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A Message to Lightworkers From Saint Germain - August 26, 2022

A Message to Lightworkers From Saint Germain - August 26, 2022

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth elements, Fae elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective.

Today our writer has asked to speak with Ascended Master Saint Germain, and so we call him forth:

COR: Greetings, Lord Saint Germain!

SAINT GERMAIN: Greetings, dear one!

COR: I spoke recently with your twin flame, Lady Master Portia, about the Transmuting Violet Flame.


This was excellent teaching. And very much required at this time.

COR: We were all very appreciative of Lady Portia’s wisdom. She spoke about how we are here to shift the vibration of an issue first, before we try to physically move the parts of a situation, so as to heal or “fix” it from without.

My question for you today is based on that. We are all waiting for NESARA to be fully enacted and announced, yet the waiting is tantamount to asking that something change outwardly first, so we can finally be happy.

So, my question is, Are we unconsciously holding NESARA back by not just looking forward to it, but putting whole areas of our life and inner growth "on hold" until it's announced?

Due to thinking, “Once NESARA comes through, I won’t have to worry about that . . . “whether it’s finances or health or relationships, or our own inner growth and healing.

SAINT GERMAIN: Ah, an excellent point.

Yet comprehend fully that your Earth is in a place of unprecedented transition for a third dimensional planet.

So that as you are preparing with genuine, heartfelt Joy to receive NESARA and its many beautiful provisions, yet you are still in a physical world that appears to be still mired in many ways in the old order.

And so, your paths continue—yes, you must still feed the children, sweep the floor, go to work, and keep yourself as healthy as possible.

All while exercising your fifth dimensional rights and preferences to live a Divinely led life. One of increasing inner awareness and increasing vibration—remembering to meditate, to be in Nature often, to spend quiet time each day where you only rest and relax, to forgive yourself of any perceived weaknesses as you follow that path.

All of these New Earth requirements will feel to weigh heavily upon you at times.

And so, the thought of NESARA’s enactment, and all that shall follow, including meeting your Star families, comes as a great relief.

Many of you have lived numerous lives upon the Earth—hundreds of lives, perhaps more.

You carry, while in a human body, the cellular and energetic memory of those lives, and all the hardships suffered in them.

And deep underneath the suffering in those lives, which you carry unconsciously yet somehow feel, you realize, “This is not right! Earth was meant to be a paradise, not a place of suffering, loss, and degradation.”

And this is so! Yet humanity chose duality, as a daring experiment into realizing greater growth through extreme adversity while in the physical.

There were other factors as well, yet we will concentrate on that for a moment.

Within that experiment was always the seed, the germination of liberation for a planet that, over the millennia, had clearly lost Her way.

Humanity had opened a great portal that not only afforded human beings the opportunity to grow in an environment of adversity and resistance.

Through that portal came energies and beings that no Peaceful world should ever tolerate.

Yet tolerate them you did.

For one, the chaos on the planet built up to where reversing the situation became impossible without violating Universal law regarding allow each civilization to develop without intervention on the part of other more evolved groups, except in certain very extreme cases.

And so, intruders and usurpers came in with full intention to eliminate humanity’s freedoms—what are now called “human rights,” which never need be defended before the fall to the third dimension.

For another, the roughness of Earth life held the potential to catapult a young soul very far beyond its current level of expansion and self-knowledge.

This held out great promise!

Too great for most souls to want to give up, for you have, as a species of beings, always loved an adventure, a new territory to explore, new concepts to grasp.

And so, it all continued, for millennia. And what stops it now? Several things:

The endangerment your Earth is in currently, and Her own soul’s cry for assistance across this Universe.

Your own determination to protect her, and to protect humanity from being overtaken by A I implantation—another sign that the experiment has gone too drastically far.

And the coming of the Sat Yuga—a new era, in which Divine Justice again returns to Earth and elsewhere in the Universe.

With Peace and prosperity at the door, your own tired souls and Earth lives, evolving and Ascending forward, are realizing, Time to awaken! Time to remember Who we are—Divinity in form! Time to stand up and reclaim our true power and release the victim identity and its struggles for good!

And so, you have held in one hand your Divinity, and in the other, this millennia-old tendency to view life as hard—to feel that the atmosphere and environment on Earth made it both a prison and a slave planet.

And so, how do you move from a place of victimization, of learning who you were in the context of often untenable circumstances, to viewing yourself as empowered Creators?

How do you move from relating mainly to the physical world around you, to realizing it is all a mirage?

Outer images that can fade or transform in an instant, with a transmutation of those energetic forms that first drew those images out of the quantum field?

For humanity now, this is a conundrum! Since the fall to the third dimension, you have never seen yourselves as the magicians of the higher realms that you are when out of an Earth body, returned to etheric form.

Yet those properties remain within you, and call to you now, asking that you remember!

Remember the elements of this Universe, which combined with your own inner mastery, can create, or transform worlds.

COR: I am not sure we’re ready to make that leap, lord! It feels too big for us yet.

You are an alchemist, at home with transmutation of all kinds. We doubt our ability to change things at their root! This is why we seek to alleviate symptoms most days, whether personal or social.

SAINT GERMAIN: And yet, you do so daily.

There is no mystery as to why certain people, objects, ideas, experiences flow easily into your life—you called them in!

COR: Yet that happens unconsciously for themes part! Does that count?

SAINT GERMAIN: Most assuredly, it does! And so, now: Call in consciously, through Joy, not stress or feelings of obligation—call in what brings you Joy, including NESARA.

You will need to resonate with a feeling of Joy, and with a feeling of freedom, of complete reclamation of your inner and outer sovereignty, in order to draw in NESARA more quickly.

Yet you are capable! Is this in your hands, the enactment and announcement? Far more than you could know!

And so—begin celebrating now. Claim your inner freedoms even before anyone grants you the outer ones.

Sing or dance as if the ships had already landed! For indeed, many have, and are now, in this moment!

COR: Where does the Violet Transmuting Flame come into all this? SAINT GERMAIN: Place your life, all lives, and your entire planet in that Violet Flame. Now is the time for transmuting that which has for too long dampened your inner spirit and slowed your arrival as an Ascended planet.

The door is open now. The required energies are present. Step forward and declare your Creator status!

COR: Most of us doubt we are true Creators, in part because we are so exhausted by these energies flowing in now—the solar Light rays are so powerful! We're being remade into new beings. Ascension is a tiring process!

SAINT GERMAIN: Of course. Yet as much as you can find the energy to desire a thing, you have already within you the energy to experience its presence, as if it were already in the room with you.

What kind of celebration will you have with your friends, on that day NESARA is announced?

Whom will you phone first? What kind of dance will you do?

COR: I will be too busy jumping up down to do either of those!

SAINT GERMAIN: This is a beautiful thing, for it recalls the instinctive Joy of one’s childhood.

That purity remains, and desires to speak once again.

COR: Thank you, Lord Saint Germain. That gives me hope. If we can image it and feel it, then—so mote it be, and so it is!

Blazing the Violet Flame through this whole Earth!

SAINT GERMAIN: As it is above, so shall it be below!

[Bows to all of us] We are honored to assist.

COR: Many blessings, and much Thanks!

SAINT GERMAIN: And to you and all your readers, dear one. All of the presences and powers of the higher realms are with you, always.


Copyright 2022, Caroline Oceana Ryan
I channel messages from the Collective, a group of ascended fifth and sixth dimensional Lightworkers who serve under the Ashtar Command.
The Ascension path can be challenging.
The energy and information on this site are here to support you–to help you create more clarity, wisdom, abundance, Love, and well-being, as you’re ascending to a fifth dimensional life. Source Here


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