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Arcturus and Victoria

Arcturus and Victoria - Elohim of the Seventh Ray

indigo_skyARCTURUS AND VICTORIA are the Elohim of the seventh ray (the violet ray) of freedom, ritual, invocation, transmutation, transcendence, mercy, and the desire to make all things new through the application of the laws of Alchemy. The pulsations of the violet flame from their hearts produce the rhythm and the ritual of application of the law through service and reverence for life. Arcturus uses the purple flame, focusing the scientific action of the law and the transmutative essence of freedom, while Victoria radiates the violet (orchid-colored) flame, representing the mercy and love of freedom.

Elohim Victoria (Diana)

Also known as: Elohim of the Seventh Ray, Diana (not the same Diana that is the Twin Flame of Prince Oromasis), Mother Elohim of the Seventh Ray, Mother Flame of the Violet Flame

Twin Flame / Divine Complement / Twin Ray: Arcturus

Divine Quality: Freedom. Mercy. Transmutation. Forgiveness.

Vibration / Ray / Flame: Violet, Purple

Office in Hierarchy: Victoria is One of the Elohim serving our system of worlds

Retreat: Near Luanda, Angola, Africa

Angels: Elohim Angels, Legions of the Violet Flame from Out the Great Central Sun, Legions of the Seventh Ray, Legions of Victoria, Angels of the Great Central Sun

The service of the Elohim of the seventh ray to this planet has been intensified during this century as the result of the dispensation given to Saint Germain in the 1930s to release to the outer world the teachings of the I AM. Formerly this instruction had been given only in retreats of the Brotherhood. Therefore, at the opening of the Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago in 1933, Arcturus began the specific action of the freedom flame for the assistance of the Americas. During that decade, other cosmic beings came out of the Great Silence (nirvana) to assist Saint Germain in his tremendous undertaking on behalf of the evolutions of the planet. This assistance has been augmented and intensified in recent years, and the continuing sponsorship of the Great White Brotherhood, ascended hosts, and cosmic beings is evident in the dispensations which have come forth.

Ascended Master Spiritual Retreat

The retreat of Arcturus and Victoria is in the etheric plane near Luanda, Angola, Africa. This retreat focuses the energies of the seat-of-the-soul chakra of the planet.

Approaching the retreat of these Elohim, we have the feeling that we are entering a mighty fortress. Occupying the space of approximately four city blocks, this massive four-story building reminds us of an ancient fortress built by one of the Mogul emperors. At the same time, the large towers at either of the front corners remind us of the Tower of London. These towers are large and round, with several tiers raised above the top story. The building is actually composed of a rough purple stone having the appearance of velvet. The personal flames of Arcturus and Victoria are anchored therein: the purple of Arcturus to our left, the violet and pink of Victoria to our right.

We are led through the front entrance in the center, and we enter the great hall that is two stories high and is finished with a highly polished purple and white stone. There are twenty-four pillars evenly distributed in the hall. The ceiling is a darker shade of purple, and the floor a lighter shade. In the center is the magnificent focus of the violet-purple-pink flame. Intensely brilliant yet gentle in radiation, it permeates the entire hall. It is the Welcome Home! of the Elohim–the AUM of their white-fire bodies which they have chosen to focus as the comfort of the mercy flame to their guests. At the second-story level of the hall is a balcony. Both above and below, one may enter chambers where council meetings are held under the direction of the Elohim. There is an audience room with thrones for Arcturus and Victoria composed of a purple crystalline substance, one darker than the other. The conference table and chairs, which nearly fill the room, are of a violet-colored marble.

The planetary focus of the purple flame is located over the etheric retreat, an intense and fiery emanation from the heart of the Elohim precipitated from the great house. Its influence extends over the entire planetary body and can be seen from a great distance, rising as a jet d'eau high into the sky, a literal pillar of fire by night and a cloud of witness by day.

The retreat of Arcturus and Victoria is dedicated to the freedom of all mankind through the alchemical action of the flame, the mercy of the great law, and the love of the Father/Mother God. Legions of violet, pink, and purple-flame angels serve from here; and there is an intense activity of elemental life, who come and go as though this were truly their home on earth. Other foci where Arcturus and Victoria have flames (but no retreats) are over Australia, the South Pole, the Pyrenees Mountains, Siberia, Victoria Island in northern Canada, and the southern tip of South America.

Message from Victoria

I AM Victoria. I have come as the Mother Flame of the Violet Flame Violet Flame and I embrace in My Being all Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Ascended Masters.

Come, then, into the magnitude of the Consciousness of Elohim! Enter into the very heart of hearts of your Father-Mother God. Know us as Creators and Builders of Form, Builders of Systems of Worlds. Know us as an Infinite Presence, ever present, even as the ever-present God.

You would know if you lived in a vacuum, beloved. The very breezes that blow, the trees that move in the wind, the birds aloft, the seas in their undulations and turbulence — all of nature imparts an essence whereby you know that you exist not in a vacuum but in a place prepared.

Prepared by whom? By Elohim. All of the Elohim, including the Elohim of the Five Secret Rays and the Seven, consorted in the Beginning to bring forth the majestic presence of what you know as your material universe.

Know, then, beloved, that you continuously walk within the Cells and the Bodies of Elohim. Elohim ensoul the Matter Cosmos as well as the Spirit Cosmos. Think of how you are cradled in the arms of Elohim and comforted. Think of how you have a certain security and a surety of understanding that life is God and that you live within this God and that God is everywhere present in every molecule and atom of being.

All is God. Know this. All is God. And you may dip into the Sea of Infinite Light. There are places where the Light is greater, and you gravitate to those places; and then there are places where the light is lesser because people abuse what light is there. No matter, for all is God. All is God everywhere!

Thus, you are not alone. Thus, you have courage. Thus, you thrust forward. Thus, you reach to the farthest reaches and pluck the Fruit of the Tree of Life. Thus, you divide It and divide It again and give It to the needy and those who have not that Fruit yet are longing to eat of that Fruit of the Tree of Life.

Yes, beloved, I AM a Mother in the profoundest sense of the word. I live within you; you live within Me. This is the Nature of Elohim. All Manifestations of God are One, yet Each within Itself can bring out a simple but spectacular aspect of the Mind of God, such as a Virtue or an Attainment — that which you must have to draw the sheep of the Lord's far-flung pastures back to the Heart of the Central Sun.

As the sheep require their shepherd, so souls also require a Shepherd. You are souls becoming Shepherds, yet every Shepherd does also have a Hierarch of Light above him. And thus We behold the Great Chain of Hierarchy that dances across the stars and drapes them with the Filigree Veils of the Divine Mother.

You are indeed everywhere in the Consciousness of God. And the Consciousness of God can be everywhere in you, if you allow it. Begin to have the sense that you are transcending your human self. Sense the Grandeur of the Christ, who is the commander of your ship of life. That captain, your Holy Christ Self, guards the equilibrium of the heart and the mind.

Feel how you are loved through the Violet Flame Violet Flame, how you are loved through all the Rays of Elohim. Consider how the various parts of the body need the various Rays of Elohim. Consider how wondrously you are made in the image and likeness of God and how you can restore that image day by day with the Violet Flame Violet Flame.

We come this night to emphasize how your walk with God can be complete and how you can manifest the Power and the Love and the Wisdom of God. Think of yourself, each one, as a Majestic One, not a lowly one. Do not condemn yourself, for your True Self is Elohim. If you condemn yourself, then you condemn Elohim. And Elohim is God. So you see, beloved, it is a most dangerous thing to entertain even for a moment some form of self-deprecation.

The Self is God. The Atman is God within you. You have a mortal body only for reasons that have to do with your descent from the etheric octave, not planned by God but entered into by you. The only thing that is mortal about you is the body you wear. All else is immortal. Think of that, beloved! More of you is immortal than that which is mortal.

This should be for you a tremendously powerful realization. It should lead you to summon new strength in the quest for your immortality. It should lead you to give the utmost devotion to your I AM Presence daily whereby you capture Its Shower of Violet Flame Violet Light that descends as a waterfall interspersed with beams of Violet Flame Violet Rays.

Feel yourself larger than life now. Feel yourself expanding in the Body of your Mother Elohim of the Seventh Ray. Feel yourself expanding in outer space, looking down now at the earth, which appears almost as a tiny speck. We impart to you the sense of the grandeur of your I AM Presence and your own grandeur when you are in the radiance of your Holy Christ Self, even as you are just now.

Who has put you down? Who has cursed you? Who has denied your Christhood, your Bodhisattvahood, your Buddhahood? Who has denied you the Glories of God?

Is it not the Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom, the Consciousness, of God? 4 Will He give you but a crumb of that Kingdom?

Nay, He will give you the entire Consciousness of God! You can live in that Consciousness. You can accelerate in that Consciousness. You can become God! Do not wait until the appointed hour of your Ascension, beloved, for if you do, your soul may not Ascend to God in that hour. You must be on the path of becoming God right now.

Come into the Arms of Elohim this night and see how your soul has been denied Christhood even by your own dweller-on-the-threshold. The fallen angels know their time is up. Be wary of them! They come to trip you and they look for the least little chink in your armor whereby they may undo you. They would have you. They tremble now in My Presence! Let them tremble in your presence also.

Do not fear to wield Archangel Michael's Sword and to give fiats unto God spontaneously — at your personal altar, in your home, in your room, in your car. Blessed ones, your fiats unto God send the devils running! You must be on your toes. You must understand that the fallen ones are in a battle to the finish. You must be the victors in all cases. Stay close to the Altar of God and to Heaven's Champions who, in the Order of their Hierarchical Offices, champion your cause. . . .

Victoria, Holy Saturday, April 15, 1995 Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana U.S.A.

Nothing in this world, beloved friends, is static. Science has proved that even so-called inanimate substance, like wood or stone, is in constant motion. Therefore, the physical body, which seems so solid and substantial to you, is composed of groups of electrons looking somewhat like the Upper Figure on the Chart. Around those electrons, the substance of the outer world impurity has been drawn, so that, rather than having the Rainbow Colors of the Chart as your aura, you have a clogging of the little forcefields which has closed in the light of the electrons. What has been the result of this? As that accumulation has been magnetized into your flesh, it has bogged down, let us say, the vibratory action of the atoms, and they no longer vibrate in harmony with your keynote. They have lost the resiliency and buoyancy which they have when they vibrate in harmony with their natural God-estate.

Some of the organs of the body, which have been particularly intruded upon by the suction of impure substance into themselves, also vibrate less rapidly than others. Then you have organic disturbance, which is the result of the slowing down of the electrons spinning around their central core. In spiritual healings, all that is done is that pure unadulterated Light is poured into and around that organ by whichever Member of the Ascended Host to whom the call is made, and, just as you would clean out a clogged pipe, so does that Light loosen and transmute the human effluvia which has, more or less, smothered the electrons. That heavy human effluvia is wedged in-between the electrons which make up each atom, causing the atoms to spin more slowly and not in the rhythm of the keynote of your being. The Violet Flame Flame of Purification quickens the vibrations of the electrons and atoms, restores them to their original Purity, thus allowing them to release perfect Light Rays.

The same thing is true of your mental body. The electrons which comprise the mental body are absorbing discordant substance constantly from the atmosphere and the same condition applies to your flesh form. Therefore, what your mind dwells upon secretly, you are drawing into the forcefields of the electrons and atoms of your mental vehicle and your physical form, as well, producing manifestations which may be read by the discerning.

The vibratory action of your emotional vehicle, if qualified with disharmony of any kind, will manifest as imperfection in the substance which you have drawn into the forcefields of the electrons forming the atoms which compose the emotional body. The effluvia thus drawn in slows down their vibratory action, and thus you have emotional upheavals.

I speak of this to you, because the distressing appearances in your worlds are not as hopeless as you seem to think. Everything changes! Within one year, your physical body throws off practically all of its old substance, but unfortunately, the tendency of the life stream is to outpicture and, in fact, increase the same imperfections, because you have accepted them as real in your feelings. Take, for instance, your acceptance of old age, ill health, financial lack, race karma - what the mirror tells you and what your kind friends report. You have accepted these various expressions of distress by believing in the reality of the appearances, and may I say here that you will always have reports of the type above referred to, until you get the astral realm dissolved.

Now, if your mental body is sluggish, it is so because the spaces between the electrons that make up the atoms are clogged, just exactly as your pencil sharpener gets so filled with filings that you cannot sharpen your pencil. When the spaces between the electrons are filled with the effluvia caused by depression, discouragement, resentment, and rebellion, what happens? The mental body begins to vibrate slower, slower, and slower, until it is so sluggish that it is no longer receptive to finer thoughts and inspirations. You know, it often happens that when you try to comfort people in distress, they do not seem to hear your words of consolation or encouragement, the mental body being so bogged down, the vibratory action so negative, that it is absolutely unresponsive to any inspiration, even to that from the Christ Self.

Do you desire to change these conditions in your own experience? It is easily done! Light is the answer to all! You may change the vibratory action of the mental body by calling forth the Violet Flame Violet Fire! See the atoms that compose it purified from within out - the electrons within them spinning more rapidly and in perfect harmony. Then, outside of your application hour, watch what you invite to be the guests of your mental body for the remaining twenty-four hour period! Change your habits of thought, feeling, and spoken word! The righteous man in application is sometimes not so righteous in his daily living! That which you think and do and feel, qualifies your energy, and that energy is entirely impersonal and scientific in its action. Application will not see you safely through the experiences of the day, unless you couple it with unceasing vigilance.

The same conditions hold in your emotional body. This vehicle was first created in the most magnificent colors - oh! Just a beautiful aureole! Here, too, the electrons have been compelled to vibrate more slowly than they were originally intended so to do, on account of the substance being qualified by hate, resentment and such, causing them to become negative. The emotional bodies of the race have, today, gone beyond the control of the conscious self. One way to change this is to invoke the Infinite I AM Presence to regulate them, and then see the Light from within those little electrons blazing out through them, causing them to increase the rapidity of their motion around their central core.

This is what would actually happen, were you to sit in the Atomic Accelerator - a quickening of the vibratory action of the electrons as they spin around their central core. If a bird can increase the rapidity of its wing action in its flight through the air, why, in the name of all that is good, cannot men and women, entrusted with the fate of the world, do as much? Most certainly they can! It is practical!

Now, what we are enabled to do at your call, beloved friends, is to dislodge these wedges of effluvia or discordant substance, which are packed in tightly between the various light rays which form the forcefields of the electrons. At your call, we can dislodge those wedges of discordantly qualified energy, thereby increasing the vibratory action of your inner bodies - if you will let them go. Let me warn you again, beloved friends that it is the tendency of the ego, after the dislodgement takes place, to look around for that which we have taken away from it.

Beloved ones, mankind in the outer self is so happy living in habits, that it even misses distress! You would be amazed if you could stand at inner levels and see what takes place in the mental and emotional bodies when people have received healings. You would see them experiment, sometimes, for instance, with a leg that has been healed so that they may use it to walk again. They wonder if the healing is really complete and whether the leg will support them. You would be amazed to see a man who has been healed of a paralyzed arm (so that he may use it) attempt to pick up a cup and, in his inner feelings, almost hope that his former concept would not be changed! Nonsense!

Now, beloved friends, in the name of all that is holy and in the name of this human race, let us set into action (through your calls) such a purification that the emotional bodies of all mankind might be swept free and clear of all discordantly qualified substance, leaving them open and receptive to the words and instruction of the Ascended Host of Light. Put on, beloved ones, Saint Germain's bright Robes of Freedom, and by your calls and visualizations, see every member of the race clothed likewise. I hold this conception for you, your planet, and all that lives upon it.

Victoria (Diana) September 29, 1955 U.S.A.

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