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Saint Germain - Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Fifth Round

Saint Germain - Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Fifth Round

Dear brothers and sisters of the planet Earth! I AM SAINT GERMAIN!

It's with immeasurable joy that I'll finish this round of the Journey of Forgiveness. Today will be a critical moment, and you need to have your hearts open and confident that everything will happen as expected.

You must do the meditation today and don't sleep, because if you sleep during the meditation, you'll have to repeat the whole round. So we'll be standing by, all of us helping you to do the meditation at a suitable time so that you don't fall asleep.

Pay attention because today, the connections with the dark-hearted souls will be eliminated. At this point in the walk, the souls that haven't yet lightened their hearts and are still attached to you for unloving reasons. So today, they'll be disconnected. It'll be an intense meditation. Don't be afraid. If you start the meditation with fear, we will do nothing because by feeling fear, you strengthen the connections with them, and then they won't be broken by your own will. So trust the work that will be done, and trust that you'll be released.

It's crucial, my brothers, that each one of you, at this point in your walk, focus on your own heart, focus on your walk. Forget the path of the others; each of you has a path to follow. There aren't two paths of the soul that are the same. In the same way, you are unique in your world. Souls, incarnate or not, are also unique. Even those who are fractals of the same soul each has a path.

So don't wish to live on the other's path. Look at yourself, don't compare, and don't feel superior or inferior. Each is the product of the soul's journey and has brought you to this point of the journey. Through which paths? Countless; sometimes enlightened, sometimes not so much. But you are here, ready to continue on this journey of ascension. Have faith and trust that this work is good for you and the Whole. This is the most significant outcome: the liberation of the Whole.

So be firm, don't be afraid under any circumstances. Just trust that we can destroy all these unloving connections in your path, within your ancestors, those who participated in the tree for you to get here and live today. Believe us, and you'll see, little by little, the difference in your lives. And begin to observe only your own paths. Forget about the way of others.

Each one is at a point. Some with the grand goal: to Ascend; others with something else. Separate yourself from the great mass, rise in vibration and frequency, and increase the love in your hearts. And only then you'll be able to look at everything from the outside, and you will be able, each in their own way, to help those who want to get out of the commotion and find a new path.

Trust. You are the pioneers of this New Age. So act as such, trust, and let only love remain in your hearts.

Meditation 7

You should do this meditation sitting down.

Today the meditation will be different from other days.

You cannot repeat it, so you must do it sitting down.

Do not sleep. If you do, you must repeat the entire round. So, program your mind, so you don’t sleep.

I am in front of you and involve you in a giant bubble of Violet Light.

Breathe deeply 3 times inside this Violet bubble.

I put my hand on your chest and activate the crystal, so it emanates a Violet Light.

Now you emanate Violet Light within; externally, you are covered by a Violet bubble.

Now put yourself within a cavern. A large cavern, highly illuminated. It doesn’t matter how you will illuminate the cavern; whether with candles or natural light, it must be highly illuminated.

You are sitting down in the middle of that cavern.

Today we will cleanse your way from all those Souls that still are connected to you and that didn’t break the links because they did not exercise the feeling of Love.

If you don’t have such connections, you will be involved in a giant bubble of Golden Light and will receive all the energy of that Light.

You will be covered by a bubble of Violet and Golden Light until the end of the process. Otherwise, you will be in the process I will describe next.

I am in front of you.

Around us are all the Masters: El Moria, Lanto, Rowena, Serapis Bey, Hilarion, and Nada. They form a big circle around us and fill this circle where we are with pure Unconditional Love.

Up to this point, those involved in the Violet Golden bubble also receive all this Unconditional Love.

As to the others, I am slightly at your right because, in front of you, Archangel Michael will be with his beautiful sword of Blue Light. Now he will conduct the meditation.

This point in your walk is when you will be free from all the connections that don’t emanate Love, where it was not lived and succumbed.

Then, with my sword, I cut all the connections where there is no Love above, below, right, left, behind, and in front of you.

I involve you in a bubble of Blue Light.

The Souls that were separated from you are within this circle. Therefore, I order the Beings of Light and the Ascended Masters to direct each of these souls to their own paths.

The circle around us is undone, and I give my place to brother Saint Germain.

You will be involved in this bubble of Blue Light for some time.

Repeat with me:

“I, say your name, am grateful for all the work done to disconnect me from the Souls of my ancestors who were the precursors of my birth. May each follow their way with much Love and Light. I am grateful to all, and may we follow to our ascension, each in its soul path.”

You will be within this Blue bubble for 10 minutes.

The others, those within the Golden Violet bubble, will also remain for 10 minutes within the bubble where they are.

Now, all bubbles are undone.

You are sat down in the middle of this illuminated cavern, and I am in front of you.

Now I put my right hand on your head and pass you all my strength and Love. It will allow your journey to be increasingly light and illuminated and that you take the next step confidently.

Now you will be taken back to where you were sitting down.

Don’t open your eyes.

I am in front of you.

Feel all the energy that is in your body now.

Feel that from your feet, some roots leave.

Now repeat with me:

“My mother Gaia take out all the excess energy my body can’t hold.

Gratitude, my Mother Gaia.”

Stay in this position for some moments until you feel all the energy is drained to the earth.

When you feel well, take some deep breaths and return slowly to your consciousness.

When you are done, do the prayer published in the other video and drink a glass of water.

Translation by

Angels and Light Therapies
Vania Rodrigues

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