystal is to hold it in the dominant hand with the index finger over the operating tip with the other tip in the palm of the hand. Bring into awareness an experience of love and well being. It is best that this be a genuine experience you have had and not just a thought or philosophical concept. Feel the sense of love and well being in your body as you slowly draw the breath in. Focus on the crystal and release the breath in a sudden burst or pulse through the nostrils.

The crystal will then begin to oscillate or vibrate in your hand. You may feel the vibration in your body as a kind of buzzing or tingling sensation or perhaps even heat. If this does not come immediately draw in a slow deep breath as you focus on the crystal. As you draw the breath in the charge from the crystal will enter your body and it may be easier to experience the energy this way. Don’t be concerned if none of this experience occurs at first. It often takes time to be able to sense the subtle changes.

To test whether or not your crystal is charged you can perform the following procedure.

Hold the crystal so that the flat surface of its body is parallel to the floor. Draw in a slow deep breath. With the breath held in, gently stroke the surface of the crystal. Your finger should lightly glide over the surface. Slowly let the breath out and continue lightly stroking the crystal. As the breath is released the surface of the crystal should become sticky. When the breath is fully exhaled you will feel as if the finger can no longer move across the face of the crystal. It becomes stuck. The resistance or stickiness is due to the charge build-up in the crystal.

Drawing the index finger slowly from the tip of the crystal to the girdle (where the sloping faces forming the tip meet the body of the crystal) is another way to test if it is charged. When the breath is drawn in the finger will glide easily over the surface of the crystal. With the breath exhaled there will be a "stickiness" or resistance that prevents the finger from gliding smoothly.

Once charged, the crystal is responsive to your breathing. When the breath is held in there will be no charge in the crystal. It is in your body. When the breath is exhaled the charge is transferred to the crystal. The crystal’s greatest potential moment, therefore, is when the indwelling breath is held.


The primary focus area for general healing work with the crystal is over the thymus, about four finger widths below the sternal notch. The thymus acts as a sonic screen converting long wave frequencies into shorter wave frequencies that can be utilized by the body at every level, particularly the cellular. There is also the consideration that the thymus links one into the immune system of the body thereby giving access to a large portion of the energy system. We are not dealing with the Heart chakra per se.

Optimally, the client will be standing. If necessary they can be sitting.

One stands, more or less, at ninety degrees from the client so that the empty hand, serving as a sensor, can reach to be between the their shoulder blades while the "crystal" hand can reach to the their sternum.

The client should be standing with hands at side, not held together.

Ask the client if they truly want healing to take place and are willing to be responsible in their own healing process. It can often be helpful to ask if they imagine themselves being well. If they cannot answer yes to either question, further counseling or other form of intervention may be more appropriate.

First, come into resonance with the client.

If one is so inclined a short prayer can be spoken or a statement of intent made. The facilitator is speaking as a Soul invoking or calling upon the resources of the client’s Soul consciousness. Apart from setting the intent and focus it also begins the process of coming into resonance with the client. We all share sacred frequencies and resonance or entrainment can be most easily established at the level of the Heart, the seat of the Soul.

During this stage the client can hold the crystal. The Soul or Higher Consciousness will download whatever coding or information is necessary for treatment. Once this is done the facilitator again takes custody of the crystal.

One then establishes resonance on a physical energetic level. Pacing the breathing of the client can do this. i.e. breathing with the client. As they breathe in, you breathe in. As they breathe out, you breathe out. If the client is breathing too shallowly encourage them to breathe more deeply. This can be done by verbal suggestion or non verbally by simply increasing the depth of your own breath. If they do not follow your non-verbal suggestion you can then instruct them as to how you wish them to breathe. The purpose of working with the breath at the beginning is simply to energize the client and encourage their energy to flow a little more freely. The intent is not to induce any kind of hyperventilated state, but to allow more flow, energy, and relaxation.

Once you have come into energetic resonance with the client and are satisfied with their breathing you can then enter the energy field with the crystal. To do this draw your breath in and hold it. Move the crystal in toward the thymus with a counter rotating movement. This is done by a pronation of the arm as you move the operating tip of the crystal toward the client’s thymus area. You are not describing a counterclockwise circle with the crystal, but simply rotating or rolling it in a counterclockwise direction. The crystal is held at a distance of approximately one inch or so from the client’s chest.

Slowly rotate the crystal clockwise by supinating the arm. Again, you are not describing a clockwise circle with the crystal but merely rotating or rolling the crystal clockwise. At a particular point in the rotation a slight resistance will be felt. This is usually accompanied by a shift in the client’s body. The breathing may change; the body may begin to move back and forth; rapid eye movement may begin or there may be a change in skin tone and color in the face.

You may also feel a change in your own body. Sensations in the sensor hand will usually occur; there may be heat, tingling, pulsation or various other changes. All of these are indications that you have linked or entrained to the client’s energy field or etheric body. You may feel the crystal as if bouncing or floating on a wave of energy, a magnetic field like sensation coming off the clients body. Once this is accomplished you can release the breath and breathe normally. It can be helpful to breathe in synchrony with the client.

If you are not able to link into the field upon first attempt, begin the process again. If you do not have success on the second or third attempt another method can be useful. This is a variation or refinement of the process just described. Imagine over the thymus area of the patient a small clock-face, perhaps two inches in diameter with the thymus directly in the middle. Attempt to link in to the field as already described but this time entering at the twelve o’clock position on the clock rather than the center point. If this is not successful move to one o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock and so on until you find the area of resonance. In the beginning it is a matter of practice, patience, and sensitivity.

Once resonance has been established you can move on to the next step. As you breathe with the client slowly move the crystal up and down over the sternum. Be sure that the rhythm of the movement follows the breath. As the breath comes in the crystal moves upward. As the breath flows out, the crystal moves downward. Be sure that the movement of the crystal is smooth and synchronous with the breath. The effect of this motion is to amplify the overall energy field.

If the client is breathing in a shallow fashion it may be necessary to guide their breath. Tell them to breathe in……and out in the rhythm or pace that you wish to set. Maintain the movement of the crystal in pace with the breathing.

Instruct the client to go to the area of distress with their mind and describe their experience. They may offer visual, verbal, or kinesthetic references. Often the experience does not seem directly related to the distress you are treating. It is important to work with the material presented by the client at face value during the session. It is not necessary to interpret in any particular way. During the treatment work with the images, words, and sensations the client presents. It is their experience whether actual or metaphorical. Later one can examine the session for meanings other than what the client has described. Often therapeutic metaphor is the most effective and powerful means of accessing the subconscious.

Continue this step of the process until you feel satisfied that you have dealt sufficiently and effectively with the information presented by the client. Sometimes the client will offer no information at all beyond sensations of tingling, heat, spaciousness and so on.

The next step is to begin describing clockwise circles over the thymus with the crystal. It is as if you are tracing over the imaginary clock-face mentioned above. This motion with the crystal will link you more deeply with the issue with which the client is grappling. Instruct the client to go to the source of their distress with their consciousness. Begin to make the circles faster and smaller as if creating a clockwise spinning vortex. Tell the client to be one with the distress and to accept it totally.

As you continue to describe the clockwise circles over the thymus instruct the client to take in a slow deep breath as they focus more intently upon their distress. You do likewise as you draw the crystal away from the thymus area at approximately a forty-five degree angle. The sensor hand also is pulled away from between the shoulder blades at a similar forty-five degree angle.

At the peak of the inhalation tell the client in an emphatic voice to "RELEASE!". Both you and the client simultaneously pulse the breath forcefully through the nostrils in an explosive release of the breath. It is important that the release of breath be as synchronized as possible.

When the client exhales there may be a tendency that they begin to bend forward. If this happens encourage it with a light touch to the back of the head. Bending over forward can facilitate the releasing process and is often a natural inclination in this process. It is important not to force the client to bend over forwards as they may have lower back distress of which they have not informed you.

When the releasing is complete, bring the hands so that they energetically support the client. The dominant hand is over, but not touching the sternum area while the sensor hand is similarly positioned over and between the shoulder blades. This is to ensure that energy does not continue to flow out the client as in a type of "energetic bleeding".

Once you are satisfied that the field has stabilized you can begin the process of closing it. This is accomplished by describing, with the crystal and sensor hand, large spiraling circles around the front and back of the client, linking the major chakras: crown to base, brow to polarity, throat to solar plexus and finally coming to rest at the heart. The crystal is placed on the chest over the thymus and the sensor hand comes to rest on the back between the shoulder blades.

This is followed by a hug if appropriate. The hug is not just a gesture but actually serves to bring the client into a greater state of energetic balance. This is assuming, of course, that the therapist is in balance. If this is not the case one should not being doing this treatment at all. One could instead seek treatment.

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