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The Enigma of the Great Pyramid

pyramidby James Tyberonn

The Pyramids were my last date in Egypt. Oddly, I taxied to Giza with my mind still focused on Karnac, giving little thought to the Pyramids that I would soon see for the first time. I say odd, because I had dreamt of this impending vista for years.

Hot morning air streamed through the open windows of the taxi as we weaved through Cairo. I adjusted my sunglasses and closed my eyes to avoid the fine dust. Sweat beaded on my arms and face and evaporated almost as quickly as it formed. Though I felt wet, dried powdered salt on my khaki shirt was the only evidence of my perspiration. Eyes shut; I felt the energy of Karnac as I thought of the days I had just spent there. Egypt had been serendipitous, one of those places that I liked more than I had expected too, and to be clear, I knew I would like it. Really like it.

I drank generous gulps from my plastic bottle of still cold mineral water as we chugged forward. I felt the taxi turn onto a gravel road. It was the entry. Eyes opened, and my first full vision of the Pyramids dominated the panorama before me. I was stunned.

I opened the taxi door, and put leather on sand.

I was simply mesmerized, in total awe of the Pyramids before me. I sat on a concrete wall for the next 15 minutes, and stared. Emotions flew through me and I knew this was even more important than I had imaged. I wept dry tears.

Ironically, I had underestimated the impact the pyramids would have on me, because my expectations were nebulous. The labyrinthine tunnel required to reach the energetic center of that enormous 'quad-lateral' vortex was not easy to negotiate on any level.

Juxtaposed in retrospect, the inward journey to the King's Chamber tested and taxed the trinity of my being in a totally unexpected purification rite. It forced me to overcome body and mind, and spiritually rewarded me for doing so.

The Temple of Karnac and Valley of Kings

My trip to the Pyramids of Giza came after four wondrous days in Luxor at the Temple of Karnac and the sacred tombs of the Valley of Kings. At Karnac, I had spent enraptured hours walking though the immense ruins, with rows and rows of towering marble columns and dozens of miniature sphinxes. I meditated in three very powerful sacred chapels; each called 'Holy of Holies.' I resonated deeply to the Temple and was tingling with download. Throughout Luxor, guardian energies were abundant, some benevolent, some definitely not. Beware the Valley of Kings ... King Tut prefers to be alone!

I knew the Temple of Karnac. The entire complex was built with sacred geometry, straddling the omniscient Nile Ley line. Precursor masons built esoterically with conductive granite, quartzite and marble. The antenna-like obelisks pierce the sky with phallic tips and radiate energetic sprays into the feminine sacred lake in the center ground, yin and yang circulating in balanced perfection. The Holy of Holies resonates with a contented hum alongside the banks of the serpentine Nile.


I loved Egypt immediately. There was an appeal that pleasantly surprised me, and it felt like home. I loved the narrow, shop-lined streets in the bazaar, with vendors selling vibrant fresh fruit, the aromatic bread shops and bustling, robed merchants. Strong fruit-flavored tobacco wafted in pungent, feathery plumes from the colorful water-pipes being smoked in the open-air coffee shops.

The markets and souk bazaars were enthralling. Fragrant Arabic chicory coffee, aromatic and thick as oil was poured into small ceramic cups from heat-stained brass pots. The amiable Egyptians can't leave it alone. It's an all-day-into-the-evening convention, the street cafes and bazaars are a place full of fast conversing, and celebration of life, of chanting and drumming. Sometimes there are a few hundred people; other times a few thousand. On Friday afternoons after prayer the numbers swell into the tens of thousands. You can munch on roasted nuts, or have a lunch of any variety of charcoaled meats, hummus, olive oil & pita bread, dates, olives, baked sweet potatoes and drink sweet, hot tea, or buy any of hundreds of worthy artisan wares.

Fertile land, living waters and ancient energies all are in balance. Ancient times cry through the thin veil of dynasties long past, with dramatic histories folded in echoes of the desert breeze. Sculpted pharaohs rule from massive stone thrones, as if having viewed Medusa! Laughter and smiling eyes were everywhere. Ley line country - that sense of balance and well being.

Tyb's Journal: Cairo

My flight from Luxor was about an hour. At the airport, I'd hired an Egyptian guide named Nadia for the Sphinx and Pyramids ... which proved prudent. She turned out to be a graduate student and mother, with a B.A. in Egyptology. En route to Giza, she told me of 'The Springs of the Holy Mother,' so we stopped to see a shrine dedicated to Saint Mary and Baby Jesus in a magical garden shrine. The Holy Family of Christianity had lived there for over a year while escaping King Herod's murderous decree. Legend claims a spring burst from a rock - a miracle to slake the thirst of the

Holy Family. The living spring still flows and is now a lovely enclosed park-shrine in Heliopolis.

After the brief detour, we began the 40-minute drive across the city to Giza. That proved to be an amazing trek in its own right. Unfortunately, the car lacked air conditioning. The heat I could bear, but the exhaust fumes were quite nauseating. I managed to wet my bandana and use it as a makeshift air filter, quite to Nadia's amusement. Nonetheless, it worked. The modest fee for the tour-guide, including transport, was less than $50, which is only slightly more than a taxi would have cost, anyway. Nadia exuded a wonderful, wholesome vibration, and she helped me tremendously in negotiating the entrance, obtaining the dozen tickets required...all while intricately detailing the history of every site in Giza ... and I visited them all.

halebop_over_pyramidGiza in View

As our open-air taxi reached the full panoramic view of the pyramids, I sensed an audible buzzing sound. The energy jolted me, and I literally felt the electricity of the circulating energy from a kilometer away. The hair on my arms stood erect, a sensation I would experience many times that day.

The panoramic view of the Giza complex is, in a word, stunning. It is beautiful, and its title of one of Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is well deserved. (In fact, it is the only one still standing.)

The pyramids are not obscured by a surrounding perimeter of mud huts and rabble. Indeed, some pictures taken from a specific, aerial view do offer a rather unflattering view of the pyramids, with a rubbled section of Cairo in the forefront. These are illusive. A considerable spacing separates the city from the antiquities.

The grounds of the Pyramids are National Trust property, well organized and tidily groomed. The pyramids are outside of Cairo, just beyond the east bend of the Nile, on the eastern extremes of the great Sahara desert. I have seen the western and northern Sahara in both Algeria and Tunisia, with golden sands and impressive 600-foot dunes. Here her personality is more subdued. The desert appears more like a high plain of granulated silt, tan in hue, but looking still quite the part of a desert.

Pyramid Facts

The Great Pyramid is 451 feet high. Its top is a squared base, which is said to have held a pyramid capstone of jet-black obsidian, some 30 feet in height. (other metaphysical writers claim the flat top at the summit is flat by intent and served as a base for an energetic disc, stored below it in a subterranean chamber.)

For more than four millennia, it ranked as the tallest structure on Earth, only to be surpassed in height in the nineteenth century by the Eiffel Tower. It was once covered with a brilliant casing of polished white limestone to smooth its surface (some of the casing can still be seen near the top). The sloping angle of its sides is 51 degrees, 51 minutes, and the sides are carefully oriented with the compass. The horizontal cross-section is square at any level, with each side measuring 229 meters (751 feet) in length. The maximum error between lengths of the base is astonishingly less than 0.1%. The sacred geometry of phi is apparent in its uniformity. The structure consists of approximately two million blocks of stone, each weighing more than two tons, for a total weight of over six million tons. The area covered by the Great Pyramid can accommodate five stadiums the size of the Astrodome.

The pyramid's entrance is on the north face. A number of corridors, galleries and escape shafts either lead to the King's Chamber or were intended to serve other functions. The King's Chamber is located at the heart of the pyramid, accessible only through the Grand Gallery and a snug ascending corridor. The King's sarcophagus is made of red granite, as are the interior walls of the King's Chamber. Most impressive is the sharp-edged stone lintel over the doorway, which is over 3 meters (10 feet) long, 2.4 meters (8 feet) high and 1.3 meters (4 feet) thick. All of the interior stones fit together so well that a card will not fit between them.

The sarcophagus is oriented according to the compass directions and is only about 1 centimeter smaller in dimension than the chamber entrance, so it might have been introduced as the structure was progressing. According to Galileo, a unit of measure could be found in the Great Pyramid which is in accurate correlation to the circumference of the planet. The ages of the pyramids are a point of dispute. Some channeled sources claim the Great Pyramid was built 50,000 years ago; psychic Edgar Cayce dated them to 10,500 BC, while conventional beliefs point to both 2500 BC and 4000 BC. Metatron says it is truly timeless. Take your pick.

Labyrinth - The Test

My first antiquity to visit was, naturally, the Great Pyramid. As I gazed at its sheer enormity, I recognized the importance of the moment. Then I began the climb to the entrance. Surprises lay in store - the serendipity of pentahedrons. I naively expected to be able to walk to the King's Chamber, and initially the entrance accommodated my height and girth as I walked through what appeared to be an eight-foot-high arched grotto. After 150 feet though, things got considerably more narrow. I had to wind round, ducking slightly as the groomed walkway became more of a rough tunnel. I eventually reached a narrow upward shaft where I had to climb six feet up a metal rung ladder.

This took me to another ledge with narrow sides and a low ceiling, and I lost my feeling of comfort. Feeling as if I was spelunking, I experienced mild waves of claustrophobia, which is unusual for me. Soon these waves would turn into powerful tsunamis of claustrophobic terror.

And both claustrophobia and this level of fear are not in my make-up. Having faced down more challenging 'fearful scenarios' in my life , I have experienced & overcome the difficult regimens of Officers Candidate school in the US-Army Ranger course, 2 coup d’état’s in Africa, rescued by the French Foreign Legion, held hostage in Angola, chased by hippos in Gabon, and trekking the Amazon in Brazil. But the passage into the Kings Chamber filled me with a truly over powering fear & incomprehensible sense of claustrophobia.

I would later learn that I was facing a key double-layered completion, relating to 2 previous Egyptian lifetimes. Yet in the over-all was facing the duality release of fear.

I moved forward, and then the claustrophobia put me into panic. The ledge led to a small, rectangular shaft which inclined steeply upward. I had to bend down to my knees to look upward. I peered into the opening and saw it was only a few feet high and a few feet wide for what seemed to be about the length of a football field ... endless. "Surely this isn't the way", I thought. All four sides were polished and grooved, never intended for human passage. I was stunned that this tiny artery was the way to the famous King's Chamber ... and suddenly full of doubt....and fear.

I doubled over at back-cramping angles, took a breath of stagnant air ... and entered. I crawled up for a few meters. It was hot, and I was perspiring heavily as I crab-walked my way forward and upward, often bumping my head on the four-foot ceiling. Then I encountered a husky security guard scurrying rapidly down the dimly lit shaft towards me. Oh no! Two-way traffic! I slowed him down a bit, to say the least. Somehow, we squeezed past one another in a process of squirming trunks and limbs, - way too physical for my tastes. After progressing about a quarter of the tunnel, I suddenly felt quite disoriented and weak.

Claustrophobia totally overcame me. And I mean really overcame me, as the wave became a tsunami. I couldn't continue. I felt frozen in fear, and felt that the pyramid was going to collapse onto me. I had to get out of there! Dizzy and nauseous, it took all my strength to reverse myself and worm my way out to my starting point. I stood up and gasped for air. I steadied myself weakly on the ledge and finished my remaining water.

At six feet-five inches and 270 pounds, I was really struggling ... and uncertain whether I could make it up the small shaft to the King's Chamber. I felt sick and panicky. What loomed before me was to fit my large frame into a very small space for a laborious, contorted climb of approximately 100 meters, where I would be bent double. I couldn't do it and seriously faced a conundrum. I contemplated quitting.

Angels and Goddesses

As I stood debating my options, four energetic fifty-something German ladies popped up the ladder. Goddesses all! It took all my energy to move over to allow them to pass. The first one asked me in English if I was okay and gave me a fresh bottle of mineral water. Flustered, I told her I had attempted to go up and became claustrophobic, and I did not know if I could make it up the shaft. She smiled, put her hand on my shoulder and assured me that I could. After a few moments, she urged me to go on up. She told me it would be worth it.

"This may be your only chance," she said in a stern but supportive German accent. "Haven't you come a long way to see this chamber?"

I was touched. She paused a moment, patted me on the shoulder and motioned for me to follow. I summoned up my will, found my determination and followed her in. The upward crab-walk was hard. I was slowed considerably by negotiating the limited space to allow exiting visitors’ room to pass as they descended the shaft. I focused on the task and counted my crab crawls in units of ten to block thoughts of getting trapped inside. I became faint and short of breath, but I persevered.

I prayed and kept following my new friends. Finally, we reached the end of the tunnel. I unfurled my bent chassis out of the ascension corridor into the roomier Grand Gallery. As I stood and took inventory, my legs trembled in uncontrollable spasms.

I had another lengthy upward walk, but this corridor offered plenty of headroom. Grand indeed! This walkway had a handrail and steps for several hundred feet. At the top was another four-by- three tunnel, but fortunately it was a mere 15 meters. It led horizontally into my destination, the King's Chamber, into which I crawled.

I was soaking wet, both physically and spiritually exhausted, after the tunnel trek had purged me like a sweat lodge. I wobbled to an unoccupied corner and plopped down behind the celebrated sarcophagus. My anxiety attack was lessening but still present. I crossed my legs and leaned against the burgundy granite wall. It felt cool and comforting. I unwrapped two special crystals from my belt pack, took several deep breaths, and began to meditate.

King's Chamber: Toning Activation

My head began to clear. In the dim yellow light, I saw the vibrant group of German ladies seated around the sarcophagus in the lotus position. As if on cue, one of them began to tone with an angelic voice. A golden melodious tone of the powerful "Om" penetrated the chamber. What incredible acoustics! The other ladies joined in perfect harmony, with voices of professional caliber. The sacred tones immediately activated an energetic response from the pyramid itself. I received the energetic response through my crown chakra like an electrical jolt. My energy surged, as the frequency of the room shifted dramatically.

Some 'pyramid presence' was clearly reacting to the sacred Om. I knew the seven or eight tourists standing around the chamber edges also felt the dramatic quickening of energy that occurred with the toning. Almost instantly, they all departed except for two young seekers, both male, who sat down against the wall. Even the guard on duty left.

Over the next 20 minutes, I experienced a vibration of pure energy. Amazingly, no one else entered during that period of toning, and it is usually occupied by a steady stream of visitors. I was very aware of a certain yon-yang balance between the feminine & masculine energies encircling the sarcophagus.

A River of Light

My senses were vaulted to an area of light. I didn't go into immediate vision but rather to an area of pure energy, of bright light and well being. I had no thoughts, said no prayers, I simply WAS. I became part of a seven-piece receiving unit that conducted and transmitted a flow of incredibly pure energy. My vibration lofted to pure joy as all seven of us in that room melded without speaking.

The toning triggered a tremendous frequency for all of us. I felt blessed to be inside with this group. Alone, I would not have known of the sonic toning trigger but unmistakably felt the 'shifting-whoosh ' reaction that occurred when specific notes of the Om were voiced.

The sounds opened the chamber. I then went into a timeless state that seemed much longer than the space of physical linear time that it occurred within. I experienced a unique vision, that in all probability each person in the chamber experienced within their own personal context.

My Vision in the Kings Chamber

The group leader directed the German ladies to stand circle around the sarcophagus, while she lay inside. After a few minutes, she left and another climbed inside. I understood the sarcophagus to be the energetic center of the pyramid chamber, the precise point at which the three star shafts converge.

I joined them. When my time came, I lay inside on my back, knees pulled upward to allow the fit. I held a crystal in each hand and directed them to absorb the energy. As I prayed deeply, a river of light ran through me. I remained inside the sarcophagus for a few brief, but eternal, moments...

At this point a chorus of circling cobalt -blue lights seemed to encircle the ceiling. The chamber opened and seemed no longer enclosed, rather an enormous and vast space illuminated with extremely bright light. I was aware on some level of not truly being in the chamber anymore, and was totally unaware of the others in the room.

I experienced visual of geometric mosaics along the perimeter of what appeared to be an enormous funnel, vortexial energy. I felt empowered and exuberant, but also felt a great humility and gratitude. I cannot specifically recall any other details that took place in the moment of my experience, other than an awareness that something very special was taking place. But as an interesting insert, I have had several dreams over the past years of that time in the sarcophagus that were far more detailed, and appeared to be happening in a very clear 'NOW-Time' within the vivid lucid dream.

And then it was over....and we all seemed to know it. The toning stopped, and then new visitors, very talkative, began crawling into the chamber, and the guard returned. Everything returned to 'normal' except that my fear was replaced by a strength and well being.

I was surprised to see that my wrist watch showed only 20 minutes had passed since I had entered the chamber. It seemed much much longer.

The German goddesses hugged me and then waved goodbye. We had shared a magnificent experience, and I was so grateful to that special group, although I never knew their names. In absolute strength and totally void of any anxiety, I sat back against the wall of the King's Chamber for another hour or so and savored the energy.

The Queen's Chamber was next.

The Queen's Chamber

The path downward involved more contorted crawl-walks, but my energy was peaking, and I arrived without a struggle. The Queen's Chamber, too, had vaulted ceilings but a dramatically different resonance. I felt very comfortable and instinctively began a baritone Tibetan toning. I experienced a state in which I saw light sparkles and geometric patterns, as opposed to one sheer, bright flow. The energy was oscillating, and I knew this was in the downward flow of that magnificent stream, within a balancing female, recharging energy pocket.


In the midst of this energy, I felt a physical floating sensation. The energy stream felt more dense, almost wet. It oscillated in an explosive, orgasmic flow of bluish-white energy, and my body felt invigorated. In fact, I suddenly became aware of the sensation of crisp physical arousal, even though my mind was in a detached, thoughtless state of almost perfect nirvana. Every chakra, every energy receptacle, was being fully recharged. I was in a place beyond my body, observing it all, undergoing incredible, joyful rejuvenation on every level. It was spiritually blissfully orgasmic.

I hardly recall the exit trip. My legs trembled a bit, but my energy was resurgent. There was no fear of confined space, only the tranquility and serenity that comes with purge and profound renewal.


I finally reached the entrance walkway and burst out into the world, as if exiting the womb, reborn to the day and to the beaming sun. And I was literally 'blinded by the light.' I sat alone on an isolated, crevice block of the pyramid entrance for a brief eternity as my mind swirled in a still-altered state. I felt moved to tears. So much more had happened than I had ever expected.

I had been mentally unprepared, and I wept deeply as I released a lifetime of forgotten pain. The dam burst, and the waters flowed clear. I came down to earth and walked to the entryway.

Nadia never seemed to notice my emotional state. Perhaps the RayBans helped. Drained, I felt the joy that comes after a deep clearing. My God, what a place!

Infinity Energy Flows

So much has been written about the Great Pyramids, pyramid energy, their purpose and origin, etc., that I am reluctant to write anything other than my own experiential impressions, toned with the disclaimer that I consider myself a student of Spirit, with much more to learn. I am humbled and blessed and always am aware that my understanding & impressions are a dynamic ever-changing work-in-progress. I have traveled tens of thousands of miles over the world the past 25 years, usually alone. Life has been my greatest teacher and the Living Earth both my classroom and equation.

My Thoughts

The energy of the Great Pyramid is certainly alive ... and self-aware! It responds to keyed intents and triggers, especially vocal toning and various meditation techniques. This energy can be used in a great diversity of modalities, such as manifestation, healing, meditation, rejuvenation, communication, intra-dimensional travel and generation of power. It is a stargate portal, a multi-faceted vortex and a self-amplifying energetic generator.

Its effect was penetrating. I had to overcome an unexpected terrifying panic to get to the King's Chamber, but when I did, I was greatly rewarded. he pyramids respond to intent. The circulating energies are centered in the King's Chamber, particularly the sarcophagus. And a unique orgasmic recharging energy exists below in the Queen's Chamber.

The pyramids are set directly in the path of the Nile Ley line, and it once contained a cross Ley line from the Atlantean continent. That line is no longer in consistent function, yet I sensed its energy.

The pyramids have a dynamic energy flow of four lateral helixes. These are not exactly vortexes in the usual sense, but circulating energies that feed into the system of the massive vortex. More accurately, I sensed two 'figure-of-eight' infinity flow patterns. The energy enters the pyramid at an angle on all four sides at about the top third of the pyramid, flows through the King's and Queen's Chambers, then circulates out through the ground and back up. Each circle is a centered, lateral intersection of the four sides. The two 'figure-eight' infinity patterns are individually flowing from the four cardinal directions into the King's Chamber.

The north-to-south one represents male energy, while the east-to-west one represents female energy. The north-to-south flow is the strongest, due to the shifting of Ley line spacing and the fact that the Nile Ley flows south to north. Above the pyramids is a precise double-rimmed ) vortex, moving counterclockwise on the outer rim and clockwise on the inner rim.

All of the Giza pyramids are incorporated in this upper portal and vortex. I also feel a specific axial connection for the electromagnetic grid to be somehow anchored within the Great Pyramid vortex. But am aware that as the Crystalline Grid replaces the gravity grid by 2012, a major shifting will occur that involves Giza to a great degree.

I also feel the crystal grid and gravity grid have key apex points at this great vortex-portal. I am certain the ongoing Crystalline Transformation we call the Ascension will have a major interaction with these Pyramids.

In Closing

I visited many wonderful sites in Luxor and in Giza, and my days flowed from dawn until dusk. I specifically have not mentioned the Sphinx or the other two pyramids, but these must not be overlooked. When I visited the Pyramid of Menkaure, I had a very, very powerful experience, similar to the one I had in the Queen's Chamber. Amazingly, I encountered two more angelic ladies toning in the lower chamber of this pyramid late in the afternoon, and I had a potent energetic influx.

Egypt is the site of several other sacred sites I feel drawn to, including Mount Sinai and Aswan. I must also add that Luxor and Karnac are deserving of far more specifics than the brief mention I made to them in the above text. But as the Great Pyramid in Giza provided such an incredible experience that effected & transitioned me in so many ways on so many levels, that became the focus of this sharing. The grace and regal majesty of the pyramids is unquestioned. Giza is ancient Memphis ... and Memphis is ever home to the King.


Authors Post Note: Since writing the first version of this article, I have made 2 additional visits to Egypt. On the 2nd occasion, the trepidations I had of entering the Kings Chamber resurfaced the day prior to going for my 2nd visit, though not as over-poweringly as on my first entry. Interestingly when I got to the ticket booth to buy the ticket to enter the Grand Pyramid at Giza, a 'sold out for the day' notice went up on the window. I was not able to enter. So I hired a car and drove to Mount Sinai. I felt I had been given a 'final test' and by being willing to face the fear, I didn't need to, and the experience of Mount Sinai was absolutely incredible...so perhaps that was the other reason.

Originally Published by Tyberonn © April 10 2002 Updated By Tyberonn Jun 27, 2011


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