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Saint Germain - Cover Yourselves With My Violet Light

Saint Germain - Cover Yourselves With My Violet Light

Dear brothers of planet Earth! I AM SAINT GERMAIN!

My work on this planet in recent times has been intense and continuous, but at no time do I feel tired or bored. 

On the contrary, I am grateful to Father/Mother God for such a mission. For having the mission to with my Violet Ray, transmute all this negative energy into Love and Light. My heart is always radiant, every moment I feel more victorious, but not with the sense of victory as you know of defeating the other, no. My joy is the victory of Light, the victory of Love, the victory of Peace.

Many do not understand our work, many do not believe that we do anything. Because each particular world, which is the life of each one of you, has its obstacles, its setbacks, many problems. The most skeptical would say that they see nothing, that they increasingly see the world more violent, sadder and less loving. That if we're doing something, we're doing it wrong because nothing gets better.

It is necessary for every human consciousness to accept reality. You are reaping what you sowed and you will reap much more. It is necessary for human beings to believe and learn that there is no punishment, there are consequences of every choice made. And that it is not enough to do the wrong thing and apologize, it is necessary that the mistake is understood, learned and that the apologies are sincere. Only then is it very likely that this error will not be repeated again. But what happens is that you do everything on the surface, you don't do it from the heart. So that apology is superficial and the focus of your apology, realize that.

And someday later on, it is very likely that you will repeat the same mistake and the focus of the problem will come back with much more force, because it will be the second time you make the same mistake. The point here is not to point the finger and say you were wrong. The point is that you didn't understand the mistake you made, you didn't accept that you made a mistake. So you think that a simple sentence, a superficial apology is enough to fix everything.

The correction is not in the other, the correction has to happen in you. Because when it happens to you and you really apologize, the other person feels that that request came from the heart, it was a sincere request and the problem often ends there. Because there's also the other side of being able to understand your regret or not. But you did your part, maybe he has a long way to go to learn his part.

So your world isn't getting worse, I'd say the veils are being ripped. There were many veils spread out in front of you, for you to live in a world of illusion, a world of make-believe. “I pretend that I do everything right and I understand by pretending that the rest is also okay”. And that's how you went about your life, without ever having to actually delve into every problem, every mistake.

Then the big question, what is the error? What is the basis for saying that you were wrong? If it depended on your understanding, ah, you would have many reasons to speak. And I'll summarize what a mistake is in one sentence: Making a mistake is emanating any low vibration feelings against yourself or someone else. Simple no? It's a small phrase, but it portrays exactly what we mean by error. But you don't think like that, you think you can hurt the other, speak harsh words, criticize, judge and then a simple pat on the shoulder or a superficial apology and that's all right. So you have been living in illusion. So what is the Light doing coming to this planet? Dropping the veils, making your world real, what it effectively is, what each one effectively is. Masks are falling. So those who put themselves behind the veils and who only let the kind, wonderful, supposedly benefactor side shine through to you, today the veil has fallen and you can see the whole true face of each being. And you haven't seen anything yet.

The great truths that we put so much here, will be exactly, to expose those that you put on pedestals, those that you love, that you idolize, that you fight and die for them, we will show that it is all a farce, we will show the true feelings of all of them. Why are there brothers who go hungry and why are there brothers who swim in wealth? Is this right? Ah, in the minds of some yes, it is very correct. I'm not here judging or putting everyone who has wealth in the same bag as those who are rich at the expense of other people's suffering. There are cases and cases, so don't generalize.

We are talking about the great powers of the planet, who manipulated and enslaved human civilization for their own benefit. Then you will know who you are, you will know the true stories, what happened on your planet and what is still happening today. And you will revolt, because you will realize that you have been fools and that you have been deceived for so long and that you have not realized anything. How could they be so easily deceived? So I answer: there were veils in your eyes, so you saw nothing. This world was a world of illusion.

So don't blame yourself, don't judge yourself, don't beat yourself up for being foolish. You were brought to this, to a great atmosphere of illusion, that today it no longer exists. Today there is the truth, what remains to fall are the masks, there are still many masks and these are the ones that will cause all the fuss that will still come around. But at no time, none of you should blame yourself, you should judge yourself, you should feel horrible. That's what you saw, that's what you learned. And then there will be a time when you can analyze every mistake and look at it deeply, understand it and learn it and that will put you on the path of evolution.

But this will be each one's path. There will be those who will not want to go this way; they like what they live, they prefer to live in illusion and they prefer to live in violence, in evil, in lack of love… this will also be respected. So the time is not to blame or judge anyone, the time is just to see the truth. The great wisdom of the moment is to admit your own mistakes, to look at them with love, not with anger, because in anger you were led to all this. So now what you need to do is not judge yourself, not punish yourself. What needs to be done now is to learn, to understand in order to evolve. And with each learning, a new step will be taken forward, this is what will happen soon.

It's not up to you to self-flagellate, it's up to self-knowledge, admitting your mistakes, even if they were provoked, admitting them, there's no other way. And learn little by little, to follow new paths. So I go back to what I said at the beginning: Many think we don't do anything, but there's nothing we can do about each of you. This learning belongs to each one, it is the journey of each one, we cannot intervene, we cannot soften. We can always help you find the right one.

Because those who choose evolution have our help and we will be helping them to evolve more and more, this is our role. But we cannot free them from understanding and learning from lessons.

So, as much as it seems that we do nothing, we can't do anything about you. Everything you have gone through and will still go through depends on each one's journey, it depends on what each one planted and each one will have their harvest. But the only thing we hope is that you never forget, that we are around you, always ready to help you, just a request, just a call and we will do what we can. Because many times you ask us what we cannot do, which is to interfere with your free will, but whenever we can, we do. Never forget that.

And believe me, all the veils are practically on the floor, now the masks need to fall and soon, very soon, they will all fall. And then yes, it will be the fresh start, it will be a New World, a new path, new choices that each of you will make, with or without our help. Each of you will have to. And ending this set of help videos.

Don't forget to put the glass of water next to the bed before going to bed and ask: Saint Germain! Energize this water with your Violet Ray! And I will. And if you want my help, just ask: Saint Germain! Energize me with your Violet Ray, help me transmute everything into Love and Light! And I will too.

These videos end here, as I close the seven Masters. Now you can do it whenever you want, as long as you always do it in sequence. It's okay to skip a day, two days, always do it in sequence, don't skip the sequence. And do it whenever you feel like it. It's important right now that we can protect each of you.

Translation by CrystalWind.ca.

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