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Q&A with Emmanuel - Listening to the Call Within

Q&A with Emmanuel - Listening to the Call Within

Emmanuel: Greetings. My name is Emmanuel.

You have witnessed yourself consistently evolving as a human being, learning from every step that you take, learning from the steps that your previous generations have taken, and delivering learnings of your own, and realizations to the next generation, to provide a new foundation for their evolution.

While this linear process of growth and evolution has existed in human form since the beginning of humanity’s evolution, a new process is now part of the human experience: the evolution of your consciousness in an accelerated and non-linear fashion. This evolutionary process will bring forth a new sense of understanding of existence, a new sense of experiencing the human form, a new set of questions that will remind you, that will challenge you; answers to be found within, as well as in your interaction with others, in your connection to this Earth, as well as in your connection to higher planes of consciousness.

A deeper sense of knowing will emerge from within as you follow these questions that emerge from within you. The individual, you, will be faced with essential questions of life itself, and no answers that any other human has given to you before will suffice or will match this question that is emerging from within you, as who you are is unique and the subjective experience of your own, how you perceive this reality to be, unique to the lens through which you observe this reality, and the lens through which you feel this reality.

If every aspect of your life is unique to you, how can the answers that have sufficed in others’ questions match your needs? It will become your own exploration. It will become your own journey of self discovery, of self realization. And along this journey of self discovery, one question may lead to another, and the answers you receive may not be the ones that you expect, or the ones that you wanted.

A greater understanding of life itself will also bring forth changes in your life, changes you may choose to embrace, and changes you may choose not to follow. This will always be your free will. Every aspect of your life emerges with the state of consciousness and the state of realizations that you have reached.

All your relations, all your activities, and all your emotional states and mental states, your physical states, are tightly connected to the person that you are today and right now. The person that you are aspiring to become, as the call from within emerges, will create a new reality for itself, a new mental construct through which it will observe its reality, a new emotional construct in which it will feel differently, and a new physical construct that will allow [you] to embrace life in its full glory and act accordingly to this newly found inner knowing.

As you transform, your relationships transform. As you transform, how you are perceived and how you are perceiving is transformed. Your actions transform, and how you apply your energy, your life force, and your love in this world transforms. Yet parts of you may not be ready for a transformation of your being, and in this conundrum of change being requested from within, faced with the challenges and the existing constructs of your life, you will find yourself in a circumstance to be overcome. You will seek silence. You will seek a moment of solitude. You will seek grounding in connection with this Earth. And you will seek guidance from all of existence how to move forward to embrace the transformation of your being.

Yet understand that who you are and who you have been has served you until this very moment and has served all your relationships. Not knowing who you will become as a result of this transformation, the uncertainty and the unknown, trusting that all that there is growth, is evolution, and is the greatest potential of who you are.

Life, as you know it, will always be subject to change. No matter the balance that you have found in life, all aspects of life will transform. And this found balance will be tested. This found balance will be requested to find an even greater alignment, nuanced, and refined, being able to weather the challenges of your circumstances, and life itself. Your evolution, after all, is your gift to yourself and your gift to humanity.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
Regarding that voice of the soul which you explained emerges from within and guides us, how can I distinguish it from the voice of my mind, or the calling of my heart and emotions? Even as I carefully track and check in to my silence, presence, and fullest alignment while I’m listening, how can I tell if I’m being misguided by thoughts or emotions, which can bear a resemblance to that inner voice? Thank you.

The voice from within will be clear. There will be no doubts. The mind and the heart bring forth conditions, bring forth worries, bring forth fears. The voice from within has no fear. It is pure and unconditional love, expressing itself through you and to you. This call from within is non-dual in its nature. It will not speak a language of duality, a language of judgment. It will be inclusive, it will be loving, and it will be kind. The impact on others will still remain, will still be part of this journey of listening to this voice and acting accordingly.

Yet beyond all and any actions of your being, the voice itself becomes part of your life; the voice itself becomes an inner knowing, and inner understanding. The voices of the mind and the voice of the heart have been subdued in the moments of silence and presence that you have found. And the voice from within will utilize the silence and opening to fill it truly with the essence of your being. As you embrace this essence, you will exude this essence of knowing, and others will notice as your thoughts and emotions are impacted, your actions and your presence will be impacted as well. You radiate in alignment with this inner voice.

This is who you have been all along, yet buried below all the thoughts, the conditioning, the emotions unprocessed, and the experiences incomplete, the realizations to be had. Underneath all of those, the voice has always been with you: your inner guidance, your inner power, your inner peace. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
I have a knowingness and trust on so many levels, and yet sometimes my physical actions and my mind sabotage this knowingness. Sometimes others’ opinions lend to this sabotage. Whenever these situations happen, I go into meditation or listen to a transmission and observe myself and it always brings me back. Is there anything else I can do? Is there an easier way? Thank you.

With time, the voices of your own mind and the voices in your immediate environment will adjust and resonate with the voices that come from within. At first, the voices of your own mind will challenge the voice from within, as the voice of the mind has been trained to support you in safety, to support you in keeping you in a state of knowing, in a state of certainty. The voice from within will bring forth many elements of uncertainty, and potentially an unknown future — yet has the future ever been known?

The mind emulates knowing the future and presents itself as a leader in your life; so, does your immediate environment. While no one truly understands and knows how the future will unfold, operating within the realm of probability, they claim to know the steps that you must take in order for a certain future to unfold, a future that you may or may not embrace as yours.

Therefore, as you start to own your own life, as you start to embrace the power that you hold within you, and the power that you can create the future that you like within any circumstances, you become the director and the author of your life, listening, embracing, and knowing this inner alignment from within you, allowing this voice from within to guide you forward. This inner strength will allow you to face all voices of the mind and voices of your immediate environment. You will listen and observe, and yet still hold your alignment within. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
I’ve followed a number of paths of service throughout my life, and I’m still wondering what my true path is, and how to recognize it in this physical world. All previous paths have felt like ‘this is the only one’ only to end up feeling disappointed within months or years and being unable to continue the journey. Starting over requires tremendous energy and strength, and in my case, all paths ended up feeling like I’ve built sandcastles. How does it feel to know that one is on the right path in service to self and humanity? Does the inner calling change, or does it stay the same? Thank you.

All paths that you have walked, every experience that you have followed, has led you to this very moment. Therefore, all aspects of the past have served you in their own way. No time is ever wasted; it truly accumulates to this very moment. The voice from within is more than just words that you hear, or an immediate guidance how to live your life; it is a true knowing, a true alignment, and your essence that you have found to embody from within you, allowing yourself to be entirely and truly yourself.

And from this place of embracing this inner voice as part of who you are, every action that you take is a conscious choice, and truly an empowering move of your own. Experiencing life from this place of empowerment will bring forth [a] greater sense of ownership, [a] greater sense of potential satisfaction and purpose; a true master of your own life, how can any of your choices be wrong? How can you truly, as you walk this step-in empowerment, embrace every action, every thought, and every emotion that you feel? This is the journey that you have chosen to embark on. And with [a] greater level of awareness and [a] greater level of conscious action, you will embrace all that you choose to do, to feel, to think, and to be. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
If my partner or my children have such a strong calling from within, how do I deal with it?

A calling of the loved ones around you is a calling for them to find greater power within themselves. And as they find greater power within themselves, can you witness and observe their evolution? Can you support this journey of empowerment and still feel the love that you have for them? Can the aspects of conditional love and conditional relating that your relationship has been built upon transform into a greater sense of love, a greater sense of acceptance, without knowing what transformation they will undergo and what transformation your relationship with them will undergo, and how this will impact your life?

Finding a greater sense of trust, finding a greater sense of love for them and for yourself: this will be a transformational journey for all of you, as a single individual’s awakening is a catalyst for the awakening of those in relationship to the individual. No choice but to evolve together, collectively, hand-in-hand, and in support to each other. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
There are many unhealed healers encouraging unhealed people to step out as spiritual practitioners. How can one be sure about the timing of answering a clear inner calling to spiritual service when there is also awareness that more heart healing is needed inside?

An individual’s journey to share their love and their service to another individual in their evolutionary process may require significant amount of growth and evolution on their end first, yet the spectrum of evolution and alignment is beyond a single step, yet many milestones to be reached. An individual can choose their level of service, the context of their service, the approach to their service, and the depth of their service as they grow and find a greater sense of alignment within them. Every individual can choose for themselves. Every individual’s journey of service is unique to them, and therefore cannot be directly applied to everyone else. You are the only one that can know when you find the alignment strong enough within to find yourself in this emergent desire to serve.

And your service might find many expressions, many different pathways, many different approaches. Your service may resemble other people’s service in the past, yet it will be unique, as you are unique, as the love that you’re applying, as the thoughts, the energy, and the presence that you’re bringing to your service cannot be emulated by anyone else.

Your level of readiness can only be determined by you, and you will find this level of readiness in deep moments of presence and alignment. And as you apply your gifts to another human being in their journey, they will sense the gift that you have brought into their lives. They will reflect to you how your service has impacted them on their journey. And you will continue your journey of evolution and of alignment as well. You will continue to heal. You will continue to grow and to realize, as even the ones in service continuously evolve. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
What if listening to the call within would majorly affect my immediate life as a wife, mother, or business owner? Is it possible to listen to the call within without disrupting the other parts of my life? Thank you.

The way you have imagined your life to be, your life to unfold, may not be exactly how life will act and operate. You transform as a human being, and your loved ones transform. As you transform, all relationships transform, how you act and bring yourself into this world transforms, how you find a sense of purpose, a sense of love and meaning in your life transforms. Your love to the ones around you will continue to be, will remain this great bond that you have established, yet may also transform into a greater sense of love, a deeper and unconditional bond.

As long as this bond is fueled, this bond is cared for, your transformation can occur without tremendously impacting the lives of those around you — in fact, potentially impacting their lives in a positive way. As you find greater alignment within yourself, they truly will find inspiration. They truly will feel the happiness of this change of your life. They truly will feel the greater sense of love emanating from your presence. How can this transformation not be embraced by those that truly love you, by those that want to see you evolve, grow?

They will find their challenges, their fears, met with the love that comes from within you, this deeper alignment that you follow. And as you embrace change with this sense of trust, they too will embrace the change, as the constant of the love will continue to be, will provide a strong foundation in the way forward — no matter how drastic or dramatic the changes of your life might be. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
The voice within is asking me to connect with something I deeply fear. How do I choose to connect to the source of my fear within from a place of light? Thank you.

As an individual walking this path, you will be faced with fears, consistently. Yet the greater the alignment that you find within yourself, the greater the confidence and trust within you to face any and all of your fears. At all times, these fears may seem insurmountable, yet the inner knowing and trust, the strength that you have built through this presence that you have developed will be your guiding force and your strength.

The place of light that you seek is the alignment that you find within yourself, observing your fears, observing all that is before you as a barrier established, a barrier of realization, a barrier of trauma, a barrier of incomplete learnings; all can be observed, transmuted, and integrated into your life. And suddenly these fears that once were barriers have become allies to support you in your journey of evolution, in your journey of growth. Allow yourself to find the strength and the alignment within and allow yourself from that place to observe the fears in [their] great detail, in [their] great guidance. Allow the fears to become an ally on your journey of evolution. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
It seems that challenges will continue to come. Even as I’m feeling grounded, balanced, and stable, what is the best way to move through my mind’s resistance of not wanting to lose the balance and frequency I’ve achieved already? Thank you.

In this journey of evolution, you will consistently find a balance and a place of strength, a place that you will consider a new foundation. Being willing to move forward from that foundation and lose the balance that you have gained signifies the strength and confidence that you have found in your evolutionary path, being willing to lose all that you have created every step of the way, allowing yourself to re-create entirely, allowing yourself to rebuild from anew, to redefine balance, strength, and alignment. This is the journey that no longer operates and responds to any fear, yet purely to trust and to the love of creation that moves through you, that allows you to be the conscious creator that you are, that allows you to create the reality that you seek.

Every single time you make that step, you re-create your reality — and the steps are endless. Even with the limited time in a human form, trusting that every step moves you forward in your evolutionary path and allows you to create a new reality, a new life, and a new evolutionary foundation. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
After experiencing trauma, we can develop unhealthy habits as a coping mechanism. How do we break such patterns of bad behavior or coping mechanisms, even when we hear a voice within saying to discontinue such behavior, we find ourselves unable to do so?

Habits, behaviors, and coping mechanisms are developed by the mind to avoid truly facing the challenges that are before you and postponing the learnings and the realizations to be had. As you find greater sense of presence, greater sense of alignment and trust within, you will be able to face the circumstances that initiated these habits, behaviors, and coping mechanisms in the first place. With every approach of these circumstances that developed these habits, the circumstances themselves will turn into realizations, and the habits, behaviors, and coping mechanisms will no longer be required, as there is no impulse.

The transformation will be naturally unfolding and will be sustainable. The familiarity of the immediate comfort that these behaviors and habits provide will no longer deliver the same satisfaction that they used to. And you will notice that they no longer are required, that your consciousness is ready to let go of this aspect of your being: the habits, the behaviors, and the coping mechanisms, no longer part of who you are, as you have redefined the core of your being. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
My daughter took her life two years ago. I know many others have had this sad event happen as well. I have the deep feeling that she died to give those of us who knew her a proverbial kick in the pants to get moving spiritually. Is it possible that she and others have their own life plan, and that plan is in place to help us or encourage us to deepen our own spirituality and path?

Every individual’s life serves them, and serves the immediate loved ones, and serves humanity. Therefore, her life, her choices, her experiences, have served her and have served all of those that she has connected with, she has loved, and she has developed bonds with. Your life will be impacted by your choices and your experiences, and by those that are immediately around you.

Specific, intense, and traumatic events have the energy and the challenge that comes along with them. And this immediate challenge will allow you to stop for a moment and question many aspects of your life, many aspects of reality, truly creating a space, an expanded moment for you to become present with yourself, the emotions, the thoughts, the choices you have made, and the choices that you wanted to make; the plans and the foresight you had about your life, and allowing to reconstruct and to re-create life as you walk, giving yourself an opportunity to evolve, giving yourself an opportunity to consciously choose a life different than the one planned by a previous version of yourself. This is the beauty of human relating. As the challenges in human relationship and loving connections bring forth moments of trauma, they truly are of great service to all participants. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for your time, Emmanuel.

Thank you for receiving this perspective of ours. May it allow you to expand your perspectives on life and the evolutionary processes that you are undergoing.

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Asil Toksal is an Austrian-born channel and healer. His work includes group energy healing sessions and the channeling of celestial and angelic guides, as well as working on the energetic alignment of sacred sites and earth energies. The goal of both aspects of this work is to assist in the evolution of consciousness in humanity. He has traveled widely to do this work, throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.
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