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Saint Germain - Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Third Round

Saint Germain - Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Third Round

Dear brothers and sisters of the planet Earth! I AM SAINT GERMAIN!

It's with joy in my heart that I finish this third round of the Journey of Forgiveness. All we could do for your souls and those who were connected to you somehow, through feelings long forgotten and lived, are being treated and liberated.

How much joy, the emanation of Love, how many souls were released. So many souls didn't choose to remain on this planet, and they wanted to go home, but they still had issues with your souls, and these issues had to be finalized, and so it was. Finally, the souls happily return to their home planets, races, and various points in the Universe with much joy and Love in their hearts.

This Journey of Forgiveness isn't just a moment where apparently you do nothing. You just let yourself be led by what we teach. At this time, it is really the Higher Self of each of you that is driving everything. It knows what needs to be done and which souls need to be liberated. For those who are actually doing everything with heart and soul, everything is happening as planned. You see some faces, some bodies, some people totally unknown to you, but be assured that they passed through your lives at some point; and they are now free. You have also freed yourself.

This process is highly complex but with a fantastic result. For every soul we bring in and offer forgiveness or the request for forgiveness, it opens itself up to other forgiveness and multiplies in Love, Love within this planet. So this is a beneficial process for the moment and for you. But, unfortunately, we won't be able to alleviate the hatred, the revenge in many hearts. They still remain black, exuding these feelings. But, on the other hand, for every soul that we managed to free and transform a moment of pain into a moment of pure Unconditional Love, we eliminated the same proportion of negative energy.

Do not discourage yourselves. Continue the walk. It's still very far from the end. Those who participated in the process and saw and contacted at least one soul gave their mission as accomplished within this step. I'm not going to explain too much, but I ask you to pay close attention to what I'm going to say now:

If you have gone through this entire round without seeing a single soul, you'll have to repeat the whole lap until you see it. So don't do today's meditation because it will mean nothing to those who haven't seen anything.

All is well for those who have seen; do the Violet Ray meditation and conclude this round. Pay close attention to what was said:

If you didn't see anything up to this point, you must begin the round again and repeat it until you can see. Don't do the meditation today because it will not alter the fact that you have not seen anything.

The way how you'll make this round has been highly explained already. For those who have seen at least one soul, it's all right; do today's meditation, consider the third round closed, and wait for the fourth round.

In conclusion, I want to say the following: There's no point in fooling yourself because whoever does so, the journey ends here, and we will do nothing more. The fact that you haven't seen anything isn't punishment, nor it's something that we are provoking in you. There is a reason, but we don't want to comment now. So just go back with a lot of dedication, and you'll make it or not. It depends on how your heart is.

Now, suppose you want to go on, knowing that you haven't seen anything and that you should have repeated the third round. In that case, I only inform you: don't waste your time because this isn't an attitude compatible with an aspirant to the Fifth Dimension. And you certainly won't be in the fourth round. You may think you will be, but we won't see you. So don't fool yourselves because you don't fool us. You'll be fooling yourselves. Be honest, be true.

Meditation 7

Do this meditation by sitting or lying down, whichever is most comfortable for you.

Keep the palms of your hands up, and I will be in the correct position to be with you.

I'm wrapping your body up in a Violet Light bubble.

Take a deep breath in this Light. One more time.

One more time.

Breathe in this Violet Light and release all the feelings of low vibration you may feel.

Breathe in this Violet Light and exhale whatever you want from your body right now.

Breathe in this Violet Light and exhale whatever troubles you; thoughts, feelings, anything.

I will lay my hands upon yours.

Feel my energy flowing through your body, transmuting each small cell, everything that is not Light, in Love and Light.

Hold on to this vibration for five minutes.

Now repeat after me:

"May my Higher Self connect with the Higher Self of each soul who has come to me today, and may I forgive or ask for forgiveness, per every action."

I take my hands off yours and place my right hand on your chest, changing the color of the Light emanating from the crystal to Violet.

This Light is scattered throughout like a wave that fills every corner of your body.

The Violet Light closes this lap of the Journey of Forgiveness.

It is strong enough to stay there for three days, transmuting whatever needs to be transmuted.

Stay into this energy for five minutes.

As the closure of this loop, all energies through it were transmuted into pure Unconditional Love, bringing more and more Love to every soul and to this planet.

Emanate a lot of Unconditional Love.

Try to be loving, calm, and quiet; otherwise, the Violet Light will dissipate faster.

Now, breathe deeply three times.

And slowly come back to your consciousness.

Always remember: you are wrapped in my Violet Flame, and it will be there, transmuting whatever still needs to be transmuted.

Stay receptive to this Flame by emanating high vibration feelings and, above all, by emanating Unconditional Love.

Translation by

Angels and Light Therapies
Vania Rodrigues

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