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A Message from Cyclopea

A Message from Cyclopea - The All-Seeing Eye

purificationthrough Geraldine Innocente, November 21, 1954, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania U.S.A.

I AM Vista, also known as Cyclopea, the All-Seeing-Eye of the eternal God! I have come this day from the Great Central Sun, the Sun behind the Sun, as it is sometimes called, as a cosmic messenger rendering the great service which is performed each Christmas season when the highways between the galaxies are opened and the great golden doors which separate the solar systems are swung ajar. Then great beings who are naturally held by the cohesion of divine love within the orbits of certain planets are now given freedom to travel between planets and systems, thus enjoying the glory of cosmic friendship in universal service.

At the opening of the Feast of Shamballa each year, at the celebration of the Christ-mass, the solar systems open the Cosmic Highways. May I explain to you just a little of what this means in relation to your own rather limited knowledge of science?

The gravity pull of Earth which holds the physical forms of your evolutions upon the planet during the course of embodiment also thru magnetic attraction holds those unascended life streams who particularly belong to Earth's evolutions even though not in embodiment at this time. These latter abide in the atmosphere of your Earth at different levels of consciousness. 

These levels are sometimes referred to as the inner realms. Similarly, there is a like power of cohesion which holds within the compass of each solar system those intelligences, even God-free, who are rendering service to the evolutionary scheme. The cosmic currents which surge like great tides thru the galaxies so far beyond the comprehension of your finite minds are very powerful, so much so that even intelligences of great light might be swept out into a different course from which They began were They to proceed against the cohesive power which is the governing order of the galaxy, the solar system or the planetary scheme. So, at the time of the Christ-mass there is a great cosmic dispensation granted and the King's Highway We might say is opened from the Central Sun to every sun beneath it in this galaxy as well as to their planets. Certain magnetic currents are then established thru those highways so that those intelligences who wish to travel may do so in safety and not be swept into other cosmic tides.

As these intelligences are thus enabled to visit other stars, suns and systems, They associate with friends who are there, some from the angelic kingdom, ascended masters and cosmic beings. This also enables such travelers to visit and participate in the activities of the ascended master retreats on Earth which are active during this time, ministering to the unascended evolutions of our planet. These experiences are the gift of the Cosmic Christ to these intelligences who serve. Each year some being is appointed and given the opportunity to go from sun to sun and open those highways with the cosmic wand of authority. Today because of the magnetic pull of your love for Us, your invitation to Us to come to you here and the tenacity of your natures, proven thru the years of service--which tenacity is one of my qualities and part of my nature, I have been given the opportunity of opening these highways this year, as Messenger of the King.

Even now as I stand before you come the elect from every system, not all coming to the Earth, no, but to visit and enjoy the sacred week of harvest here and the holy days. Along that pathway come also those great ones who will enter the sacred halls of Shamballa and pay homage to Sanat Kumara, blessed be his precious name, and to the spiritual hierarchy who serve with Him, thanking them particularly for the tremendous accomplishments of this year. Over that highway will come cosmic envoys from other systems who will bring greater assistance for 1955. This could not have been offered were it not for the tremendous manifest works brought about by the willing cooperation of unascended life streams and God-free beings. Thru the endeavors of presently incarnated chelas life streams have been released from the Compound who have been bound there for millions of years! (Explanatory note: One of the most distressing of the foci of destruction within Earth's atmosphere was that which the ascended masters have called the Compound. Here had been magnetically drawn together certain unfortunate individuals who had allowed the energies of their life streams to become very destructive for a long long period of time and after passing from the body at the close of each embodiment their various appetites and habits were of such a nature that they could not rise out of the atmosphere of the planet where they had not only developed these destructive activities within and around themselves but had imposed them upon other life streams as well.)

Not lightly does the cohesive power of love draw the attention of cosmic beings engaged in service of such great import and extent that your sweet minds could not possibly comprehend them at this time! Not lightly was the consciousness of Victory drawn to the Earth by our beloved St. Germain in his desire to give assistance to mankind! Not lightly do the Archangels break the silence of the ages and enable you to give on the written page, as your gift to your fellowman, their words and some little description of their activities! Not lightly come the Elohim from the heart of Celestial Heaven into the atmosphere of Earth, explaining to finite minds the orderly procession of precipitation of creation! Yes, We do love this Earth more than anyone else except perhaps the beloved Helios and Vesta, the Seven Archangels and the Silent Watcher, who holds within her bosom even today the divine plan and immaculate concept for our dear Earth.

You see, the Earth was created by Our very life, built from Our energies and vital force, for millions of years was Our energy woven into her rivers and mountains, her great seas and vast plains. After so many millions of years spent in loving and sustaining this planet We would not like to see dissolved the handiwork of Our love just because of the ignorance and shadow-creations of her evolutions anymore than you would like to see dissolved that to which you had given so much of yourself. So in part it is a natural activity for the Elohim to come to Earth again to those who want to transmute the shadows and free this planet, returning her to the perfection she once knew in the heart and bosom of the Silent Watcher, even before time was!

section on The Seven Steps to Precipitation:

Today I stood in the atmosphere of Earth and impersonally looking upon that lovely Silent Watcher, I thought back upon that day when the first call came from the God-parents, Helios and Vesta, of our system, when We willed to be a part of her creation. I thought upon the time when with Hercules We said: Yes We WILL to serve. When the great WISDOM, as well as PERCEPTION and ILLUMINATION of Cassiopeia showed Us clearly what was to be done, when the LOVE of Orion stirred within Our hearts as intensified willingness to leave Our activities in the cosmos and rhythmically give whatever service was required to bring that small but beautiful jewel your Earth out of the unformed into the formed, when We looked thru the crystal ray of PURITY and saw the divine design and immaculate concept of Helios and Vesta for the Earth and its evolutions. We found that divine plan to be good and beautiful and that it would make the Earth a literal jewel in the planetary system. Its gifts of light, perfume and music would add to the beauty of the galaxy, part of the great necklace of the cosmic Sun of the system. We knew then that it would be Our great joy to create this jewel and bring her to her greatest perfection, adorning the solar system.

Then came my activity. I AM He who is known as the ray of CONCENTRATION. Of course after my service comes that of my illustrious brothers, the mighty Arcturus of the Seventh Ray, representing RHYTHM OF INVOCATION and TRANSMUTATION BY VIOLET FIRE and the Elohim of Peace of the Sixth Ray, whose service is to seal the finished creation in the protection and perfection of Cosmic Christ PEACE.

What can be accomplished on Earth even in mundane activities of your daily living without CONCENTRATION, from the smallest task of learning a ecipe for your kitchen fare to the greatest dexterity of technique which produces lovely music, to the greatest development of science, to the magnificent perfection of the educator, preacher and statesman? If there is not concentration, there is only mediocrity, only the bare surface is scratched. However, those who determine to rise above the masses take one facet of living and masterfully develop it, deciding within themselves to excel at least along one line of expression. So, they dedicate themselves to this end, consecrating their lives, attention and endeavors, their time and substance, all to achieve this one definite purpose.

According to the concentration of those energies is their development, is their mastery, is their efficacy. How often is it said of someone in the world of form that he is Jack of all trades but master of none! Looking as I do both in my capacity as Elohim, the All-Seeing-Eye of God, and my activities with the Karmic Board, I see so much that is just at the point of being precipitated into actual manifestation. Then suddenly the concentration is dissipated, the attention is drawn away from that which has been deliberately designed and actually begun to be lowered into physical form. Thus the once desired manifestation is abandoned before it can actually appear here.

After We had looked into the beauty and perfection of the divine design for this planet thru the current and ray of the Elohim of Purity, what could come next but concentration, the drawing of energy and concentrating it around those convex rays which had been established as the form of the Earth? We had to concentrate light substance to make the planet solid enough to be able to hold sea, land and general physical form. If We had proceeded thru those first four steps, the WILL TO DO, the PERCEPTION as to what should be done, the joy of serving in LOVE, humble enough to do it God's way in PURITY, and then had refused to CONCENTRATE upon the task until the planet finally began to revolve upon its axis, until Virgo and the beings of nature had perfected it, until Amaryllis had experimented with nine hundred springs, what would have happened? There would have been no Earth! Yet, even you who are today the maximum development of concentration in the West, so far as the student body is concerned, you have only touched the fringe of following things thru to manifestation!

It is law, actual scientific law, that what you begin can be accomplished when it is in agreement with God's plan to bring perfection forth, whether it be healing, precipitation, financial freedom, eternal youth, the restoration of a limb--it can be done--but the stick-to-it-iveness which is such an important activity of my ray and the qualification of the energy of my life is required to produce these.

Greatest Obstacles to Successful Precipation:

Now, what are the obstacles which are encountered in the unascended state that delay your endeavors at instantaneous precipitation? They are mostly discouragement and doubt. When that upon which you work and which comes from the seeming invisible does not appear according to the outer mind's reckoning of a time limit, sometimes the project is abandoned just as it is ready to come thru the veil into the physical appearance world.

I have seen men and women on the verge of great financial mastery stop working on their project just within an hour of receiving their financial freedom! I have seen individuals working in Retreats draw currents for healing over quite a period of time. Then because that healing seemed not to completely manifest quickly enough for them, they wholly abandoned their work just five minutes short of a cosmic manifestation! Often such a manifestation if it had been sustained in faith and constancy would have revealed much truth to the consciousness of the race as a whole and would have been of great help to them. The invisible realm is almost filled with uncompleted prayers, with beautiful forms which have never been brought into outer manifestation.

How many of you, I know, for I see with the All-Seeing-Eye, how many of you just during these addresses have decided upon some pattern to manifest, have begun to build it and have already abandoned your project? Those patterns are floating in the Causal Body forcefield of this group and will be dissipated because of the lack of your attention which feeds your life into them, unless you pick them up again and either complete them or return them to the unformed thru the etherealizing power of the violet transmuting flame. If you do not reclaim them, your pattern may be picked up and completed by some magnetic life stream in the outer world and that other individual then will be the beneficiary of all your work!

Beloved, sometimes people speak of strokes of luck, usually great flashes of financial relief and release which they suddenly receive. Sometimes this comes about because often another individual has worked for years upon some project, building a momentum of constructively qualified energy thereby, only to suddenly cut the strings and break the line of concentration and attention upon his work. This allows that picture, pattern or form and momentum to be loosed into the atmosphere to be picked up mentally by some other life stream at the last minute of its preparation, just before it physically manifests. Then that one reaps where someone else has sown! As a matter of fact, there is a man right here in your city of Philadelphia who utilizes the benefits of this very law of which I speak and thru it he reaps where others have sown. In so doing he breaks no law because it is like the unclaimed money in many banks which simply lays there, particularly in the Chancery Courts of England. If no one wants it, some alert life stream might just as well claim it for use.

Concentrate! Follow Thru!

--continuing a dictation, part of the 1952-9 Bridge to Freedom Journal and Bulletin

I implore you, you who decide upon some pattern and plan of manifestation, follow it thru! Follow it thru! Follow it thru! Concentrate upon your design for precipitation until you have brought it into fulfillment. Rhythmically work upon your project but not for long hours at a time so that you become so tense and filled with anxiety that you neutralize your endeavors.

You have been told that when We created the planets of this system We came in rhythm and it was the power of my ray of concentration which drew and coalesced the actual form of this Earth. After all, what are mankind's bodies but forms of concentrated energy? This energy as you know is drawn forth from the heart of your Presence. Once you have determined to bring forth some constructive manifestation follow thru in the name of God! Follow thru in the name of God! Stop sitting by the wayside resting when you are on the verge of victory!

Do you know the concentration it takes to bring forth an invention, to bring forth a scientific discovery to the race? Do you know the concentration it took to hold the vision for America? Many of you shared that vision and were a part of the heart-center which held that vision for the others.

Now, concentration and consecration are almost one and the same, beloved ones, because first of all whatever you are going to do that will amount to anything requires the consecration of your life and that you have not understood deeply enough. It is the consecration of all of your energies to the manifestation of something which will give you mastery over this world of form. Do not feel that to desire mastery over financial lack or mastery over appearances of physical distress in the restoration of health is selfish because the full-gathered momentum of your mastery becomes your gift to the consciousness of the race at large.

So long ago that I can scarcely remember the time I learned the power of concentration which later made it possible for Me to give to you your planet Earth. Who knows but that even within this room today there may be an Elohim for tomorrow's world? I see several for whom it could be possible.

As you are listening to Me today from Archangel Raphael's kingdom, whose specialized quality is consecration, We have connected a beam of energy with that portion of my ray which is anchored within the forehead of every incarnate life stream on the planet today. This is the focus in every physical form where the true inner sight once functioned freely but this clear inner sight has been dimmed by mankind's misuses of energy all thru the ages, creating shadows in the consciousness by his use of discordantly qualified thought, feeling, spoken word and deed. As this shadowed substance increased thru many, many embodiments, it gradually became what is now known as the human veil.

This is simply an accumulation of too slowly vibrating energy which has formed within the brain structure itself, this denser substance shutting off from physical sight the presence of the cosmic beings, ascended masters, angels and the perfection of the realms which abide above this physical appearance world. Thru this service which I AM rendering here today to you, I AM also endeavoring to clear the inner sight as much as possible, particularly of the mystic, of the metaphysician and those who have stepped out of the consciousness of the masses, desiring a clearer concept of truth. I AM also giving this assistance today to the great leaders of the orthodox channels of religion, endeavoring to give them as much understanding of the great law as is necessary to convince them that We are and that We are ready and willing to assist mankind by offering the full power and pressure of our light and feelings of mastery over everything human, thus helping them to find their way back to the complete freedom which God intended them to enjoy from the beginning.

Thank God for His Great Mercies!

As some of you know, I AM also the Elohim of music and so my activities and talents are quite diversified. Thru the recent release of your marvelous decrees and lovely songs which you have directed right into the Compound itself, We now have one hundred fifty individuals who have come out from that unhappy realm. Personally I would like to congratulate you on your use of music in this instance and for this purpose, as music does not create the antagonisms in their feels, which antagonisms I hope you will never have to see! These life streams will now enter the Halls of Karma this Saturday evening at the same time the ceremony at Shamballa takes place.

As a result of your service tonight just as I entered your forcefield We received a merciful grant for the benefit of the incoming children. One hundred thousand of those who would otherwise have been blind will be born with sight, fifty thousand of those who would have been deaf will hear, fifty thousand of those who would not have been able to speak will now have the gift of speech and, almost the greatest of all to Me, two hundred thousand of those who would have been mentally ill will come into physical birth with their minds balanced and sane. I AM so grateful to all who have made this possible! (Audience arose and stood for a few moments in silent gratitude.)

Beloved ones, while you are standing here the love and light of the King's Highway now opened is releasing the gifts of its light to the universe. At this time Shamballa's blazing Altar holds upon it the immortal Threefold Flame of Life which the beloved Sanat Kumara has brought here from Venus and sustained by his very life all thru the ages. That great one now walks among his guests, greeting and blessing them. The masters too greet each other and walk arm in arm. Some of them have not seen their friends for a very long time, having been engaged in specific services in various places, also the angels and devas in restraint but yet in great joy meet and clasp hands....

Tonight this is an informal gathering. All of the great Chohans, all of the great masters, all of the angels connected with Earth's evolutions look forward all year to this annual return to Shamballa. In a way it is similar to the way you feel when you are returning home, only much more joyous and glorious because each one knows something of the great welcome he will receive from the King, and tonight all are in informal attire. Most of those present are in long white tunics or tunics of various colors.

The beloved Lady Venus has come and She and Sanat Kumara have been walking together among the guests. Someone has placed a beautiful lei of flowers around Venus' neck. Beloved Victory is also present. Many of your more recently ascended friends are at this gathering tonight, especially all of those from this group here who have ascended some time since, and when you leave your body tonight while it sleeps, you too will come and join Us.

The doors have been opened now to the great Central Temple wherein abides the great Sanat Kumara. Those of you who are familiar with the procedure here will remember that a bouquet of the favorite flowers of each master is precipitated before that one as he or she enters the Temple. This is a personal gift from the host, Sanat Kumara. So, everyone is adorned with flowers. Some of the Lady Masters wear them in their hair, if it is piled high upon their heads or if the hair is loosely worn, they wear the flowers as a corsage. Some of the Gentlemen wear them in the belt of their magnificent tunics.

All the air is filled with such joy because as each newcomer enters and sees a heart-friend there is a burst of music. This outburst of melody is a natural expression of their feelings of gratitude for this blessing of renewed friendship. There is that feeling of reunion after having been separated by variations of service in the field for so long. In the background there is soft music playing, instrumental music only. However, in the distance you can hear the happy singing of the Cherubic Choir. Wherever great numbers of the Cherubim are gathered in cosmic activity, especially at Shamballa, They express their happiness in song. It is just their natural expression of joy. You can hear the overtones of that beautiful music in the distance as the Cherubim float in the atmosphere.

Beloved Lord Maitreya is also here tonight in informal attire wearing golden sandals and the white garment which is deeply embroidered in purple at the bottom and at the cuffs of the sleeves. This color brings out the magnificent violet of his eyes. The eyes of Lord Maitreya are beyond description in their beauty I think.

Tonight's activity is preparatory to the great formal ceremony of next Saturday--Transmission of the Flame activity--but the Flame is already present upon the Altar and its radiation is a tremendously vivifying blessing to all. As you look at the festivities and see everyone with happy smiling faces you will note that once in a while a quiet group will enter who stand by the great pillars and do not seem to mingle with the guests. These are chelas who have left their physical bodies while they sleep and have been drawn here by directing their attention toward Shamballa before entering sleep, hoping to get there! They are a little on the timid side and they stand on the fringe of the activities. However, a little later they will be approached by one of the angelic envoys and drawn into the happiness of the occasion. Later this evening you too will come to Us in your finer bodies

Every guest who enters Shamballa brings our beloved host a personal gift. The harvest of this year's endeavors will be brought to his Altar next Saturday (Transmission night) but these gifts of which I now speak are personal to Him. Sanat Kumara already has many leis of flowers around his neck, He wears flowers in his hair and carries others. Sanat Kumara is so gracious, He never refuses any gift that is given, however small it may be. From time to time beloved Meta, beloved Lady Venus and some of the others relieve Him of this overflow and They bank them upon a table which is nearby. Then in a moment or two He is literally covered again with these beautiful expressions of love.

The Archangels and Archaii are here, the Seraphic Host in Their great dignity are present also. Beloved Maha Chohan appears with unbound hair tonight. This is most unusual for Him in a public gathering. Pallas Athena, who usually wears her hair piled high upon her head is wearing it just hanging down her back tonight and it is held together at the nape of her neck by a jeweled barrette.

Now I AM told that our gathering here will listen if you care to sing your song to beloved Sanat Kumara and send your love here. This will help you to prepare for the greatest Transmission of the Flame activity this Earth has thus far known.

All of these happy smiling friends at Shamballa are now sending their positive, powerful feelings of love to you which I know you do feel. Consciously accept it and ask that it be eternally sustained, all-powerfully active and ever-expanding.

By the way, dear hearts, when our beloved guests come to Shamballa, they use the music of that lovely melody from Lemuria (Auld Lang Syne) and when they leave Shamballa they use the melody God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again. You have tuned in to this in your selection of the music of that hymn as your closing song in your meetings.

Now as you move freely about in the heart of Shamballa tonight, tomorrow night and Saturday, you will bring here the harvest of your year's endeavors. Just think how much that is this time, every life stream incarnating on Earth this year has taken the vow to serve Sanat Kumara, hundreds of the Sleepers have arisen from their beds, some of those have been sleeping for centuries, thousands of discarnates having been removed from all of the continents, and one hundred fifty of the most difficult of the life streams from the Compound are now willing to enter the Halls of Karma and stand before the Karmic Board. This is a mighty harvest for which the Karmic Board as one--and I as Their Spokesman--give you Their eternal gratitude.

Persevere in well-doing! You have proven to Us what can be done. This coming year more children will be born with better bodies, with limbs that are straight and strong, with eyes that can see, ears that can hear, lips that can speak, hands and arms perfect and not withered and with balanced minds which will be able to consciously connect with the God-self. Besides all this there has been the dissolving of the great cloud of that shadowed substance over Africa--the third episode of Washington's Vision. This latest accomplishment took place within the last two weeks. O what a harvest! No wonder there come to the Earth now cosmic envoys from the Great Central Sun! Weary not in well-doing! Persevere! When your manifestations seem to lag, think of Me and say, If Cyclopea (or Vista) had not persevered, my feet would not be standing on the Earth today, nor could I look at the blue sky. There would be no America and no focus on Earth for the freedom flame. Cyclopea had no more with which to work than I have, He had only light, consecration of purpose and concentration of energy to follow thru, follow thru, follow thru to victory in God's name!

I thank you.

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