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Q&A with Emmanuel: Fundamentals of Awakening - Silence and Presence

Q&A with Emmanuel: Fundamentals of Awakening - Silence and Presence

Greetings, my name is Emmanuel. To witness the transformation of humanity, you must witness your own transformation first.

As every moment offers an opportunity for transformation, every moment will offer opportunities laden with challenge, obstruction, obstacles, opposites, and paradoxes. You will witness that in the duality of the experience itself lies the very opportunity to transform, to evolve, to realize, to expand, to discover the non-dual aspect of your existence. The present moment therefore is a key element to be observed, understood and witnessed.

Yet most of human individuals move through the present moments without their awareness active, without their observation active. The present moments become yet another past moment to be stored in the many incomplete past experiences that are waiting to be seen, understood, and realized; and all of these past experiences, incomplete, unrealized, continue to project a certain future, certain future moments to be had for you to experience and re-experience those incomplete moments so that you can truly evolve, so you can learn from life itself.

The solution therefore does not lie in the future, neither does it lie in the past. The potential and the power of your transformation lies in the very present moment. Yet for this silence, for this present moment to be activated, you must allow yourself to create that space, the space in which all aspects of your being find silence, quiet, a possibility to expand into; a possibility to bring your consciousness into an observational state of being, a state in which you can see yourself, all aspects of you being.

Of course, you will recognize first the busy mind, the many thoughts that never stop and consistently cycle. Of course, you will notice the busy heart, the many emotions screaming to be heard yet rarely felt. Of course, you will notice in the body loud enough to deliver you the message of pain, yet not loud enough in daily life when all aspects of commitments and obligations have taken priority over self- care, the care of this physical form.
Therefore, the first moments of silence that you will experience will be filled with thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations including pain. Many of you will give up, and state that silence is not for you, that silence is for a certain type of human being that has somehow magically mastered being silent in moments of silence; that the life that you have lived is somehow different than the life of those that have found silence. Yet the human template, while offering many diversities, offers unique and aligned ways of being that are generally applicable to all humans.

You can and will find silence. You can and will find presence. You can and will observe all that you are. You can and will realize and self-realize. Allow yourself to be carried by the momentum of this group, as in the energetic field established by a group of individuals will allow finding this moment of silence to be with greater ease. Thoughts will subside, emotions will calm, physical sensations will quiet, and this may indeed be a momentary experience and temporary for the time of this moment of silence together.

Yet know that even the smallest moment of silence will allow realizations to occur, an alignment to emerge from within you, providing you completion of the past and offering greater possibilities of the future. A strengthening of your alignment, bringing your power back into the very moment of your existence, infusing you with the power that you have always held within you, making you yourself the most powerful individual of your own life, making you free, independent, alive, loving and healthy. Qualities every individual understands, qualities every human strives for. Listening to the journey, listening to the voice within, the voice that rarely speaks, the voice that has no judgment, the voice that always loves; the voice of your soul carrying you forward, carrying you into this very moment; a moment of expansion, of healing, of alignment, a moment of self-realization, a moment of connection.

You are here to be connected and loved. You are here to understand that unity in existence can occur even in this dualistic form; that you are never alone, and never were that this individualized form is merely a temporary illusion to provide a spectacle of experiences. And with this knowing, will you choose to follow the voice that has led you here? Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
Can silence and presence be truly achieved while listening to a guided meditation? Can silence within truly exist, regardless of the noise outside?”

Certain external factors will support finding your way into silence and presence. In the beginning, these factors will be necessary. Consciously choosing a silent environment is therefore a factor that will assist you, especially in the beginning. Listening to certain type of frequencies or music will provide the type of alignment and distraction to the mind to silence, so that you can walk this path easier at first. As you can see, these are the early steps. Eventually, you will find silence and presence at your will. In any environment, in any noise level, in any sensation and level of intensity, no matter the circumstances, you will find your silence and your alignment. Yet this is a path of practice. It is a path of consistently allowing yourself to find this level of silence with greater ease, allowing the present moment to become the most important moment of your life. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
Thank you Emmanuel. Christina asks, “I feel that when I’m in silence, so much is occurring within and around. I would love to understand what is happening in my energetic structure, in my field, when I am in silence and presence; and what I am emitting in the surroundings due to the silence and presence. Can you elaborate?”

Silence will allow you, first and foremost, to find a deeper level of presence. Observation will emerge and the observation will lead to realizations. Realizations will lead to alignment, the alignment of your inner and outer world. And truly, changes occur as these realizations complete and as the past that has been driving your present and your future, is readjusting. Therefore, a moment of silence and presence can truly impact your immediate environment, of the present end of the future. A moment of true silence can impact relations, can impact your perspective of yourself and of reality, can impact your health and wellbeing. All aspects of your being are connected to this moment of silence. This is the potential that is held in this very moment of silence. You carry it well, and you will see the benefits and the changes occurring immediately in your environment, within yourself, and within all relations of yours. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
How do transmissions like these assist us in deepening our silence and presence?

The energetic field that is established carries a certain frequency, a frequency into which all of those that are listening are connected into and are synchronized with. A frequency that allows for the mind, the heart, and the physical body to quiet even further. Therefore, the energetic field established is in support of finding deeper states of silence. A deeper state of presence emerges as a result of these transmissions, giving you the opportunity for the great observations of your life to occur, for the completions of the past to occur, for realizations to emerge within your being, integrate into your existence and expand into future moments. Therefore, these transmissions are a specific type of space, an energetic space established for all of you seeking to find transformation, realization, through the pathway of silence and presence. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
If you’re performing a physical or mental activity that puts you in what’s called a flow state, is that considered being in silence and presence?

You will find states of silence and presence in activities, within thoughts and within emotions, yet understand these are mere gateways to true silence and presence, which requires all aspects of your being to find that silence. No activity, no thought, no emotion. The pure depths of your soul emerging from that state of being. This is true silence, yet utilize the pathways that bring you to a greater state of quiet, a deeper state of presence, and continue to explore even deeper states of silence. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
I was traumatically separated from my son eight years ago. How does one get to a place of listening to the voice of the soul in the midst of experiencing trauma from either events in the moment, or events after.

Traumatic experiences in life carry tremendous potential and fuel for evolution. In the moment of the experience the emotions are strong, the thoughts inconceivably overwhelming, the physical sensations potentially overstimulating. All of these experiences, while being part of the human form, can be held and transformed. In the moment of the traumatic experience, first, allow your entire system to self-regulate itself. The trauma itself is too fresh, to be processed; first, it has to move. The energy of the trauma itself has to move through your entire being, through the mental construct, through the emotional and the physical, through the energetic spiritual construct. The energy of the trauma will most likely create disturbance in various aspects of your being, deconstruct existing constructs, and potentially create damage to well-functioning aspects of your being. This is the moment when healing truly begins.

Finding your pathway through all aspects of your being that this trauma has caused — an imbalance, a misalignment, a dissonance; or has brought up aspects of your being that had required a healing, a clearing, and a realignment from the buried past. All aspects of your being are subject to change, are subject to heal, are subject to realign. Whatever you can do after the moments of a traumatic experience to find a greater level of presence and peace, do so. Bring yourself, your mind, your heart, and your body into this state of quiet, into this state of silence; and allow the energy and the presence of this silence itself, the energy of this love of creation to recreate you, to realign you, to reconstruct you into an even greater human being where all aspects of the trauma have transformed into realization, into strengthening and a deeper level of presence. The incidents of life clearing, integrating, and making you a stronger being after all. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
Thank you, Emmanuel. Jan asks,” I believe that never before have physical beings been asked to change so quickly. In developing silence and presence our nervous systems must handle increased energies and information. Can you suggest ways to build capacity in our nervous system so that we may best handle the evolution of light within ourselves?”

Your observation is correct. Humans are being challenged to evolve faster than they have ever evolved. Evolution of their consciousness requiring the evolution of their energetic-spiritual construct, the evolution of their physical, their emotional, as well as their mental constructs, a greater level of capacity to hold the increasing energies on this earthly plane. All of these, important aspects of the evolution of humanity. Consistent practice: the space and time for your consciousness to align, to realign, to deconstruct and reconstruct, to change and shift accordingly, to build a greater capacity. Completing the incomplete aspects of the past will bring forth a greater capacity. Developing a stronger sense of presence in the very moment will increase your level of capacity. Your level of presence will bring forth a greater level of alignment, and alignment itself will increase your capacity. Experiences of life will become easier to receive, easier to witness, easier to experience, easier to embrace, as you have found ways to embrace yourself and all facets of your being. You will find that meditation, nature, breath, health- oriented practices, health-oriented nutrition, health-oriented thoughts, supportive and loving emotions, health- conscious rest will all be a necessary element for the journey forward.

You will find many pathways to increasing capacity, to healing, transforming and integrating the past, as well as finding greater levels of presence. The pathway that we provide is merely one of many. It is the pathway that we have determined to be the most transformative in this time of humanity’s existence. Therefore, it is our gift to all of you to receive this work with grace and to allow yourself to be impacted, to allow yourself to realize and self-realize, to transform and evolve and receive this gift with grace. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
Are there specific ways in which our depth of silence and presence is related to our ability to become conscious creators? If so, would you please provide some guidance on this connection?

The depth and the quality of your presence will determine the power that you hold in the very moment. The power you hold in the very moment will provide you with the opportunities to touch upon, and open, the many possibilities of future moments to evolve before you. The less the future that is unfolding is driven by the past that is incomplete, the more choice you will have. Your conscious creatorship will have emerged to an entire new level of possibility. As you have become more conscious of who you are, of all aspects of the past that you have transformed, of all aspects of the future that no longer were required to be recreated by the past, you have become aware of who you are in the very moment. You have become aware of the power that you hold in the very moment. Your perspective has expanded beyond the perspectives you used to hold of yourself and of others, of life itself. You are in the process of becoming a conscious creator. Conscious creatorship begins in the very moment, in the present moment; in the alignment, in the strength, in the power that you hold in this present moment within your being. This is the connection of silence and presence to conscious creatorship. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
It seems like action words like “try” are counterintuitive to getting to a state of silence and presence, but how do we try to settle our noisy minds and our loud emotions in a moment when we want to get into a state of silence and presence?

My recommendation to you is just continuing to do what you have been doing. ‘Try’ occurs when doubt emerges, the doubt that what you are doing is not working, or will never work, a fear that comes along with this doubt to influence the outcome of silence and presence. The nature of silence and presence is that it is a primordial state of being. All beings have access to silence and presence. The many layers of your being merely have to subside one by one; thoughts and emotions and physical sensations will quiet until you reach that original state of your being. It is merely a consistency, a desire to continue this journey knowing that it will work for you as it has for many before you. Trusting that this journey and this path carries a solution for you as well. You are loved, you are cared for, and you are held in every effort of yours to find a greater sense of silence, presence and alignment. Our commitment is to support you once you have chosen to support yourself. As you walk this path, we will walk along with you. Thank you for your question.

Thank you, Emmanuel. Thank you for your words.

Thank you for listening to my words for receiving this perspective, this gift.
Understand that humanity is going through a great change, a great transformation, as this entire earthly plane is changing in itself, impacting the Earth itself to change, impacting all living beings to change. You are the one that can choose to walk this path consciously, to direct your energy aligned with the impulses and the strength of the force of change moving through this plane. Allow it to carry you and allow yourself to be supported along the way. Find those that are resonant and aligned with your being and support those that request assistance and support. Together, you will find great strength and great love in this journey of evolution. Thank you for receiving this work.

Asil Toksal is an Austrian-born channel and healer. His work includes group energy healing sessions and the channeling of celestial and angelic guides, as well as working on the energetic alignment of sacred sites and earth energies. The goal of both aspects of this work is to assist in the evolution of consciousness in humanity. He has traveled widely to do this work, throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.
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