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Peace and Aloha


Peace and Aloha - Elohim of the Sixth Ray

PEACE AND ALOHA are the Elohim of the sixth ray (the purple and gold ray) of peace, brotherhood, the true ministration of the Christ, and the desire to be in the service of God and man through the mastery of the Christ consciousness. Peace and Aloha focus both the gold and the purple flames as the perfect balance of the masculine and feminine aspects of peace.

The admonishments of the Elohim of Peace have been invaluable to the students of the light. It was Peace who introduced the use of the Great Sun Disc–a shield of dazzling white fire that may be placed over the solar-plexus chakra to deflect the discord of others and thus protect the peace of the feeling world.

Elohim of Peace

Also known as: Tranquility, Elohim of the Sixth Ray

Twin Flame / Divine Complement / Twin Ray: Aloha

Divine Quality: Peace. Tranquility

Vibration / Ray / Flame: Purple and Gold, Gold, Ruby

Office in Hierarchy: Elohim of Peace is One of the Elohim serving this system of worlds

Vibration / Ray / Flame: Purple and Gold , Gold , Ruby

Retreat: Etheric plane over the Hawaiian Islands

Angels: Elohim Angels, Legions of Peace , Angels of Peace

Ascended Master Spiritual Retreat

Peace and Aloha focus the energies of the solar-plexus chakra of the planet in their retreat located in the etheric plane over the Hawaiian Islands. From the Temple of Peace, the Elohim radiate ribbons of Cosmic Christ peace over the entire earth as a network of the Cosmic Christ consciousness. In addition to purple and gold flames, Mighty Cosmos' secret rays are focused in this retreat.

The forcefield of the Temple of Peace may be visualized as a purple and gold heart, with a magnetic forcefield of alternating purple and gold concentric heart-shaped rings. The flame in the center of the heart is the flame of Cosmic Christ peace. This forcefield is superimposed over the temple. One enters the etheric temple in the etheric body and immediately the eternal presence of the flame of peace is felt. The entrance hall leads into a round room; ten pillars grace the circular walls, which reflect the pulsations of the secret rays anchored in the center of the room. The altar of the secret rays is sunken in the center of the room. Three steps lead to a circular pathway surrounding the altar in which the secret rays are anchored.

Proceeding on past the altar of the secret rays and down a hallway, we descend a flight of stairs leading to the great hall of Peace. This is actually in the center of the temple, architecturally patterned after the hall which we have just passed through except on a larger scale. There are twelve pillars on the circuit, evenly spaced on the circular walls, which reflect the purple and gold of the Elohim of Peace anchored in the center dais. Descending the three steps and walking around the focus, we come to the thrones of Peace and Aloha. Between the twelve pillars which adorn the sides of the temple are twelve doors leading to twelve circular anterooms, one of which is the room through which we just passed where the secret rays are focused. The flame of peace, being at the fulcrum of the Christ consciousness, is in the center of the temple, the throne of Peace and Aloha at the twelve o'clock line and the secret rays at the six o'clock line.

Initiates on the sixth ray study at the Temple of Peace under the careful guidance of the Elohim who are in charge. Those who are preparing to embody on the sixth ray will spend some time here before reembodying in order to learn how the Elohim focus the flame of peace through the Holy Spirit in nature and the activities of the builders of form. Prior to his embodiment as Saint Francis when he prayed, Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace! beloved Kuthumi studied under the Great Initiator, Lord Maitreya, in his retreat in the Himalayas; but before taking on a physical body, he was brought to the Temple of Peace where his development of the flame of peace was tested through ordered steps of initiations that are conducted under the auspices of the hierarchy of that retreat.

Outside the great hall of Peace, there are three other buildings (at the nine, twelve, and three o'clock lines). Here the Brotherhood of Peace works diligently, drawing up plans for the implementation of peace throughout the world. Volunteers who study there while their body temples sleep or who are between embodiments come to the retreat to study the plans for peace, and here they take vows before Peace and Aloha to go forth as their representatives in the world of form to carry the flame of peace and to implement the plans of the Brotherhood of Peace.

Those who have journeyed to the Hawaiian Islands can attest to the great peace which they feel not only there, but throughout the region of the Pacific Ocean.

A Message from Elohim of Peace

through Mark Prophet, January 2, 1972, U.S.A.

I AM Peace. It has been decided that we would give you this day, by karmic grace, a spiritual experience of great depth. Will you take my hand in thought and come with me apart from ordinary experience realms into the world of cosmic dreams where we shall create an experience of Peace in what we term the 'Pavilion of Peace.'

By His grace there is created by the devas and the builders of form and great Cosmic Beings a pavilion of white alabaster through which shines the Light never seen on land or sea, the Light of Ten Thousand Spiritual Suns, the Light of the Eternal One. Through the walls of our alabaster Pavilion of Peace there gleams now this Radiance. There are four sides to our pavilion and three magnificent domes on each side – two below and one above, forming a triad in memory of the threefold nature of man and of God. The gates of the Pavilion are open, and six mighty Seraphim stand at each gate to lead you upward to the Temple of Peace. The mighty organ which we call the organ of Peace is radiating out that Cosmic Sound which is soundless but which rises to crescendos of Peace. . . .

Will you enter with me now the gates of the Temple of Peace and hear the sweet bells of Heaven that ring out melodic Joy that Peace can prevail. Seven snow-white doves are carrying a banner in their bills and they flutter at the gateway as you enter; and the banner, in letters of gold, Old English gold, fluttering in a soft, gentle wind, reads 'Peace.' For there is no other vibratory action that can come into our temple save Peace. And yet the scene is not vacant, for there is a Light and a mystical Joy in the air of this Pavilion of Peace.

Now we see the thirteenth dome – an inner spire rising and a beautiful brick mosaic formed within it. And there in gold, stamped within a Maltese Cross of perfect balance, is the word 'Peace.' It is as though the very physical heart wanted momentarily to pause and drink in the scene of Peace. For Seven Rays come down from the center of the dome; these are the Rays of the Holy Spirit. White at the point of blending, the gentlest of pastel hues are to be seen upon the floor where the reflected rays gently position themselves as though they were seven votive Flames from the Altar of God's Heart. . . .

I AM the Elohim of Peace. I radiate out into the world domain the vibratory action of infinite Peace – a Consuming Fire to those who radiate out the awful vibratory action of hatred, war, and destruction and the influences of the carnal mind, but a Fire of Hope, a shining Diadem of Our Love to all who see the Beauty of our Temple. We offer to each of you a gift this day: a miniature replica of the Temple of Peace, a symbol of your journey which we place in a golden acorn. Siva! It is done! To each soul let there be an encapsulated golden acorn. Within that acorn, reduced to microscopic size and placed within the ventricle of the heart so as not to interfere in any way with the flow of the Life-force, do we place the Gift – the Focus of the Elohim of Peace, My Focus, thy Focus, God's Focus, a Universal Focus. It belongs to the world, to the universe; it is a part of Creativity, of the Fiat of Creation. . . .

I tell you of a truth, the Gift I give you today is a point of contact with Universal Peace. If you will, it can summon within you at will the great Cosmic Genie, the Figure Form, the symbolic Angel of your own individualized Presence, who will on the instant bring you into the Realm of Peace. And so I shall tell you of the Power of this Talisman which I place within those of you who will accept it. I will never impose it upon any. If you have once accepted it, however, I should tell you now, it becomes anchored there forever. And all you have to do when all around you is turbulent and you are in distress and in confusion is to visualize in miniature the Pavilion of Peace, call unto Me and unto your individualized God Presence and say:

'I need Thee every hour, O Elohim of Peace and Beloved Mighty I AM Presence! Show forth Thy Light!' And with the words 'Show forth Thy Light,' I will come again and create the Vibratory Action of My Peace.

In the Name of the Prince of Peace I say, Peace be unto you.

A Message from Elohim of Peace

through Geraldine Innocente, January 2, 1955, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania U.S.A.

Some of you already know that the evolution of the Elohim is through the Elemental Kingdom. Each of Us started out as small Elemental beings, belonging to different Systems, different Galaxies, at different times. I was one among those Elementals Who followed the exact order of creation. You have seen Universal Elemental Light filling the atmosphere; those tiny electrons seem to going nowhere just hither and yon in the sunshine. You see, when one is first God-created, there is complete freedom to just enjoy one's self. That is where some folks get the idea of Heaven as being a place of eternal enjoyment, rest and the general 'do-as-you-please' attitude. They remember backward - for this is not looking forward - and I warn you ahead of time - the future is not going to be like that! These were your pre-Eden days.

Long, long ago, I was one of these tiny Elementals, flitting 'hither and yon' in My Universe; whenever I felt like it, attaching Myself to some Light Ray projected by some Being of Whom I was scarcely cognizant. At times, I rode upon a great beam of that light which was destined to become part of a Star or some other lovely God creation. I had no responsibilities and no obligations.

The same freedom is given to all of God's creations - for instance, your I AM Presence, when first created, was permitted to go through each of the Seven Spheres of activity around Its Godhead (Its Source); find that Sphere in which it was most interested; stay in any Temple as long as It liked; at the feet of any Master for any length of time It desired. The Angels have like freedom. When first created, They disport Themselves in the glory and light of the body of God and, eventually, become a part of the Virtues of Faith, Hope, Charity, or any God Virtue They please. These Angels live in the Temples of Their choice - They absorb and just are!

Then, suddenly one day there came a feeling within Me that I wanted to be a conscious part of creation. When this takes place within anyone, it means that the activity of the First Ray is born within them - the will to do. So it was with Me.

Then I sought out someone Whom I knew could tell Me just what to do and, when I had found such a one, I was told that, if I cared to go to a certain Nature Temple, I could learn how to build form - perhaps a flower. To do this, together with others of like intent, I had to learn to hold the thought-form shown to Us on the Altar by the presiding Deva, Our Instructor. After enrolling Myself, as a student in this Nature Temple, My first assignment was to build a five-petalled yellow flower and I shall never forget it. Oh, there must have been a couple of hundred of Us in the class - all quite as irresponsible as Myself. We could hear beautiful music outside the Temple; the air was so lovely and fresh; beautiful Beings of Light were passing through the atmosphere outside the windows - and the holding of the pattern of that flower got so monotonous, I can tell you! However, the Deva just stood there on the Altar and from Himself He externalized the pattern of this flower which We were to learn to create. He tried to catch Our thoughts and focus them upon that flower. But, I soon found that just the Will To Do was not enough - there must follow the other six 'steps' of creation to perfect the activity.

Then, suddenly, Perception came into My mind and I thought - 'Yes, this is a part of creation', and I perceived, at least, what the Deva wanted Me to try to do. Up until that time, I just enjoyed the fragrance, the color and the symmetry of form of that flower. I did not feel that I wanted to do anything more than that about it. As that feeling of Perception took possession within Me, I consciously tried. Oh, but that first form which I attempted to create was certainly a distorted one - it was sort of a square; it did not have enough petals; nor did it have the right fragrance. Besides, just as soon as I took My attention away from it - the form was gone! Now, some of the class were still not very concentrated in their attention and were still 'flitting around'. However, those of Us who really meant business finally moved up to the front of the room, nearer the Altar.

Well, as We continued to absorb the instruction and tried again and again, finally one day the little yellow flower appeared on My hands and I was so happy! This time I had the right number of petals, the right color, and the right fragrance for My flower but - My goodness! Just as I was about to present it to the Deva, one of the Archangels went by the window and My attention being drawn by His magnificent Light, it left the flower for an instant. When I looked back at My hand - the flower was gone! Just a lack of Concentration!

Now these Devas do not speak at all. They give all Their instruction through radiation and Our Teacher Deva suggested to Us that if We wanted to create these flowers consciously, We could add beauty and perfection to a springtime on some lovely Planet which the Elohim in charge of that Planet were to beautify for the blessing of an evolution of living souls. As I thought of this, Love for My endeavor was born within Me - I felt that I wanted to make that little flower perfect enough, fragrant enough, beautiful enough and make it last long enough to really bless some part of life. That was the third aspect of Divinity - Love - you see! Then I forgot Myself and the distraction of Those who were going by outside; then I really wanted to create that flower and I stayed with it.

What happened then? I received an assignment. The Devas do not assign one to the task of even becoming an apple-blossom until They know you will stay with that task long enough to complete it. In My new assignment, I think there were about seven hundred of Us directed to adorn one big tree. Incidentally, the yellow flower I was to create does not grow on your Earth - nor does such a tree. Perhaps, one day it shall.

Here came another lesson which I did not learn at once. Our Teacher reminded Us that when We went to that Planet with the Great Deva of the tree to be formed, We would see all different kinds of trees. He warned Us to watch and see that Our individual flower to be created did not become just like that which We saw on some other shrub or tree. I forgot His admonition and Mine did! I saw pink flowers, blue ones, and white ones and, by the time I was through looking at them all, I had nothing definite of My Own in mind and therefore, no manifestation.

Then I learned the fourth lesson - the Purity of holding to the Divine Pattern which had been given Me at the beginning. When We finally went back to our Nature Temple schoolroom, none of Us Who had lost out was at all proud of His accomplishments. You see, Those in charge always prepare more Elementals than They know will be needed for a certain creation and therefore, the creation was completed by those who could do the work. I did not volunteer so quickly for the next experience I can tell you! However, within Myself, I determined that I would hold the pattern of that yellow flower until I had brought it forth in perfection.

Finally, I did not even have to volunteer. My Teacher Deva, in mercy, said to Me one day: All right - you may go and try again. This time I closed My eyes, My mind and My attention to everything but to becoming of that yellow flower. Yet, there remained even more for Me to remember - Constancy - for I allowed My petals to fall before the springtime was over! I had to learn the fifth activity of Constancy and Concentration until the Deva called Me home. Because of My lack of Constancy, after the premature falling of My petals, I was home a whole month before the others. I must tell you that I did not go into the Temple for quite a while - I walked up and down outside but I did not go in! At last, I had to go in - you know that! Wherever you are and whatever you volunteer to do, you must finish it one day. It is the same thing with humanity - they may play around as long as they wish and waste their time but, one day they must finish their course (fulfill their Divine Plan); sooner or later, perhaps with your feathers trailing, you will go back to the fulfilling of your original Divine Plan.

When We gathered again before the Deva in the Nature Temple, I was seated far back in the last row. I was small of stature and I thought I would not be too easily seen there. Thinking to myself, I said: I shall never go out again. I'll just stay right here. However, next We were taught the lesson of Rhythm.

Here I learned that I had to hold the purity of form and that I had to stay at My post until I was released by the Being Who had sent Me forth. That was Constancy,. Then, amazingly, I learned that I had to go every spring! My goodness! I thought going once was a major achievement, but I learned the lesson of Rhythm - yellow flower yellow flower - yellow flower, over and over again, each and every spring. I shall not attempt to tell you how many springtimes I became a yellow flower. Doing it once was a novelty; even a dozen times was fun; but every spring seemed to Me like a long, steady, relentless grind! Obedience! Obedience! Obedience! to the end!

The last step I had to learn in this process of creation was to hold the Peace. The last time that Deva told Me that I was going to be a yellow flower again - I nearly lost the whole course! You see, in the meantime, others of My friends had become beautiful trees, shrubs and other lovely creations but I was still a little, tiny yellow flower. So you see, I had to learn to hold the Peace - Peace which I became Myself - mind you - in a far-distant future scheme! So, if you are one of those little yellow flowers, learn to hold your peace! Perhaps, one day, you will be a Sun to a System! Who knows what anyone's use of free will may do?

At last, on this final trip, I just let go! I really did! I thought: If God wills it, I shall be this blossom for eternity! That was My last trip! That absolute surrender gave Me My release and, that time when I returned to My Deva in the Nature Temple, He crowned My service of the ages - Ages I said - with Victory! Then I was graduated into the Devic Kingdom.

For a long, long time I served and worked with increasing efficiency until finally, I took the Initiation of the Elohim. Later, when given opportunity by the call from Beloved Helios and Vesta for those who would volunteer to build for them this dear Planet Earth, I voluntarily joined the other Six Elohim to render that service. We served together in association, both for the joy of comradeship and the joy of creation.

Now, proceeding through these 'Seven Steps' of activity is the way by which the Elohim expand Their consciousness, from an Elemental Being to a great Builder of Form; it is the way by which the tiny Cherubim become great Devas of Light and, passing through those steps also, the spiritually unawakened soul eventually awakens and becomes the great Ascended Being of Love, Light and Perfection. There is no escape from the following of those Seven Steps anywhere. Some natures are such that they accept and follow those steps quickly, and some take a longer time to accomplish. Believe Me, I know! I think I was the slowest pupil of all the grouping of Elementals with Whom I started out but, one thing I learned (if nothing else) was to Hold My Peace and abide in the Wisdom of the Law!

For the kindness and courtesy of your attention, and for your love, I thank you! Will you remember always, please, that Peace is positive power! I - Who have passed the way of evolution before you - I AM yours to command! I leave with you My Blessings. May all your precipitations be perfect; your flowers beautiful and all your God-endeavors successful in His Name. Thank you, and good morning.

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