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Saint Germain: There Will Be No 3rd World War!

Saint Germain: There Will Be No 3rd World War!

There will be no 3rd World War. Even if humanity has been on the brink of such a confrontation for years, this scenario will not exist.

Foreword by Jahn J Kassl

Due to the current situation, in which many Western politicians and media – out of stupidity or delusion – almost talk about a 3rd World War, I have decided to republish this conversation from 11.8.2019 with MEISTER ST. GERMAIN, from the book DU BIST BEHÜTET.

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: "Russia – especially Vladimir Putin – knows his responsibility and fully lives up to his responsibility."

In view of the current war, this statement might offend some readers! I say: Please check everything! Both sides! And draw your attention to the last 8 years in which the Russian-born population in Donbass has been harassed and disenfranchised by Ukrainian politics. Since 2014, Russians have been second- or third-class people for the respective government in Kiev who had no right to a dignified life. For 8 years, entire villages have been under constant fire from Ukrainian nationalists, even kindergartens and schools have been targeted by snipers! 20,000 people lost their lives. In addition, financial interests pull the strings in the background, billionaires and millionaires fight for power. Kiev uses "fascist shock troops" as tools of power and the enemy image of Russia as ideological justification. People are blatantly oppressed and exterminated because of their ethnicity, culture and language. The "denazification" of which Putin speaks is therefore quite understandable.

That is the other truth, a side that does not even appear in our media and is not even addressed by our politicians!

Even though I deeply reject any war, there is a good reason for Russia's invasion. Because the war began in 2014 on the Maidan and continued to this day. This war was started years ago by the US-dominated Ukrainian government, and the West itself provoked it through NATO's ruthless eastward expansion – and not the Russian president!

This consideration is much closer to the facts than the hypocrisy of the West and the so-called "facts" presented to us, in which Russia is always portrayed as an aggressor and Ukraine as an innocent victim.

At an incredible rate, Corona is being switched to Ukraine and while a few days ago the unvaccinated were the bad guys, now it's the Russians. Noteworthy.

What it's all about: It's about division, chaos and fear! Let us not allow this to happen and let us oppose peace, freedom and love. Corona could not divide us, on the contrary, many new friendships and connections could only arise and grow as a result! The issue of Russia must not divide us either, because as long as we still have to live with these politicians and the media, it depends on our distinctiveness!

Conclusion: I am convinced that the truth will be revealed in the end and that reason will prevail again – also in Europe. Certainly: with new political personnel and with people who live up to their responsibility for world peace and for the truth. Until then, however, the message that there will not be the last, namely a world war, is invaluable. Thus:

Out of fear and into trust in God!
This is the way out of the crisis – out of EVERY crisis.

Russia and Iran are key states

JJK: I have received some messages saying that there will be no nuclear destruction of the Earth. But now I ask myself, will there be a 3rd World War? Currently, everything is being done to destabilize Iran – and larger demonstrations have also been taking place in Russia for days.

It doesn't take a "conspiracy theory" to clearly see that the globalists, those who want the ONE world government, are doing this strongly in the background. A "new order" through chaos means one regime change after another – until all states are on track.

It is not difficult to see that this is a dangerous game and could also trigger a world war. What violence or distortions will actually be seen here? Will we see a World War 3?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: There will be no 3rd World War. Even if humanity has been on the brink of such a confrontation for years, this scenario will not exist. Although this is what some who want to change this world according to their own and dark ideas wish for – it will not come to that.

The states you mentioned, Iran and Russia, are the two key states that are at stake in achieving world domination. That is why those forces that want to secure domination over all humanity are working to destabilize these countries from within. This will fail, as the bright counter-offensive is very powerful and knows a suitable answer to every provocation.

Vladimir Putin

JJK: In my view, the behaviour of Russian President Vladimir Putin is more than level-headed. He simply does not allow himself to be provoked and always shows the occupiers the limits. Iran, too, is behaving extremely cautiously. In order to prevent any escalation, it has even continued to comply with the nuclear agreement unilaterally terminated by the USA for several months.

What I'm saying is that these countries don't want a major war and at the same time signal to NATO and the US that they are ready and able to wage it as a last resort. Russia's arsenals are full and Iran is not exactly unarmed. Balance through deterrence – as in the Cold War – and by preparing for war. Is there something "wrong" with this thesis of mine?

Or will every war you prepare for be fought?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: Russia – in particular Vladimir Putin – knows his responsibility and fully lives up to his responsibility.

JJK: Putin is said to have once said: "With a pistol in his pocket, it is easier to negotiate!"

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: It's a question of who you're negotiating with. In fact, now that the Earth is entering a lighter vibrational frequency, there are great efforts by the dark forces to thwart this.

This is an impossibility, since the transformation of the earth and the transformation of humanity are subject not only to earthly laws, but to cosmic developments. It is inevitable that the wheat will now be released from the chaff.

So while the previous rulers are swimming away their skins, they are trying to hold on to them with all their might. This creates the impression that everything is getting worse – and up to a certain extent this perception is also correct. Because the evil must show itself in all its intention, so that the people who basically do not see-through things can turn to the good.

It is therefore quite appropriate to work with tools during this debate that are also understood and accepted by certain parties.

JJK: So no 3rd World War – but there will be conflicts and have been everywhere for decades.

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: All conflicts reflect the current unrest on this planet. What you perceive between peoples also applies to planet Earth itself. This, too, is in the process of transforming, and the major tectonic upheavals are yet to come.

JJK: Does this mean that very soon we will have very different concerns than regime change or population exchanges? Because the migration crisis in Europe is just that, even if the mainstream media denigrates this term as "right-wing rhetoric".

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: The energy builds up. In doing so, people's decisions are taken into account. The full extent of the upheavals is immense, but you can determine the force of the changes yourself.

JJK: Either a mild course or a little more violent?

You shape the future yourself every day!

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: For years, many prophecies have been circulating that paint a rather bleak picture of the future of humanity. I tell you, these images, even if they were true when the clairvoyants received them, are constantly being corrected.

You shape the future yourself every day. There is no fixed future in this sense, but only a future that changes daily through your development and the decisions you make. This is also the key to the fact that there can be no 3rd World War. Because the future for this event no longer exists for this earth. Nevertheless, there will continue to be many extreme crises and the Earth will rise out of this energy density – which cannot go unnoticed.

JJK: Should or can we prepare for this?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: The best preparation is the deep connection to God or the divine light. Then you will always be in the right place at the right time.

True self-empowerment

Be sure, inside and outside the Earth, great and powerful beings and peoples stand with you. You are not alone but act as if you were. Take responsibility for the future of this planet and this humanity – and start with yourselves!

Take full responsibility for your life – this is the basis on which the new humanity is born. This is true self-empowerment.

Don't take refuge in an esoteric world that has nothing to do with it. Your life is here and now. If it were, otherwise, you wouldn't be here.

You are human to experience yourself as such. Live your life in deep rootedness on this earth and in constant connection to the Divine. Clubs up and down, get your middle and you are well prepared for this time.

I stand by you as a brother assists a brother and a sister assists a sister. I guide you as a father guides his son and a mother guides her daughter.


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Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
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