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Pyramid Power


The enhanced energy field created by pyramids has become a popular field of study in recent decades. Dr. Patrick Flanagan, an electronics genius with hundreds of patented inventions, published a book on pyramid power in 1973. He believes the five angles of the pyramid project a beam of radiation towards the centre - the "fire in the middle."Flanagan calls this amplified life-giving force "biocosmic energy," though science has not yet understood the specifics of this energy. Karel Drbal, a Czechoslovakian engineer and pyramidologist, described the pyramid as "a kind of cosmic antenna, tuning into sources of energy of vaster intensity and then focusing it into its centre."

With Kirlian photography Patrick Flanagan demonstrated that while most of the positive energy is focused within and beneath the pyramid, some is also diffused from the five points. Many who have stood on top of the Great Pyramid have described sensing a high energy field or electrical charge.

Since the 1970s engineer Joe Parr, a member of the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association, has written about theoretical "mass particles" that the pyramid shape attracts and traps. He states that these particles produce an orb-like energy field or "containment bubble" around any true pyramid, which shields out other energies. Using his gamma ray transducer he was able to study this energy field, which emanates from the one-third height level of the pyramid, the geometric centre (which he pinpoints as the Queen's Chamber in the Great Pyramid). He claims this centre holds three mass particles captive as long as there is space for ions to flow. He found that sun spot activity and the phases of the moon had an effect upon the intensity of a pyramid's energy field, and that at certain times of the year the field would block all electromagnetic radiation and even the force of gravity.

In 1968 Dr. Luis Alvarez, a Nobel prize winner in physics, tried to ascertain whether there might be secret chambers or passages in Khefre's pyramid (the middle pyramid on the Giza plateau, only slightly smaller than the Great Pyramid), by measuring how cosmic rays passed through it. Normally the recording device would show a drop in energy if cosmic rays were passing through an empty space rather than through stone. In this case the recording tapes, when analyzed by computers, showed that the cosmic particles could not be measured - every time the tapes were run, the patterns were different. The cosmic particles rearranged themselves and some of the data disappeared altogether. "This is scientifically impossible," said one of the scientists, Dr. Amr Goneid ... there is some force which defies the laws of science at work in the pyramid."

Modern pyramidology had its beginnings in the 1920s when Antoine Bovis a Frenchman visiting the Great Pyramid, noticed that the bodies of small animals - bats, mice and cats - which had died in the King's Chamber were completely preserved by dehydration. Back home in Nice he built a scale model of the Great Pyramid, placed a dead cat about one-third up, and found that the body indeed did not decay but mummified.

His model, on display with preserved animals in his store window, was seen by a young man, Hubert Larcher, who later conducted his own investigations into pyramid power. He wrote to Karel Drbal, telling him of Bovis's discoveries and writings. Drbal performed his own experiments and discovered that if a dull razor blade was left at the one-third level of a model pyramid, it would regain its sharpness within a week and would remain sharp if kept inside the pyramid (which, as for all experiments, must be facing magnetic north, with the edge of the blade facing north also). His Gillette Blue Blade which normally gave five shaves could now be used for fifty shaves or more. Drbal theorized that the energy waves in the pyramid caused the metal molecules to return to their original form. He went on to create and patent a Cheops Pyramid Razor Blade Sharpener.

The razor-sharpening effect brought pyramid power into the public eye. Anyone can duplicate the experiment, using a pyramid model in the proportions of the Great Pyramid. Regular double-edged blades can be used but single-edged blades without a stainless steel or platinum coating are better. Use a dull blade or dull it with a toothbrush, and leave it in the pyramid for a week.

Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder's 1970 book Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain verified the dehydration of organic matter and sharpening of blades by pyramid shapes. With the publication of Pat Flanagan's book and another by Max Toth and Greg Nielsen,"pyramid power" became popular and many people began their own experimentation.


Scientists and interested amateurs have performed experiments with plants, seeds, metals, food and liquids inside pyramids. Bill Schul and Ed Pettitplaced identical containers of milk inside and outside a pyramid. Within a week the milk outside grew mould, whereas the milk inside the pyramid formed curds, and six weeks later turned into a smooth creamy yogurt. An experimenter named James Raymond Wolfe put a pint of water within a pyramid for a week and a control pint outside the pyramid. His assistant filled numbered vials with the resulting water and Wolfe watered groups of sunflower seeds, not knowing which water was which. In every case the seeds watered with the pyramid-charged water grew faster.Patrick Flanagan also verified that seeds germinated more easily and plant growth was accelerated by pyramid power. Seeds kept beneath a pyramid will produce a richer yield, and pulses sprouted with pyramid power are richer in vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Not only do plants grow faster beneath pyramids but they remain free of pests.

Bill Schul and Ed Pettit noted significant difference in the growth rate of plants beneath pyramids and wondered if they would be able to capture it with time-lapse photography. What their photography showed was "plants gyrating in a symphonic dance as though orchestrated by an unseen conductor." Their first film showed a six-inch-tall sunflower placed in a glass pyramid at the one-third height level. "The plant followed an east-west cyclic movement. It bowed to the east nearly touching the base, swept a semicircle to the south and back to the west and finally straightened to the vertical before starting the dance once more. The movement was repeated every two hours ...." The authors observed this east-west movement for two years, then abruptly the plants started to move instead in a north-south arc, presumably due to some change in the environment or atmosphere.

An aluminum screen placed to the west of the plants would stop the plants' gyrations, since aluminum blocks a pyramid's energy field. Similarly, seeds placed on aluminum foil in a pyramid will sprout slowly - but aluminum's blocking effect is overcome if the foil is left in a pyramid for two weeks or more. Amazingly, the foil then carries its own pyramid energy and it will enhance seed growth and cook food faster.

Jules Green of the Psychical Research Society experimented with flowers. Taking four roses, he placed two under pyramids, one under a cube, and one in the open air. He did the same with four tulips. After a week, the flowers exposed to the air had withered, while the others were still fresh. The roses and tulips in the pyramids, however, had actually grown.

Patrick Flanagan investigated pyramid effects on plants, water, animals and people. He was particularly enthusiastic about the pyramid's ability to preserve food - foods and beverages stay fresh longer and acquire enhanced flavour. Fruit is preserved indefinitely by dehydration.

The Great Pyramid Company explains how pyramids inhibit natural decay: "Pyramids don't kill bacteria. However the bacteria feed by absorbing nutrients as entropy breaks the tissues down. In a pyramid there is so little entropy that the bacteria barely survive and don't multiply prolifically. Food therefore stays fresher longer and has a chance to dehydrate before it goes bad."

Medicines stay fresh beneath a pyramid for the same reason: destructive energies are deflected and positive energy is enhanced. Pyramid-charged water is energizing and aids digestion; it also helps wounds and skin conditions to heal faster. A small pyramid placed over a wound will likewise speed healing. Polluted water can be in several days beneath a pyramid.

Since a pyramid holds positive energy and deflects negative wavelengths, it will cleanse and empower crystals, and brighten tarnished jewellery. Tarnish can be removed quickly from gold and silver by pyramid-treated water.

Many people report feeling revitalized, with sense-perceptions sharpened, after spending time within a pyramid. As well, some experience an internal tingling, and sometimes a "distant ringing" sound, as the pyramid shape focuses and resonates beneficial sound vibrations.

In The Secret Power of Pyramids, Bill Schul and Ed Pettit report that people spending time sitting beneath pyramids have claimed relief from many ailments. In their chapter on "Healing Powers" they report that healing has occurred rapidly in cases of sprains, cuts, bruises, toothache, backache, strains, congestion, and infections. They mention that people sitting within pyramids sometimes report seeing a blue light, which research has shown to have cooling, healing properties. In Pyramid Power, Max Toth and Greg Nielsen state that people sitting or sleeping near even a model pyramid have reported the alleviation or disappearance of pain or symptoms of illness. Schul and Pettit postulate that the pyramid energy field tends to produce healthier functioning of cells, tissues, and organs. They point out that since the pyramid shape offers a heightened energy field, while a cube inhibits energy, it does not serve us to live in cube-shaped homes.

Not surprisingly, people experience enhanced effects when meditating beneath pyramids. Changes in the meditator's aura (electromagnetic field) have been noted with Kirlian photography - auras become brighter and larger. Meditators report deeper relaxation, an enhanced sense of well-being, and increased levels of awareness. The positive energy flow in the pyramid facilitates deeper focus.

Patrick Flanagan tested the brain waves of people as a pyramid was lowered over their heads. Their alpha waves became much stronger and meditation became deeper. As well, he found that he required less sleep and felt more rested when sleeping under a pyramid. The Great Pyramid Company, which sells pyramids for meditation and sleep, states that sleeping under, rather than inside, a pyramid is preferable, since "the energy is softer and quieter."Having a pyramid beneath one's bed can also have a calming effect.

pyramid_meditateA pyramid aids meditation because it focuses harmonious energy while deflecting distracting energies:

  • Distractions are unordered, disharmonic energy. A pyramid guards against external interference while helping you corral your own maverick thoughts. The pyramid focuses positive energy within you, which is precisely your goal. As you enter your reflective state the pyramid assists you at every step. Meditation is faster, deeper and more rewarding.
  • Bill Schul and Ed Pettit researched the effects of meditation inside a pyramid, by asking people to try it for the first time and describe their experiences. The common feelings were of calmness, peace, harmony and relaxation, as well as mild euphoria, feelings of being "charged" with renewed energy, and a sense of detachment from the physical world and everyday concerns. Some experimenters experienced a focus of energy on their heart. One reported: "The first impression was peaceful silence ... and I was very aware of my heart. There was a power of some kind going to the heart, or coming from the heart. The entire body seemed to take on a vibration - a tingle..."
  • People meditating in a pyramid regularly have received strong spiritual and psychic impressions, as well as enhanced dreams and visions, vivid visual imagery, and increased memory recall.
  • Some writers suggest placing wishes and prayers inside the pyramid to help focus one's energy on the issues, or facing in the four directions to enhance specific areas of life: For example, one can sit in the pyramid facing east to focus on love, harmony, and peace; west for health; north for material abundance, and south for protection and safety - the principle being that the pyramid energy will help to materialise these desires.
  • Experiments have shown copper to be the best metal for an open-frame meditation pyramid, due to its natural electronic and bio-enhancing properties, but pyramid structures of cardboard, wood or bamboo are effective too, if built to the same proportional dimensions as the Great Pyramid.

The Great Pyramid enshrined and preserved timeless knowledge which is still challenging us to unlock its secrets today. As well, Edgar Cayce and others have claimed that a Hall of Records lies buried beneath the Great Sphinx, containing records and artifacts from Atlantis and even more ancient civilizations. Suffice to say that there are mysteries still to be revealed on the Giza Plateau. In The Secret Power of Pyramids, Bill Schul and Ed Pettit described the Great Pyramid as "an instrument for human growth." As we delve into its history and learn more about the ancient wisdom it embodies, we learn more about human capacity and evolution. We are only beginning to understand the vast antiquity of the human race and the advanced scientific and metaphysical knowledge which ancient civilizations possessed, and which the Great Pyramid conveys to us across millennia.


Effects/Experiments With Pyramid/Orgone Energy

The following information is partly from my experiments, and what I have read from The Pyramid Energy Hand Book By Serge V. King, Ph.D, which is no longer in print. My personal experiments are documented else-where. This information should be correct, as the book was very good about keeping the facts straight. All of my experiments thus far remain consistent with the book's claims, so it should be safe to say the rest is correct.

First of all here are some of the things a pyramid is suppose to do:

  • Sharpen razor blades
  • Restore the luster to tarnished jewellery and coins
  • Purify water
  • Mummify and dehydrate meat, eggs and other food stuffs
  • Help keep milk fresh and prevent souring without refrigeration
  • Dehydrate flowers without losing their form or colour
  • Increase the growth rate of plants
  • Help attain increased relaxation
  • Improves the taste of coffee, wine and certain fruit juices
  • Promotes healing of cuts, bruises and burns, as well as reduces pain from toothaches and headaches.

There are several important things to keep in mind when experimenting with Pyramids. First, the object you are treating should NOT exceed 5% of the pyramid's volume. Other-wise the energy is spread to thin, and not much happens. The exception is when sitting or sleeping under a pyramid. For this, a pyramid with a 6 ft base (or larger) works good.

Second, and this is really critical, the pyramid MUST be aligned to magnetic north to work! The energy is very weak when it is out of alignment, so you want to get it aligned as good as possible. It will still work if it is a little out.

Also if you are using it to boost your plant's growth you do need to be careful. Just as too much fertilizer is bad for plants, too much orgone is too. Some plants don't mind it, but others can't take a lot. If a plant is getting too much it will start to wilt. There are several ways to regulate the energy. The best way to prevent over-dose on plants is to treat water with Pyramids and water them with the pyramid water. You can't over dose them doing that. Humans can over-dose too. If you have been under a pyramid too long you can start to get a head-ache, if you still stay it becomes nausea and light headed. If you still refuse to leave, it will pass and one feels quite good. So there don't seem to be any damaging effects (you fingers don't shrivel up!), but I wouldn't recommend staying under to long if it causes discomfort.


Experiments with Pyramids

Water Alteration
Water is not "purified" under a pyramid, as the claims say, however it is chemically altered. Water is a polar molecule. The hydrogen bond is what allows this change to occur. The orgone energy produced by the pyramid polarizes, lines up, or somehow alters the hydrogen bond. This alters not only the taste of the water but some of it's chemical properties as well. Water that is "charged" with pyramid/orgone energy can pass on the energy to other things. Watering plants with pyramid water will help them grow better. Some people drink pyramid water too. If you would like to made lots of pyramid water to drink, put a gallon or less of water under a large frame pyramid (6ft base) and leave it for a hour. Treating small amounts of water under a small or large pyramid, takes only 10 to 15 minutes.

Sharpen razor blades
This sounds really strange, but it's true. A dull razor blade is impregnated with water molecules. Now a pyramid creates a condition of microwave-dehydration (on non-living things), and removes the water from the steel. The moon cycles can affect results, as the moon cycles affect earth's magnetic field, and pyramid energy is related to magnetism (that's why you have to have the pyramid lined up to magnetic north. The blade sharpens best when it is lined up east-west, and the pyramid north-south. The razor is put under the pyramid after each use. A cheap razor that lasts 5 good shaves will last 50 or more. I have heard reports of as high as 250 as well. With the lunar cycles affecting the pyramid, sometimes one will get a poor shave one night. Don't end the experiment, it will pick up again the next day. Now this is not a totally alien process, it just speeds up natural ones. If you leave a razor for 2 months it will lose the water, and "sharpen" itself. The pyramid does this over night. Pyramids will keep the blade sharp, but I think it takes a long time to sharpen a dull one. Try 2 weeks and see it it helps. It's best to start with a fresh blade and maintain it. Using good quality razors and pyramids together can help a razor last for many, many uses.

Restore the luster to tarnished jewellery and coins
Pyramid energy will loosen tarnish off coins and jewellery. Leave the object under the pyramid for several days first. Then the tarnish will rub off very easily. This is likely due to the microwave-dehydration breaking the tarnish's hold loose.

Mummify and dehydrate meat, eggs and other food stuffs
This is a most interesting effect of pyramid energy, and is due to the microwave dehydration. Meat, and other types of food will dry out quickly under a pyramid. For this type of experiment the samples should be sealed, unless using a frame pyramid. Other-wise the pyramid creating a closed space will affect results. The Egyptians had a very effective way of mummifying their dead, I believe this is how they did it.

Help keep milk fresh and prevent souring without refrigeration
Milk will stay fresh longer under a pyramid without refrigeration. This is because the micro-organisms that make the milk spoil cannot withstand the orgone energy, they don't like it.

Dehydrate flowers without losing their form or colour
The microwave-dehydration accelerates the drying process of the flowers faster than normal. I would recommend using a large frame pyramid for this, as the enclosure of a solid pyramid might counter act the effect. Also because of the 5% rule.

Increase the growth rate of plants
Orgone energy is good for plants, in moderation. Too much orgone can be harmful to some plants. Some can take more than others. The best way to prevent over-dose in plants is to water them with treated water. You can't over-dose hardly anything doing this. If a plant begins to wilt it has too much orgone, and needs to be given less.

Help attain increased relaxation
Pyramid energy puts the mind into a alpha-theta state which is one of relaxation. Animals quiet down under pyramids as well.

Improves the taste of coffee, wine and certain fruit juices
Pyramid energy alters the hydrogen bond in water. A general effect is a increase in the "smoothness" of a drink. It takes the sharp "edge" of drinks like coffee. Works well with wine too.

General healing
Promotes healing of cuts, bruises and burns, as well as reduces pain from toothaches and headaches
The title says it all. In general pyramid energy is good for multi-cellular organism. It is harmful to micro-organisms, which is good for killing infections and what not. I have also read that you don't get colds and the flu if sleeping under a pyramid.

Sleeping/Sitting Under a Pyramid
Sleeping under a small 8" base pyramid can have some small positive effects. Sleeping under a large pyramid (6ft) has several benefits. First less sleep is needed. Also you will have vivid lucid dreams. Because mirco-organisms don't like orgone you should get sick less. Some people meditate under a pyramid. Pyramid energy puts your mind into a theta-alpha state. This also what causes the lucid dreams, and puts the mind in a creative mood when you are awake. I have heard that some people study under a pyramid for this reason.

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