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Saint Germain: The Corona mRNA Vaccination

Saint Germain: The Corona mRNA Vaccination


JJK: The energy for this conversation about the corona vaccination has been building for about a week and for a week now, the closer this conversation gets, the more depressed and sadder I am. This is something we talk about over and over again in this book, but now, I feel, we're going into depth.

Austria has started vaccinating - the propaganda is in full swing. This triggers inner anxiety in me, because I have to see that even in my immediate circle of friends and family there are more and more people who want to be vaccinated. Sometimes I even lose that positive basic feeling for a short time, which otherwise reliably carries me through life.

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: I embrace you with my love! I'm with you. I am now with all people who are ready to deal with this situation in the light of the truth.

The time announced to you has come. The wheat is separated from the chaff and no stone is left unturned.

These words of Jesus are fulfilled in these days: "I did not come to bring peace, but the sword" (Matthew 10, 34, note JJK). And this sword goes right through friendships and families.


The days when people decide have come. The topic of the corona vaccination shows what a person has chosen: Renewed experiences on a low vibrating level of being - or the conclusion of this journey and a new beginning on a high vibrating earth.

Descent or ascent - that is now the question that every human being is faced with. You can rely on it: Everyone makes the right decision, despite these manipulative circumstances!

Man thinks and acts according to his maturity and his consciousness. He directs his life according to his inner visions and ideas.

You cannot convert anyone or prevent them from doing something that still wants to be lived or experienced. Nobody is forced to have this vaccination - and yet so many people feel compelled. Fear mechanisms trigger this insecurity. Often there are unresolved blockages and there is too little connection to the divine that suggests to people a hopelessness that does not even exist.

JJK: Before our conversation, I did a meditation with the crystal cube of ascension .

(The crystal cube CB11 is unfortunately not available at the moment! Due to the corona situation, the supply chains are also unstable and we also sometimes receive our orders late. We therefore ask you to be patient and of course we will be happy to keep you up to date!

Then came the number 6. In the book it says: “Unification of opposites: man and woman, black and white, positive and negative, above and below. Live peace, be peace, bring about peace. "

From this I derive that we should accept everything that happens now, including what we experience in the closest environment, in peace and accept it with love. A really great exercise!

To remain in peace where there is strife and to accept everything with love - with so much insanity and even more insane ones - considering that so many close joys and even family members choose fear over self-confidence.

As I described at the beginning, I am increasingly experiencing in my environment that a lot of people, whom I would never have thought of, flirt with the vaccination or have already had the needle inserted. I am not a militant anti-vaccine myself. I think each of his own. Only this corona mRNA vaccination is the last thing I want to do to my body. Hardly tested and with devastating damage, which was already apparent in the first months after the start of the global vaccination, I don't even have the slightest confidence in this vaccine.

On top of that, this “cure” is presented to us by people like Bill Gates. Gates is an avowed eugenicist and believes that there are too many people on the planet! And now does HE want to save us? To see through that is really no art. But why do most people find it so difficult?


MASTER ST. GERMAIN: This time is the invitation to unconditional love. Much can only be understood and healed under the aspect of unconditional love, no matter what decision a person makes: respect the person and value his decision. An exercise appropriate and worthy of your mastery and accomplishment.

Why do so many people look through so little? Because they have a curtain in front of their consciousness so that they can have certain experiences. Even if it is painful to watch these people in their self-chosen suffering:

Everyone deserves to be respected for their choice.

JJK: Unconditional love for Bill Gates & the usual suspects too?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: Do you know another way to turn hate and fears into love?

Love unconditionally - and set yourself apart at the same time!

People and situations that want to harm you must be kept at a distance or fended off. Sometimes love also needs the sword.

JJK: To love all people just as they are - so get to work, I can only say.

After the meditation in preparation for our conversation, I looked up at PARAMAHANSA YOGANANDA at random:

“My master [Sri Yukteswar] once asked me, 'Do you love people?' I replied, 'No, I only love God.' "That's not enough," he replied. Later he asked me again: 'Do you love people?' With a happy smile, I replied, 'Don't ask me.' He could see that my love was too full now for me to talk about it. This time he just smiled. " (From: The universal LOVE behind all our RELATIONSHIPS, TB vianova, p. 50)

I don't know how much I love people, but when I think how many are now being "immunized" against Corona, then my heart is very close. But sometimes I don't feel anything at all when I see how they always choose fear instead of straightening up. It's a back and forth of feelings and emotions.

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: It is a collective fear pattern that is activated here - and that has a stronger and weaker effect on you.


JJK: I've heard that the people who get vaccinated commit collective suicide.

Therefore, even people who never think about suicide suddenly have suicidal thoughts. It is a transfer from the “collective motive” of many people. Fortunately, the thought never occurred to me! But is there anything to it?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: Yes, that is a fact that influences people's thought patterns . Many people who are now vaccinated against Corona know that their time on this earth is up and that they will not go along with the changes. You choose this exit scenario.

Indeed, pay attention to which thoughts, feelings and emotions come from yourself and which are imposed on you.

I invite you, call me and call the VIOLET FLAME OF TRANSFORMATION! As soon as you are in doubt or confronted with thoughts of this kind, call me - let the light work and let yourself be brought back into strength and clarity.


What does this mRNA vaccine really do?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: That is explained in a few sentences.

With this vaccine, building blocks of artificial intelligence are introduced into the human body. It is the beginning of the transformation of man into machine.

Furthermore, the human body recognizes a massive threat in these building blocks, which means that it begins with a defense that is so radical that healthy cells are also killed in the process. The body is at war with itself.

The natural immune system of the human body cannot identify the intruder and gets out of hand.

As a result, these people become susceptible to diseases that were previously a minor issue for the immune system.

And finally the most important point: These particles of artificial intelligence (AI) ensure that the connection between humans and their souls is interrupted and disturbed. If further vaccinations of this type follow the first corona vaccination, this is irreparable.

As a result of this vaccination, people lose their inner connection to the divine.

That means, the contact and exchange with the astral, ether and mental body is lost. Gradually the spiritual reference point in life fades - the spiritual umbilical cord to the Higher Self and to the soul is severed.

This vaccine means the transformation of humans from animate being to an inanimate robot.

A person provided with the corona vaccination can no longer swing himself up and remains in a low-frequency vibration range throughout his life.

Many who have already allowed themselves to be captured by the system will not even notice this.


Obviously, that's only for people who are trained to look behind it. You will notice the first change in the eyes of those who have been vaccinated. Their eyes lose their glow and become cold. You will then feel that these people are no longer animated or inhabited. You feel like a house that is no longer there.

At the body level, vaccinated people begin to develop great susceptibility to disease. That calls for further therapy. The toxic cycle continues - and in the end what is inevitable happens: the great death.

JJK: But people just don't see it.

They believe they will regain security and freedom with vaccination and will lose both in the end. Today I recall another word from Jesus about this: “For whoever wants to save his life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for my sake and for the sake of the gospel, he will save it. ” (Mark 8:35)

That seems to be happening these days.

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: The word comes true. The statement “and for the sake of the gospel” is wrong. This section was later added by church scholars to legitimize the official proclamation.

It happens as you are told. The word of Christ and the word of God are fulfilled. People who previously had hardly any connection to their soul or to the divine do not see any need to broaden their horizons today either. What they feel is fear, fear of the virus, fear of limitations, fear of existential needs. Unredeemed fears of death have an even deeper effect - that is why people allow everything to be done with them.

Many want to regain their old life through the corona vaccination. That fails! Because for the vaccinated there is always only temporary freedom - and the old life never comes again for anyone.

You shouldn't strive for the “old life” at all. For was the old life really blissful? Or were there defects, injustices and misery in every corner of the world?

The situation of mankind was extremely “in need of therapy” even before this Corona staging. Therefore understand this time as a blessing and as what it really is: the chance for a bright change!

What is now heralding a new humanity, but only with those people who can and want to soar.


JJK: In a message I received from ASANA MAHATARI in 2016 (Master St. Germain reincarnated as a human and Asana Mahatari is the spiritual name that the Ascended Master has chosen for his current earth life. The name means: "Seat of Heavenly Peace ”, note, JJK), is referred to as a“ great event ”. It says about the current situation in the world:

“Things are coming to a head. There is an oppressive, for some overwhelming, calm that heralds a great discharge. It will and must happen that a broad human public will become aware of what exists between heaven and earth. The awakening of mankind, with no visible signs from Heaven, would take eons more.

But the big change cannot be postponed that long. The quality of time demands that certain changes take place now - and so a calm can now be perceived that points to a great event.

JJK: What “big event”?

ASANA MAHATARI: “The dissolution of previous structures in society and the end of the world as it was before.

This affects the economic, political, religious level of human coexistence and affects the geology of the planet itself.

Everything is changing and it is happening very quickly by planetary and cosmic standards.

JJK: How long is it until then?

ASANA MAHATARI: It's already underway. The consequences of this process become more serious with each new event, with each discharge and "correction" - until the world is unrecognizable.

JJK: Will a lot of people "die"?

ASANA MAHATARI: Many, very many people will leave this place. So that the earth can heal and humanity can find each other again, those people who counteract this have to leave this world. They are all received in love on the other side of the veil and every soul is taken care of!

So do not worry, but be ready for this change, because verily: It will be quiet in this world. 

JJK: Does that mean that many people will die because of the corona vaccination?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: Many people will leave this level of being.

Many who cling to their life will lose it and many who are willing to give it up will win it.

JJK: How many people is that in numbers?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: It depends on how many people can still be reached by the light powers. Because one thing is certain: the panic action of the forces of cold light contributes to the waking up of very many people. How many people that will be in the end remains to be seen.

In any case, the earth's population will decrease significantly, because very many people neither want nor can participate in the ascent or help shape it.

JJK: I think so a lot too! Right now there are ideal conditions for waking up. The actions of the dark elites are so irrational, panicked and obviously brutal that more and more people can see the light and people say to themselves: “Something is wrong here!” More and more people notice these things.

I am now concerned with the question of whether there is any possibility of healing if someone has received a corona vaccination and then wants to drain these substances. Is the?


MASTER ST. GERMAIN: That is possible, but only for very few! This requires human awareness - and a very high and constant natural oscillation. The question is: why did you get vaccinated?

A conscious person, someone who is at peace with himself and who lives in a higher vibrational reality, will keep his distance from this vaccination.

However, there are exceptional cases where brute force is involved or other reasons that make vaccination inevitable.

JJK: When someone is threatened with imprisonment or shooting, of course, these are extreme cases, but who knows how crazy everything will get. There are sure to be real and imagined emergencies.

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: Each person determines for themselves what an emergency situation is.

What is important to understand is that there are always healing options. Some things can no longer be undone at a certain point on the body level. Man has to live with the consequences or die from them. Thereupon new opportunities for healing arise - either in a next life with a new body or on the spiritual and spiritual level beyond the veil.

I put the following emergency call to ARCHANGEL METATRON in the soul of all people who cannot avoid a corona vaccination, but defend themselves with all their soul and are fully aware of the negative consequences:

This invocation is for emergencies and I tell you:

Most people believe they are in an emergency situation, and a simple but clear NO to the corona vaccination would be enough to remain unharmed. Because those who organize this need your approval. Be aware of your power - human!

How other people react to your NO should no longer be of interest to a conscious and awakened person. What does a tree care if a dog barks at it or if the rabbit does its business under it.

JJK: What happens to a person who is cut off from his soul after he dies? Does he easily find his way back to his spiritual family, does he find his soul and himself again?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: When the body is laid down, the impairments that the specific body brought with it also disappear. What remains in this case is a disorientation immediately after death.

I tell you: Everyone is picked up at the gate to the hereafter. Some souls need time to be able to accept their own death. These souls remain in the etheric realm or in the astral world of the earth for as long as they want.

Apart from a few exceptional cases, every human being returns with his soul to his spiritual family. Anyone who has received an RNA or DNA vaccine will be increasingly disoriented throughout their life, feel empty and remain disoriented for a certain period of time after death.

Do not be afraid! There is a solution for everything as soon as a person really wants this solution!

JJK: What kind of dynamic will we experience in the corona madness from today, April 5, 2021 as the key date (on this day I received this message, note, JJK) ?


MASTER ST. GERMAIN: The way is mapped out :

  1. The psychological and existential pressure on people is growing. Many give in to this and consent to the apparent solutions. At the same time, more and more people are waking up and saying NO!
  2. The measures are becoming more and more absurd and transparent. Anyone who does not get vaccinated immediately has a good chance that it cannot be vaccinated later.
  3. The structure of lies in this matrix collapses. People who have served the Light take the helm on earth. Extraterrestrial light forces reveal themselves and they assist people.
  4. Humanity is liberated, the new people meet in unity and love, are one people and are at peace.
  5. The golden age begins. Love rules and people look after the earth as guardians. We're talking about returning to the Garden of Eden.

A loved person!

Take courage! Do not try to save what cannot be saved. Give up the old life! It will be helped and given to you. Your mind creates boundaries, your consciousness expands far beyond them. Meditate, work with the angels, the archangels and with the Ascended Masters! Invite the good forces of light into your life - we are just waiting for it!


Trust in God and in God's help! It is a graceful time. Especially in the greatest need you can expect the most help and blessings!

Give up your fears! Do not allow yourself to be directed by worries, but be guided by trust! Stand firm in life!

Do not value opinions - not even your own! Opinions are sounds of the mind.

Go your way! You are unique divine consciousness. Nobody is like you!

Keep your heart, connect with your soul and draw from your infinite spirit!

Love your life and love yourself! That is the beginning of the end of this matrix.

With the help of God and his heavenly powers, penetrate the veil of ignorance! The extremely real game on earth is unreal.

Even if this time suggests something else: Reality and future are created by yourself.

Guard your soul like the apple of your eye, because you can only see really well with your soul.

We are unique creatures of God and yet we are all one: through the power of love and through the power of light.

I love you endlessly.

PS: Author's note: What applies to the RNA vaccines (mRNA) mentioned in this message also applies to all DNA and to the viral vector vaccines. In his very readable orderer “Corona vaccines, rescue or risk?”, The biologist, Dipl. Ing. Clemens G. Arvay, quotes Patric Vogel: “Another aspect of some vector vaccines, especially DNA viruses such as adenoviruses, is the risk of that they are permanently incorporated into the genome of the vaccinated person. The long-term consequences of this change in the genome cannot be adequately assessed. " (From: Corona vaccines, rescue or risk? Clemens G. Arvay, Quadriga, p.62 ff.21)

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations
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